Masked Knight

Chapter 47: Fierce Fight in the Courtesan Quarters

Chapter 47: Fierce Fight in the Courtesan Quarters

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“Who is so bold?” Bayan looked brave but he could barely stand up straight. He tried to show a calm expression but his slightly trembling voice betrayed him.

Appearing like the wind was Miss Sophie. She came out from the side looking as if she just experienced hardships and shouted. “Who dares to behave atrociously!” Sophie was aware of the identity of her guests and knew that not many people in the Empire would dare offend them. As a result, her voice was louder than usual.

As soon as Sophie shouted, at least 7 to 8 robust men immediately came running out from the side door. Each man held a long black rod, while two of the leading men also held swords. It looked like they were warriors.

When Bayan saw the men that appeared, he calmed down and shouted. “Enough nonsense! Kill him! I will be responsible for his death!”

The intruder laughed in disdain. At this time, from behind the intruder, a man calmly walked in. The man was also tall and he wore the clothing of a noble’s attendant. His yellow hair and long nose made it evident that he was from a different nation. His face was squarish and he had a sturdy body. His whole body seemed to emit a violent and murderous smell. Rody had seen such temperament before from Randt at home when he swung his sword. The man’s eyes swept across and then he laughed in disdain. “Kill us? Do you have the ability?”

Bayan looked unhappy. He had never met anyone who dared to be so presumptuous towards him before in the Imperial Capital. He looked at the foreigner and immediately exclaimed. “Why are you standing there like idiots? Kill the both of them!”

When they heard the order, the robust men roared and rushed forward. Rody watched and frowned. He had a bad feeling about this.

Sure enough, before the guards could reach the front, the barbarian already punched down a few of them with his fists. Before the two warriors could even slash, one was punched in his chest and flew away before he could even groan. The other warrior had his sword grabbed and broke into two by the barbarian with his arm strength.

The warrior was stunned. He did not know whether he should continue to attack desperately or turn around and flee.

The barbarian laughed as he grabbed the warrior by the lapel, easily lifting him up before throwing him out of the room.

“So, this is the strength of your ‘warriors’?” The man wearing the noble’s clothing laughed.

Bayan’s face turned pale. His hand held onto the hilt of his sword but hesitated to unsheathe.

Rody slowly stood up and stared at the barbarians. Myka hid behind him and trembled slightly. One of her hands held tightly onto his shirt.

“Who are you?” Bayan gnashed his teeth. “Do you not know who we are?” Although his words were meant to intimidate, it ended up showing his cowardice.

“I am the prince of the Great Moon Kingdom, Sultan1! Do I care about who you are? Not only you, even if your Emperor were here he would need to be polite with me!” Sultan smiled coldly. Suddenly, he saw Myka hiding behind Rody. He showed a stunned expression before smiling. “I have finally found you! I came here looking for the Imperial Capital’s famous beauty Miss Myka. I do not want anything else. I just want to see her and now I want to take her with me. Nothing will happen if you all behave.”

Sultan smiled and walked towards Rody. He then stretched out his hands to pull Myka.

Rody was angry and whispered. “Do not worry! I am here. I will not let him take you.”

Myka was shivering but showed a surprised expression when she heard what Rody said. She noticed Rody had a strange look.

“Move aside.” Sultan glared at Rody.

Rody pulled Myka behind him and said in return, “Get lost!”

Bayan’s face turned purple and quietly said. “Seth… Enough…. Forget it.”

Rody spared Bayan a cold glance and spoke again. “No!”

“No?” Sultan laughed loudly. He spoke loudly and eagerly. “We have defeated several tens of thousands of your troops.! We have even defeated your high-ranking warriors! In comparison, who are you?”

Rody gritted his teeth and stared at Sultan, in front of him. Without saying a word, Rody pulled out his sword.

Although he did not know who Myka was, he knew that she was probably one of Seth’s lovers. As a man, in this scenario, it was absolutely impossible to retreat.

“Good!” Sultan raised his eyebrow. “It seems like you still have a backbone! Rondor2! Kill him!” He then stepped back and watched Rody with interest.

The barbarian immediately strode up and looked at Rody, from head-to-toe. He grinned and smiled. “Young boy! Come on!” the barbarian said. He then gave Rody a punch to knock him down.

Rody snorted. He reacted by slashing at the arm of Rondor. However, he only heard the sound of metal clashing. Rondor’s arm was not injured in the slightest.

“Fool! He has an armguard!” Andy’s voice sounded in his ears.

Soon, the other party started to smash around wildly. Rody did not dare to confront him head on, and he could only dodge. These days, his training of the whipping technique by Instructor Carter may not have improved his swordsmanship, but it had certainly improved his agility.

With a loud bang, the table that Rondor hit was split into two. The wines and dishes on the table were scattered everywhere. Rody took this opportunity to go around Rondor and slashed his waist. Once again, he heard the sound of metal clashing and did not manage to injure Rondor.

He must be wearing an armor! Rody suddenly thought.

Rody relying on his swiftness, continuously moved around Rondor while slashing him. Each slash was met with the sound of metal clashing. Although Rondor had already been slashed several times, with that armor he was wearing, those slashes could not injure him.

Rody then roared and aimed for his head but Rondor held his hands high to block it.

As soon as the sword slashed the arms, sparks appeared. Rody quickly jumped and kicked Rondor in the chest with all his strength. Rondor who was kicked, stepped back a few steps and shook his head. His eyes showed an ominous glint.

Rody held the sword with both of his hands and watched his opponent vigilantly. However, he has already started to breathe heavily.

Earlier, with those few strokes, Rody had already shown off his swordsmanship. Whether it was speed or skill, they were both good. Unfortunately, that had no effect on the monster in front of him and he really had no way out.

“Fool! If you continue fighting like this, you will end up dead!” Andy exclaimed.

“What else can I do? That person is wearing such tough armor. No matter how I slash or stab, it does not affect him at all. He also has extremely frightening strength. I already kicked him as hard as I could but it only pushed him back 2 steps. Unless it is a broadsword or a lance, I would not be able to hurt him. But in my hands is just a normal sword, thin and long. It has no power at all.”

“What lance? If you had used that lighsaber, you would have already defeated him.” Andy roared angrily at Rody.

These words gave Rody an idea. He moved back and put both his hands on the hilt of the sword. He stared at Rondor quietly.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to fight anymore? Surrender?” Rondor sarcastically roared.

Rody said nothing but coldly glared back.

Sultan was initially laughing but his face soon changed. There was something odd about the young man in front of him.

Rondor also became vigilant. He saw his opponent took a deep breath and lifted his sword.

Suddenly Rondor saw his opponent open his bright eyes and a dim golden light radiated from his body. The room suddenly dimmed as the light concentrated on Rody’s sword. The sword that was supposed to only be made of iron was suddenly emitting a bewitching golden light.

Sultan’s face became discolored as he involuntarily shouted. “Fighting energy? You actually know how to use fighting energy?”

Rondor eyes stung for a brief moment, and before he could clearly see, the sword had already slashed down.

When he noticed the silver-colored edge of the sword, half the height of a man striking down, it was already too late to dodge. Without a choice, he raised his arms to block it, protecting his head and chest.

After a loud bang, the lightsaber could be seen slashing Rondor’s arms. He screamed and his steel armguards immediately broke. Rondor's body moved back about half a meter before flying and crashing into a wall, destroying a cabinet in the process.

His clothes were torn and the armor underneath was also tattered. Blood was all over his body. Even half of his pants was gone, revealing his black hairy thigh. There were also some deep bloodstained cuts.

Rondor’s entire body trembled, as he struggled to stand up. However, he could not move. He eventually fainted.

Sultan, who had lost his earlier arrogant demeanor, rushed to Rondor and checked on his injury. He then stood up and said. “Good! Good! You actually broke his arms and ribs. What is your name? With that kind of skill, you cannot be an ordinary person!”

The moment Rody used that sword, he felt like his strength was drained. He felt weak as though he was going to faint. He struggled to stay standing. “I am Seth! Tulip family’s Seth!”

Sultan showed a somewhat astonished face. “Good. The Tulip family’s heir! Truly well-deserved reputation! I will remember it!”

A few foreigners wearing animal hide then rushed into the room and quickly lifted Rondor. Sultan looked at those few men in the room and left with them, without saying anything else.

Bayan sighed gently and whispered to Rody. “Don’t bother them anymore. Let them go.”

Rody already had no more strength. He could only smile and nodded after listening to those words.

The moment Sultan and his men were out of sight, Rody felt that he could hold on anymore as he swayed and collapsed. With a pondering expression, Myka who was behind him quickly rushed over to support Rody.


Translator’s Footnote

1 Original name given was Song Zan. As this is a translation of Chinese to English, a lot of the names used by the author such as the main character ‘Luo Di’ has been translated to the obvious English version Rody. However, some names like Song Zan are very vague in terms of its English version. Therefore, I did some research on names starting with ‘S’. The names that I found are Songaa and Sultan. Songaa means ‘Strong’ in Native American while Sultan means ‘Authority’ in Arabic. Since Song Zan is a Prince, I decided to go for Sultan.

2 Original name given is Long Duo Er or Long Duor. Since Luo Di is Rody, I assumed that it is a name that starts with R to form ‘Rondo’. However, the Chinese name had three characters with the last one being Er. This made me feel like the name ended with an ‘Er’ sound and so his name became Rondor.

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