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Chapter 14 - Hong Clan's Long Fist

Chapter 14: Hong Clan’s Long Fist

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After the floating shuttle entered the city center for a distance, it stopped beside a square.

After Dong Fang and Chu Nan got out of the shuttle, they directly arrived at the center of the huge square.

From afar, he saw two young girls waving at him. Chu Nan focused his gaze and could not help but praise.

From their appearance, these two girls did not look older than 17 or 18 years old. They were similar to Chu Nan and Dong Fang. Although they could not be said to be extremely beautiful, they were still in their prime. With just a casual outfit, they were like two fresh flowers blooming in the center of the square. They were worthy of the word beauty.

Seeing the happy expressions of the two girls when they saw Dong Fang, Chu Nan shook his head in bewilderment.

“How strange. Could there be something wrong with their eyes?”

“Hey, Rose, Luo Lan, this is my good brother, Chu Nan.” After exchanging a few pleasantries with the two girls, Dong Fang introduced them to each other, “Chu Nan, open your eyes and look carefully. These two beauties are the good friends I mentioned to you. This beauty is called Rose, and this beauty is called Luo Lan. Come, get to know them.”

“Rose? Luo Lan? They’re both good names.” Chu Nan smiled and stretched out his hand, causing the two girls to laugh.

“You’re Chu Nan?” The girl called Rose appeared more lively and generous. Her curious gaze swept past Chu Nan and she suddenly asked, “Hey, don’t tell me you’re really a virgin?”

Chu Nan was stunned and immediately looked at Dong Fang with a murderous gaze.

Needless to say, when Dong Fang and these two girls mentioned him in private, they must have laughed at his name.

Dong Fang glanced at the sky and put on an innocent expression.

Chu Nan glared at him before turning to look at Rose and seriously replied, “I am. Why? Don’t you like virgins?”

Rose and Luo Lan looked at each other and chuckled at the same time. After a long time, Rose held back her laughter and said softly, “Don’t worry, compared to those guys who only want to sleep with girls all day, I still prefer to be a virgin.”

Luo Lan was slightly quieter than Rose. She smiled and did not speak, but the gaze she used to look at Chu Nan became gentler than before.

After all, the four of them were all young people and had the common topic of martial arts. Soon, they chatted together.

When they heard Dong Fang say that Chu Nan was only an initial-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist, Rose and Luo Lan did not look at Chu Nan with disdain like the others. Instead, they became even closer to Chu Nan because they were only at the initial-stage Overlord Body realm too. Compared to Dong Fang, a third-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist, it was easier for him to have a common language with them.

However, when they heard Dong Fang tell them that Chu Nan had actually defeated a fifth-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist yesterday, their eyes were filled with shock.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. I was just lucky. If we fight again, I definitely won’t be his match.” Chu Nan hurriedly said modestly.

Regarding his powerful data collection, analysis, and processing ability, Chu Nan had already decided to treat it as the most important secret that no one could reveal. In order to hide this secret, it was naturally best for him to expose less of his strength.

“It’s hypocritical to be too humble.” Unexpectedly, Rose pouted when she heard that, “Chu Nan, Dong Fang doesn’t dare to lie to us. Tell me, how did you defeat that fifth-stage Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist?”

“Yeah, tell us. I’m very curious.” This time, even Luo Lan could not help but ask.

“This…” Chu Nan laughed at the sky and did not answer.

Seeing him like this, how could Rose and Luo Lan be willing to give up? They immediately asked relentlessly.

The square was not far from the Martial Artist Exchange, but after the group made a commotion, it still took nearly half an hour to reach.

This Martial Artist Exchange was specially held by the West Cloud Planet’s government to facilitate communication between the martial artists on West Cloud Planet. It was held once a month.

With the push of the West Cloud Planet’s government, this exchange had already become the grandest venue for martial artists to interact.

At the martial artist exchange, not only would martial artists publicly or privately exchange their martial techniques, there would even be martial artists who directly sold their own unique martial techniques.

Because there were often some martial artists who were forced to sell special martial techniques they had obtained through various methods because of life or various reasons, many martial artists would come to this exchange event to try their luck.

Chu Nan was one of them.

Due to the arrival of Mu Yutong and the two Star-Grade Martial Artists, as well as the imminent arrival of the West Cloud Planet’s Martial Artist Competition, the martial arts atmosphere on the planet had suddenly become extremely dense recently. As a result, this originally very lively martial arts exchange was now even more bustling and bustling with people.

When the four of them arrived at the venue, it was the peak period. It took a lot of effort to squeeze in.

As soon as he entered the venue, Chu Nan went straight to the martial arts exchange area. Dong Fang, Rose, and Luo Lan wanted to go to the martial arts competition area to watch. After the four of them discussed, Chu Nan headed to the martial technique exchange area alone.

This was actually the first time Chu Nan had come to this place. In the past, because he had only cultivated the second level of the Nine Revolutions Technique, his Internal Breath was not enough to support him in cultivating other martial techniques, causing him to be uninterested in martial techniques.

Now that the Nine Revolutions Cultivation Technique had already broken through to the third level and his Internal Breath had greatly increased, he began to consider cultivating martial techniques.

However, when he was in the academy, he had already logged into the academy’s martial arts library through the academy’s regional network. He discovered that the martial techniques inside were all extremely low-grade. Even the only D-rank martial technique was the worst among D-rank martial techniques.

This was something that could not be helped. Although martial arts were flourishing in this era and various martial techniques were endless, it was precisely because of this that powerful martial techniques would be more protected and would not be easily circulated.

For example, the Nine Revolutions Cultivation Technique was already an exception.

Chu Nan was not born in a martial arts family and did not have a good master in the past, so he naturally did not know any powerful martial arts techniques.

Even if he came to this martial artist exchange, he was only trying his luck.

Ever since he entered the martial arts exchange area, Chu Nan had focused on looking at every martial arts technique displayed in every stall.

It had to be said that these martial techniques were still very tempting just from their names.

For example, the “Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm”, “Meru Divine Art”, “Lunar Shooting Spear Art”, “Qi Devouring Eight Desolates Art”…

However, when Chu Nan flipped open the introduction, he immediately laughed.

These so-called divine techniques looked decent, but in fact, they were probably not even considered E-grade martial techniques.

No wonder these martial techniques were not labeled with rankings. It turned out that they still knew their own limits.

Chu Nan was not discouraged. Before he came, he knew very well that it was almost impossible to find a powerful martial technique here.

His goal was only to find a martial technique that was suitable for him.

After walking for a while, Chu Nan stopped in front of a stall.

“‘Hong Clan’s Long Fist’?” Chu Nan picked up the simple and ancient martial arts introduction on the cover. This was the first martial arts technique he had seen that did not have such an earth-shattering name.

“The ‘Hong Clan’s Long Fist’ was created by the Ancestral Patriarch of the Hong Clan. There are a total of three stances and twelve moves. Those who are proficient in them will be able to break the flow of a river with one punch.”

“It sounds quite arrogant.” Chu Nan smiled and flipped the page. After taking a glance, his smile immediately disappeared.

This introduction only described the first stance and first move of “Hong Clan’s Long Fist”—Sitting Horse Rush Fist.

There was no detailed description on it, only two diagrams. One was punching, and the other was retracting.

However, these two simple positions firmly attracted Chu Nan’s gaze.

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