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Chapter 371 - Certain Defeat    

Chapter 371: Certain Defeat

Three days later, the highly anticipated ultimate arbitration officially began.

Perhaps it was because no student from Star Cloud Academy had proposed the ultimate arbitration in the past few decades, but the academy attached great importance to Chu Nan’s application. Not only did they make a decision in three days, but they also arranged for the arbitration committee to be in charge of this arbitration. The entire process could be said to be extremely fast.

When Chu Nan stood in front of the arbitration committee, he was surprised to discover that the person sitting in the middle of the rostrum was Star Cloud Academy’s Dean, Lin Mingdao!

This supreme leader of Star Cloud Academy had actually personally come to participate in this ultimate arbitration!

Seeing the surprise on Chu Nan’s face, Lin Mingdao smiled at him.

“There’s no need to be nervous. I’m only here to put on a show. The ones really in charge of the arbitration are the others on the committee. If you want to win this arbitration, you have to convince them.”

Lin Mingdao pointed at a group of people in the uniform of the academy’s teachers sitting on the high platform on the right of the rostrum. These people were members of the arbitration committee. Chu Nan could see that there were a few teachers from the Martial Arts Branch who he was familiar with.

When he saw those teachers, Chu Nan could not help but smile.

He had proposed that the target of this arbitration was the Martial Arts Branch. In the end, there were still people from the Martial Arts Branch in the arbitration committee, and there were many of them. It was no wonder that no one felt that he could win.

However, the content of his request for arbitration this time was related to martial artists and martial techniques. If no one from the Martial Arts Branch joined, it would be very difficult to determine this, so this was unavoidable.

Chu Nan was already mentally prepared for this and had never expected that he could treat the Martial Arts Branch as the defendant like in the court and ask all the people involved to stay away. Therefore, he only smiled and did not say anything.

Lin Mingdao did not lie. Although he was sitting in the middle of the rostrum, he did not move after saying something to Chu Nan. The subsequent arbitration procedures were handed to a deputy dean of Star Cloud Academy sitting beside him.

Seeing that Chu Nan did not speak after looking around, the deputy dean said to him, “Alright, it’s time. Chu Nan, if you don’t have any additional opinions, I announce the official start of this arbitration.”

Chu Nan glanced at the leaders of the Martial Arts Branch sitting on the left side of the rostrum and facing the arbitration committee from afar. His gaze paused on Dean Semondi and Director Sun Xiangren before he nodded at the deputy dean.

“No problem.”

“Very good. Then, I announce that the ultimate arbitration proposed by Student Chu Nan has officially begun.”

“It’s starting, it’s starting!” Mondeo shouted excitedly and nervously, looking at the virtual screen in front of him without blinking.

“Shut up and listen carefully.” Saar berated him, and his eyes as he looked at the virtual screen also revealed a trace of nervousness.

Even the usually calm him could not suppress the fluctuation in his heart when he saw the ultimate arbitration that could determine Chu Nan’s fate begin.

Although Chu Nan had only interacted with them for a month, they had been together day and night during this period of time. Before this, they were very harmonious and their relationship was quite good.

If Chu Nan failed this arbitration, he would face the punishment of dropping out.

No matter how one looked at it, Chu Nan would definitely lose this arbitration.

At the thought of losing this roommate, Saar could not help but feel a trace of sadness.

Behind the two of them, Tanaka Iyoko looked at the virtual screen in silence. He did not shout like Mondeo, nor did he look worried like Saar. He looked very calm.

However, there was still a trace of nervousness in his slightly frowned eyebrows.

Chu Nan was one of the most outstanding geniuses among the new students of Star Cloud Academy. Many people even felt that he could break through the judgment of two Star-Grade Martial Artists and break through the Cosmic Heaven’s Gate in the future.

However, now that he was going to withdraw from Star Cloud Academy, if he lost this best place to increase his strength, would he still have hope of breaking through the Cosmic Heaven’s Gate in the future?

In the future… would he end up like those millions of ordinary martial artists and become an ordinary person?

Tanaka Iyoko looked at the lonely figure surrounded by the arbitration committee on the virtual screen and could not help but mutter to himself, “Chu Nan-kun, you can do it…”

What paid attention to this ultimate arbitration was not only the new students of the Martial Arts Branch like Chu Nan.

It should have been a public lecture for the seniors, but at this moment, a huge virtual screen opened in front of the lecture hall. The scene playing on it was the ultimate arbitration.

All the senior students stared at the virtual screen intently. No one paid attention to the class they should be doing now.

Beside the podium, the teacher in charge of this public lecture smiled helplessly. He simply found a place to sit down and watch with the students.

For the first time in decades, a student from Star Cloud Academy proposed the ultimate arbitration and actually obtained the approval of the academy. Not only were the students concerned, but the teachers of the Martial Arts Branch were also concerned.

As teachers, they naturally knew better than the students that there was a deeper inside story behind this matter.

Under normal circumstances, even if a student proposed the ultimate arbitration, the higher-ups of the academy would determine if they agreed to the application according to the specific situation.

This time, the higher-ups of the academy simply agreed to the application and allowed Chu Nan and the Martial Arts Branch to undergo the ultimate arbitration. In the eyes of a teacher like him, it was not as simple as it looked.

It was very likely that the higher-ups of the academy were taking the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with the Martial Arts Branch.

As for this dissatisfaction, was it directed at the leader of the Martial Arts Branch or the great reform of the Martial Arts Branch?

This question was quite intriguing…

Unlike the teacher, the students below the stage only paid attention to one thing.

Did Chu Nan have a chance to win?

If Chu Nan could win, his actions this time would simply be heroic in the eyes of the students because he could still win against the Martial Arts Branch.

However, no matter how enthusiastically the students discussed and analyzed, there was only one result—it was impossible for Chu Nan to win.

Not to mention that Chu Nan’s opponent was the Martial Arts Branch, no matter how dissatisfied the higher-ups of the academy were with the Martial Arts Branch, they would definitely protect the dignity of the Martial Arts Branch on such an important occasion. It was impossible for them to lose to a student like Chu Nan.

Even in this arbitration, it was impossible for Chu Nan to win.

The content of the arbitration was whether Chu Nan had cheated. To be precise, it was impossible for him to be the one who proposed the 104 martial arts improvement applications.

Chu Nan was only a young martial artist who was not even 20 years old. No matter how talented he was, how could he figure out a hundred and four martial techniques in less than a month? Even if those were just F-rank martial techniques.

Therefore, everyone believed that Chu Nan would definitely lose!

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