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Chapter 277 - How About We Stop Here?

Chapter 277: How About We Stop Here?

Rudy Karl had thought of it very well, but the progress of the truth was completely beyond his expectations.

Facing his pointed finger, Chu Nan actually did not dodge or force him to change his move by exchanging injuries. Instead, he threw a punch at the finger.

‘You’re courting death!’ Rudy Karl sneered in his mind.

He attacked with anger. Not only did he fully mobilize the spatial energy, but he also contained terrifying Internal Breath. It could almost be called the strongest finger attack he could use.

If Chu Nan thought that he could endure it like before, he would be courting death!

However, when he pointed out and struck Chu Nan’s fist, a strange and peculiar Internal Breath that seemed to have been vibrating at high speed surged out. Not only did it scatter the spatial energy condensed by his finger and turn it into nothingness, it even made the Internal Breath that seeped out of his finger extremely unstable and could no longer completely condense on his fingertip.

In the end, with a tap of his finger, not to mention crippling Chu Nan’s entire left arm as he had thought, he could not even break the skin on his fist.


A strange buzzing sound sounded. Rudy Karl felt that his two fingers were forcefully shaken away by the powerful but extremely strange force that surged out of Chu Nan’s fist. Even his entire body could not help but tilt slightly.

Rudy Karl was shocked and hurriedly stabilized his body, but Chu Nan had already thrown a punch. In his hurry, he could only raise his left hand and barely block in front of him.


Although Chu Nan’s punch was blocked by Rudy Karl, he used his full strength on one side and hurriedly changed his move on the other. The strength and Internal Breath he could use were naturally different.

Rudy Karl was forced to take a few steps back by Chu Nan’s punch. On the contrary, Chu Nan’s body only swayed before he stabilized himself.

Ever since the two of them fought, this was the first time that Rudy Karl had been forced back by Chu Nan.

The four companions beside him were shocked and puzzled.

Chu Nan was clearly heavily injured earlier, so why was he much more ferocious than before? Could it be that he had been hiding his true strength?

At this moment, Chu Nan did not pursue him. Instead, he stood on the spot as a flush flashed across his face. His Internal Breath surged into his tightly clenched left fist and he slowly loosened it.

Although he had the upper hand in the battle with Rudy Karl just now, it also made him recognize a fact again.

In terms of Internal Breath alone, even if he circulated his Fifth Revolution Internal Breath, he was still inferior to a fifth-stage Internal Breath Martial Artist like Rudy Karl who had already touched the Cosmic Heaven’s Gate.

Although this punch had forced Rudy Karl back, it was only because he had underestimated his opponent that he had an opportunity.

Moreover, even so, because of Rudy Karl’s counterattack, his left hand was actually a little injured. Even some of the meridians on the back of his hand were injured by his Internal Breath and could not be stretched out for a moment.

However, this small injury was not a problem for him at all. The high-frequency Internal Breath circled his left hand a few times and already returned his palm to normal.

Being able to quickly heal his injuries in battle was the greatest reason why Chu Nan dared to face Rudy Karl head-on.

In fact, when Rudy Karl pointed at his shoulder just now, it directly crippled his entire right arm. It was completely intentional.

Not only could he rely on this to exchange injuries with Rudy Karl and cause a certain amount of internal injuries to him, but more importantly, by forcefully receiving this strike, he could more directly understand the data related to his moves and Internal Breath.

Through the previous strike and the previous battle, Chu Nan actually had a very precise evaluation of Rudy Karl’s strength.

He was indeed a powerful fifth-stage Internal Breath Martial Artist. The finger technique called the Stream Mountain Finger was indeed exquisite. Moreover, he had also grasped a portion of the use of spatial energy. It could be said that he was definitely an outstanding figure among fifth-stage Internal Breath Martial Artists.

However, after Chu Nan understood the characteristics of his Internal Breath and the way to use spatial energy, all of this was not a problem.

Just like when he faced Brax in the Flowing Cloud Martial Arts Hall’s initial assessment, after Chu Nan figured out the principle of Brax’s Phantom Illusion Movement Technique, he no longer had any secrets and could easily deal with it.

Therefore, when Rudy Karl pointed again and Chu Nan counterattacked with a punch, he could use the high-frequency vibration Internal Breath to affect the spatial energy at the same time and directly scatter the spatial energy condensed on Rudy Karl’s finger. At the same time, he could completely destroy the use of his Internal Breath in his finger technique and reduce its power to the lowest. Therefore, he had the upper hand.

After Rudy Karl took a few steps back, he had a surprised expression as if he could not believe that he had been forced back by Chu Nan’s punch.

After calming down, he pointed again.

However, Chu Nan had already figured out his trick. When faced with this finger, he was not flustered at all. He slapped back, but he did not slap the finger like before. Instead, he slapped his lower abdomen.

“Hmph, you still dare to use this method? Let me teach you the difference!”

Rudy Karl sneered in his heart and grunted. His Internal Breath condensed, but at least half of it condensed on his lower abdomen. The other half gathered at his fingertips and guided a trace of spatial energy to continue pointing at Chu Nan.

All of his actions happened in a flash. In the next moment, Rudy Karl had already pointed at Chu Nan’s left shoulder and his lower abdomen was slapped.


With a muffled sound, Rudy Karl’s body was sent flying. He flipped twice in the air and landed more than ten meters away from the two of them. Then, his body swayed and a trace of blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth.

Although he had divided more than half of his Internal Breath to protect his lower abdomen, Chu Nan’s Internal Breath was extremely strange. It always had a special effect of extremely high frequency vibration, causing his Internal Breath to almost dissipate at a touch. It could not provide the expected complete defense.

In the end, Chu Nan’s palm strike still injured his internal organs again. Coupled with the injuries from before, he could not suppress it and was forced to spit out a mouthful of blood to calm himself down.

Seeing him like this, the four companions, including Seville, cried out in surprise.

Chu Nan actually slapped him until he spat out blood!

On the contrary, Rudy Karl raised his head and looked at the distant Chu Nan. There was no dejection or anger after being injured on his face. Instead, he revealed a smile.

Although he was slightly injured, Chu Nan was undoubtedly more heavily injured.

Earlier, he had pointed at Chu Nan’s left shoulder. According to the situation where he had crippled his entire right arm with a finger, Chu Nan’s left arm would definitely be completely crippled after this.

After losing his arms, let’s see what this guy could do!

However, the next moment, his smile froze on his face.

At this moment, Chu Nan was raising his left arm and exercising his left wrist. His left arm also swayed. How could he look injured at all, let alone his entire arm being crippled?

What made Rudy Karl widen his eyes even more in disbelief was that Chu Nan had also raised his right arm and was also moving it without any signs of injury.

“Is… is this kid a monster?”

Rudy Karl looked at the relaxed and energetic Chu Nan and actually felt a trace of despair.

Seeing that Chu Nan had put down his arm and was about to walk over, a thought flashed through his mind and he suddenly raised his hand.


Chu Nan stopped in shock and looked at Rudy Karl.

“Chu Nan, it seems that we won’t be able to determine the outcome in a short period of time.” Rudy Karl said seriously, “It’s not good for us to continue like this. Why don’t… we stop here?”

Chu Nan was stunned. Was this guy… admitting defeat?

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