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Chapter 78 – Empty Hand Meets The Naked Blade

Chapter 78 – Empty Hand Meets The Naked Blade

“This Lin Ming, he’s too crazy!”

“He’s facing Zhang Cang and not immediately bringing out his weapon. Zhang Cang’s saber is famous for its speed, and Lin Ming’s weapon is actually a heavy spear. That kind of weapon is originally slow, and he’s also carrying it on his back. I bet he will be too dazzled by Zhang Cang’s cutting force to even respond. He might lose without even having the opportunity to draw out his weapon!”

Ta Ku also quietly shook his head. “This Lin Ming is too careless; does he want to use his empty hand to meet the naked blade? Zhang Cang’s saber is a treasure that can slice apart hairs. After he pours his true essence into it, it will be able to cut through iron like mud. Even if Lin Ming were at the Large Success of Bone Forging, it would be impossible to receive it with his bare hand!

Ling Sen silently looked at Lin Ming. Although he didn’t understand Lin Ming’s reasons, but he knew, with Lin Ming’s heart of martial arts, he wouldn’t be someone who was arrogant and underestimated his opponent. He must have some idea of what he was doing; he would see what was happening soon enough.

“Since you want to die so much, let me help you!” Zhang Cang fiendishly grinned. From his still condition, he suddenly and violently moved. His body on the martial stage turned into a black phantom, and the sounds of ta ta ta footsteps could be heard; it was like pouring rain hitting a lotus leaf.

This was fast to the extreme! This was the top movement technique – ‘Seven Star Drifting Cloud’!

Zing! Suddenly, the chilling sound of a blade vibration was heard ringing in the air. Zhang Cang’s saber rushed out from a cunning angle straight upwards from the bottom of Lin Ming’s ribs!

The saber wasn’t using any martial skill; however it was still a thin, narrow, treasure saber that Zhang Cang had poured his thick true essence into. The speed was too extreme, almost to the point of disbelief. This was truly an impeccable, irresistible saber!

Even a martial artist skilled in movement would not be able to dodge this blade faster than the knife. Even a light weapons master would find it difficult to block Zhang Cang’s knife that attacked from such a cunning angle at the armpit’s side!

Much less with Lin Ming’s movement abilities, which were only from the ‘Foundation Movement Technique’. His spear was also insufficient in terms of speed, and this spear was actually strapped onto his back!

How could he dodge this? Ling Sen’s pupils had dilated; his full concentration was completely on Zhang Cang’s saber. He could not predict what would happen next!

But at this moment, Lin Ming suddenly stretched out his right hand and reached out to that slender saber with his palm!

Seeing this, Ta Ku’s eyes immediately widened like a full moon. This Lin Ming was too insane!

Hand against knife! Empty hand meets the naked blade!

That blade was a treasure saber that had true essence poured into it! Did this Lin Ming not want his hand anymore!?

The corners of Zhang Cang’s mouth twitched. He grinned like a demon. ‘Using a hand to block? Haha, if I do not cut off your hand, then my 12 years of saber practice are all in vain!’

In that split second, no one should have been able to respond in time. But Lin Ming’s palm had already touched Zhang Cang’s saber.

In that moment, the countless tiny units in Lin Ming’s body breathed in a complete, consistent rhythm. True essence resonated as the exhalation and inhalation became one. This true essence was like a gushing tide!

True essence vibration; this was Strength Training’s ‘Flow like Silk’!

For an instant, that intense true essence vibration was transmitted onto that slender saber. The saber unexpectedly began to violently tremble! At that moment, Zhang Cang’s true essence was washed out of the blade and replaced with Lin Ming’s true essence!

Zhang Cang’s grin suddenly froze. He only felt his hand go numb; he almost couldn’t hold the saber!

“What!?” This turn of events was too sudden. Before he could figure out what was happening, Lin Ming’s fist had already punched out. The fist directly impacted towards Zhang Cang’s chest. Although this fist seemed ordinary, it was actually filled with vibrating true essence, and was the so-called ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’. If this fist made solid contact, at best Zhang Cang would only be left with half a life!

Zhang Cang had been in the army for many years. The long time that he had spent killing and slaughtering on the battlefield had formed a natural intuition towards danger. Facing Lin Ming’s fist, Zhang Cang’s instinct told him that this fist was an inconceivable danger! He immediately moved his feet and fiercely used the Large Success of ‘Seven Star Drifting Cloud’. Zhang Cang’s body suddenly and violently drew back and avoided that danger hidden within Lin Ming’s fist.

But although he had managed to dodge the fist, Zhang Cang had been scratched by the fist wind. With just the little fist wind touching his body, Zhang Cang felt as if his heart jumped, his lungs shrank, and his stomach was affected and moved by some strange frequency. It made the blood in his body violently surge and up well, and he wanted to spit blood!

“This… what is happening…?” Zhang Cang was frightened because of the reversal of blood in his body, and he staggered a little before almost stumbling onto the ground. He took a few steps back, and only by using his saber could he support himself to stand.

Seeing this exchange, the audience could only foolishly look on. Just what had happened in that split second a moment ago? Lin Ming’s empty hand had blocked Zhang Cang’s saber! Then a punch had shot out, and with only the fist wind, Zhang Cang was forced back a few steps and almost collapsed on the floor!

The old disciple of the Earth Hall subconsciously rubbed his eyes. He almost thought that he was going blind.

“Heavens! Did I see this correctly? Is Lin Ming really a human? Are his arms and legs made from iron? Is he invulnerable? How could an empty hand meet the naked blade!?”

“Zhang Cang dodged that punch. How was he forced back several steps?”

“How is it possible? Lin Ming was only rank 126 on the Ranking Stone one month ago. In this short time, how could he become so fierce?”

“No kidding. When he had entered the Seven Profound Martial House, he was not much stronger than Wang Yanfeng, but several days later at the Ten Thousand Killing Array ranking war, Wang Yanfeng only got to around rank 170, but Lin Ming was rank 126!”

As soon as these words spread, there was nothing but quiet. Everyone felt a foreboding chill in their hearts. This speed of improvement was simply too horrifyingly monstrous!!

Before, the old disciple of the Earth Hall had looked down on Lin Ming for studying the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’ and ‘Foundation Movement Technique’. He still did not dare to believe what had happened a moment ago. He continued muttering under his breath, “It’s not right… not right… something’s wrong… what he cultivates is the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’… this is impossible…”

“Big Brother, did you clearly see that fist just now?” Ta Ku asked Ling Sen who was standing on his side. His face had an imposing expression.

Ling Sen wrinkled his eyebrow. “I didn’t clearly see. Lin Ming’s hand that touched that saber must have some profound and abstruse mystery inside. But it wasn’t so exaggerated. The palm touched the saber body but not the blade edge, therefore his palm was uninjured. But this Lin Ming is truly too bold. With such a fast saber, he still dared to do that! If something went wrong, then he would have lost his hand!”

Ta Ku said, “Even if it’s just the flat part of the blade, with just a palm, the blade edge would definitely hurt the hand if he tried to grab it, not to mention that Zhang Cang’s saber was infused with true essence. It can cut iron like mud. This Lin Ming dared to do this; he must have absolute confidence in himself. No wonder Lin Ming said he would only draw his spear when he needed to. He simply believed that Zhang Cang was not worthy of his spear!”

As Ta Ku said this, he could feel his heart tremble. When he had first arrived at the Seven Profound Martial House, with only a month of time, there was no way that he could challenge disciples who were rank 100 on the Ranking Stone.

Lin Ming’s palm had been just like Ling Sen had said. He did not touch the saber’s edge. Lin Ming’s strikes had always been accurate and precise. It was only with the support of Strength Training’s ‘Flow like Silk’ and protection from the vibration of true essence that Lin Ming had dared to use his hand to block the saber!

By now, Zhang Cang had already moved several dozen feet away from Lin Ming. There was already a faint horror and alarm that was creeping into his eyes. That palm and fist that Lin Ming had displayed a moment ago had left an unfathomably deep feeling in his heart!

Zhang Cang’s advantage was in close-quarters combat. To deal with a weapon like a long spear, close-quarters combat was the best way to win. But now he didn’t even have a smidgen of confidence to face Lin Ming’s fist and palm.

Clenching his teeth, Zhang Cang gripped his saber hilt with both hands. “Lin Ming! You truly gave me a good surprise! But don’t think you’ll win, you will meet my strongest blow!”

Even if he could not fight in close-range combat, Zhang Cang also had a martial skill!

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