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Chapter 1756 - Chapter 1756: The Power of Jealousy

Chapter 1756: The Power of Jealousy

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“I say… you just said that I’m a rare good friend of yours in your life.” Chu Nan could not help but say.

“Good friend?” Feng Mingxi sneered in an extremely loud voice, “Yes, when we first met in the academy, I indeed treated you as my good friend. You even helped me change the March God-Killing Palm, a cultivation method that’s very important to me. At that time, I even thought that I had finally made a good friend that I could acknowledge. However… you changed later on!”

“Changed?” Looking at Feng Mingxi who had a hateful expression as if he had been wronged, Chu Nan had a puzzled expression, “How did I change? I think you’ve changed a lot, right?”

“No, you’ve become more.” Feng Mingxi shook his head and said coldly, “You’ve become too powerful, and you’re even stronger than I imagined. I originally thought that your talent was indeed very good, but your foundation was slightly inferior to mine. Then, although your improvement speed is also very fast, you can’t compare to me in the end. I didn’t expect you to increase so exaggeratedly in such a short period of time. You even broke through the

Cosmic Heaven’s Gate before me! You broke through to the Heaven Control Realm before me! I originally thought that I could always suppress you, but I didn’t expect you to surpass me and even pull further and further away. Tell me, how can I accept it?”

Chu Nan blinked and looked at the angry and aggrieved Feng Mingxi before finally understanding.

It turned out that this guy was completely jealous of him.

However… just because he was jealous that Chu Nan’s strength increased faster and he broke through faster than him, he had to become like this?

“I’ve been a super genius in everyone’s eyes since I was young. I firmly believe that no one in this world has higher talent than me and no one can improve faster than me. However, after having you, I discovered that you’re more talented than me and your improvement is faster.” Feng Mingxi stared at Chu Nan. Although the anger in his eyes had slightly restrained, his hatred was not weak at all, “Because of you, I’m no longer the strongest genius in everyone’s hearts and the focus of everyone’s attention. Chu Nan, you snatched everything from me! Why do you think I don’t hate you?”

Chu Nan blinked hard and… chuckled.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.” Looking at Feng Mingxi whose expression had become even more ashen, Chu Nan waved his hand, “About that… Feng Mingxi, you hate me because of this?”

“What? Can’t you understand?” Feng Mingxi sneered.

“I don’t… Alright, I can barely understand. However…” Chu Nan sighed and his expression became serious, “Just because you’re jealous that my talent is stronger than yours, you made yourself like this and even used your cultivation method to devour the lives of so many people? Don’t you think… this is too crazy?

“They’re only ordinary mortals. What’s there to care about?” Feng Mingxi revealed a disdainful expression, “How many times have you asked me this question? I’ll tell you clearly. In my opinion, these mortals are no different from pigs, dogs, and livestock. I don’t care about their lives at all. Of course, the life force they offer can help me become stronger. From this point, they’re still valuable.”

Hearing the nonchalance in Feng Mingxi’s tone, Chu Nan took a deep breath and suppressed the confusion, emotion, and anger in his heart before calmly looking at him.

“It seems that you’re really crazy. In that case, we have nothing to say. You prepared such a place and expected Angie Prairie and me to arrive first. What do you want to do?”

Angie Prairie sneered, “Can’t you tell? This guy clearly feels that he’s stronger than you now, so he wants to use this to prove that his talent is actually still stronger than yours.”

“Oh?” Feng Mingxi glanced at Angie Prairie in surprise, “I’ve always thought that you’re only an ordinary woman with good talent and luck, but I didn’t expect you to become so sharp at this moment. That’s right, I want to create such a domain that belongs to me and defeat Chu Nan head-on to prove that I’m stronger and more talented than him!”

Chu Nan shook his head, “Your so-called strength and talent are built on the foundation of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of lives. Even if you’re stronger than me now, do you think I’ll agree? Moreover, do you really think you’re stronger than me now?”

“I don’t need your approval. I only need to defeat and kill you to prove it. As for whether I’m really stronger than you, we’ll know after fighting!”

As soon as Feng Mingxi finished speaking, he raised his hand and the dense red mist that spread around him suddenly changed rapidly. The weak energy fluctuation and life force fluctuation suddenly became violent and surging. It instantly gathered into an energy tide that surged towards Chu Nan and Angie Prairie.

Chu Nan sneered and slapped out. Black gas rolled and the Exterminating Heart Technique and the Life Destruction cultivation method were activated at the same time to face this energy tide.


A loud bang suddenly sounded in the empty hall. An extremely terrifying energy fluctuation spread out and actually completely destroyed the entire hall in an instant. The shattered rocks were blown away at the same time. Even the ground of the hall exploded into a huge pit, revealing a more hidden space below.

Chu Nan subconsciously searched the space that should be the basement of this hall and could not help but exclaim.

In this huge space that should have been a basement, dense red mist rolled and gathered, shuttling back and forth on a human body.

The red mist around the figure circled wildly. That person looked like an eye of the storm.

Chu Nan’s gaze passed through the red mist and landed on that person. He was immediately shocked.

Although this person’s face was slightly withered compared to before, Chu Nan still recognized him at a glance. This person was actually Pope Lockmarton!

Angie Prairie’s physical condition was special, but she directly ignored the energy attack formed by Feng Mingxi’s control of the red mist. At this moment, she had already launched a close combat attack.

However, Feng Mingxi’s physical strength was abnormally terrifying. He slapped Angie Prairie back.

Feng Mingxi lightly slapped out. It seemed to be casual, but his palm carried an extremely terrifying energy tide. Even if Chu Nan circulated the sixth level of the Exterminating Heart Technique he had just learned, because the energy fluctuation controlled by Feng Mingxi was too powerful, he was unable to completely resolve it. He was actually sent flying by this palm and heavily smashed through the thick wall of a temple behind him..

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