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Chapter 95 – The Effect of a Heart of Martial Arts

Chapter 95 – The Effect of a Heart of Martial Arts

Lin Ming didn’t know, but this state was the rudimentary form of ‘Martial Intent’.

The last time that Lin Ming had entered into this mysterious cultivation state, he had reached the Perfect first layer of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’. Afterwards, Lin Ming had not been able to enter this cultivation state again. But this time, relying on the effects of the high-level Soul Gathering Pellet and true essence stone combining together, and having stayed in Icy Pond Waterfall’s ninth level of difficulty for a long time so that his consciousness expanded, Lin Ming had once again entered this rudimentary form of martial intent.

Although Lin Ming’s martial intent was imperfect and it wasn’t so exaggerated as the ‘sudden enlightenment’ described in the ancient texts, but it was still able to bring great benefits to Lin Ming. Under this kind of martial intent, his cultivation and level were rapidly rising.

Martial intent itself was an evasive state, it had nothing to do with one’s own intelligence or qualifications, it was only about one’s own conscious will.

Lin Ming had an incredible and rare heart of martial arts. By virtue of this, he was able to slowly trace the opening method of martial intent…

Like this, two hours passed. The time of Lin Ming’s appointment was up!

Xie Dong saw that Lin Ming still hadn’t exited by the time his appointment was up, so he entered the array in order to remind him. As he entered the array, he only found Lin Ming was sitting quietly under the waterfall with both eyes shut tight. His breath was long, almost stagnant. He was motionless like the dead.

As soon as he saw this, Xie Dong eye’s jumped. He had spent many years at the Seven Profound Martial House, and had read a great number of ancient texts that covered a broad variety of topics. He knew that Lin Ming should currently be cultivating martial arts to an extreme degree. In that case, if he cultivated martial arts under these circumstances, his growth would be exponential!

“No… something’s wrong. Even if he cultivated martial arts so fervently, his breath shouldn’t almost be stalled. This is definitely not normal. Junior Apprentice Brother Lin’s situation is…” Xie Dong’s eyes were sharp. If he didn’t see the thick and rich true essence that emanated from Lin Ming’s body, he would have thought that Lin Ming had frozen to death.

“Is this… martial intent?” Xie Dong suddenly remembered the records about martial intent in the ancient texts. In the legends, certain individuals were able to enter into their own state of cultivation called martial intent. When they cultivated in this state, they could progress ten thousand miles in a day!

Ling Sen had comprehended a martial intent. The kind of person that could, usually had a heart of martial arts that vastly outstripped that of a normal man’s.

Thinking of this, Xie Dong was suddenly enlightened. No wonder Lin Ming’s strength had progressed so rapidly; Lin Ming had his own martial intent! This was extraordinary! It had to be known that those who had comprehended a martial intent generally had a supreme heart of martial arts, but it wasn’t guaranteed that someone with a supreme heart of martial arts could comprehend a martial intent.

“To comprehend martial intent, one must have the greatest luck. It must come to them, they cannot seek it!”

At this moment, another disciple had arrived outside of the Icy Pond Waterfall. “Thank you Senior Apprentice Brother. If the array is vacant, please trouble to help me open up the seventh level of difficulty. Hehe, my condition recently has been very good and I’ve made much progress. Today, I think I want to challenge a higher difficulty.”

“This…” Even though he was responsible for the Icy Pond Waterfall, Xie Dong was a bit reluctant, “Junior Apprentice Brother Sun, the array has not yet been vacated…”

“Mm?” Sun Xing slightly frowned. Time in the seven major killing arrays was precious. An appointment was always exact, not a minute or a second could be missed, otherwise people would suffer a major loss. Xie Dong’s prime task was to remind disciples so that they came out earlier.

“Senior Apprentice Brother, this is a bit too excessive. What am I going to do if I lose time? Who is inside?” Sun Xing asked with some dissatisfaction. It was obvious that this Xie Dong favored the opposite party, but he didn’t want to show a bad side to him. Xie Dong was responsible for the Icy Pond Waterfall. If he offended Xie Dong, then he might have trouble in the future.

“This… inside is Junior Apprentice Brother Lin Ming.” Xie Dong said.

“Lin… Lin Ming?” Sun Xing suddenly stared with eyes wide open, and he gulped. Lin Ming’s name had spread through the entire Sky Fortune City like a heavenly thunderclap that reverberating in everyone’s ears in the Seven Profound Martial House. He was even more famous that Ling Sen, Ta Ku, and the others! If he could really defeat Zhu Yan in one month, then he would be the most abnormally monstrous genius that the Seven Profound Martial House had ever seen in the past 100 years. Who would even dare to think about provoking this kind of person?

Sun Xing hurried to hide his discontent. “So it was Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, haha… if I may ask the Senior Apprentice Brother, when will he come out?” Although he was no longer angry, he was still inevitably anxious.

Xie Dong said, “I’m not clear about this. Junior Apprentice Brother Lin has probably entered into some strange cultivation state. Well, today I am very sorry for Junior Apprentice Brother Sun. How about when Junior Apprentice Brother Lin comes out, I have him recompense you for your time?”

Xie Dong did not mention the matter of martial intent. After all, he was not assured of his judgment.

Sun Xing nodded in agreement. Most people would be unwilling to abruptly change their appointment time, but since the person who was taking his time was Lin Ming, that was another matter. Sun Xing thought for a moment and then said, “Since Junior Apprentice Brother Lin is so ardently cultivating his martial arts, I should lend him my time. That… cough… if Senior Apprentice Brother could remember to mention my name later, that would be wonderful.”

Sun Xing wanted to curry some favor with Lin Ming. To let Lin Ming borrow some practice time could only be regarded as a small favor.

“Haha, naturally.” Xie Dong said; he certainly understood Sun Xing’s thoughts.

In this way, Lin Ming continued cultivating in that special state. That one breath had been extended to four hours!

As he suddenly woke from that mysterious cultivation state, Lin Ming was surprised. How long had he been cultivating for?

As he exited the Icy Pond Waterfall, the sun was already high in the western sky. Was this the afternoon? At least three or four hours must have passed!

“Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, you’ve finally come out.” Xie Dong hurried to greet him. “I saw a while ago that Junior Apprentice Brother Lin was in a deep cultivation state, so I did not call you. I didn’t expect you to stay for three and a half hours.”

“Three and a half hours? Then I passed my appointment time.”

“Yes, I kept everyone back, but later Junior Apprentice Brother Lin has to repay the time.”

“Like that? I see. I really must thank Senior Apprentice Brother for helping me out.” Lin Ming didn’t think that there would be a day where he would be given such preferential treatment. He sighed with emotion. In the Seven Profound Martial House, strength was everything. If you had strength, you had privilege. If you were weak, then everyone would step on you underneath their foot.

“Haha, it’s just a minor matter, it’s not worth mentioning. Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, it appears that a moment ago you… entered some peculiar state. I realized that Junior Apprentice Brother Lin’s breath had almost stopped.”

“Mm? Did it? I did not have much of a feeling of anything.” Lin Ming did not have a complete understanding of that ethereal state he had been in a moment ago; he only knew that the cultivation state he was in had been of great benefit to his own cultivation.

Xie Dong hesitated for a bit before he said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, if Senior Apprentice Brother did not guess wrong, then that strange state you were in might possibly be a kind of martial intent.”

“Martial intent?” Lin Ming was slightly stunned. This was the first time he had heard of such a concept.

“Mm, martial intent. I am not very clear on this matter, but I know that there are very few martial artists who have martial intent. To comprehend it all depends on chance and opportunity. A martial artist with a strong heart of martial arts has a higher probability of comprehending it. Junior Apprentice Brother Lin has a truly unwavering and incomparably pure heart of martial arts, not even Junior Apprentice Brother Ling can compare with you. You must know that Junior Apprentice Brother Ling has also comprehended his own martial intent, and that is why he is so fierce!”

“Mm? Ling Sen can also enter this sort of cultivation state?” Lin Ming was surprised, but then he immediately became aware. No wonder! Although Ling Sen’s talent was only an inferior fourth-grade, he had been the number one rank on the Seven Profound Martial House’s Ranking Stone for a long time. Even the fifth grade talent Zhang Guanyu was steadily suppressed by him!

Lin Ming knew that a having a strong heart of martial arts was good for cultivation, but Lin Ming hadn’t known that besides letting a person be more diligent and persistent in their training, it also had other substantial advantages. If it was solely allowing a person to work harder, then it seemed a bit lackluster and useless. The time of a day was limited, even if you cultivated as you ate, how much more time would you have over others?

Now he knew a bit more. A strong heart of martial arts would let one be able to comprehend martial intent. With this ability, one could greatly improve!

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