Master of the End Times

Chapter 776 - Glorious Return

Chapter 776: Glorious Return

“Thank you Master Long and Sir Long Yue. I’ll be leaving now!”

Qin Feng bid the two farewell. Bai Li lifted the spatial lock after Long Yue had the Sky Demon Sword in his hands. By the time Qin Feng wanted to leave, he did not try to hide it and opened a spatial passage directly in front of them.

The two had planned to directly leave Dragon Capital.

After all, the news that Qin Feng had come to redeem an S-tier item had probably already spread!

Qin Feng and Bai Li returned to Fengli City.

Meanwhile, news was quickly spreading throughout Black Citadel.

“Duke, according to the news Qin Feng was in Dragon Capital and sold the Sky Demon Sword. I’m not sure if the news is accurate or not, after all the Sky Demon Sword is a weapon that is bound to its original wielder!” Fire Phoenix reported anxiously.

He Tianxing fell silent.

Previously, he still had some vague indication of where the Sky Demon Sword was but he could not summon the sword back, as if it was in a different plane. That meant that just now, what just happened was that he had completely lost connection with his weapon.

All of a sudden, He Tianxing was extremely melancholic as if he had lost the most important thing in his life.

By the time the news came, He Tianxing was already mentally prepared.

“It’s fine, I already know. You can go now.” He Tianxing said.

Fire Phoenix was obviously a little confused when she saw He Tianxing’s calm face. She could only regard that as her City Duke’s enigmatic nature and did not dare ask anymore so she carefully started to depart.

After Fire Phoenix was gone, He Tianxing’s expression twisted in anger.

“Qin Feng!!!”

He would remember that name.

Just when he was about to get angry, a sudden pain struck through his abdomen. He Tianxing’s face was now twisted in pain, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth.

He pressed the bandages on his abdomen as black blood began to stain it.

An S-tier Undead Puppet, the effects definitely were not something to scoff at. Otherwise, Kounsat would not have been able to hold off so many A-tiers for so long. Even S-tiers had to be careful with him!

Kounsat was a master at corpse toxin. He Tianxing was fully capable of going to Fengli City and killing Qin Feng, but he was seriously injured and was a little wary of Bai Li’s true identity, as such he did dare take action.

“Damn it, do I really need to find that Light God old coot to heal me?” He Tianxing held a hand over his wound, his heart pulsed with sheer rage.

The moment one reached S-tier, it was difficult for them to get healed by ordinary ability users.

However, when seeking out other S-tiers, things such as blackmailing was more common than finding aid, that or something tricky would occur as another party became privy to your physical condition.

S-tier aptitude users controlled massive powers and a huge amount of resources. This was a position that all S-tiers shared, but the allocation of resources depended on their strength!

He Tianxing was hesitant to move!

Compared to He Tianxing, Qin Feng was in a very happy mood.

After getting rid of the hot potato that was the Sky Demon Sword, he managed to exchange it for a new S-tier martial arts style. He knew that the trip to Hell Island had been different from what he planned, but the results were very good!

After returning to Fengli City, Qin Feng naturally greeted the people to announce that he had returned!

“President, I heard that Black Citadel was attacked by a beast deity! Thank goodness you’re alright!”

“Yeesh! Of course the president’s alright! What are you worried about?”

“Yeah, with Lady Bai Li beside him, he’ll be fine!’

“After more than one month of Lady Bai Li not being with the organization I was worried that some B-tier lords would come over and cause trouble!”

“If so, then I’m more worried about A-tiers keeping their eyes on us!”

Everyone had something to say, but from the way they said things it was obvious how important Qin Feng was to them.

Qin Feng was the backbone of the entire organization.

Of course, be it lone B-tier or A-tier groups. If someone dropped, then the group itself would eventually fall apart.

However, with Fengli coming up and up so quickly this was bound to cause people to worry.

Qin Feng was also paying attention to this phenomenon!

The Fengli Organization was way too young!

“Afterwards, I will be heading to Cinderclast City. If there is anything, you will find me there!” Qin Feng said.

Everyone was surprised, but there was no doubt that they were all extremely happy.

Qin Feng being around and him not being around were like two completely different scenes.

Later, Xue Xingfu was called over by Qin Feng so they could both privately sort through the loot that he had picked up during his time on Hell Island!

“This…all this is…” Xue Xingfu looked at the spatial rune equipment one after the other and randomly picked one up. This spatial rune equipment contained items of great value, not to mention there was a sizable amount of power credits in it.

That was because all of this money was originally used for the Dusk Dragon Auction!

Qin Feng said, “Go to Zong Qianli, you can hand some of this to the guy. You don’t need to rush the sales of these, take it at your own pace. However, I want them to provide an S-tier material. A Soul-locking Stone!”

“Soul-locking Stone?” Xue Xingfu remembered reading something about that kind of treasure then nodded and said, “Understood!”

As for how much that he needed to give to Zong Qianli, Xue Xingfu had already calculated the amount that would get him the greatest benefit!

Qin Feng rested for about two or three days. During this period, Z did not appear but the deadline where they agreed upon when the Cinder Pine fell was fast approaching!

As such, on the third day he had already gone to Cinderclast City and reached the fortress that housed the entrance to the Cinderclast Realm!

There were more and more people coming these days, there were even some clad in cloaks and masks. There was no doubt that these people were from the Dark Coalition.

However, people of Fengli City kept one eye open and one eye shut, not really caring too much about it.

The aptitude users guarding the area, Jin Hao, Fu Wenjie and He Liming had a leisurely time.

Bai Li’s presence here before made the people here not want to underestimate the aptitude users defending the area. Even if she had left for more than a month, nobody wanted to act rashly.

Only if they had heard the news about Bai Li having died out in the wilderness would they actually dare to try anything.

Now that the two of them had returned, that was bound to draw attention.

“Oh no, that silver-haired witch is back!”

“Why do I get the feeling that her aura got stronger?”

“Yeah, seeing her I don’t even want to lift my head, now I can’t even look at her skirt! This feeling of wanting to kneel down and keel over, I hate it!”

Although people were unhappy, they were helpless and feared Bai Li.

This was the sheer pressure of a beast deity.

Then Qin Feng appeared, making them remember things from before. Every news about Qin Feng being able to take on armies flooded back.

“The President of Fengli is back!”

“That’s right! It’s him!”

“You probably don’t know, but the President of the Fengli Organization has done a lot of good things!”

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