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Chapter 24 - Visitor

Chapter 24: Visitor

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Chu Nan walked into the dormitory building exhaustedly and felt his entire body sore and weak.

The intense battle with that senior just now lasted for nearly half an hour.

Although it was not a life and death battle, both sides had already done their best.

In order to collect enough combat data, Chu Nan naturally hoped to fight as long as possible. That senior had a strange personality and actually fought with him until the end. When he saw that Chu Nan was exhausted, he reluctantly chose to stop.

In the end, when Chu Nan bade him farewell, he even expressed that he was not satisfied with the battle between the two sides. This was because Chu Nan’s so-called ‘feeling’ was sometimes effective but sometimes not, causing him to be unable to enjoy himself.

When he thought of this, Chu Nan shook his head and smiled bitterly.

In the end, he was only an Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist. Although the Nine Revolutions Technique had already broken through to the third level and allowed his Internal Breath to greatly increase, he was still far from being a true Internal Breath expert. Of course, he was unable to fill his entire body with Internal Breath and circulate it freely, so it was very difficult for him to mobilize his Internal Breath with every move.

It was very difficult, but not impossible.

The problem that troubled Chu Nan now was why when he was attacked in the underground parking lot and when he was practicing the Hong Clan’s Long Fist alone, he was able to mobilize his Internal Breath. However, in the battle with that senior earlier, he was unable to successfully mobilize it every time?

Since it could happen before, it meant that it was possible.

The reason why he could not do it now was definitely because something was still wrong.

Due to the fact that he had been unable to break through with the Nine Revolutions Technique, his Internal Breath was far from being robust, so it was naturally impossible for him to mobilize his Internal Breath freely. Therefore, his understanding of Internal Breath was only at the most basic level.

As for the various martial arts academies in the federation, they usually only taught students external martial arts techniques. As for internal cultivation methods, they would at most impart some of the most basic and ordinary commoner cultivation methods. They would not be too involved in this aspect.

Therefore, even though Chu Nan had been studying at the West Cloud Academy for two years, he had not come into contact with much teaching regarding the cultivation method of Internal Breath, so he naturally did not know where to start.

The development of the ancient martial arts of the Earth Federation had only begun gradually 730 years ago after it was discovered by a civilian exploration fleet of the Declan Empire.

In comparison, their accumulation in all aspects was naturally inferior to that of an ancient power with more than 60,000 years of history in the Milky Way like the Declan Empire. They could not even compare to the other small countries around them.

This situation was not obvious in external cultivation martial arts, but in internal cultivation martial arts, it was extremely exaggerated.

The Overlord Tiger Subduing Fist that Luo Li cultivated was created by the ancestor of the Luo family. It was one of the top ten fist techniques in the federation. In the “Pan Milky Way Martial Skill Evaluation”, it was even ranked as an A-rank martial technique. It was considered a very powerful external martial technique.

However, the Nine Bulls Two Tiger Heart Technique he cultivated was only a Grade B Internal Cultivation Technique. In comparison, it was much worse.

Although there was once an ancestor of the Luo family who relied on this internal cultivation method to ultimately grow into a powerful Star-Grade Martial Artist, besides this ancestor, there had never been any outstanding figures after the Luo family.

However, even so, the Luo family’s inheritance was an existence that countless martial artists in the entire Earth Federation were jealous of.

One had to know that an ordinary martial artist like Chu Nan who did not have any inheritance could at most come into contact with internal cultivation methods like the ones taught by the West Cloud Academy. The highest rating was at most D-rank.

A situation like the Nine Revolutions Cultivation Technique could be said to be completely unique. This was because under normal circumstances, no martial artist would casually announce the internal cultivation method that they had created like Su Xuansheng to the public and leave it to their descendants as a legacy.

However, even then, because the difficulty of breaking through to the Nine Revolutions Technique was extremely high, no one had cultivated to the seventh level that was equivalent to Su Xuansheng for hundreds of years. Most people were even unable to break through to the third level, so they were classified as trash cultivation methods.

From this, it could be seen how difficult it was to obtain a truly powerful internal cultivation method.

Chu Nan did not possess the family inheritance like Luo Li. In terms of the cultivation of the Nine Revolutions Technique, because there were very few people and no one openly announced it, there was no possibility of reference, so he could only explore it himself.

For example, Chu Nan was already prepared for such a problem today and was not surprised.

“Heh, when I was unable to break through to the second level after cultivating the Nine Revolutions Technique for more than ten years, I was not even anxious. Why would I be anxious now?”

When he thought of this, Chu Nan’s mood calmed down and he even revealed a smile.

While he was thinking about these things, he had already climbed to the third floor with difficulty and arrived at the door of his dormitory.

After pushing open the dormitory door, he was stunned.

In the dormitory, other than Dong Fang who had returned at some point, there was also a man who looked to be less than 30 years old sitting opposite Dong Fang and chatting with him with a smile on his face.

After Chu Nan pushed open the door, the two of them stopped and turned around.

“You’re finally back.” When Dong Fang saw Chu Nan, he stood up happily and quickly walked to his side. He patted his shoulder and whispered, “You’re really lucky this time!”

“Lucky?” Chu Nan was stunned. His gaze landed on the man and he was immediately shocked.

Although this man was only sitting there simply, it made him feel as if a mountain was standing there, as if it was impossible to shake.

Although the vast amount of data in his mind clearly told him that this man’s sitting posture was not perfect and he easily saw through countless flaws, Chu Nan was certain that if he dared to attack, he would definitely be met with a fierce and irresistible counterattack.

This person must be an expert!

Zheng Yuanlin put down the teacup in his hand and turned around to smile at Chu Nan who pushed open the door and walked in. He barely suppressed the surprise and shock in his mind.

From the moment Chu Nan entered, although he seemed uncaring, he had actually been staring at every subtle action that this kid made.

Then, he was extremely shocked to discover that although Chu Nan’s actions seemed ordinary at any moment, with his profound martial technique and extraordinary vision, he did not discover any flaws from the beginning to the end!

Zheng Yuanlin had followed Mu Yutong in martial arts for 37 years. During this period, he had seen countless martial artists, but those who could maintain such a perfect state at any time were extremely rare.

This Chu Nan was only an initial-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist and looked to be only around 18 years old this year. How could he be like a martial artist with countless combat experience and be able to maintain such a perfect posture?

What was even more shocking was that Chu Nan looked exhausted and his muscles were weakened. It was as if he had just experienced a huge battle and looked exhausted.

However, even under such circumstances, he was still able to maintain such a perfect posture. It was even more shocking than normal.

With this alone, Zheng Yuanlin believed that if he purely relied on his physical body to fight and did not use his Internal Breath and exquisite martial arts to forcefully suppress him, even he might not be able to easily defeat Chu Nan.

“No wonder Teacher sees him in a new light. To be able to have such a performance at such an age, there’s really no other explanation other than talent.”

When he thought of this, Zheng Yuanlin put away the contempt he had for Chu Nan and stood up with a smile. He stretched out his right hand towards Chu Nan, “Hello, let me introduce myself. I’m Zheng Yuanlin, the eldest disciple of Master Mu Yutong.”

“Mu Yutong?” Chu Nan originally stretched out his hand with a puzzled expression and was about to greet Zheng Yuanlin. When he suddenly heard this name, he was immediately shocked, “Could it be the Star-Grade Martial Artist, Mu Yutong?”

“Yes.” Zheng Yuanlin smiled and nodded.

Chu Nan glanced at Dong Fang in shock and saw him shrug his shoulders. Clearly, he had long known Zheng Yuanlin’s identity.

“Chu Nan, where have you been? You’re back so late. Senior Zheng has been waiting here for nearly an hour.” Dong Fang reminded him.

“Oh, I was bored and went out to take a walk. I also wanted to practice my martial arts.” When he saw Zheng Yuanlin’s gaze landing on his feet, Chu Nan lowered his head and saw that the soles of his shoes were covered in mud. It was obvious that they had been stained in the wilderness when he returned from outside. He smiled and explained, “I was afraid to disturb others in the academy, so I ran to the back mountain.”

Zheng Yuanlin nodded and smiled. “Student Chu Nan, you are so diligent in your cultivation. No wonder you can have such an achievement.”

“Senior, you must be joking. I’m only at the initial-stage Overlord Body realm now. What can I be considered to have accomplished in front of you?”

Zheng Yuanlin shook his head slightly, “Although your Internal Breath is not strong, I can tell that your eyes are bright and reserved, and your skin is tough and shiny. It can be seen that your foundation in internal cultivation is very good. What you lack is only a good internal cultivation method. If a master teaches you a brilliant cultivation method, your internal breath will greatly increase. Coupled with your outstanding external cultivation talent, you can definitely become a powerful martial artist.”

Chu Nan smiled bitterly. “I come from an ordinary background and can’t learn any profound internal cultivation methods.”

“I heard from Student Dong Fang that the internal cultivation method you’re cultivating now is the Nine Revolutions Technique?” Zheng Yuanlin asked again.


Zheng Yuanlin pondered for a moment and said, “It’s true that Su Xuansheng relied on the seventh level of the Nine Revolutions Technique to dominate the Milky Way back then. However, in the past 400 years, no one has been able to cultivate this Nine Revolutions Technique to the seventh level, let alone the eighth and ninth levels. From this point of view, this Nine Revolutions Technique is not considered a powerful internal cultivation method.”

“I have no choice.” Chu Nan sighed.

“Is that so?” Zheng Yuanlin smiled and suddenly stretched out his hand, “Chu Nan, how about we exchange a few moves?”

Chu Nan and Dong Fang were shocked. Chu Nan waved his hand repeatedly, “Senior Zheng, are you joking? If I remember correctly, you’re a top-notch expert of the Heaven Control realm. How can I be your match?”

Zheng Yuanlin laughed, “Don’t worry, I just want to test you. I won’t go all out.”

Chu Nan and Dong Fang looked at each other again. Zheng Yuanlin suddenly came to visit in the middle of the night and acted like this. Could it be…

Dong Fang’s heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly poked Chu Nan’s waist and revealed a brilliant smile at Zheng Yuanlin, “Since Senior Zheng is willing to test, how could Chu Nan not agree? However, this place is so small and it’s too late. The martial arts arena in the academy has long closed…”

“It’s fine.” Zheng Yuanlin shook his head and asked Chu Nan, “I believe you all know a game.”

“Game?” Chu Nan and Dong Fang were stunned, “Could it be Martial Soul?”

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