Master of the End Times

Chapter 1058 - The Pursuit of an Immortal

Chapter 1058: The Pursuit of an Immortal

Not only that, the humongous Giant Star Turtles came forward one after another. They stretched out their heads and opened their mouths, wanting to bite Qin Feng.

There were also countless earth and wood runes attacking Qin Feng.

“If we make too much noise, we might wake up the Immortal. Let’s leave this place!” Qin Feng said.


Bai Li replied and the two of them instantly moved up ten thousand meters.

However, this distance was only a step away for the Giant Star Turtles.

The dozens of Giant Star Turtle beast deities were extremely furious and did not want Qin Feng to escape.

Therefore, these Giant Star Turtle beast deities chased him all the way out of the Giant Star Turtle’s territory and descended into the universe.

At this moment, Qin Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The Giant Star Turtle Immortal did not stop at all. It was still like a planet, moving quickly as if it had abandoned its tribe.

This was equivalent to sending these Giant Star Turtles to Qin Feng’s mouth for him to taste.

Qin Feng’s combat strength could reach the level of an Immortal. No matter how many Giant Star Turtle beast deities there were, there was no way they could resist him.

And at this moment, it was not just Qin Feng, Bai Li had also attacked.


Bai Li released a spatial rift, instantly injuring a Giant Star Turtle beast deity. Spatial beasts were naturally stronger than interstellar beasts.

Qin Feng also took out the Verdant Emperor Saber, and the saber light exploded.

“Thousand Spirit Chain Rend!”

The activation of the Armored Star Broodmother’s spirit required too much energy, but the spirit chain rend could be released together with ten million spirits.

This move could release one-tenth of the internal energy of a frozen star.

For an SSS-tier aptitude user, this release was equivalent to activating an extremely powerful martial art. After all, one-tenth of the internal energy meant that they could only release such power ten times in total, and they would then die without a doubt.

However, for Qin Feng, he could release it ninety times, so he was not worried about this at all.

Tens of thousands of spirits whizzed past, entangling one of the Giant Star Turtles.

The Giant Star Turtle’s body was huge. Originally, the turtle-type carapace was the hardest, but because of the size of its head, in Qin Feng’s eyes, it was full of flaws.

Tens of thousands of spirits were wrapped around the Giant Star Turtle’s head, gnawing on it.

The Giant Star Turtle beast deity let out a painful groan and retreated back into its shell. There were still countless wood runes healing it, but they were powerless. Soon, its head was swallowed up.

“Absorption Ability!” Qin Feng’s dark starglobe appeared under his feet. Then, the starglobe rotated and formed a terrifying absorption power.

The Giant Star Turtle’s flesh and blood merged into the starglobe and were infused into Qin Feng’s body.

Not only that, its flesh and blood were absorbed from the turtle shell, and there was also an energy core that was more than ten meters in diameter.

“Absorption Ability!”

The Absorption Ability swallowed the core, and the energy was converted into internal energy, refilling the internal energy stored in the frozen star.


Qin Feng let out a long cry and his powers burst forth once more.

“Spirit Chain Rend!”

“Spirit Chain Rend!”

“Spirit Chain Rend!”

Qin Feng slashed one after another. It was a complete massacre.

The flesh and blood of these Giant Star Turtles merged into Qin Feng’s body. The crystal cores replenished Qin Feng’s energy. It was almost as if he did not expend any at all.

Qin Feng’s body continued to expand explosively, even faster than when he was in the Armored Star Broodmother’s body.

The Giant Star Turtles were, after all, ultra beasts, not insectoids. Moreover, it was an ultra beast with powerful physical strength.

In addition, Qin Feng’s physical body was only that of a human. Even if it continued to evolve, it was still weak compared to the Giant Star Turtle.

Qin Feng was glad that he had advanced his internal energy and ability core first. Otherwise, how could it have gone so smoothly?




Qin Feng’s physical strength began to grow continuously. When he hunted the tenth Giant Star Turtle, his physical strength had already reached SS9-tier.

However, at this moment, Qin Feng felt a terrifying aura of life appear in the distant universe.

It was an existence that was like a dragon and snake. Upon closer inspection, it was the head of an infinitely long Giant Star Turtle.

That aura of life was extremely familiar. Qin Feng had seen it more than once. One time, it was the attack of a true Immortal.

This meant that the impending aura was actually the attack of the Giant Star Turtle Immortal.

“Careful!” Bai Li cried out in alarm. Then, she quickly retreated with Qin Feng.

That special life form, the dragon-snake energy body, opened its mouth wide and bit down on four or five heavily injured Giant Star Turtle ultra beasts. Then, the energy body seemed to be like a passage, circulating rapidly and taking the Giant Star Turtles away.

However, one of the Immortal’s energy bodies did not leave. Instead, it looked at Qin Feng. Then, the head twisted and charged over.

Qin Feng felt an unprecedented sense of oppression, making him shudder in fear.

Bai Li’s ability runes filled the surroundings and moved at an extremely rapid speed. However, the energy body of the Giant Star Turtle Immortal was getting closer and closer.

The continent that was originally far away had once again returned to their sight. The Giant Star Turtle had returned!

Qin Feng had not only killed one of the Giant Star Turtle beast deities on his body, he had killed so many of them. If this had happened to Qin Feng, he would not have been able to forgive it either.

The ones that had been killed might have been a member of this Immortal’s tribe or a child. No wonder the Giant Star Turtle was so angry that it came to chase after Qin Feng.

If Qin Feng had killed an S-tier Giant Star Turtle, perhaps he would not have these problems.

However, there were no ifs in this world. Qin Feng had overestimated the Immortal’s tolerance level.

In fact, if someone were to go to his realm to kill Long Ting, Qin Feng would also be furious.

“Looks like I can only fight it head on!”

Seeing that he could not outrun the Giant Star Turtle, Qin Feng decided not to run.

“Contact that Immortal. I’ll hold him off for a bit.”

“Be careful!” Bai Li put Qin Feng down and instantly flashed to the side to send a message to the Immortal.

On Qin Feng’s side, his consciousness suddenly exploded and the dark starglobe appeared beneath his feet. In the next moment, the starglobe formed a monstrous black tide, forming a terrifying giant beast.

“Sovereign Roar!”

A furious roar shook the entire universe.


The black tide shot out crazily, colliding with the giant dragon-snake-like head.

In the past, Qin Feng had released this ability countless times. His enemies would definitely be drowned in the dark runic tide, and then their flesh and blood would be stripped away, causing their bodies to become weak.

However, this time, Qin Feng did not feel any physical power being stripped away. On the contrary, it was like runes colliding with each other, trying to annihilate each other.


Two waves of energy exploded one after another.

Qin Feng’s body was instantly sent flying by a massive force, speeding through the universe.


Qin Feng suppressed the taste of blood in his mouth with a muffled sound. If it was not for the fact that his physical body had advanced by another level, Qin Feng’s injuries might have been even more severe.

The dark starglobe started dimming as well.

The Giant Star Turtle Immortal’s energy body was quickly filled up, then it rammed toward him once more!

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