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Chapter 1603 - 1603 Unrelated to Others

1603 Unrelated to Others

A table, a chair, and a bed. Apart from that, there was nothing else.

The furnishings inside the small wooden house were as simple, simple, and even simple as they looked outside.

After Anise entered the wooden house, Chu Nan glanced at it and took in the environment inside. He could not help but be a little surprised.

No matter how one looked at it, such a simple living environment should not be where the esteemed eldest princess of the Declan Empire lived.

Even if this Senior Anise wanted to cultivate in peace, this was too much. This environment was even more exaggerated than the lives of many so-called senior monks in the Earth Federation.

Of course, as the eldest princess of the Declan Empire, as long as she wanted something, she would definitely easily have it with a word. There was no need to put it all here. The dozen or so guards who had appeared just now were evidence.

However, the environment in this wooden house was still a little too much, because as far as the eye could see, there was not even anything to relax about. Even the table and chair were mere decorations.

Chu Nan really could not imagine what it was like to live in such an environment.

“If I let you spend decades in an environment where you don’t lack anything, you won’t have any desire for material needs anymore.” Perhaps seeing through Chu Nan’s thoughts, Anise explained indifferently.

Chu Nan turned to look at her and discovered that after entering the wooden house, the expression on Anise’s face had become much gentler. It was as if the environment in this wooden house had clearly relaxed her greatly, or because of her injuries, she was forced to remove her cold disguise.

When he thought of his injuries, Chu Nan hurriedly threw away his thoughts because of the environment in the wooden house and immediately asked, “Senior, can… can you let me help you diagnose your injuries?”

Anise smiled and casually stretched out an arm to hand it to Chu Nan.

“Do you want it to be like this?”

Although Chu Nan wanted to say that he was not asking for her pulse, he still nodded. He carefully stretched out two fingers and pointed at Anise’s wrist. Then, he raised his head to look at her and revealed a questioning expression.

“Do whatever you want.”

Chu Nan nodded and was honest. With a thought, he first circulated the Goddess’ Song cultivation method. Threads of green aura passed through the two fingers and entered Anise’s arm.

The life force aura transformed by the Goddess’ Song cultivation method was the most direct and effective. As soon as it entered Anise’s body, it immediately made her feel energetic. An obvious life force aura seemed to be emitted from the deepest part of her body, immediately causing her to reveal a surprised expression.

“What cultivation method is this?”

“Err… this is a very special cultivation method I unintentionally learned. It can help people replenish their life force and help Senior it’s easier for your injuries to heal.” Chu Nan casually explained.

Anise nodded and did not ask further.

The martial techniques possessed by martial artists were private and could not be easily investigated. Even as the esteemed princess of the Declan Empire, Anise knew this taboo very well.

Chu Nan continued to urge the Goddess’ Song cultivation method, but he did not replenish much life force for Anise. Instead, he slowly entered bit by bit.

The process of the two of them fighting just now had already made him sense some abnormalities in Anise. This made him become careful when diagnosing her.

At the same time, he began to circulate the Flame of Life cultivation method. A trace of Internal Breath with a milky white light entered Anise’s body through those two fingers.

“Senior, you…”

“Do as you please. There’s no need to have so many reservations.” Before Chu Nan could ask, Anise had already replied.

Chu Nan nodded. Although he did not understand why Anise trusted him so much, since she had already said it, he did not care so much. He immediately urged this trace of Internal Breath that carried the aura of the Flame of Life cultivation method to enter her wrist and meridians and investigate deeper bit by bit.

As she had said, Anise completely let go of Chu Nan. There was no defense in any meridian and she allowed Chu Nan’s trace of Internal Breath to shuttle through the various meridians in her body.

A moment later, Chu Nan had already found the problem, but he could not help but be shocked.

Anise’s injuries were not serious, and only a few meridians were slightly damaged, but the place where these injuries were was really shocking.

All her damaged meridians were actually the main meridians that were directly connected to her dantian and connected. They actually caused a large area around her dantian to be damaged to a certain extent. Although it was not heavy, it was very direct. No wonder she looked fine originally, but she suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

After investigating, Chu Nan could not help but frown and look at Anise.

This strange injury was clearly caused by the specialness of her cultivation method, but why was there such a problem with her cultivation method?

If circulating the cultivation method would directly cause the main meridians connected to the dantian to be damaged, cultivating this cultivation method was simply no different from suicide.

However, from the core characteristics of this cultivation method, it was still the Exterminating Heart Technique. Could it be that the Exterminating Heart Technique had such a strange variation?

“Do you know what’s going on?” Anise asked lightly.

“This…” Chu Nan hesitated for a moment and decided to answer honestly, “Your… Your Highness, your injuries are only a small problem, but… forgive me for being blunt, but your cultivation method is probably a huge problem. If you can’t resolve the problem with your cultivation method, as long as you fight someone in the future, it will cause your meridians to be damaged. In serious cases, it will even break several of your main meridians and… kill you.”

Anise’s expression did not change at all. She only nodded in surprise.

“It seems that you’re not bragging. You investigated the injuries quite well. That’s indeed the case.”

“Then… why do you still have to attack me? If you really have to capture me to threaten Supremacy Quediro, you can call for help…” Chu Nan asked in confusion.

“Because this is between the two of us. It has nothing to do with anyone else.”

“Then am I not considered anyone else?” Chu Nan complained in his mind, but he said, “Forget it, let’s not worry about you and Supremacy Quediro for now. I’ll help you treat this injury first.”

“How can you treat…”

Just as Anise asked curiously, she immediately felt two even stronger auras suddenly surge out from the two fingers Chu Nan placed on her wrist. They were the life force aura brought about by the Goddess’ Song cultivation method and the special Internal Breath affected by the Flame of Life cultivation method.

Although the cause of the injuries in Anise’s body was strange, in terms of injuries alone, they were actually not serious. It was only a few main meridians that had been damaged to a certain extent. To Chu Nan, injuries that were a hundred times more serious could be treated, so this small injury was naturally not a problem.

In just a few breaths, those damaged main meridians had already connected to several secondary meridians affected by the injuries. Even the smaller fine meridians near the dantian had completely recovered under the effect of the Flame of Life cultivation method. With the life force aura provided by the Goddess’ Song cultivation method, these meridians had even become stronger than before they were damaged.

Feeling the change in her body and the abundant life force reaction, Anise looked at Chu Nan in even more surprise.

Where did Quediro… find such a magical kid?

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