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Chapter 72 – Large Success of the Spirit Cure Symbol

Chapter 72 – Large Success of the Spirit Cure Symbol

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“Mmm? I have a question. What if this seventh level of difficulty is not suitable for my ranking?”

The deacon senior apprentice gave a wry smile and said, “You ask that, but you do not need to stay inside. The icy pond has a chilly pervading cold. If you go in for a quarter hour you will be frozen stiff. Coming out to rest is also normal. Junior-apprentice Lin you went in and didn’t come out. While it’s impressive that you persisted inside, please be sure you do not damage the health of your body.”

“Thank you Senior Apprentice Brother for your advice; I truly did have some problems supporting myself inside.” Lin Ming casually said in a perfunctory tone.

“No need to be polite. My name is Xie Dong. Two years ago, I was also a disciple of the Seven Profound Martial House. I graduated, but afterwards I stayed at the Seven Profound Martial House to be a deacon. Junior Apprentice Brother, you have such strength at such a young age, really you have boundless prospects in the future. Senior Apprentice, I, although I am considered somewhat stupid, have some accumulated experience and knowledge in cultivating. If later Junior Apprentice Brother has any questions or unclear areas, feel free to ask me.

Xie Dong’s cultivation had paused at the peak of Bone Forging. For Pulse Condensation Period martial artists, as long as they were willing to devote their life in service to the Sky Fortune Kingdom, they would be given a title. Naturally they would not remain here to be a deacon. Xie Dong had already heard of Lin Ming’s name, and now that he met him, he saw that this young man’s strength was as the rumors said. Although Lin Ming’s talent was reported to be ordinary, Xie Dong believed that for Lin Ming to create such miracles at 15 years of age, he definitely would be able to do so again in the future. Thus this gave birth to a wish in his heart to become friends with Lin Ming.

“Thank you Senior Apprentice Brother.” Lin Ming courteously said a few words, and then excused himself and left.

The day was getting late. After Lin Ming returned to his residence, he grabbed the spear, Penetrating Rainbow, and shot straight towards the martial arts room. He had to digest the day’s harvests.

The days at Seven Profound Martial House were boring and fulfilling. Every morning, Lin Ming would wake up before sunrise and get out of his bed. He would sit in the courtyard by himself and breathe the pure air of the early morning. After he adjusted his body’s condition and mind to an empty state, he would begin to cultivate Strength Training’s ‘Flow like Silk’.

After unifying with the ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’, Lin Ming would compare the martial skill to the memories in his mind. He discovered more and more of the marvelous of this true essence vibration. This was not solely an ingenious method to utilize strength; in a way it could be said to compare favorably with the ‘sudden enlightenment’ state. If he was able to grasp this boundary, then his profit from it would be boundless!

Lin Ming often sat like this for the entire morning. He would not eat or drink or even move a single half-step. In the evening, he would eat a bit and take a short rest, and then he would head to the Icy Pond Waterfall to temper his body in the freezing waters. Lin Ming could only cultivate in the killing array for 24 hours a month. Each minute of these 24 hours was precious. For Lin Ming to save time, he only spent a half hour in the Icy Pond Waterfall before he came out. But for Lin Ming, even a half hour as an enormous advantage.

During the night, Lin Ming would start to practice his medicinal inscription symbol, because although Lin Ming had more options to cultivate and practice, the time that he had to practice his inscription symbol had reduced. However, because Lin Ming had achieved the Perfect first layer of the “True Primal Chaos Formula’, his rate of improvement hadn’t slowed down by much.

In the process of practicing the medicinal inscription symbol, Lin Ming also practiced the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’. The consumption of true essence stones was very quick; every day he would have to consume at least one true essence stone.

Lin Ming entered his tenth day at the Seven Profound Martial House.

Late at night, as stars flickered in the sky of the Zhou Mountains, there was a deep silence. Lin Ming sat in a log cabin in the back mountains, his fingers moving as if they played a beautiful melody on a zither in the air. Each movement formed a colorful inscription symbol as they floated and overlaid each other.

Within these last ten days, after undergoing countless defeats time and time again, Lin Ming had finally lowered the error rate to 31%. With the increase in his true essence from the Perfect first layer of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’, Lin Ming was just barely able to support the time it took to draw up the medicinal inscription symbol.

As each material was dragged flying into the air by Lin Ming’s true essence, they were guided together under the influence of his soul force, where they formed dazzling lines and symbols. Lin Ming’s forehead slowly became covered in beads of sweat, however, his expression gradually revealed an excited color.

“Fourth-level vicious beasts blood, last inscription symbol…completed! I’ve finally completed it!”

In the moment Lin Ming withdrew his true essence, there was a flash. The several dozens of floating inscription symbols and lines beamed with light as they reflected off of each other in midair, and finally condensed into a sublime flame image. This was the ‘Lower Spirit Cure Symbol’; it was finally finished!

Lin Ming took a piece of symbol paper and the medicinal symbol branded itself onto the symbol paper. For this little thing, Lin Ming had spent a tremendous amount of time and money. When all was complete, Lin Ming gratefully took that small slip of symbol paper and felt its energy fluctuations. He had an enormous feeling of complete satisfaction.

How could he not be excited? As long as used this medicinal inscription symbol on either of those two top quality pills, their efficacy would be multiplied by several times!

Those two pills were originally top quality goods that had no market price; what kind of concept was it was to increase its efficacy by several times? Perhaps now, even the Seven Profound Valleys would value it as precious!

It had to be known that after a pill’s efficacy doubled, that pill’s value would increase by ten times, or even several tens of times!

This was because whenever a martial artist took a pill, their body would grow resistance. For instance, when Lin Ming had taken the Golden Deer Pill, the first one he ate had the best effect. The second Golden Deer Pill only had half the effect as the first one, and third only had half the effect of the second. Therefore even if Lin Ming was wealthy, he had only bought six Golden Deer Pills; three for himself and three for Lin Xiaodong. This was because once he had too many, the effects would be negligible and there might even be no effect. Even if he had eaten ten thousand, the last 9999 pills combined would be inferior to the first!

The Golden Snake Scarlet Pill and the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill were also like this. But if a pill’s efficacy doubled, then its grade would also be increased and it would be the same as taking a higher-grade pill. Its effects would increase over the original by several times!

Understanding these truths, Lin Ming was naturally excited in his heart. But he did not immediately use this medicinal inscription symbol. Instead, he put it away, then took a good, deep bath. Afterwards he sat in meditation and breathed, adjusting the breathing of all the tiny units in his body, and adjusting his mental condition to its top form.

Lin Ming was very clear on what would happen. If he ate this pill, he would surely undergo a breakthrough to the next stage, Viscera Training. This was a very major event, and if something went awry, his internal organs would suffer damage. But this Golden Snake Scarlet Pill’s efficacy was increased several times, it had become a genuine, dangerously potent drug. Once something went wrong, his body would not be able to support the extreme effects of the pill, and his organs would burst and he would die.

Therefore before taking the pill, Lin Ming had to guarantee that his mind and body were at optimum condition, without even the tiniest flaw.

Lin Ming practiced full breathing for half an hour, then took up a true essence stone and revolved the Perfect first layer of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’, letting his body’s true essence slowly restore and return to peak condition.

After all conditions had reached the peak of what they could be, Lin Ming pricked his ears to listen. After practicing the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’, Lin Ming’s keen perception had risen by several fold. It was late at night now, and all was quiet. In a radius of a hundred feet he could hear nothing but the call of insects. After determining that there was nobody lurking nearby, Lin Ming took the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill along with the ‘Lower Spirit Cure Symbol’.

“The ‘Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill’ is far more formidable. If its efficacy increases by several times I may not be able to withstand its effects. I will start with this ‘Golden Snake Scarlet Pill’!”

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