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Chapter 68 – Lin Ming’s Wonderful Selection

Chapter 68 – Lin Ming’s Wonderful Selection

As Lin Ming brought up his three jade slip choices of ‘Foundation Spear Technique’, ‘Foundation Movement Technique’, and ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering First’, to register with the warden elder, he saw that that there were several people waiting at the counter. They were Wang Yanfeng and several others. Hong Xi was waiting at the side, and checking which cultivation methods and skill manuals they had chosen.

As the instructor for the newbie disciples of the Earth Hall, Hong Xi was only responsible for their general direction and had no specific obligation or duty to help them any further. However, this cultivation method choice was very important, so Hong Xi came here, fearing that the disciples in his care would make a bad decision and choose a cultivation method poorly suited for them.

“Wang Yanfeng, you’ve determined that you choose these three jade slips?” The warden elder inquired.

“I do.” Wang Yanfeng affirmed and nodded.

“You chose the ‘Divine Yang Power’, ‘Swan Feather Fall’, and ‘Thundercloud Strike’; these three manuals are very difficult to cultivate, particularly the ‘Swan Feather Fall’. It is very exacting in its true essence precision. If we are talking about reaching the Large Success boundary when you will be able to fly, it will be exceedingly difficult for you. Are you sure about your choice?”

“Elder, I have already thought about this clearly.” Wang Yanfeng had his own plans. His family had the movement technique ‘Seven Despairing Steps’. However, the ‘Seven Despairing Steps’ was just a fraction worse than the ‘Swan Feather Fall’.

But he would not give up the ‘Seven Despairing Steps’. The ‘Seven Despairing Steps’ would be the martial skill he would use to accelerate and move in short distances, but the ‘Swan Feather Fall’ was able to make one’s body light like a swallow and was good for long distance movement. Both complemented each other and filled the other’s weaknesses, therefore he chose the ‘Swan Feather Fall’ as it suited him the most.

As for the ‘God Yang Power’, its difficultly was not as high. This was because his ranking was too low, otherwise he would have chosen a cultivation method that was more difficult and had greater rewards in power, such as the ‘Shadowless Art’.

“Alright.” The warden elder reluctantly shook his head and registered the jade slips for Wang Yanfeng. These young geniuses all had aspirations that were higher than the sun. They would often choose the most powerful cultivation method and martial skills as soon as they could; however, such powerful martial skills and cultivation methods were not trifling in their difficulty.

However, it was hard to question them about this. Young geniuses never considered the difficulty of a martial skill or cultivation method when selecting them, in fact, it could be said that they liked to use the difficulty as proof of their budding talent.

But what they had forgotten was that in the Seven Profound Martial House, everyone was a talent. In the cultivation method, if there was a note that said ‘EXTREMELY HARD TO PRACTICE’ that was naturally directed at these clueless talents! It’s true that you are a genius, but how can you compare with all these other geniuses?

After Wang Yanfeng were the two brother-in-arms Wang Mang and Li Tie. These two also had an outstanding display on the Ranking Stone and so their choices in martial skills were similarly not easy.

“You’ve decided on these three cultivation methods and martial skills?”

“We’ve decided.”

“Okay, then next… mmm? Lin Ming?”

“Yes.” Lin Ming placed three jade slips onto the counter. Wang Yangfeng, Wang Mang, and Li Tie were naturally unable to not glance at them, and this included even the curious Hong Xi. Lin Ming’s strength was evident to those that had met him, and they wanted to know what kind of ancient and supreme martial skill he had chosen.

Wang Yanfeng gazed at the three jade slips on the counter. “This Lin Ming, his ranking is 126. He might choose ‘Shadowless Art’, or even the ‘Absolute Nine Yang’, or some other top level cultivation method. My strength is already behind him; if I suffer a loss even in cultivation methods, it will be even more difficult to catch up. I will only be chasing his shadow my entire life.”

Because he had suffered setback after setback, Wang Yanfeng no longer mentioned or even thought of Lin Ming’s talent when gauging his strength. In his opinion, Lin Ming was a freakish existence that disregarded the talent barrier, and was the strongest match he had met in his life so far.

Even though Wang Yanfeng had some apprehension about which cultivation method Lin Ming chose, the warden elder’s next words left him dumbfounded.

“The ‘F…Foundation Spear Technique’, ‘Foundation Movement Technique’, and an incomplete ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’… are… are these the three manuals you have chosen?”

These were the three sets of cultivation methods and martial skills? What even was this ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’? Wang Yanfeng had never even heard of it. But he did know the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’ and ‘Foundation Movement Technique’. Wang Yanfeng had also passed by these two manuals when he was looking. These two set of foundation cultivation method and movement techniques might even be the most basic, simple, and ordinary low-grade human-step manuals in the depository. Why would Lin Ming choose these?

Does he have no confidence in himself? That’s not right. His heart of martial arts was so firm, how could he not have confidence and belief in his abilities?

The warden elder was unable to understand this choice. This foundation cultivation method manual was only ever selected by disciples of the Human Hall. In all the years the warden elder had worked here, he had seem disciples who had aimed to high and chosen a cultivation method that was far too difficult for them, and although mighty, inevitably were unable to master it and had wasted all their time. This kind of phenomenon was nothing unusual with talents and geniuses. However, this was the first time he had seen a new first place disciple of the Earth Hall choose a cultivation method that was too simple, as if they were afraid to cultivate at all.

And that low-grade Earth-step martial skill ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ was incomplete, it in fact was only graded that as a reference value, it was simply completely impossible to practice. Did this Lin Ming know that? What was he thinking?

The Earth Hall instructor Hong Xi was standing on the side, and he also couldn’t understand. He had come here today to help direct and guide these new disciples to choose a suitable cultivation method. He hadn’t thought that the first one to go astray would be Lin Ming. He opened his mouth and warned, “Lin Ming, have you clearly thought about this?”

Lin Ming nodded and said, “I thought about it. I want to build a firm foundation so I chose a foundation cultivation method and a foundation movement technique.”

Hong Xi said, “Good. It’s not wrong to want to form a solid foundation. You chose the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’ and the ‘Foundation Movement Technique’. But this ‘Body Tearing Body Shattering Fist’ is missing more than 70% of its manual. Even if it is an unabridged low-grade Earth-step martial skill, it still needs extremely high perception and talent to practice; much less it is also missing 70% of it! Let alone you, even the elders of the Seven Profound Martial House would find it impossible to gain an understanding of it to cultivate, otherwise do you think that a low-grade Earth-step manual would be randomly found in the middle of nowhere in the outer pavilion? Would you like to change your selection?

Lin Ming replied, “I just wanted to meditate and ponder on it; not cultivating it is not a problem. Also, I want to look at it to see if I can obtain some inspirations.”

Obtain some inspirations?

Hong Xi frowned. Lin Ming was a 15 year old youth whose cultivation was only at the peak of the Second Stage of Body Transformation. And he wanted to be ‘inspired’ by a low-grade Earth-step martial skill that was missing 70% of its contents? He was nothing but a moron who had gone too far in his idiocy, but his ambition was aiming at the top.

“Lin Ming, you really have to guard against the mindset that you are going to get lucky. Don’t take chances like this. Even peerless monstrous geniuses would not be able to cultivate the ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’. The opportunity to select a martial skill is very valuable; if you choose this, you will have wasted a chance. Although you will later enter the top 100 rankings and have opportunities to choose more, even one less martial skill is a huge pity!

Lin Ming smiled and said, “Thank you Instructor Hong. I have already thought about this and am clear in my decision.”

“Good, then do as you like.” Hong Xi shook his head. These geniuses were just too stubborn. They wouldn’t change unless they endured grief. So he would let him do this and then eat his regret. If he didn’t suffer, then he wouldn’t remember this.

Like this, Lin Ming selected his cultivation method and martial skill jade slips. His name was written on a jade slip note, and then he received three keys. These three keys were actually three small ash grey stones, and at the top of each was a red marking.

Each key corresponded to a set of manuals. Once a new disciple chose a cultivation method, the jade slip would be sealed on a shelf for storage. Without the key to open the array, even if they entered the depository, they would not be able to look at anything.

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