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Chapter 31 – Regretting Capture

Chapter 31 – Regretting Capture

As Lin Ming saw the two officers approach with rope in hand, Lin Ming shook his sleeves and coldly said, “You want to tie me up, but once you do, there won’t be a good outcome for you.”

“You want to get out of this situation? Don’t even think about it! Once you’re in my hands you’ll never escape, haha!” Wang Yigao happily laughed to himself a few hundred times as the success of the situation got to his head. Even though he was the one that was injured, his smile was unsightly and moreover these would clearly contained the suggestion that he wanted some sort of ‘accident’ to befall Lin Ming in jail…

Wang Yigao turned his head and saw that Zhao Mingshan was staring at him with an ugly and disgusted expression on his face. Wang Yigao coughed, said with a bit of embarrassment, “Brother Zhao, I will let you investigate the situation. I was just a bit angry and overreacted. This little rat was just too damn arrogant.”

Lin Ming dusted himself and said to Zhao Mingshan, “It is your responsibility to ensure the public safety of the Seven Profound Martial House entrance exam. Someone had just tried to run me through on this main road with a lance and you did not come, someone tried to plot my death by getting a bunch of morons to beat me and leave me disabled, and you did not come. And yet when I finally fight back with the lance, you finally come? And you don’t even attempt to ask the crowd watching any questions and single handedly decided that I was the guilty one, are you playing with me?”

Lin Ming spoke, pronouncing each word unhurriedly, and each word was punishing and caused Zhao Mingshan’s heart to sink. This kid really had some guts. How could he be so calm in this situation? What was he relying on?

Zhao Mingshan looked at Lin Ming and decided that he couldn’t drag this matter on any further and began to say angrily, “This is official business! It’s not up to the likes of you to comment on the process. Tie him up!”

When he issued the order, the rope had already wrapped tightly around Lin Ming’s neck. Even though Lin Ming was capable, Zhao Mingshan was already at the Fourth Stage of Body Transformation, so he did not resist.

At this moment a familiar voice cried out from the crowed. “Make way, let me through!”

Lin Ming looked up and was surprised to see a plump youth twisting and squeezing his way past the mob of people. In his hand was a rattling lunch box. It was Lin Xiaodong. When Lin Ming had been meditating just a moment ago, Lin Xiaodong had gone to buy breakfast, and had just arrived back to see a commotion.

As soon as Lin Xiaodong saw the rope wrapped around Lin Ming’s neck, his heart was suddenly inflamed. “Sh*t! Why the hell did you fuckers tie him up?!”

Zhao Mingshan did not know where this brave fat boy came from, and was preparing to wave the command to throw him away, when in the corner of his eye he saw light spark of light. As he turned his head he saw that a faint fire had ignited in Lin Ming’s hand.

Sound transmitting talisman?

Zhao Mingshan’s eyes widened. The talisman could record voices and transfer them; they were used to communicate. This boy had obviously used it just now without their knowledge and had recorded their conversation and transmitted it!

This guy!

Zhao Mingshan felt an inexplicable chill in the air as he looked at this youth. Today he had offended him, later he would come looking for revenge. It seemed he really did have to tolerate Wang Yigao’s idiotic plans and kill him, otherwise there would be no end to his future troubles.

But…Who has he transmitted the talisman to?

Lin Ming had naturally sent the talisman to Mister Muyi. Previously, Muyi and Lin Ming had exchanged tips about inscription techniques and had become good friends. Muyi had told him that as long as there was the Martial Quarters, then he could guarantee his absolute safety in Sky Fortune City. As long as there was any trouble, he could just send a talisman to inform him.

Although Lin Ming was brave and courageous, he was not a hothead who would let his impulses rashly dictate his actions without paying attention to the possible consequences. Before he had struck Wang Yigao, he already had a plan for this situation. He wasn’t going to let a little matter like this be something that could stop him, he would just simply owe Muyi a future favor.

Although Muyi was in the government and serving the court as the Crown Prince’s tutor, he was not a court official. In his heart he was still a man of the world, and those that dwelled in that world valued loyalty and friendship above all else. Muyi was not a man who spoke or agreed to anything easily or thoughtlessly. When he had asked to be Lin Ming’s friend, he had said so with all the conviction in his heart.

Hearing the recording from the sound transmitting talisman, Muyi had a good grasp of the situation that was occurring. He sighed with disgust. He had always been disgusted by the government officials or lesser officers who curried favor with powerful people. Not to mention that Lin Ming was his close friend, behind him was also a unfathomable master. Even if he were not related to this matter, he would still meddle in it.

Muyi was lax when it came to keeping up with all the bureaucratic nonsense, and didn’t know many powerful people who could immediately handle this situation. The only one he could think of to deal with this was his student – the Crown Prince Yang Lin.

He sent a sound transmitting talisman to Yang Lin. Crown Prince Yang Lin had always deeply admired and respected his teacher. If Muyi requested a matter of him, he would naturally do everything possible to carry it out. So Yang Lin then sent a personal message to the minister of the Police Department.

The Emperor and the Crown prince used a unique purple gold sound transmitting talisman. At this moment, the minister was hugging a concubine and giggling and laughing while enjoying some romantic times with her. As soon as he saw the purple gold flash, he immediately rolled out of his chair.

This message was from the Crown Prince’s sound transmitting talisman!

After he learned the reason why the Crown Prince had sent him a message, the minister felt as if someone had smashed a rock on his head. His legs turned to jelly and he felt suffocated as he said, “Forgive this lowly one for not being strict, my supervision was truly lacking.” Each word he said caused his heart to skip a beat.

He certainly knew what sort of person Zhao Mingshan was. He was part of the General Wang’s palace guard and the youth was a boy of indeterminate background. It was easy to see how Zhao Mingshan would handle this matter, but… this boy was unexpectedly a person of the Crown Prince!

Zhao Mingshan, you are your mom’s drop dead bastard! You actually made I, your father, suffer such a mess!

“Like hell! Why did you tie him up!?” Lin Xiaodong huffed and puffed. Zhao Mingshan waved his hand and pointed at Lin Xiaodong, “Obstructing official business and insulting the captain of the Police Force! Officers, tie him up for me!”

Zhao Mingshan sent two officers to grab Lin Xiaodong. The officers were mostly at the Second Stage of Body Transformation, and they were not some walking potatoes like Wang Yigao; they had solid foundations and combat training.

Lin Xiaodong was only at the First Stage. But even though he could not resist, he still struggled a bit and screamed like an angry duck, “You dare to touch me!? You remember my face! I’ll pay this back to you with full interest!”

“Shut his mouth!” Zhao Mingshan said a bit frantically, and a man gagged Lin Xiaodong with a cloth strip between his lips. The result was that the steady stream of curses became an inaudible whining sound.

“Let’s go!” As soon as Zhao Mingshan waved his hand, they trotted down the road with Lin Ming and Lin Xiaodong strapped to the horses’ backs. In just a bit of time they were already several miles down the road.

Wang Yigao was behind them, he suddenly laughed and said, “Brother Zhao, put them down, let’s drag them through.”

He wanted to drag the two men behind the galloping horses. It was interesting, but Zhao Mingshan did not answer. At this moment, there was suddenly a red light in front of him that burst into a mass of light. It was a sound transmitting talisman.

The sound transmitting talisman directly transmitted the sounds to one’s mind, other’s would not be able to hear it.

The flash dissipated. Zhao Mingshan’s voice rang with the sound of the minister of the Police Department roaring at him at maximum volume. “F*ck your mom and listen to me! Release those people! Do you even know who is behind that boy!? It is the Crown Prince! Did you want to fucking revolt against me!? You even dare to touch someone that is the Crown Prince’s person!? Your fucking mom, do you even know how to spell the character ‘dead’?! If you want to die don’t drag me down with you! Zhao Mingshan, I swear to you if anyone comes troubling me I will kill you myself!!”

Zhao Mingshan was scolded so loudly that he thought his head would explode. His whole body stiffened and his mind blanked….Crown Prince?

Zhao Mingshan suddenly stopped the horses and looked to Lin Ming with his jaw agape. Lin Ming was also looking at him at him the same calm and indifferent eyes that he been all along, like he were some ordinary clown.

He remembered the sound transmitting talisman that Lin Ming had sent out… that was for the Crown Prince!?

What sort of existence was the Crown Prince? He was just a young police captain! He would probably never encounter anything that was related to the Crown Prince in his life! His heart was shocked with unspeakable words.

He finally understood the meaning behind Lin Ming’s gaze.

“I do say, Brother Zhao, now is a good time. There isn’t anyone watching, so in any case, let’s drag them along, they shouldn’t die.” Wang Yigao said with a smile and a ‘heh heh’.

I’ll fucking drag your mom! When he heard Wang Yigao speak this nonsense he had an urge to draw his sword and chop him in half! If it weren’t for this idiot then how could he have fallen into this predicament!?

“Everyone dismount. Release them.”

As soon as Zhao Mingshan ordered this, his men were shocked. Wang Yigao was also shocked.

Release them?

Wang Yigao was not a total fool. He thought to that sound transmitting talisman; was it related?

However Zhao Mingshan said nothing else besides the order. Wang Yigao was very unhappy about this turn of events and was preparing to argue, but at that moment, another sound transmitting talisman also burst into flames in front of him. As soon as he heard the message, Wang Yigao almost dropped to the floor. This was the sound transmitting talisman that his father personally sent out! It only had a few words, “Return immediately to me!”

Wang Yigao was able to feel the chill in his father’s tone. He had no doubt that when he returned, he would be in for a world of pain.

Since one party was the Crown Prince’s person and the other party was the son of General Wang, the Police Department naturally sent out a sound transmitting talisman to explain the situation to General Wang. General Wang hadn’t felt such anger before. The throne was changing, and it was a sensitive time, and this Wang Yigao decided to annoy the Crown Prince! Although he didn’t know what connection this boy had to the Crown Prince, even if it was too much! Because of a small matter, it was enough for the Crown Prince to decide to select someone else for his position and remove him! He really wanted to kill this good-for-nothing son!

Zhao Mingshan saw Wang Yigao freeze with terror at receiving the sound transmitting talisman. He immediately barked at his men, “Why are you still holding them, release them now!”

After being reprimanded, the men began to panic. They went to untie the rope, but Lin Ming sneered, “You want to tie me up, so you tied me up. Now you want release me? I already told you; once you do, there won’t be a good outcome for you.”

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