Masked Knight

Chapter 28: The Lying Skeleton

Chapter 28: The Lying Skeleton

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The past few days were the most wonderful Rody ever had. Every day, a beautiful girl would wait upon him attentively. Her words and actions indicated her tremendous affection for Rody. Every day, he just stayed in bed to rest. He also had the leisure to read books.

The original owner of the room, that playboy, actually had a lot of books. That changed Rody's opinion of that playboy slightly. This did not mean that Rody liked him and had forgotten his resentment. Rody has not forgotten that the playboy was to blame for his current misfortune: getting captured by Miss Nicole and being forced to impersonate him. He still felt like cursing every time he remembered being tricked by the playboy and getting kicked by the horse until he fainted.

However, he realized that the playboy was not a bungling oaf after all.

His collection of books, which included various strange subjects, showed that the playboy was at least not an ignoramus. In his collection, the subjects ranged from poems to mythology and from notes on flowers to the work of famous scholars. He even had a lot of books on architecture, medicine, and divination.

Naturally, as the heir to the Empire's God of War’s family, he had among his collection a lot of books on Empire's military strategies. Some of the books were even written by the Tulip Family's ancestors.

Rody’s days were spent reading in bed. When he got tired of reading, he slept. The entire time, he was taken care of by the beautiful maid. Even when he ate, he did not even need to move his hands as she would spoon-feed him.

The more Rody looked at those books, the more surprised he became. The playboy was unexpectedly knowledgeable.

The playboy left a lot of notes in the books. It seemed he was not just browsing the books. However, there were so many books and almost every one of the books have detailed notes. The subjects studied were really too varied and complex.

Naturally, there were some books that the playboy had not studied meticulously. For example, the books on military strategies looked clean and relatively brand-new. The owner seemed to have ignored them. Maybe he disliked military books.

Instead of idling, Rody devoured the books, making sure not to miss the scribbled notes. Rody had always liked studying and been willing to work hard. Compared to the things he had learned in the Academy, the material in the books here was much more interesting.

With the young maid who knew his secret guarding the front door of the room, Rody was not afraid of anyone else suddenly breaking into the room. When he was alone in the room, he would let his long ears hang loose as it had been folded the entire day causing an uncomfortable ache. If the other servants wish to come in, they would be turned away. Every time he and the young maid were alone in the room together with his ears exposed, she would look at his ears with a mischievous expression. That look made Rody feel gratified. It was because this was the first girl he knew who did not jeer or ridicule him for his unusual appearance.

Miss Nicole would visit Rody once a day. However, she would come and go in a hurry. She looked very imposing but having seen that Rody had not fully recovered, she did not say anything. Normally, Miss Nicole was someone impatient and expected improvements in a hurry. If Seth were here instead, she would have constantly rebuked him.

Occasionally, when the two of them were alone together, she would quietly warn Rody to be careful. Rody had fallen to her schemes before and ended up with the donkey ears. The last time it happened, he ended up with a serious illness. At first, he resented Nicole, but when that beautiful girl approached him and whispered into his ears, the unhappiness disappeared. He was now quite infatuated with Nicole, especially since the night he got his first kiss. Dreams and fancy illusions were indeed not lacking in his sleep. He dared not mention this to anybody.

On the seventh day, Rody finally recovered. That day after he got up, Angel immediately waited upon him and then dressed him. She even helped him to cover up his ears with the ear muffs. After combing his hair, the young girl tied Rody’s hair into a small braid to make him look more gentlemanly.

Angel, who had personally taken care of Rody these days, grew more familiar with him. She was secretly happy that her Young Master, who was known to be flirtatious, would occasionally show some interest in her. He would flatter her or maybe tease her. The past few days, she was secretly delighted because she had the opportunity to stay close by Young Master’s side. She felt that Young Master seemed different from before. He seemed to be more honest and she considered that as part of the illness. As for Rody, although he was an honest guy, he still loved to show off in front of a beautiful girl. Especially when her beauty could make normal guys like him go crazy. As the two became more familiar with each other, Rody also started treating the young maid kindly and flatter her to dispel her doubts.

After he had put on his clothes, he sent Angel out of the room and carefully closed the door. Alone in the room, the first thing he did was to take out and closely inspect the sword which he obtained from the skeleton, Andy.

Although Rody had been unhappy with Andy, he was glad that Andy had given him the precious sword. It must have some sort of magical capabilities. Taking advantage of the fact that there was nobody around, Rody took out the sword and examined it. Immediately, he knew he was holding a treasure.

In the daylight, the transparent color of the blade was dazzling. The sharp edge of the blade reflected brilliant rays of light. With the sword in his hands, Rody waved it randomly a few times and then worked through a few swordsman techniques a few times. He felt, more and more, that the weight and the length of the sword were perfect for him. His was excited and could not wait to try out the weapon with someone.

He grew up in a poor family so he had never had such an amazing weapon. To warriors like him, precious weapons like these were more valuable than jewelry.

I wonder how sharp this sword is. Since it was given by the skeleton, it cannot be too terrible, right?

Out of curiosity, he walked to a nearby wall to look and then took one of the swords hanging there.

Although the previous owner of the room did not like weapons, it was still the God of War’s house. They would naturally use weapons for decoration.

Rody took the 'lightsaber' in one hand and the ordinary sword in the other. He took a deep breath and then clashed the two weapons hard against each other.


With a crisp sound, a piece of a blade fell onto the floor!

One sword was unable to withstand the hard clash. The moment the swords clashed, a section of that sword fell in front of Rody.

Rody was shocked by what he saw. His expression was as if he had swallowed a fist in one mouthful. He was horrified.

The weapon that broke was not the ordinary sword he took from the wall but the 'lightsaber’ given to him by Andy, one of Dandong’s treasures.

“No way!”

Rody screamed half a day later...

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