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Chapter 1272 - 1272 Who Said I Want to Be Fair to You?

1272 Who Said I Want to Be Fair to You?

Rosa widened his eyes and looked at Nowell who had recovered his vitality in shock.

How was this possible?

This guy clearly looked like he was about to die just now. Why was he jumping around as if nothing had happened in the blink of an eye?

Although Prince Nocanti was also shocked, his shrewdness prevented him from revealing more of his shock. However, his eyelids twitched slightly and he narrowed his eyes to look at Chu Nan. He asked a question that was unrelated to the current situation.

“How do you know I’m a prince?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just that after seeing it too many times, it’s very easy to distinguish some different auras from you guys.” Chu Nan shrugged and stood up. He glanced at Henrik who was lying not far away and frowned.

Although he could completely save Henrik and let him return to normal as long as he was given a little more time, the reason why he could treat Nowell just now was completely because he did not know him well, allowing him to take advantage of the situation.

Now that he had already fully displayed his special ability, the other party clearly would not give him this chance.

After thinking for a moment, Chu Nan’s body flashed and he had already arrived beside Henrik. While Rosa was still in a daze, Prince Nocanti was still frowning and thinking about the meaning of Chu Nan’s words. He slapped Henrik’s chest.

The milky white light representing the Flame of Life mixed with the thick green aura representing life force surged into Henrik’s body, instantly improving the situation in his body.

However, at this moment, Prince Nocanti had already reacted. When he saw Chu Nan’s actions, he sneered, “You want to save your companion before defeating me, the final Boss?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the aura on Prince Nocanti’s body froze and a ball of bright golden light erupted. He threw a punch at Chu Nan from afar.

A golden light shot out from his fist, accompanied by an extremely ferocious spatial energy fluctuation. Just as it was activated, it already shook the surrounding space. Wherever the golden light passed, the space completely darkened, as if it had directly torn apart.

Chu Nan was shocked.

This guy looked to be less than ten years older than him and was at most 30 years old. The power of this punch was actually the strongest among all the Star-Grade Martial Artists Chu Nan had fought so far. It was even slightly stronger than Zelar.

Without a doubt, the guy in front of him actually had the powerful strength of a fifth-stage Heaven Control expert!

Henrik was lying beside Chu Nan now. He knew that if he dodged, the power of this punch would definitely not allow him to escape. Therefore, he could not dodge at all. With a thought, his Internal Breath circulated wildly and instantly adjusted his Internal Breath to the Seventh Revolution. At the same time, he set up an energy shield behind him and completely enveloped Henrik.


In fact, everything happened in an instant. The golden light accompanied by a terrifying spatial energy fluctuation had already ruthlessly collided with the circle Chu Nan threw.

A huge wave erupted with a bang. Even Nowell, who had just recovered, was forced to retreat. Rosa, who was further away, was sent flying by the wave and heavily collided with a stone pillar behind him, actually breaking it.

The hall of the manor that was already abandoned because of the dilapidation was directly lifted by the air wave. With a bang, the four already tattered walls were directly shattered. Even the ceiling was sent flying by the waves. In an instant, starlight scattered, causing the entire space to become even brighter.

A moment later, another golden light exploded in the dust and gravel. Another air wave blew away the surrounding dust, revealing the clear situation in the hall.

At this moment, Nowell had already flown into the air and looked down warily. Rosa was nowhere to be seen. Only Prince Nocanti and Chu Nan still remained on the spot. Also, Henrik, who was protected by Chu Nan, was not affected. He was still lying on the ground motionless and it was unknown if he was dead or alive.

“Not bad, not bad!” Prince Nocanti looked at Chu Nan with a smile and his voice was filled with praise, “You’re indeed powerful to be able to pass the five obstacles I personally set up. I’m very satisfied. Alright, get up and fight me properly. If you can defeat me, the final Boss, you can naturally take your two companions away. However, if you can’t, do you think you can protect him in this state?”

Chu Nan pondered for a moment and knew that Prince Nocanti was right. His palm that was pressed on Henrik’s chest injected another Internal Breath and life force that activated the Flame of Life. He slowly stood up and pointed above his head.

“In that case, let’s go up and fight. Otherwise, if we fight here, I’ll have to worry that it won’t affect him at any time. This is not fair to me.”

“Fair?” To Chu Nan’s surprise, when he heard his words, Prince Nocanti suddenly let go and laughed, his tone filled with mockery, “When did you have the illusion that I want to fight you fairly? No, no, no, I don’t have this thought at all. I’m not the kind of guy who likes to be old and so-called chivalrous. On the contrary, what I like the most is to humiliate and bully my enemy to my heart’s content under unfair circumstances. What I want to see the most is your posture of risking your life to protect your companion but trying your best to endure my attack. Oh! Oh my god, it’s really exciting to think about! I can’t wait anymore!”

Before he could finish speaking, golden light erupted from Prince Nocanti’s body again and he threw another punch at Chu Nan.

Unlike the punch earlier that was mainly aimed at Chu Nan, from the perception of the surrounding spatial energy fluctuations, this punch was actually aimed at Henrik!

“Damn! This damned pervert! Since you don’t want to be fair, why talk about fighting you properly?!”

Chu Nan cursed in his mind, but he could only instantly increase his Internal Breath to the strongest Seventh Revolution state and take the initiative to face this punch.


Due to the fact that he had to protect Henrik, Chu Nan could not dodge and could only receive it head-on.

He did not even dare to retreat and dodge the edge, because once he retreated slightly, he only needed to leak a trace of spatial energy fluctuation and Henrik, who was now defenseless, might be doomed.

Chu Nan forcefully received all the power of this punch. Moreover, he opened his energy shield and completely blocked the remaining energy fluctuations. He did not let any energy fluctuation escape, so it was equivalent to completely absorbing all the attacks.

“Oh, that’s great!” Prince Nocanti praised exaggeratedly, “Chu Nan, I’m really going to fall for you trying your best to protect your companion’s figure! This is simply great! I like you like this very much! Come, take another punch from me!”

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