Masked Knight

Chapter 336: God?

Chapter 336: God?

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"Nonsense!" Kara coldly rebuked while the Mystic Dragon seemingly turned pale.

Rody smiled calmly. "Then can you explain the dragon egg? You said that nobody would come here but you had forgotten that the saying ' domain is the road to heaven'."

Kara frowned as he thought to himself. He then shook his head and said, "Even if a human comes here, a Domain Master cannot kill this Guardian Dragon."

The Mystic Dragon then coldly said, "There is no point in continuing to guess. We might as well go in and see the answer."

He sent out a wind blade to cut open the dragon egg.

This was the first time Rody saw a young dragon that had not yet been hatched.

The embryonic form of a dragon could be seen and was about the size of a small kitten. It was completely covered in a silvery mucus and its eyes were closed. There was a horn protruding on his forehead. The pair of wings behind its back has not yet opened…

The Mystic Dragon looked at the young dragon and sighed. He sent a wind blade to the young dragon's head, creating a splatter of blood. A five-colored crystal slowly rose from the young dragon's front horn. The Mystic Dragon then held it in his hand.

An incantation was spoken by the Mystic Dragon. Rody felt a wind blow under his feet. The surrounding lush and green environment started to fade. It was as though the scenery was a thin paper that disappeared after being blown by the wind.

The three found themselves standing in the golden hall, less than one hundred steps away from the palace doors.

"How do we go up?" Rody asked. "There doesn't seem to be any stairs."

Kara snorted. "This is heaven. Don't use human rules to make guesses. Just open that door in front of you and you can immediately go up.

At first, Rody did not believe it. However, when the three reached the door, he could not help but look around with wide eyes.

The door was opened and Rody already found himself on the castle terrace.

Kara's expression was somber. He had just accused Rody of speaking nonsense but he himself felt that it was peculiar. In front of him was a flight of stairs that numbered hundreds of steps and was twenty meters wide. They would reach the heaven's hall after walking up those stairs. What made Rody apprehensive was the armored warriors at the side of the stairs. Their armors and their bodies were like the angels outside, made of pure light. The armored warriors looked exactly like the one summoned by the pope's God's Vanquishing Spell.

Right now, they appeared to be standing at the side lifelessly. Rody could not help but wonder if they were real warriors or just statues.

"You have not found it odd." Kara pointed at the warriors on the sides and laughed. "These are all real, just like the angels outside. However, they are even less intelligent than the angels and will only obey God. They are simply…"

"Naïve thugs, right?" Rody added coldly.

Kara laughed but his eyes looked anxious. "It is very strange… Last time when we came here, these golden armored warriors would have long attacked us. On top of that, heaven's Valkyrie 1 is also missing."

Rody's heart stirred. "Heaven's Valkyrie?"

"It is the leader of these thugs. Hmph. As something created by God, its job is to guard the highest layer of heaven and also to inspect for evil and disrespect against God in the human world. In ancient times, those devout to God could summon the Valkyrie to eliminate the so-called evil such as the vampires, the Kara race, powerful Mystical Beasts and others. That guy has a little bit more intelligence than these fellows. It is also stronger. You should have also seen it before. The so-called God's Vanquishing Spell summons the Valkyrie!"

Rody laughed and glanced at the Mystic Dragon. He then exhaled and said, "In this case, I think you do not need to look for the Valkyrie anymore. It has already been killed by the Mystic Dragon."

Kara frowned and looked at the Mystic Dragon. "This old lizard always acts in a cold manner. Since you have already defeated the Valkyrie, why didn't you tell me? God may be taking the opportunity to create a new one. We should seize the advantage in this situation."

Kara then quickened his pace.

Rody looked at the disturbingly quiet palace and shook his head. The golden armored warriors on both sides looked so lifeless that Rody thought that they were corpses.

At the top of the stairs were sixteen pillars made out of light, supporting the roof. However, the surroundings were roofless.

Under the roof was a circular pool of water. The waves were golden and calm like a mirror.

"Something is strange." Kara looked around suspiciously. "It does not matter whether it is me or the Mystic Dragon. To reach here, we would have already encountered a fierce battle. Those armored warriors seen along the way up here today looked dead."

Kara then could not help but said, "That old guy is clever. Did he hide because he saw me and the Mystic Dragon coming here together and knew that he could not win?"

Suddenly, the light rays on Kara's body became dazzling. A halo appeared on his head. His white robes fluttered calmly as though something was slowly moving in his robes.

He immediately created a golden curtain of light. The light immediately transformed into a large and sharp sword that was ten meters long. The sword than shot towards a corner of the palace.

The Mystic Dragon frowned and created a black flame to protect himself and Rody.

Boom! The sword created by Kara cut off the topmost layer of the palace.

Following the burst of golden light radiating all around, Rody was shocked to see the damaged top of the palace. The golden light that was shattered started to coalesce together and seemed to grow. Gradually, the one-third of the roof that had been cut off started to repair itself. However, the speed of repair was not too fast.

"What are you doing? The palace cannot be destroyed." The Mystic Dragon coldly said.

"Of course, I know that. However, I can force that old guy out! If he doesn't come out, I will break it ten thousand times!"

The moment Kara's voice ended, an imposing voice came out from inside the palace.

"Who! Who destroyed my bedroom? Shit. Where is that damned Valkyrie? Did it slack off in the mortal world? I am going to punish you a hundred times!"

The voice was dignified and majestic. However, saying such things in that tone made Rody show a strange expression.

Kara's face turned strange and looked at the Mystic Dragon with surprise. The Mystic Dragon was dazed. It was as though they do not recognize the voice…

"This is God?" Rody resisted his urge to laugh wildly.

Kara shook his head looking confused. "His voice sounds alike but…"

The moment that was said, a burst of golden light shot out from the distant broken roof with a booming sound. It transformed into a person's figure as it that flew towards the three.

A slender old man stood in front of them.

This was the first time Rody saw the real God. God's appearance looked like what was described in the church's records, the pictures, and the sculptures.

He wore an extremely simple robe. His long hair and long beard almost reached his chest. His face radiated a holy light and his body faintly carried a holy aura. He was barefooted.

His eyes, especially, carried a trace of godly majesty. His gazed over, making Rody feel somewhat shocked.

At that moment, God had an angry tone and his voice carried a fierce wind as though handing out punishments. He shouted, "Who destroyed my bedroom?"

The moment God said that, he saw the three people in front of him and froze for a moment. "Who are you? No. No. Are you people or something 2 ? Should it be what are you? Or maybe you are not anything?"

Kara and the Mystic Dragon turned stiff. They looked at the god in front of them as though their eyes were about to drop out.

God waved solemnly and brought his sleeves together behind his back. He narrowed his eyes and said, "Hm. One is semi god-ranked. One has a dragon aura. Eh? Are you twins? How do you have the same appearance? No, that is not right. One is a fake human with a dragon's aura while the other also has a dragon's aura but is human. Hm? How did you physically enter heaven? How did you come here?"

At that moment, the anger on his face turned into a happy smile. "This is great. It has already been more than two hundred days. I feel suffocated being here alone. Every day I only interacted with these corpse-like things. It is not joyful at all. Eh? No that is not right. Two hundred days would mean…" He then pulled out his five fingers and counted. He frowned. "It should be more than two hundred years. After all, one human year is only a day in heaven."

When God finally finished speaking, Kara and the Mystic Dragon shouted out at the same time. "Who are you?"

"Me?" God raised his eyebrows. He revealed a solemn expression and gently coughed before saying loudly, "I am this world's god! I am the omnipotent, noble and greatest existence! Hm… You all do not need to kneel. I am not fond of formalities."

Kara could not take it anymore. He raised his palm and the large sword in the sky then slashed down at God.

Boom! God moved one of his hands from behind him. His hand was holding a small unknown object that suddenly shot out a golden light. The giant sword coming down from the sky was shattered.

"Aha! You guys are really malicious!" God showed an excited expression. "Come! Since you came to heaven, it must be to challenge God. I… Hm? No!"

The aura in Kara's body spread out as he gave a loud cry. The body of the Temple's Pontiff suddenly shattered, and a golden light shot out from within to form a huge body.

Kara stood in the sky. His upper body was human, his lower body was that of six different monsters. He held a huge silver sword in one hand and a giant flaming hammer in the other… It was as though the sky was covered in his sad howl…

Next to him, the Mystic Dragon also gave a long whistle. The black flames around his body grew more and more intense. Finally, the flames reached to the skies imposingly. The black flames in his hands grew more and more intense.

Rody was clearly very familiar with this. The Mystic Dragon was clearly ready to release the Mystic Dragon's Purge.

"Oh, so it was the Devil God Kara and the Mystic Dragon of ancient times." God narrowed his eyes and looked somber. He glanced at Rody. "What about you? What kind of transformation do you have?"

Rody laughed and stepped back a few paces. "I am a human. I am a pure human."

Rody stood beside the Mystic Dragon. This way, Kara's fierce aura and the flames would not be able to hurt him.

The Mystic Dragon's hellfire naturally did not hurt Rody who also had the Mystic Dragon's body.

"I will ask you again! Who are you?" Kara's voice resounded like thunder in the air.

God took a step back. He frowned and looked at the two angry mythological monsters. His gaze looked strange as he sighed. "Trouble has come. The predecessor's debt also needs to be cleared by me. This is not fair."

He suddenly raised his hands and laughed gently. "You two. Wait for a moment. I surrender alright? Everyone is either a god or a devil, or even the Mystic Dragon. Such a huge fight would not be meaningful."

He then laughed bitterly and said, "I am indeed God. However, I only obtained this position for about two hundred days. Um, it should be two hundred years. If the previous God had offended you, you can destroy or take whatever you want here. Is that all right?"

When these words came out, Kara almost fell from the sky. The Mystic Dragon's black flames also stopped burning. Rody stared at God with his eyes wide.

"You all asked who I was, right? Let me tell you. I am God. A more detailed explanation would be, I was the one who challenged the original bastard and took over his position. In simple terms, a successful rebellion."

As these words came out, Rody's suspicions became more intense. Rody felt as though the old man's manner of speaking, his demeanor, and his tone, were very familiar. It seemed to be someone he knew.

Finally, as if by instinct, Rody blurted out, "Andy?"

God froze for a moment and looked at Rody. "What did you say? Andy? Do you know Andy? No, I am not Andy. My name is…" He thought for a while and then laughed. "My name in the human world is Dandong!"

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