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Chapter 18 - Internal Breath Activated

Chapter 18: Internal Breath Activated

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This was the most depressing battle Luo Jie had ever fought since he started practicing martial arts.

Every time he wanted to counterattack, Chu Nan would always be the first to change his moves. Moreover, every attack of his would directly attack his weakness, forcing him to change his moves.

Luo Jie was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood, but there was nothing he could do.

Originally, he planned to rely on the fact that his Internal Breath was far stronger than Chu Nan’s to counterattack after he was exhausted. However, Chu Nan seemed to be getting braver the more he fought. Not only did he not show any signs of exhaustion, his every punch was even stronger than before.

On the contrary, it was because he was always passively defending that his blood qi surged and his strength was consumed extremely quickly.

However, Luo Jie did not know that in the tens of thousands of battles in the virtual space, Chu Nan had basically faced inner-rank experts and D-rank beasts who were much stronger than him. In these tens of thousands of battles, he had long learned how to use the least strength to obtain the greatest results. Therefore, although he had fought intensely until now, he had not exhausted much of his strength.

Most importantly, during this battle, Chu Nan had used the Hong Clan’s Long Fist Technique again and again. Gradually, he started to understand something.

Originally, every time he used these three stances or twelve moves, he would strictly follow the perfect posture he had obtained from his own analysis. However, in a true battle, it was impossible for him to do it so perfectly every time. His posture would always change because of the situation.

After doing this many times, Chu Nan was forced to change his posture and make some modifications through data analysis to maximize the power of his punch.

Over time, Chu Nan gradually discovered that he was no longer limited to the three stances and twelve moves.

In the beginning, every punch he threw would be related to the three stances and twelve moves. Later on, he had long forgotten about the three stances and twelve moves.

He knew that he had to unleash the strongest power of every punch and kick.

At this moment, he immediately recalled the tens of thousands of battles he had fought in the virtual space.

In those tens of thousands of battles that were even more intense than now, had he ever been confined to any fixed position?

When he thought of this, Chu Nan immediately understood.

Endless data surged in his mind and Chu Nan’s body changed accordingly.

No matter which punch or kick he unleashed, his body could naturally adjust, causing it to always unleash nearly all of his physical strength.

In the end, every attack of Chu Nan’s seemed to be smooth and natural.

“So this is the so-called meaning of: If the intent is there, the fist will be there. If the intent moves, the fist will move.”

He suddenly threw a punch and felt a stir in his dantian. A trace of internal breath arose from his dantian and instantly flowed through the meridians in his body to his right fist.


Luo Jie could not help but take a few steps back from this punch.

Chu Nan could not help but be stunned. The force behind his punch had actually exceeded 600 kilograms!

According to the strength of his flesh, if he only relied on his muscle strength, it was impossible to achieve such a terrifying strength.

The reason why it could produce such powerful might was naturally because his punch had mobilized the Internal Breath in his dantian.

On the other hand, being able to mobilize Internal Breath at will in battle was something that only Internal Breath Martial Artists could master!

“Could it be that I’ve inexplicably become an Internal Breath Martial Artist?” Chu Nan was stunned, but he knew that this was impossible.

With his current physical strength, he was at most equivalent to a third-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist. How could he break through to the Overlord Body realm and become an Internal Breath Martial Artist?

At this moment, Luo Jie had already counterattacked. Without giving it much thought, Chu Nan took a step forward and threw another punch.

Coincidentally, this punch was exactly the same as the second move of the second stance of the Hong Clan’s Long Fist, the Retreating Horse Stab Fist.

After punching out, Chu Nan felt a stream of internal breath suddenly rush out from his dantian and flow into the meridians of his right arm.


Under Chu Nan’s precise calculations, the angle of this punch was extremely ingenious. It happened to break through Luo Jie’s defense and forced him to withdraw his fists in a sorry state to block his chest.

However, after Chu Nan’s punch obtained the help of his Internal Breath, a terrifying force as high as 768.346768 kilograms suddenly erupted. Caught off guard, Luo Jie was struck by Chu Nan’s punch and was sent flying like a sack.

Luo Jie’s body fell to the ground and rolled back dozens of times before he was pressed down by a pair of hands.

“He actually injured Young Master Jie. Brothers, go, cripple him!”

When he saw more than ten people suddenly appear on the other side, all of them were strong and their martial arts skills were not bad, Chu Nan was immediately shocked.

“Damn, someone ambushed me out of nowhere. Now, there’s even such a group of people besieging me. Who did I provoke?!”

Chu Nan cursed in his mind. He exerted strength with his feet and a trace of internal breath stretched out. His body shot towards the dozen people like an arrow. Then, he forcefully found the gap between the fists and feet of the dozen people and kicked one of them flying.

Taking advantage of the gap revealed by the kick, Chu Nan’s body tilted and he flashed into the underground exit behind the dozen people. He sprinted and instantly left them behind.

As soon as he arrived on the ground, Chu Nan turned around and saw that the dozen people who were still chasing after him had disappeared.

It seemed that because there were too many people on the ground, they were also wary in broad daylight.

Chu Nan frowned as he walked towards the entrance of the venue.

“Strange, that guy was much stronger than my opponent in the virtual space. He should at least be a higher-level Internal Breath Martial Artist. When did I offend an expert of this level?”

Coupled with the dozen plus black-clothed people who appeared later on who were similarly skilled, it could be obvious that this ambush was absolutely premeditated, and these fellows were still organized.

“Who have I offended recently?” Chu Nan carefully thought about his recent experiences and a face appeared in his mind. “Luo Li! It must be him! Other than the famous martial arts family on West Cloud Planet, where else could anyone find so many experts?”

When he thought of this, Chu Nan was immediately furious.

He had only injured Luo Li in the qualification competition, but he had actually suffered such a vicious revenge from the Luo Clan!

That Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist had attacked extremely ruthlessly just now. Although it did not seem like he wanted to kill him, every move he made wanted to cripple him.

Chu Nan clenched his fists tightly and made cracking sounds.

“Hey, Chu Nan, you’re finally here. We’ve been waiting for so long.” Dong Fang’s voice suddenly sounded from ahead. Chu Nan had already walked to the entrance of the venue and was seen by the sharp-eyed Dong Fang.

Chu Nan took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart before revealing a smile.

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