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Chapter 27 - I Still Want to Be a Man

Chapter 27: I Still Want to Be a Man

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The next day, the qualification competition of West Cloud Academy continued as usual.

Early in the morning, before the qualifiers of the second grade officially began, countless relevant people outside the second grade surged into the third arena.

Seeing that there were many students in the stands wearing the uniform of the higher grades, and even many instructors from other grades, the second grade students who were preparing for the qualifiers were surprised.

It was only the qualification competition for the second grade. Why were there so many people coming to watch?

“Hey, Torriman, which one is Chu Nan?” The third grade external martial arts teacher, Rayne, grabbed Torriman who had just walked in and asked while pointing at the stage.

“What are you doing here?” Torriman glanced at him in surprise.

“It’s not just me. Look…” Rayne pointed at the stands.

Torriman looked up and saw that there were a few senior college teachers waving at him in the stands. His eyebrows immediately jumped.

“What are you doing? Don’t tell me you’re all here to watch Chu Nan’s competition.”

“Haha, you’re right. We’ve all heard that there’s a little guy called Chu Nan in your second year. He’s clearly only an initial-stage Overlord Body, but he actually crippled the fifth-stage Overlord Body Luo Li in one move. This is really impressive. Everyone was very curious about who this little guy was, so they all came.”

At this point, Rayne suddenly grabbed Torriman by the shoulder and pulled his head closer, lowering his voice.

“Others might not know, but I heard that this guy called Chu Nan crippled Luo Li, so I’m interested in him.”

Torriman looked at him speechlessly.

Luo Li relied on Luo Yuntong’s status in the West Cloud Academy and the Luo family’s influence on the West Cloud Planet. He usually tyrannized the academy and often bullied his fellow students. Not to mention that he had long caused the majority of the students in the entire West Cloud Academy to be displeased, even teachers like them could not stand him.

However, because of the relationship between Luo Yuntong and the Luo family, they could only close an eye and not do much.

Of course, this did not stop them from having a poor impression of Luo Li in private. Now that they heard that Luo Li was actually crippled by an ordinary student who was previously unknown in such an important qualification competition, it was naturally very satisfying.

“Rayne, let me remind you. If anyone else hears this and it ends up in the ears of the branch dean, you’ll be in deep trouble.”

“Tsk, I don’t want to stay in this lousy academy anymore. If Luo Yuntong really comes to find trouble with me, do you believe that I’ll directly resign?”

Although Rayne spoke unyieldingly, his voice could not help but lower. Clearly, he still had some reservations.

Torriman shook his head helplessly. He looked up at the other teachers and the students who were clearly seniors. He swept his gaze across the center of the venue and casually pointed.

“Look at that black-haired guy who is talking to a fatty, it’s him.”

Rayne looked in the direction Torriman pointed and immediately frowned.

“That’s not right. His body doesn’t seem very strong. Perhaps he’s a little stronger than an ordinary initial-stage Overlord Body, but he shouldn’t be comparable to a fifth-stage Overlord Body. How did he cripple Luo Li?”

The scene of Chu Nan and Luo Li’s battle yesterday flashed through Torriman’s mind. He suddenly felt a chill in his heart and could not help but clench his legs as his expression became extremely strange.

“This… even if it’s a fifth-stage Overlord Body, some key parts are still very fragile…” Torriman spoke vaguely.

Rayne frowned and wanted to ask more, but he had already left his side and entered the center of the field.

“Alright, students, stop what you’re doing. I’ll announce the results of yesterday and today’s arrangements.”

After the students retreated to make way for the center of the venue, Torriman announced the results of the first round of the competition yesterday.

Apart from Chu Nan defeating Luo Li, there were no other unexpected results in the entire second grade.

To these low-level students who were generally still at the Overlord Body Realm, a higher level meant that their bodies had been tempered even more. Be it strength, speed, flexibility, or even resistance to attacks, or even reaction speed, they were clearly much stronger.

To martial artists at their level, unless they had a special family inheritance like Luo Li, the difference in martial techniques was minimal.

Therefore, the outcome of the battle depended on whose physique was better. Naturally, it was very difficult to make an exception.

As for someone like Chu Nan, it was almost impossible for a mere initial-stage Overlord Body to defeat a powerful fifth-stage Overlord like Luo Li.

It was also because of this that Chu Nan’s name quickly spread throughout West Cloud Academy, causing so many senior students and teachers to suddenly rush over to watch.

“Now, let’s announce the situation of the second round.”

With a wave of his hand, several names were arranged on the virtual screen above the arena, showing the situation of the second round of matches.

Seeing this match schedule, the students did not have much of a reaction. After all, after drawing the lots yesterday, they had already confirmed the situation for the next match. Everyone was already mentally prepared.

The only student whose face was especially pale looked at the form with an extremely conflicted expression.

His opponent was Chu Nan.

After looking at Chu Nan who was still quietly chatting with Dong Fang in the distance, he suddenly stood up and raised his hand.

“Mr. Torriman…”

Torriman and the other students looked at him.

“What’s wrong, Andre?” Torriman asked.

“I…” The person called Andre was a student with the bloodline of Northern Europe. His originally white skin was now red. After a long time, he squeezed out a few words from his teeth,” I… I forfeit…”


Upon hearing this, Torriman, the surrounding students, and even the audience were all stunned.

“Forfeit?” Torriman looked at him in surprise. “Andre, do you know what you’re doing? This is a selection competition that determines whether you can participate in the martial arts competition! If you forfeit, you’ll lose your right to compete for this spot. Moreover, I’m certain that since you’ve taken the initiative to forfeit in the competition, the special recommendation spot of the academy will definitely not be given to you. Do you understand?”

“I understand.” Andre put on a long face. Clearly, he was a little unwilling, but he still nodded forcefully, “I also want to participate in the martial arts competition and even become the disciple of Supremacy Mu Yutong, but… but I still want to continue being a man…”


Everyone was stunned again.

A moment later, the second-year students and Torriman, who had personally witnessed Chu Nan’s battle with Luo Li yesterday, reacted and their expressions became extremely strange.

Torriman and the male students could not help but tighten their legs. Their gazes swept across the gap between Andre’s legs that had long shrunk together and they nodded secretly.

Indeed, compared to the victory of a martial arts competition, protecting his life was obviously more important.

As for the female students, their faces were slightly red, but they were secretly smiling. After their strange gazes swept past Mr. Torriman and the male students, they finally landed on the stunned Chu Nan and could not help but laugh together.

“Very good, Chu Nan. You’ve completely become famous now.” Dong Fang slapped Chu Nan’s shoulder with an extremely serious expression. “Congratulations, your future nickname will be ‘Descendant Slayer’!”

Chu Nan opened his mouth and wanted to refute, but he was speechless.

The reason why he was so ruthless yesterday… was completely because he had inherited the habit of bullying Luo Li in the virtual space.

The reason why he had developed this habit was because he hated Luo Li greatly previously. Coupled with the fact that he did not have to worry too much in the virtual space, he was ruthless.

Chu Nan did not regret it.

With Luo Li’s past actions, not to mention crushing his balls, even if he was kicked until he could not take care of himself, it would not be too much.

Moreover, West Cloud Academy had a set of supplementary medical equipment bought from the Noctem Chamber of Commerce. As long as it was treated in time, it was not strange for Luo Li to recover completely.

Honestly speaking, he felt that he had not been ruthless enough yesterday.

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