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Chapter 70 – Icy Pond Waterfall

Chapter 70 – Icy Pond Waterfall

Seeing Lin Ming had chosen these cultivation methods, Zhang Cang said, “Zhu Yan, you really overestimated this Lin Ming. After he attained the rank of 126 on the Ranking Stone, I thought that he was some sort of impressive character, but it seems like only his luck is good. He had some sort of fortuitous encounter, so his strength rapidly increased. But sooner or later that will be useless. Look at these two sets of manuals, relying on this, how could he possibly hope to face other experts?”

Zhang Cang believed that with Lin Ming’s talent, even if he practiced the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’ and ‘Foundation Movement Technique’, there was no way that he would have any decent results with it. If he insisted on practicing these garbage skills, the only thing that would grow was the disparity between them!

“Haha, he is self-aware that his qualifications are inferior to others, so he dares not select a cultivation method that is difficult. This kind of person that lacks any semblance of self-confidence, what martial skills could he possibly cultivate?

Hearing Zhang Cang’s derisive words, Zhu Yan frowned as his brows knitted tightly. He laid down the jade slip and said. “Zhang Cang, I advise you not to have a low opinion of your opponent and underestimate him. Maybe this Lin Ming lacks confidence, but don’t forget, he broke Ling Sen’s record for passing the Dream Trial that tested one’s heart of martial arts in the entrance exam.

When Zhu Yan said this, Zhang Cang stopped talking. When he had first participated in the Dream Trial, it had taken him three quarters of an hour. He had done far worse than Lin Ming. He knew what it meant to pass that hurdle in less than a incense stick worth of time.

“Let’s continue looking. I want to see what sort of martial skill he chose.”

They pair turned to look again, and after a long time, they only found Lin Ming’s name on an incomplete jade slip’s note.

“Missing 70% of its contents, ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’?” Usually Zhu Yan was calm, but after seeing this note with Lin Ming’s name, his eyes widened. Was this Lin Ming insane?

He didn’t know what grade or rank this ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ was, but he estimated it to be a low-grade Earth-step skill. With a manual of this grade, even if it was at the Seven Profound Valley main sect, it would be a martial skill that wouldn’t be passed down to outsiders. If there was even the smallest chance at all that someone could find inspiration from this, it would absolutely be impossible for this to be found in the depositories of the Seven Profound Martial House!

Having seen this martial skill, Zhu Yan didn’t hesitate to give up. Let alone himself, even if it was the Seven Profound Martial House’s Heavenly Abode’s number one talent Zhang Guanyu, and also core disciples like Qin Xingxuan and so forth, they would not be so presumptuous to consider this ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’. That was simply biting off more than they could chew!

This Lin Ming was just too crazy. If he had just chosen the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’ and the ‘Foundation Movement Technique’, then Zhu Yan might have guessed that there was some profound and immeasurably deep meaning behind these choices, but since he chose ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’, Zhu Yan only thought that Lin Ming was a half-baked idiot.

“This Lin Ming, not only are his qualifications poor, but it seems he has some problems in the head. Only if he had the mind of a pig would he choose a martial skill like this.” Zhang Cang quipped. This time Zhu Yan didn’t argue; he just didn’t know what this Lin Ming was thinking.

Zhu Yan said, “Zhang Cang, although the martial skills and cultivation methods Lin Ming chose aren’t normal, there is no need to not be careful. There’s nothing wrong with not taking an opponent lightly. This Lin Ming is still rank 126 on the Ranking Stone. The reason is he should have eaten the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill and the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill, and was able to absorb these two pills so well that it even startles me…”

“Rest assured, he is not my match by far. After 20 more days, it will be the day of the match. I will completely and thoroughly defeat him.”

“Mmm. Not only must you win, but you have to destroy his confidence. Let him suffer humiliation as much as you can within the rules. You can even severely wound him and disable him. Even if his body was cured with some rare and precious medicine, it would still leave behind a hidden injury and affect his future martial arts cultivation. This Lin Ming relied on some fortuitous encounter to want to fight with me and he wants to take my woman, I will grind him under my foot and make him unable to ever recover!” Zhu Yan said this with a cold eye. He subconsciously gripped his fists as if he were crushing Lin Ming into dust.

The Seven Profound Martial House’s cultivation rooms were divided into the seven major killing arrays that each represented metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and lightning. They were the Golden Soldier Hall, Wood Puppet Lane, Icy Pond Waterfall, Lava Cave, Boulder Slope, Violent Wind Tunnel, and Thunder Valley.

These seven major cultivation rooms were not normal magic arrays, but true killing arrays. A magic array could only create illusions in the mind. No matter how real these illusions seemed, they weren’t like killing arrays and could only kill a person in their mind. Once they awoke, the illusion would be broken, and it could thus not serve to cultivate Body Transformation. Only a true killing array could be used to cultivate and achieve the body’s potential.

Of these seven major killing arrays, each could have 12 people practicing on them at once. Because the killing arrays’ activation and maintenance consumed a large quantity of true essence stones, many times more than magic arrays, the spots were limited. Therefore the time allotted was based upon one’s ranking on the Ranking Stone.

If one was lower than rank 180 on the Ranking stone, they could practice for half a day every month.

If they were between rank 150 and rank 180 they could practice for an entire day.

As for ranks above 150, there were many stipulations, and the time allotted was accurate to the hour. For ranks higher than 50, the time was increased every ten ranks, and as for the final top three ranks, they could practice for ten days every month. Factoring in rest and time to cultivate, they could be practicing inside a major killing array whenever they wanted to.

Lin Ming had checked his jade slip. His own rank was 126. He could either practice for two days all day, or he could take 24 hours and divide at as he liked. If he did, Lin Ming would have to make an appointment and then come at that time. Naturally that spot would be emptied for him for that period. But if he didn’t arrive for his appointment, then his time for that period would still be used.

The seven major killing arrays were located at seven different places within the Seven Profound Valleys. To get there, at the center of each array was a total transmission array. All disciples’ practices were arranged by the transmission array’s administrative office.

“All new students, you have the chance to enter any one you like for one hour. This time does not calculate into your total time. Before entering the killing array, you may let the elder responsible for the arrays help you choose an appropriate difficulty. Here is a reference chart with approximate difficulty levels and their relative rankings. You may have a look.” The elder responsible for the transmission array slowly said. He then registered everyone’s scores, and slowly passed them a reference chart.

Lin Ming look at the chart. His own rank was 126. This corresponded to a seventh level of difficulty.

Out of the metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and lightning arrays, which one should he choose?

As Lin Ming hesitated, Hong Xi said, “I’m warning you, these seven major killing arrays are the real deal. If you mess up inside you will be severely injured. So do not choose a difficulty level that is too high, or more than you can handle. Also, of the seven major killing arrays, do not choose the Thunder Valley. The others are okay. If you have any Soul Gathering Pellets you should consider taking one. Although you only have one hour of test time inside, this time is also precious. This practice may be able to stimulate your body’s potential.”

Lin Ming just happened to have a Soul Gathering Pellet on himself. He listened to Hong Xi’s advice and ate it.

And he couldn’t choose the Thunder Valley? Was the Thunder Valley too difficult? Or were there other reasons? Lin Ming didn’t ask, but instead finally decided upon the Icy Pond Waterfall!

The seven major cultivation arrays created the realm using the local environment, and their designs were specialized to the terrain and topography of the land. The construction design was very ingenious.

Lin Ming chose the Icy Pond Waterfall. Originally it was a natural waterfall of the Zhou mountains, but after being transformed by the array, the pouring water of the waterfall now contained a formidable pulse and energy. The pond that lay underneath the waterfall also became incomparably and extraordinarily cold, with a bone-piercing chill.

As he arrived at the canyon where the Icy Pond Waterfall was, Lin Ming could distantly hear a sound like thunder as if an underground earthquake was happening. The Zhou mountain waterfall was the highest waterfall in the Sky Fortune Kingdom, and the height from top to bottom was 300 feet. The current of water above directly impacted down below, and the strength of the water was similar to being hit by a sledgehammer. The deep pond below was a result of then thousand years of that waterfall impacting below; the depth of the pond had already reached 1000 feet. Under that terrifying water pressure, even a master at the Pulse Condensation Period would shrink back at the sight.

As Lin Ming arrived at the Icy Pond Waterfall, there was giant curtain of water as if the entire pond was steaming. This was from the torrential downpour and immeasurable amount of water that was splashing dozens of feet into the air. The rumbling sound of the waterfall even faintly shook Lin Ming’s heart with its resonance.

“Great waterfall!” Lin Ming shouted with his heart filled with emotion. This was the first time that he had seen such a marvelous wonder of nature.

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