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Chapter 98 – The Force of Vibration

Chapter 98 – The Force of Vibration

Core disciple… Lin Ming silently thought.

Lin Ming felt that the Seven Profound Valleys was like a giant bloodsucking vampire that squeezed out all the cultivation resources in a radius of several hundred thousand miles. They caused the martial artists of small countries to be lacking in all cultivation resources, and thus a martial artist found it difficult to enter a tiny step into the Houtian stage.

After the Seven Profound Valleys had opened Seven Profound Martial Houses in all of the various countries under their control, with their superior position, they bestowed resources and they bestowed cultivation methods to the most outstanding talents so that they could use them.

But the royal families of these small countries knew this well. Even so, while they dreaded the specter of the Seven Profound Valleys, they simultaneously hoped for the support and protection of the Seven Profound Valleys. That is why they were willing to offer their countries’ resources, bowing to them with both hands. This caused the remaining few resources in these countries to skyrocket in price. In Lin Ming’s situation, even if he had talent, with his family circumstances he did not have the money to cultivate martial arts!

Between the parasitic relationship formed between the Seven Profound Valleys and the Sky Fortune Kingdom, Lin Ming had a fully uncomfortable feeling.

“If it were not for the Seven Profound Valley, then if I wanted to practice martial arts, it wouldn’t have placed such a big burden on my family. The Seven Profound Valleys, so detestable…” Lin Ming thought. He wanted to say so, but he held his tongue.

“If I want to reach the higher realms of martial arts, I actually must become a core disciple! Otherwise, I will not have the resources to do so. All will wait until I have the strength to speak out.”

“Well Lin Ming, the points that I wanted to remind you of have already been mentioned. Your superiority lies in your heart of martial arts, but, in terms of current combat ability, you cannot compare to Zhu Yan. Most importantly, you do not have a martial skill. You defeated Zhang Cang with the most basic ‘Flood Dragon Goes to Sea’. At first I didn’t want you to choose the ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering First’, but you were very insistent. Now it is too late to learn another martial skill.

“But what’s done is done. A martial artist should freely follow their nature and desires. No matter what, you should not regret your decisions. If you had changed your mind, then your heart would not be satisfied, then it will also not be open. Now, I want to hone your foundation spear skills, and have you use those foundation spear skills to defeat Zhu Yan! However, I will tell you this now. Zhu Yan has already mastered three kinds of martial skills! You must be prepared!

Lin Ming nodded and said, “Understood, Instructor Hong.”

“Now attack me. Let me take a good look at your spear skills!”

“Then I shall be impolite.” Lin Ming flicked his hand and Penetrating Rainbow jumped into his grip. With a shake of his power, the spear point began to unexpectedly tremble and hum. Dark purple elastic iron was immeasurably tough and resistant, even if it was only a slight tremor, it was enough to twist muscles and break bones!

“Oh? You can shake dark purple elastic iron so easily? Good strength!” Hong Xi laughed, and also flourished the long spear that he carried on his back.

“Flood Dragon goes to Sea!” Lin Ming shouted. Both hands held the spear, and with a sudden movement, he thrusted the spear forwards!

As this spear thrust went out, Lin Ming’s imposing aura suddenly rose. The airflow around him began to change, as if there was an invisible current flowing around him and converging upon this aura and melting into Lin Ming’s long spear.

Hong Xi exposed a look of appreciation. He leaned a step forwards, gripped his spear shaft and aimed his spear point at Lin Ming’s spearhead, and then gave a fierce jab!

However, the power of this jab hadn’t managed to stop Lin Ming’s spear. That spear seemed to be cast from gold and iron, and did not change directions, still thrusting straight towards Hong Xi!

This was the result of Lin Ming practicing his spear thrust countless times underneath the Icy Cold Pond Waterfall. It had achieved the state of being immovably steady!

Hong Xi’s eyes flashed with a glint of light. “Good spear!”

“Hoh!” Hong Xi suddenly burst with strength. The true essence in his long spear began to stir. Lin Ming’s spear was stiffly swung aside by the brute force. He grasped his long spear and took a sudden step forward, and the spear point approached Lin Ming’s throat like a poisonous snake!

Hong Xi’s spear was twice as fast as Lin Ming’s! By the time Lin Ming had used one spear move, Hong Xi had used two!

Hong Xi thought that this one move would be the finisher. With his cultivation at the peak Pulse Condensation of Body Transformation, to deal with the Third Stage of Body Transformation Lin Ming should have been easy. Even if he used 30% of his strength, it should have been a simple task, but he did not think that he would have been wrong.

Seeing this spear reflected in his eyes at it came at him, Lin Ming’s long spear was out wide, and he would not have enough time to receive it and defend against this move. He immediately reached out with his right hand towards Hong Xi’s spearhead! At that moment, all of the tiny units in Lin Ming’s body began to breathe in unison. True essence began to vibrate in his body, and was concentrated into his right hand!

Hong Xi saw Lin Ming move his bare hand towards the spear point that was thrusting forwards at high speed, and he suddenly hesitate. This Lin Ming…


As soon as Lin Ming’s palm touched the spear point, Hong Xi felt an intense vibration transmit down the spear shaft and cause his spear to be unsteady. This… what was going on?

Hong Xi had naturally heard that before when Lin Ming was fighting Zhang Cang, he had used his open hand to receive Zhang Cang’s saber At that time, Hong Xi had thought Lin Ming had merely predicted Zhang Cang attack pattern and had avoided the saber’s blade edge, so it had succeeded. But now it appeared that it wasn’t so simple!


Hong Xi was a master at the Pulse Condensation Stage. With a sudden effort of both hands, he jerked hard and counterbalanced the trembling of the spear shaft. But now, Lin Ming’s second spear had arrived!

“Total Annihilation!”

Hong Xi had just enough time to dodge, and he leapt backwards from the strike. Even so, a strong heavenly wind followed Lin Ming’s spear as it swept past. This strong wind contained a strange vibrating power. As Hong Xi was swept by this strong wind, he felt his heartbeat and blood flow be affected, and a tightness in his chest!

This move completely startled Hong Xi. He was a martial artist who had reached the Large Success stage of Pulse Condensation. His meridians had already been opened and connected, and true essence had tempered his entire body, without a single weak point. In this situation, he had still felt a slight uncomfortableness when Lin Ming’s spear wind swept past him. Although he wasn’t injured, if it were a Viscera Training stage martial artist who had been touched by this wind, they might have suddenly spat blood!

“This kid, what kind of cultivation methods has he been studying? I thought that I would catch him with one move, but he’s managed to last three rounds. If I can’t handle him, how would I have face as an instructor!” Hong Xi raised his strength by another 20%. He twisted in midair, and his long spear fell down like a wild rainstorm!


Lin Ming lifted his spear to meet the approaching enemy, but this time he actually felt an inexhaustible strength contained in Hong Xi’s spear, as if he was unable to even think of contending with it, and his spear was swept away!


The spear point appeared like an invisible ghost at Lin Ming’s throat. The approaching icy coldness of the spear point made Lin Ming’s hairs stand on end. The fight had ended.

Hong Xi withdrew his spear and said, “Good young man, your hidden skills are truly deep, no wonder Zhang Cang was defeated with just a palm, fist, and spear. My cultivation far surpasses yours, but today it seems I can still learn from you!”

Hong Xi looked Lin Ming up and down, sizing him up. He recalled that strange vibration he felt; where had Lin Ming learnt that from?

This kind of fierce fighting style was impossible to be self-taught. It was certainly from studying some jade slip. Thinking back to the three jade slips Lin Ming had selected from the depository, they were the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’, ‘Foundation Movement Technique’, and the ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’…

Hong Xi had already seen the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’ before. In fact, every person who joined that army had to study the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’. But even if the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’ from the army differed from that of the Seven Profound Martial House’s depository, it was only some more concise ways of cultivating true essence; there was nothing different in the spear skills themselves. This kind of scary vibration did not originate from the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’, and it couldn’t be anything from the ‘Foundation Movement Technique’. That meant that…

“Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!?”

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