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Chapter 60 – The Tiger Enters a Flock of Sheep

Chapter 60 – The Tiger Enters a Flock of Sheep

Lin Ming had outstanding aural acuity, and he could hear the comments of these people. He turned his head to look at the Ranking Stone. Ling Sen, Ta Ku, and Zhang Guanyu were all exactly ranked in the top three positions. But of these three people, their ranking and martial talents were actually reversed.

Zhang Guanyu had the highest talent. In the entirety of the Seven Profound Martial House’s non-core disciples, he was the only fifth-grade talent.

Ta Ku was next. His talent was a superior fourth-grade, just a bit away from a fifth-grade talent, and he also had extraordinary divine inborn strength.

But Ling Sen was the worst. His talent was only an inferior fourth-grade. There seemed to be something out of place about it.

After Lin Ming learned of Ling Sen’s talent grade, he hadn’t figured out how Ling Sen could rely on his inferior fourth-grade talent to firmly occupy the first spot on the Ranking Stone.

One’s own total strength and ability depended on many factors; talent was only one of them. But talent was actually the most important. Was it possible that Ling Sen also had a fortuitous encounter, had he eaten a valuable material or something to that effect?

Although Lin Ming knew that a pure heart of martial arts was a very big factor in determining strength, Lin Ming did not actually think that a heart of martial arts would have such a tremendous influence.

Ling Sen, Ta Ku, and Zhang Guan Yu, these three people had entered the Seven Profound Martial House during the same entrance exam. It could be said to be a true convergence of talent. In the Sky Fortune Kingdom, every decade or so there would be a generation of talents that could be said to be the strongest. It could be said that Ling Ming’s generation wasn’t filled with top-tier talents, but once one included the monstrous peerless genius Qin Xingxuan, there wasn’t much of a difference.

Lin Ming stood at the altar of the Ten Thousand Killing Array and silently revolved the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’. After he had reached the Large Success stage of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’, he had only measured his fist strength on the stone pillar, and how not tested how far his battle prowess had improved.

This was just the right time to experiment!

The Ten Thousand Killing Array shined with glimmering rays and Lin Ming’s whole body was soaked in this glowing light. Under the stage, the audience’s eyes were mostly on him.

Zhang Cang’s mouth twitched with a little thoughtful smile. He was a half-step into the Fourth Stage of Body Transformation, Altering Muscle, and his combat prowess was enough to defeat an ordinary martial artist who was at the peak of Altering Muscle. This strength gave him the qualifications to despise and feel utter contempt for the cultivation of the peak of Body Transformation’s Second Stage, Lin Ming.

The Ten Thousand Killing Array activated, and Lin Ming arrived in the middle of a dazzlingly bright white space. In front of him were a variety of every known weapon; the longsword, the stiletto, the saber, the short sword, it had it all.

Before entering the Seven Profound Martial House, Lin Ming had used the short sword, which was most similar to the deboning knife he had always used. But after he started to practice the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’, his strength had increased, his true essence had thickened by several times, and the short sword no longer suited him.

“The ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ tempered my body. Now my fist is my best weapon, and I haven’t chosen a new weapon.” Lin Ming thought, and these weapons all disappeared into mist.

Meanwhile, in front of Lin Ming, there were more than ten phantom shades that appeared. These phantom creatures included vicious beasts and martial artists. Their strength ranged from the early Second Stage of Body Transformation to the peak of the Third Stage of Body Transformation.

Seeing this enemies rushing with killing intent towards him, Lin Ming hurried and revolved the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ to its limit. With the first layer at the Large Success stage, his whole body’s true essence shot up, and it felt as if strength was endlessly pouring from his body.

“Roar!” A first-level tiger-shaped vicious beast roared and rushed at him. This vicious beast’s skin was coarse and its flesh was thick. Its body weight was 600 to 700 jins, and its dashing increased its impact strength by several times!

As he faced this vicious beast, Lin Ming tightened his fist, and his knuckles cracked like fierce thunder.

“Die!” Lin Ming yelled. He struck out his fist and it smashed forwards, erupting with all 3200 jins of his strength.

Bang! The center of his fist struck the tiger-like vicious beast in the forehead and its skull fractured with a crashing sound. That 600-700 jin vicious beast that had rushed at Lin Ming was sent soaring backwards to its doom with a single first, but Lin Ming only stepped on the ground, and after the recoil, was steady once again.

The tiger-like vicious beast could not even let out a sorrowful howl as it soared through the air. Its skull was completely shattered into pieces, its brain turned into pulp, and it instantly died as it plummeted to the ground!

With a single fist that struck down his enemy, Lin Ming’s fighting spirit rose like a rainbow after a spring shower, and the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ was revolving to its maximum limit. He shot forward and crashed into the middle of his enemies; his fist was like a hurricane, every kick was a tsunami! He was like a fierce tiger that had entered a flock of sheep; his might was overwhelming!

Blood readily splashed everywhere, and the sounds of bones breaking filled the air. The rough fur and thick meat of the beasts could simply not stand up to the devastating strength of Lin Ming’s first; the frail phantom martial artists simply melted away with one punch.

“Peak Viscera Training martial artists!” After Lin Ming killed a peak Body Transformation Second Stage martial artist with a fist, a peak Viscera Training martial artist appeared in his stead. When a martial artist reached the boundary of Body Transformation’s Third Stage, Viscera Training, their internal organs would be guarded by true essence, and their defensive power would increase. Even Lin Ming would find it difficult to finish off this enemy with his fists, and not only that, but this martial artist’s movements were flexible like a reed, and its attacks were swift and fierce; wanting to hit it would not be easy.

“You’re 50 points!” When Lin Ming saw this peak Viscera Training martial artist, not only did he not fear, but his fighting spirit instead shot to the sky. After reaching Large Success in the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’s’ first layer, he needed a decent opponent to test his strength.

“!” The martial artist swung his sword out. Lin Ming lowered his body and flung himself close to the ground, letting the sword fly over his head. With a fluid reflex, he punched out at the martial artist’s knee.

After reaching ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’s’ Large Success in the first layer, Lin Ming’s true essence had thickened, and his speed had also risen to the heights of another level. The velocity with which this punch shot out was like a hidden dragon that emerged from the depths. The martial artist panicked and tried to avoid this strike, but Lin Ming pushed his hands against the ground and let loose a brutal leg sweep at the martial artist’s back.

This leg came out flying out like a whip; the martial artist wasn’t able to avoid it, and coughed up a mouthful of blood as he was kicked to the side.

Lin Ming relentlessly continued his attack in hot pursuit. His body sprung upwards and his fists fell like a rainstorm. The martial artist parried, but a fist managed to find a hole in his patterns and punched him. Even though his internal organs were protected by true essence, once hit by the strength of a 3200 jin fist, he took a major wound.

The martial artist vomited more blood, his sternum fractured and all his defenses were laid open. Lin Ming made one last fist and struck the center left of his chest. The martial artist’s heart instantly stopped from the sheer force, and this peak Viscera Training martial artist was completely killed by Lin Ming.

In the midst of chaos among all these enemies, he had managed to kill an opponent a full stage above him; this result was enough to make one feel proud, but Lin Ming also knew that this strength was still lacking when compared to Zhang Cang!

“That was another 50 points, now I have more than 200.”

“An incense stick of time has passed and this Lin Ming is still fighting in there, and his body is still standing firmly on stage. He really has surpassed Wang Yanfeng.”

“He has surpassed Wang Yanfeng, but don’t forget, he obtained the first place reward from the entrance exam – the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill, and also Wang Yanfeng’s Golden Snake Scarlet Pill. He ate those two rare and precious medicines yet he didn’t manage to achieve the Third Stage of Body Transformation, His strength still increased but his medium third-grade talent really despises him.

When the disciples went on stage, those in the audience naturally dispensed their thoughts on them. This time Zhang Cang had crossed his arms across his chest and was looking up with a relaxed, casual demeanor and a sly smile. Lin Ming’s strength was as expected, otherwise it would just be no fun.

An incense stick quickly burnt down, and soon, a second incense stick also reached its end.

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