Master of the End Times

Chapter 741 - Seizing the Sacred Water Stone

Chapter 741: Seizing the Sacred Water Stone

Following the auctioneer’s display, the sacred stone was revealed from its sealed crystal box. Blue runes suddenly floated up into the air, not only that, they began to rapidly increase in number as the air around them condensed into water. From the looks of things, it was going to cause a huge wave!

The auctioneer quickly closed the crystal box!

This crystal box seemed to have a unique function, the sacred stone’s runes gradually disappeared as they quietly floated back into it.

This thing was not a fake!

Such a display only made people yearn for the effects after they succeeded in bidding for it!

“Now, the auction for the Sacred Water Stone will begin. The starting price is 10 billion credits. Following price increases must at least be 100 million credits. Begin!”

At this time the big screen pulsed with a series of numbers.

Qin Feng saw the numbers jump up one by one and entered a number without hesitation.

“30 billion!”

At this time, the others who were keying in their bids were issued with a notification that said,

[The price you entered is lower than the current bidding price!]

Just when they lowered their heads to key in their bids, the number on the screen had changed to 30 billion!

“A VIP room person again!”

“How rich and tyrannical, the auction just began and they’re putting it at such a high price already!”

“No, this Sacred Water Stone is very important to me! I will not lose!”

These people gritted their teeth and raised their bids!

Upon seeing what they were doing, Qin Feng entered a number again.

He did not want to waste time and compete with them 100 million by 100 million. For Qin Feng, all that was left were the credits.

“50 billion!”

The price jumped up again by huge margin!

At this point, most people would have given up when they saw that price!

The auctioneer finally opened his mouth and said excitedly, “Now, the guest from VIP Room 1-85 has bid for 50 billion. The going price is 50 billion, 50 billion, do we have anyone else?”

A trace of hatred flashed in the eyes of a man in the normal seating area.

This person was Liu Hang, who had a confrontation with Qin Feng from before! Liu Hang was an A-tier and the head of an ancient martial arts family. However, because his family practiced dark martial arts they stayed away from the general population and lived in seclusion. Due to not going out much, he rarely interacted with other A-tiers and having been the head of his family for so long he had developed a superiority complex.

When he came here, even though he knew that there were many strong people present he was not afraid of anyone. What he did not expect was some B-tier overwhelming him.

Liu Hang was naturally unhappy, but he did not expect this B-tier to be such a difficult obstacle.

“That number. Isn’t it that kid from before? I’ll make you bleed!” Liu Hang recognized Qin Feng’s room number at once.

He raised a trembling injured hand and keyed in his bid!

“50.1 billion! Someone has bid 50.1 billion out of nowhere!” The auctioneer announced.

“VIP 1-85 raised their bid again to 51 billion!”

“51.1 billion!”

“Do we have more bids?”

Qin Feng increased the price several times, raising it by 1 billion credits one at a time, after a few rounds the price had reached up to 57 billion credits!

At the same time, Liu Hang also added 100 million yuan each time, raising the price that Qin Feng had to bid.

“57.1 billion! Number 7126 has bid for 57.1 billion!”

Qin Feng frowned and his consciousness swept toward that seat. When number 7126’s person fell into his line of sight he realized that it was the person who was causing trouble earlier.

Looks like that guy had more money than he had sense.

57.1 billion was not Qin Feng’s limit, but the other one, an ancient warrior, would not need the Sacred Water Stone. Thinking of this, Qin Feng chuckled coldly and actually stopped adding to the price.

“57.1 billion, is there anyone else to increase the price? Nobody?” The auctioneer looked in the direction of VIP room 1-85. There were others who tried to peek in with their consciousness but the room was shielded against such acts. Nobody knew what Qin Feng was thinking and gave up after their attempted scan.

The numbers on the screen did not scroll and it fell into a 30 second countdown.

“Alright. 57.1 billion going once!”

The countdown reached 20 seconds.

“57.1 billion going twice!”

Countdown, 10, 9, 8…

Liu Hang was beginning to break out into cold sweat. The truth was that he did not have so much money on him, at most he had 40 billion, which was all of his belongings. He was only bidding to drive up the price, but now he realized that this farce was going to end in a tragedy!

He was just asking for trouble!

“57.1 billion going thri-”

The countdown had almost reached 1 but at that moment, the numbers on the big screen jumped.

57.2 billion!

It was obvious that Qin Feng had added the sum at the end.

“Phew!” Liu Hang let out a sigh, his heart almost leapt out of his throat but he was able to recollect himself and leaned back in his seat. His face was pale with fright.

Fortunately the other party added money to the bid or else the result would have been unthinkable.

Although Liu Hang did not hold anyone with regard he knew about the horror of the Dusk Dragon Auction. If he could not pay up, he would have to pay with his life.

In fact, he understood that Qin Feng really wanted this item and this time he was only trying to scare him.

But who would be able to guarantee that Qin Feng would be able to continue bidding?

Liu Hang did not dare to try to test that again!

As such, without competition, the bid was set at 57.2 billion!

Qin Feng had won the auction for the Sacred Water Stone.

When the Sacred Water Stone was sent over, another item was taken out to be auctioned. While everyone was paying attention to that auction, someone appeared in Qin Feng’s private room!

It was the general from before that handled the scuffle between Liu Hang and Qin Feng.

“Congratulations on getting the auctioned item, Sir. You can have a look at it!”

Qin Feng nodded, took the crystal box and opened it.

The Sacred Water Stone dropped into Qin Feng’s hand, but with his consciousness suppressing it, it did not try to release a tidal wave like before. All of the runes were blocked inside the stone as if they were unable to come out.

His consciousness was still able to sense that there were countless runes in it!

Although this sacred stone was not as big as the ones that Qin Feng previously owned, it seemed to bear some more spirituality.

“Indeed, this is something I need!” Qin Feng nodded and handed a spatial ring to the general of the Dusk Dragon Auction!

The money within was exactly 57.2 credits!

As for the spatial rune equipment, it might as well be a gift. When compared to an S-tier item, that ring was nothing!

When the general saw the money his eyes lit up and saw that Qin Feng’s expression did not look reluctant before saying, “Thank you distinguished guest for your patronage, if you are not in a hurry then perhaps you can wait for a moment. There will be a mysterious gift being offered at the end, it might be something you need as well!”

Qin Feng raised a brow, a mysterious gift?

That item was not recorded in the catalogue, but it was written at the top that there would be an elite grade treasure, it was unclear what it was!

Originally, Qin Feng planned to leave after he had gotten the Sacred Water Stone. Now that he was told by the general, he was a little intrigued!

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