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Chapter 41 - Three Fights, Nineteen Seconds

Chapter 41: Three Fights, Nineteen Seconds

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This young man clearly did not look older than 20 years old. He was burly, and his exposed skin revealed a special luster. Clearly, he was a martial artist who had already reached the large success stage of the Overlord Body.

However, from his age, he should be the same as Chu Nan, a young martial artist who participated in a group competition below the age of 20.

However, this was not what attracted Chu Nan’s attention.

‘What really made Chu Nan notice him and even feel surprised was that this young martial artist’s walking posture looked a little strange. Every step seemed to be taken with extreme force and not ordinary walking.

As he stepped down, an undetectable trace of dark red aura would always appear from the bottom of his feet, and it would instantly disappear.

Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist!

This West Cloud Planet’s martial arts competition had attracted a total of 14,993 young martial artists below the age of 20 to participate. It was not strange for some young martial artists who had cultivated to the Internal Breath Realm before the age of 20 to appear, but this young Internal Breath Martial

Artist gave Chu Nan a very special feeling.

In the tens of thousands of battles in the virtual space, Chu Nan had fought countless low-level Internal Breath Martial Artists in an infinitely realistic manner. He knew very well that for an Internal Breath Martial Artist, the Internal Breath was hidden most of the time and would only erupt when a battle

was needed.

However, with every step this young Internal Breath Martial Artist took, a trace of Internal Breath would erupt and be used on his feet.

If this was not intentional, then it could only be explained as a special cultivation method.

Perhaps sensing Chu Nan’s gaze, the young martial artist suddenly turned around.

Their gazes collided. That person sized up Chu Nan and revealed a disdainful smile before gesturing provocatively at him.

Chu Nan shook his head and ignored his provocation. He turned around and walked towards the gathering point of the West Cloud Academy.

When the young martial artist in the distance saw Chu Nan turn around and leave, he thought that he was afraid and sneered.

“Tsk, this bunch of gutless fellows from the Earth Federation.”

“shut your mouth, Maruk.” An equally young martial artist had appeared beside him at some point and shouted, “Don’t forget, we’re surrounded by people from the Earth Federation. If they hear us, be careful not to anger the public.”

“So what?” The young martial artist called Maruk raised his head slightly, his expression arrogant and unyielding, “Could it be that these guys dare to swarm us? These fellows from the Earth Federation care the most about the meaningless reputation. They definitely won’t do this. As for one-on-one.


The other young martial artist frowned slightly, shook his head, and pulled him away.

‘When Chu Nan returned to the gathering point of West Cloud Academy, he discovered that other than the teacher-in-charge, he was the only one who came.

“Chu Nan, why are you so fast? Could it be…” After seeing him, the teacher’s expression was a little ugly,” You’ve been eliminated? ”

According to the time, most of the competitions were only until the second round. The third round had not even begun.

Since Chu Nan had retumed so early, the greatest possibility was that he had been eliminated early.

“No, I’ve already finished the third round.” Chu Nan shook his head.

“So fast?” The teacher looked at Chu Nan in surprise.

“Yes, I fought slightly faster.” Chu Nan shrugged.

“You fought faster?” The teacher looked at Chu Nan with a strange expression.

He had heard that during the internal qualification competition, the battle where Chu Nan defeated Luo Li could be considered an instant kill.

However, the reason for that instant kill was because Chu Nan had kicked an important part of Luo Li’s body.

Chu Nan ignored the teacher’s strange expression and looked around. When he discovered that it was still early, he asked, “My competition today has ended. Can I go back first?”

“Return early?” The teacher-in-charge was stunned, “Why are you in such a hurry? It’s best to return together after everyone ends the competition. We’re all from the same academy, so how can we not travel together?”

Chu Nan frowned. He originally wanted to return early and fight a few more rounds in Martial Soul to quickly increase his points and enter higher-level combat arenas before fighting stronger opponents.

However, since the teacher-in-charge had given such a righteous reason, he could not refute. He could only nod and agree.

Seeing that Chu Nan had sat down calmly, the teacher-in-charge opened his personal terminal and connected to the official information network of the West Cloud Planet’s martial arts competition to start searching for real-time results.

After using the two key words “Chu Nan” and “12333”, he quickly found Chu Nan’s battle results.

With just a glance, his eyes immediately widened in surprise.

Chu Nan had indeed won three rounds in a row and successfully advanced to the fourth round, but this was not surprising. What surprised him was the duration of the three rounds.

According to the statistics of implementation, the time Chu Nan completed the three rounds was 7 seconds, 8 seconds, and 4 seconds, respectively!

These three rounds only took 19 seconds!

‘The teacher-in-charge glanced at Chu Nan who was thinking with his eyes closed.

If he could end the battle in a few seconds, then it could only be one possibility, an instant kill!

If it was only one competition, it could be said that the difference in strength between the two sides was too great. However, if it was the same for three consecutive rounds, it could only prove that Chu Nan’s strength had clearly surpassed the average standard of the groups below the age of 20.

This was because the information of the martial artists who signed up for the competition would only provide basic identity information and would not report their respective martial artist strength levels. The teacher-in-charge could not make an accurate judgment.

However, no matter what, the fact that Chu Nan could obtain such an achievement was enough to show his current strength.

“He’s clearly only at the initial-stage Overlord Body Realm…” The teacher looked at Chu Nan with confusion.

Just as he was thinking about some of the rumors regarding the second-grade’s qualifiers in the academy these few days, a figure in the uniform of the West Cloud Academy suddenly stumbled over from the right.

‘The teacher and Chu Nan looked up at this person and frowned.

Surprisingly, this person was another participant other than Chu Nan and Afashenko in the second-grade of the West Cloud Academy. His name was Honda Ajin and he was one of the rare Japanese students in the academy.

At this moment, Honda Ajin was full of panic, as if he had been greatly frightened. His usually cautious and polite demeanor had long been thrown away.

‘The teacher-in-charge took a step forward and asked in a low voice, “What happened?”

“T… Teacher…” Honda Ajin took a few deep breaths before answering intermittently, “You… you should quickly go take a look. Luo… Luo Li… His leg was broken by someone. Now… I’m afraid his life is in danger!”

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