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Chapter 50 - Senior’s Warning

Chapter 50: Senior’s Warning

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Seeing Chu Nan’s dumbfounded expression, the unknown senior could not help but laugh again.

“Haha, Chu Nan, you’re too greedy. Let me tell you, this is actually not a profound thing because every internal cultivation method will have a complementary usage method. Otherwise, what’s the use of having Internal Breath?”

Chu Nan blinked and asked, “In other words, I’ve been thinking about how to mobilize my Internal Breath for so many days?”

“That’s right.” After giving an affirmative answer, the expression of the unknown senior suddenly changed as if he had thought of something. He asked in surprise, “No way? Chu Nan, didn’t you obtain a cultivation method to use your Internal Breath? You aren’t cultivating it? Are you testing and feeling it


Chu Nan shook his head. “No. Internal Breath cultivation methods are so rare, so I can’t find any suitable cultivation methods.”

The expression of the unknown senior changed and his body suddenly flashed. In a moment, he rushed to Chu Nan and grabbed him.

“Don’t move!”

Chu Nan reflexively raised his hand to counterattack, but he heard the unknown senior shout and forcefully stopped his actions, allowing him to grab his left arm.

“Relax yourself, don’t circulate your Internal Breath to resist. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

After instructing, he grabbed Chu Nan’s left wrist and a strange Internal Breath entered. A moment later, it circulated in his body before he heaved a sigh of relief and put down his arm.

“Senior, what’s wrong?” Chu Nan looked at him in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” The unknown senior glared at Chu Nan, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

Chu Nan was even more puzzled.

“I thought that you had obtained a special cultivation method for using Internal Breath, so you could use Internal Breath in your fist technique at the Overlord Body realm. I didn’t expect that you were completely figuring it out yourself. What martial arts master do you think you are, that you can create

your own cultivation method?”

Chu Nan was confused by his cursing. He scratched his head and asked, “What? Is this very dangerous?”

“Nonsense!” The unknown senior shouted angrily, “When circulating your Internal Breath. If you’re not careful, you might damage your meridians. If it’s light, you can recover completely after resting for ten days or half a month. If it’s heavy… Hmph, you might not be able to practice martial arts in this


“Is it that exaggerated?” Chu Nan could not help but be speechless.

“I’s that exaggerated!” The unknown senior emphasized, “Why do you think the classification of martial artists now starts from the Overlord Body Realm and then the Internal Breath Realm? Moreover, why do you think that only after reaching the Internal Breath Realm will they truly begin to casually

use their Internal Breath?”

Chu Nan shook his head obediently.

He only knew that these martial artists were divided into levels, but he could not understand the specifics.

Seeing Chu Nan’s puzzled expression, the unknown student sighed.

“Therefore, the bill pushed by the federation recently is correct. If we can’t completely popularize the foundation of martial arts, many genius martial artists like you will probably die midway.”

Chu Nan was stunned. How did his exploration of the cultivation method end up being linked to the recently approved Foundation Martial Skill Promotion Act?

This senior’s thoughts were really strange.

The unknown senior was silent for a moment before he said ina serious tone, “Chu Nan, your talent is indeed very strong. You’re actually able to successfully figure out a set of effective methods that can be used casually at the Overlord Body Realm. However, I warn you not to use it easily in the future.”

“Because doing this will harm my meridians?” Chu Nan asked after thinking for a moment.

“Yes.” The unknown senior nodded forcefully. “The rough classification of martial artists in the Declan Empire is not only a nominal definition, but it has a practical significance. The so-called Overlord Body Realm is the process of martial artists refining and strengthening the body. This refinement and

strengthening not only refers to muscle strength, but also includes the bones and meridians. Only after being sufficiently strengthened can the meridians in the body support a sufficiently powerful Internal Breath circulation. Do you understand what I mean?”

Chu Nan pondered for a moment and retorted with a frown, “But I’ve been doing this for so long and haven’t felt anything wrong.”

The unknown senior looked at Chu Nan with a strange expression and smiled bitterly before shaking his head.

“That’s why I said that you’re a genius. You clearly don’t have much of an Internal Breath foundation, nor do you have any special inheritance, but you were able to figure it out on your own. It can be seen that your talent is extraordinary. If you were able to come into contact with a sufficiently powerful

inheritance from a young age, your current and future achievements would probably be extraordinary.”

Chu Nan shrugged and spread his hands. “The reality is that I don’t have it. Senior, continue to tell me the exact problem.”

“Alright, you don’t find anything wrong now. That’s because your current fist technique just happens to match the circulation of your Internal Breath. However, forcefully mobilizing your Internal Breath in battle at the low-level Overlord Body realm still has an immeasurable burden on your body. If any

accidents happen, your body will very easily be injured, and it might even be so serious that it’s irreversible.”

Chu Nan frowned slightly, “But if there’s a suitable Internal Breath circulation method, there won’t be a problem?”

“If there is, there’s naturally no problem. This is because the Internal Breath cultivation method that has already taken shape has generally been verified with enough facts to prove that it’s feasible and effective. However, if you fumble around by yourself like this, the accidents and danger will be much


“Then where can I get a suitable Internal Breath circulation method?” Chu Nan asked again.

“About that…” The unknown senior shook his head.” You know that Internal Breath cultivation methods have always been especially rare, and it’s even more difficult to circulate a suitable Internal Breath cultivation method. If you become a disciple of a Star-Grade Martial Artist like Supremacy Mu

Yutong, it won’t be a problem, but you…”

The unknown senior did not continue, but from his expression, it was obvious that he did not think Chu Nan had any hope.

Chu Nan did not mind. In any case, Mu Yutong had already clearly expressed through Zheng Yuanlin that it was impossible to take him in as a disciple, so he did not have any hope.

“Chu Nan, I think your talent is very good. You can’t ruin your future because of a moment of anxiety.” The unknown senior patted Chu Nan’s shoulder with an extremely serious expression, “Although you’re only a low-level Overlord Body Martial Artist now, with your talent, as long as you cultivate step

by step, it’s not impossible for you to become an expert in the future. Therefore, you must not destroy yourself because of the increase in your strength, understand?”

Seeing that he spoke solemnly, Chu Nan nodded, “I understand.”

“That’s good. You’re a smart person, so I believe you will definitely understand what I mean.” The unknown senior recovered his smile and patted Chu Nan’s shoulder again, “I hope that we can spar when I see you again.”

After saying that, the unknown senior waved his hand, tumed around, and walked away.

Chu Nan watched his back disappear from the forest. After frowning and thinking for a moment, he suddenly thought of a question.

After talking for a long time, he actually forgot to ask for his name again.

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