Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 3 - Internal Breath Expert

Chapter 3: Internal Breath Expert

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Chu Nan was in a room located underground about 30 meters deep. About a hundred meters away from the rehabilitation data center was an extremely huge underground space.

In this underground space, countless machines of all kinds flickered non-stop. Hundreds of people in the uniform of the West Cloud Academy shuttled back and forth in the space, looking busy.

In the middle of the space was a huge virtual screen dozens of meters in length and width. On the screen, countless data streams were continuously falling.

Below the screen, there were more than ten people standing there and looking up. Their leisurely appearance was a little different from their surroundings.

However, the surrounding researchers did not have any complaints. Instead, they looked at the group in the middle with reverence.

This was because among these mere ten-odd people, there was actually the dean of the West Cloud Academy and the deputy dean in charge of managing affairs. There was even one person who was the executive officer of the West Cloud Federation’s government!

However, what truly filled everyone’s eyes with reverence was the middle-aged man in the middle who did not look eye-catching at first glance.

This man was Mu Yutong!

Star-Grade Martial Artist!

“Mr. Mu, our West Cloud Academy agrees with the theory that you proposed to combine technology and martial arts ten years ago. You see, not only can this rehabilitation data center provide treatment, health care, and other services to the students of the West Cloud Academy, but it can also collect information about all aspects of the students and help them improve their martial arts skills.” The current dean of the West Cloud Academy introduced enthusiastically to Mu Yutong.

Mu Yutong nodded lightly. After looking around expressionlessly, he asked the dean, “May I ask, Dean Feng, is there anyone especially outstanding among the students of your esteemed academy?”

“Of course!” The dean replied with certainty, “Although our West Cloud Academy is nothing in the entire federation, there are still many genius students. For example, the two students of the second grade, Luo Li and Feng Xiao. Despite their age, one of them has already become a fifth-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist, and the other is a fourth-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist. It can be said that they are rare geniuses in our academy.”

“Fifth-stage Overlord Body?” Mu Yutong raised his eyebrows, “That’s not bad.”

Seeing that Mu Yutong did not seem interested, Dean Feng immediately became a little anxious.

He had long known that Mu Yutong had stopped at every residential planet in the Earth Federation this time to take in more disciples.

If the West Cloud Academy could have a student that he took a fancy to and take under his wing, then the reputation of the academy would definitely increase greatly, and it would be extremely beneficial to their future development.

“Mr. Mu, this…”

Unexpectedly, as soon as Dean Feng spoke, Mu Yutong looked up at the four virtual screens above.

“Dean Feng, I heard that your A.I. is imported from the Noctem Chamber of Commerce. Its performance is extremely outstanding?”

Dean Feng’s words were stuck in his throat. He paused for a moment, and a proud expression appeared on his face.

“Yes, we spent a huge sum of money to bring in this A.I., and its performance is indeed extremely outstanding. Now, all the various matters in our academy are basically handled through this A.I., and there has never been a problem until now.”

“Is that so?” Mu Yutong pointed at the virtual screen, “Why did I see some random codes in the data flow?”

“Random codes? This can’t be…” Dean Feng wanted to refute, but when he looked up, he realized that a row of random codes had really appeared on the originally orderly data flow on the four virtual screens!

“This…” Dean Feng was stunned. A drop of cold sweat immediately appeared on his forehead.

It was one thing to be embarrassed in front of the Executive Officer of the Federation and Mu Yutong. Most importantly, this A.I. was responsible for handling the affairs of the entire academy. If anything happened to it, the entire academy might fall into chaos!

When he thought of this terrifying outcome, Dean Feng could not care less and immediately delegated tasks to the deputy dean behind him.

Soon, the underground space that was still busy and orderly became chaotic.


Seeing Feng Xiao land on the ground, Chu Nan shook his head.

Compared to Luo Li, this Feng Xiao was already a little boring after less than 20 times.

After some thought, he looked up again.

“Beating up this guy can’t make me happy anymore. Can you change to a stronger opponent?”

“A stronger one?” A mysterious voice sounded. “You mean someone with greater martial techniques?”

“That’s right.”

“Alright, I’ll satisfy your request.”

Feng Xiao’s figure disappeared and another figure began to condense in front of Chu Nan.

After seeing this figure, Chu Nan could not help but stick out his tongue.

This virtual figure was actually a famous Internal Breath Martial Artist in the entire West Cloud City!

According to the ability of a martial artist, they were usually divided into five levels. They were respectively the Novice, Overlord Body, Internal Breath, Void Break, and Heaven Control. Every level was divided into five levels from the initial-stage to the fifth-stage.

A fifth-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist like Luo Li had already tempered his body to a certain extent. As long as his Internal Breath was successfully circulated, he could take another step forward and become an Internal Breath Martial Artist.

However, there was only such a difference in ability.

Luo Li could be called the strongest among the Overlord Body Martial Artists, but he had no chance of winning against any Internal Breath Martial Artist.

Chu Nan had said that he wanted a stronger opponent earlier because he felt that Luo Li could not pose any threat to him, so he was bored.

However, as soon as this Internal Breath Martial Artist moved, Chu Nan immediately discovered that the pressure he felt was completely different from Luo Li.

When he was fighting with Luo Li and Feng Xiao just now, he could determine the other party’s movements by collecting all the data of their movements and easily react.

However, as soon as this Internal Breath Martial Artist made a move, even though Chu Nan could immediately obtain all the relevant data and instantly determine the trajectory of his opponent’s movements through these data, and could even instantly think of his next reaction, just as Chu Nan’s mind reacted, the other party had already thrown a punch at him.

Chu Nan only had time to turn his body slightly before he was ruthlessly punched in the face.


The powerful impact of 783.532673 kilograms on this punch instantly sent Chu Nan flying. When he was still in the air, he spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with several fallen teeth.

Chu Nan’s body was heavily smashed into the ground. The intense pain on his face almost made his entire body go numb.

However, before he could do anything, he discovered a black shadow flash before his eyes. Immediately, a fist that carried a biting cold wind landed and heavily smashed into Chu Nan’s head.

The impact of 983.683295 kilograms directly smashed Chu Nan’s head into pieces.

He immediately lost consciousness.

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