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Chapter 32 - Transfer Student

Chapter 32: Transfer Student

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Chu Nan opened his eyes and saw Dong Fang’s fat face close by.

He was shocked and hurriedly dodged to the side. He reached out and pushed Dong Fang away with all his might.

“Damn, fatty, why are you so close? I told you I was a normal man!”

Dong Fang chuckled. “Hehe, I’m just very curious. What kind of dirty dream are you having, kid? You’re laughing so hard. Tell me, which girl in the school are you dreaming about? Or are you such a beast that you won’t let go of Luo Lan and Rose, who you’ve only met once?”

“Get lost, I’m not dreaming.” Chu Nan kicked the air and forced Dong Fang to retreat before jumping up from the bed.

After stretching his body, he still felt a little tired.

Although the Martial Soul only produced a virtual person based on the specific data obtained from the scan and would not expend his physical strength when fighting inside, his mind still needed to be exhausted.

In order to obtain a hundred consecutive wins as soon as possible yesterday, Chu Nan did not rest at all and fought continuously.

Even if each match could be considered a crushing victory, after accumulating a hundred rounds, he still felt extremely exhausted. As a result, after obtaining a hundred consecutive wins in the end, he did not even look at the specific system information. He did not even have the time to receive the reward before he directly exited the game and fell asleep.

Otherwise, he would not have been woken up by Dong Fang moving so close.

“Alright, no matter what dream you have, wake up now. It’s about time. Today is the last two rounds of the qualifiers. You should still fight seriously and not fail miserably. If you can’t even pass the qualifiers of the academy and can’t participate in the martial artist competition, then you’ll miss out on a great opportunity.”

Chu Nan nodded and turned to look out the window. He discovered that the sky was indeed bright outside, so he did not waste any time and left the dormitory with Dong Fang.

Halfway through, Chu Nan suddenly asked a question.

“Right, Dong Fang, you told me before that Martial Soul is a game produced by the Noctem Chamber of Commerce, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Then why didn’t I see anyone from the Earth Federation in the game yesterday?”

“What? You think this game is fun now?” Dong Fang asked with a chuckle.

Chu Nan pondered for a moment and shook his head.

“No, I don’t treat this as an ordinary game because the battles inside are almost identical to those in reality. It can allow me to obtain a lot of precious combat experience. Speaking of which, the technology of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce is really impressive. Just by using a data access terminal, we can let the martial artists fight in the virtual environment.”

“Nonsense. The Noctem Commerce Alliance is a colossus that can contend with a large country like the Declan Empire. How can it not be powerful? So? You’re completely using this game as a training ground? However, this is not wrong. Most of the martial artists who entered this game think so. As for your question just now…”

Dong Fang’s expression changed as he seriously glanced at Chu Nan and asked, “You seem to have played late last night. How many points have you gained?”

“100 points…” When he spoke of this, Chu Nan had a helpless expression, “I can only participate in a match between initial-stage Overlord Bodies. Even if I win once, I’ll only get 1 point.”

“100 points? Then you should have leveled up by now. Listen carefully, you only met our Earth Federation’s opponent yesterday because you’re only a rookie now and can only play in the Earth Federation’s server.”

“In that case… I still have a chance to fight the martial artists of other countries?”

“Of course. As long as you reach level ten, you’ll be qualified to enter the Orion’s Revolving Arm Server’s division and can fight with the martial artists of other countries on the Orion’s Revolving Arm. It’s said that… in this server’s division, even the young experts of the Declan Empire will appear.”

“Orion’s Revolving Arm Server?”

Chu Nan swept through the introduction of the Orion’s Revolving Arm in his mind and felt a trace of excitement.

Not to mention that the Earth Federation was only a small place in the entire Milky Way, even in the Orion Arm, one of the three great spiral arms of the Milky Way, it was only a remote small place that most people had no impression of. No matter how prosperous martial arts was, because they had only joined the Milky Way for a short period of time, they were unable to compare to those old kingdoms.

Outside the Earth Federation, there were countless countries with their own specialties and countless martial artists and martial arts techniques.

When he thought of the possibility of competing with the young experts from all over the galaxy through the Martial Soul game, Chu Nan felt extremely excited.

When the two of them arrived at the third combat arena together, they discovered that it was especially lively today.

Logically speaking, only the last two rounds of the qualifiers were needed today. There were only 13 participants left, including Chu Nan. Why was it so lively here?

“Heh, Chu Nan, it seems that you’ve really become famous.” Dong Fang patted Chu Nan’s shoulder and encouraged him before walking towards the spectator stand.

He had been eliminated in the second round long ago. Today, he was purely here as an audience.

Just like him, there were many second-year students who had been eliminated on the spectator stand. They had also come for their friends.

However, in comparison, most of the audience came from the other students and teachers of the academy.

Chu Nan was still surprised when he saw the audience yesterday, but he was used to it today.

He ignored the different gazes that were staring at him and directly found Torriman to sign his attendance.

“That… Chu Nan… I have something to inform you…”

After Chu Nan signed it, Torriman suddenly stopped him.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Nan looked at him in surprise, but he could not help but feel strange when he saw Torriman’s troubled expression.

“It’s like this… A transfer student came to the academy yesterday. He’s also in his second year, so he wants to participate in this qualification competition…”

Chu Nan frowned.

It was not strange for a transfer student to be transferred here, but it was strange for him to suddenly transfer here yesterday.

Moreover, this qualification competition should have started two days ago, but this transfer student had only been transferred here yesterday. How was he qualified to participate?

“Cough… This is a spot specially approved by the dean and the branch dean. Of course, he is indeed a rather powerful student. Even if he participated in the qualifiers two days ago, I believe he can still enter the final stage of the competition today…”

Torriman spoke in an unclear manner, causing Chu Nan to become even more suspicious.

Since this student who had suddenly transferred over was qualified to get the academy’s dean and the branch dean to give him special permission at the same time, then he could completely get the academy to give him one of the remaining three special recommendation spots. Why did he have to come over and participate in the second grade’s qualification competition?

Could it be that they were afraid that people would criticize them if they directly gave a recommendation spot?

What a joke!

What made Chu Nan even more puzzled was why Torriman specially told him about this.

“Hmm… I’m just informing you in case you feel surprised when you find out later. Alright, since you know, go make your preparations.” Torriman waved his hand and gestured for Chu Nan to leave.

Chu Nan walked to the side in bewilderment and thought for a moment. His gaze swept past the students who were preparing for the competition and landed on a young male student who was not tall but had a very sturdy body. He stood there like a calf.

He had never seen this male student before, but now that he was here, he was probably the transfer student that Torriman had mentioned.

As if sensing Chu Nan’s gaze, the male student turned around and grinned when he saw him. His expression revealed a trace of undisguised disdain.

Chu Nan was even more puzzled.

This was the first time they had met, so why did he look like he was targeting him?

After thinking for a while, he still could not figure it out, so he gave up on thinking about it.

In any case, this was arranged by powerful figures like the dean. As an ordinary student, he had no right to doubt it.

Moreover, with his current strength, he did not care if another person suddenly appeared.

Because today was the final competition, according to the rules set previously, there would be another round of drawing lots.

The virtual screen in the arena flickered under everyone’s gaze. After the fourteen names, including Chu Nan, rolled for more than ten seconds, they slowly stopped.

In the end, the match sequences were decided. Chu Nan’s gaze landed on his name and discovered that it was matched with an unfamiliar name—Lu Mingcheng.

Chu Nan immediately turned to look at the male student who should be the transfer student. As expected, he happened to look over.

Their gazes collided and Chu Nan was not surprised to see a pair of hostile eyes.

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