Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 901 - 901 Communication Across the Two Arms

901 Communication Across the Two Arms

Galostan could not remember how many days he had not slept soundly.

When Chu Nan lost contact for the first two days, although he felt that something was wrong, he was not very worried.

After all, with Chu Nan’s current strength, nothing would usually happen, let alone this kid who had survived such a bad situation in the Leppler Star System. It fully displayed his luck and life.

However, later on, when the news of more and more participants disappearing circulated, Galostan could not help but worry.

As the ambassador of the Earth Federation to the United States of Melaita came looking for him and clearly told him that Chu Nan should have been captured like the other missing participants, Galostan could no longer sleep peacefully.

Although Supremacy Melanie of the United States of Melaita had unexpectedly personally come and assured Galostan that nothing would happen to Chu Nan, and she even hoped that he could help her save the other participants who had been captured, he was still worried.

As the teacher-in-charge of Star Cloud Academy’s team participating in the competition, Chu Nan, who had performed the most well in the competition, had not only attracted great attention in the Earth Federation, but he had even disappeared under his nose. It could be said that Galostan was under great pressure.

He even swore in his mind that as long as Chu Nan could return safely this time, he would never be his teacher in the future.

This kid had already made Galostan’s heart jump when he was in the Leppler Star System. He had endured more than half a year of powerful pressure before knowing that he was still alive. It had long exhausted him physically and mentally. If he did this again, he felt that he would at least be 20 years older.

However, the premise was that… Chu Nan could return safely this time…

Thinking of this, Galostan knocked his head hard and could not help but smile bitterly.

Last time, this kid made people worry for half a year before there was any news. This time, according to the information provided by the ambassador, it was very likely that this kid had been captured by someone and taken to the Perseus Arm. Then, the two spiral arms were tens of thousands of light-years apart and coupled with the extreme xenophobia of the Erehuana Military Treaty Alliance that controlled the Perseus Arm, it was even more difficult to obtain accurate information about this kid.

This time… he might not be able to hear from this kid for half a year…

When he recalled the various doubts that had already arisen on the Milky Way Network and the huge pressure he faced after returning to Star Cloud Academy and the Earth Federation, Galostan felt an even greater headache.

“Can’t this damned kid make people worry one day?!”

Galostan finally could not help but curse softly.

Just as he finished cursing, he suddenly felt a new message vibrate on the personal terminal on his wrist.

Galostan could not be bothered to look. He knew that this must be another harassment communication message from the media reporters of the Earth Federation and the United States of Melaita.

In the past few days, because the news of Chu Nan and the others’ disappearance had gradually spread, he, the teacher-in-charge who was closest to him, had been harassed by countless media reporters and was already extremely annoyed. As a result, he simply set his personal terminal to not answer any unfamiliar communication requests other than his contact list.

Since this communication request was only a vibration notification, it was almost certain to be those annoying media reporters.

However, Galostan ignored it. His personal terminal vibrated again and did not stop, as if he would not stop until he achieved his goal.

“Hmph! Must you force me to directly set it to reject all unfamiliar communication?” Galostan was so annoyed that his heart burned. He raised his wrist and planned to set up his personal terminal again, but as soon as he raised his wrist, he was suddenly stunned.

His personal terminal displayed more than ten unanswered communication requests. This was not a problem. The problem was that after these dozen or so unanswered communication requests, there was a message from a stranger.

The message was very simple. It was only a short sentence. However, when he saw this short sentence, it suddenly made Galostan hold his breath. Even the expression on his face instantly became stunned.

“Teacher Galostan, I’m Chu Nan.”

If it was only this message, Galostan would definitely sneer and feel that this must be a small trick used by a media reporter.

However, behind this message was a very special pattern information.

Others might not understand what this pattern meant, but Galostan knew very well that this pattern was clearly the internal symbol of the Star Cloud Academy’s Martial Arts Branch!

Apart from the people of the Star Cloud Academy’s Martial Arts Branch, outsiders would usually not know this pattern!

Galostan’s body could not help but tremble slightly. With his many years of composure, it still took him a while to suppress the excitement in his heart. He opened his personal terminal and opened the message before sending a communication request to the sender.

A moment later, the communication request was picked up and the virtual screen lit up. A young face that Galostan hated to the core when he thought of it these few days appeared on the virtual screen.

“Heh, Teacher Galostan, I haven’t seen you in a few days. You seem to have become much more haggard.”

Galostan looked at the virtual screen in a daze. After a long time, he squeezed out a sentence fiercely from the gaps of his teeth.

“Brat, you still have the nerve to say this!”

Chu Nan chuckled and ended the call with Galostan.

He turned to look at the subordinate of the Etoo Chamber of Commerce who was waiting obediently outside the door and smiled in satisfaction.

The strength of this Etoo Chamber of Commerce was indeed as powerful as Captain Norman had praised. Not long after they arrived on Planet Eton, they had already gotten someone to get Chu Nan a personal terminal that met his requirements.

Not only could this personal terminal use all its functions without authentication, but it could also completely connect to the Milky Way Network, allowing Chu Nan to easily communicate with Galostan tens of thousands of light-years away.

One had to know that under the policy requirements of the Erehuana Military Treaty Alliance, the people on the Perseus Arm could basically not access the complete Milky Way Network. If they wanted to communicate with the people on the Perseus Arm and the other two spiral arms, that was not something ordinary people could do.

Of course, Chu Nan had previously saved the entire caravan from the cosmic pirates. If such a small request could not satisfy him, it would be too unreasonable.

After glancing at the subordinate of the Etoo Chamber of Commerce outside the door, Chu Nan thought for a moment and sent a communication request to Chu Xiaoxi.

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