Martial Peak

Chapter 991 - Seems Your Good Days Are At An End

Chapter 991, Seems Your Good Days Are At An End

As he spoke with the young man named Shen Tu, Yang Kai managed to inquire about many things he wanted to know.

Gradually, he came to understand some common sense of the Starry Sky.

The Star Field he was in right now was called the Heng Luo Star Field, and although it was extremely large and contained countless stars, it was actually only one of many Star Fields in the vast Starry Sky.

Heng Luo Star Field had several massive forces which dominated over all the others.

Sword Union and Purple Star were both such forces; in addition to them, there was Heng Luo Chamber Of Commerce, Galaxy Ridge, and Abandoned Lair which acted as the rulers of the Star Field.

Beneath these top-level forces, there were countless other forces of varying sizes.

The strength of a force greatly depended on whether or not it could build and deploy Starships.

Forces that were able to operate Starships, which were essentially extremely large artifacts, were considered to be strong, because construction and maintenance of a Starship was a massive expenditure.

From how many giant pieces of Saint Crystal were arranged inside this power room, Yang Kai could easily tell how energy intensive it was to operate this ultra-large artifact.

An average small force wouldn’t be able to afford such consumption.

“These big forces all occupy a number of Cultivation Stars, two or three on the low end, seven or eight at the high end, each one is different,” Shen Tu was clearly more informed about the Star Field than Yang Kai, and seeing how the latter seemed to be ignorant of even these basic facts, he patiently explained.

“Cultivation Stars?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Stars that are suitable for cultivators to inhabit,” Shen Tu explained, “The Star Field is indeed vast and contains a countless number of stars, but for various reasons, most of them aren’t suitable for long term living. Stars that can support life are called Cultivation Stars.”

“Got it,” Yang Kai nodded lightly, indicating he understood.

“However, those stars that aren’t suitable to permanently occupy aren’t worthless. Some of those stars are rich in rare ores while some of them have environments suitable for raising precious spirit grasses and medicines, such stars are respectively called Ore Stars and Medicine Stars. The big forces occupy many Ore Stars and Medicine Stars, allowing them to obtain massive amounts of resources to help develop themselves. Of course, there are many Death Stars out there too, stars covered in Death Qi without ores, herbs, or even World Energy.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling shocked.

In Tong Xuan Realm, major influences would fight over even small pieces of land, but in this vast Star Field, there were actually some forces who could rule over multiple stars.

Before now, this was something Yang Kai couldn’t even conceive of.

Tong Xuan Realm simply had no way to compare to the massive Star Field.

“Each Cultivation Star has its own Star Master. The Star Master is the highest authority on his or her Cultivation Star. If you or I can one day reach such a height, we’ll have made it in life,” Shen Tu smiled widely towards Yang Kai, a glimmer of yearning in his eyes.

“What is the cultivation of a Star Master like?”

“Unfathomable. For example, a Saint King High-Rank Starship like this one could be destroyed by any Star Master with a wave of their hand!” Shen Tu replied solemnly.

Yang Kai was speechless for a while.

Although Shen Tu didn’t tell him clearly what kind of cultivation realm these Star Masters had reached, Yang Kai could tell that it was definitely beyond the Saint King Realm.

Above the Saint King Realm, there was a higher realm!

“Take a look outside,” Shen Tu suddenly whispered.

Yang Kai followed his vision and saw the beautiful stars outside the Starship.

The power room was located at the bottom of the Starship and was directly responsible for adjusting the Starship direction and speed, so it was necessary to be able to see outside from here.

All around there were transparent windows manufactured from some unknown material that allowed one to see out in all directions.

“What do you think of these stars?” Shen Tu asked.

“The World Energy they contain is beyond imagination!” Yang Kai replied sincerely. While he was wandering about the Chaotic Abyss, he had often marvelled at the energy contained in these stars.

“Indeed, throughout the entire Heng Luo Star Field, no Cultivation Star can match this place. All the forces in the Star Field are very keen to develop the stars within the Chaotic Abyss. Whether it’s the blazing hot or frigid cold stars, both are extremely suitable for certain cultivators with the appropriate attribute strength. Cultivating on or even nearby these stars will yield unimaginable benefits to these cultivators.”

“But I heard that it is very dangerous here, even being labelled as one of the Star Field’s most famous Restricted Areas. The overlapping energy fields emitted by these stars create a kind of chaotic domain that causes one to lose their sense of direction.”

“En, because these stars contain too much energy, they produce that chaotic domain, causing anyone who enters here to easily become lost. For this reason, the Chaotic Abyss has always been one of the Star Field’s Restricted Areas and no one has successfully developed it, let alone laid claim to these stars.”

“Then this Starship…”

“You don’t have to worry about that, the Star Chart carried aboard any Starship is of the highest grade. There is also a Chart Master on board who is well versed in drawing Star Charts, so the Starship won’t lose its direction here. It’s only because of this reason that they dared to enter this region. Star Shuttles are different, once affected by the chaotic energy flow here, the Star Chart inside a Star Shuttle can easily be destroyed, which is why no one dares enter this place with only a Star Shuttle.”

“If that’s all though, can this place really be considered one of the Star Field’s Restricted Areas? Is there some other danger here too?” Yang Kai immediately noticed something odd.

“There are indeed some more,” Shen Tu nodded heavily, his expression becoming dignified, “But as to what these dangers are, no one can say clearly, because anyone who falls prey to those dangers never returns alive.”

Yang Kai’s look changed greatly, his thoughts turning sharply, suddenly letting out a sigh, “If things are as you say, then whatever it is those sisters have on them is something Purple Star desperately wants, otherwise they wouldn’t take such a big risk.”

Shen Tu narrowed his eyes and thought about it for a moment, soon nodding in agreement, “I hadn’t really thought about it before, but you’re right, what kind of treasure could possibly cause Purple Star to send a Saint King High-Rank Starship into the Chaotic Abyss?”

Even after wracking his brain for some time, Shen Tu couldn’t come up with an answer.

Just then, from a corner of the power room, a voice suddenly called out in alarm, “Senior Bi Ya and her team are back!”

Yang Kai and Shen Tu looked at each other before turning their gazes outside the ship’s hull.

Sure enough, they soon saw two blue lights speeding towards the ship.

“Seems your good days are at an end,” Shen Tu looked at Yang Kai with some sympathy, “What do you want to do? Now that that slut is back, she definitely won’t let you off. Let me say first, what she wants is you. I can’t do anything about that or help you in any way.”

“Not necessarily!” Yang Kai’s eyes brightened as he stared towards the two approaching blue lights, seemingly having discovered something interesting.

“What do you mean?” Shen Tu asked in confusion, not understanding why Yang Kai didn’t seem worried at all.

“When they left, there were three of them, but now that they’re back there’s only two… It seems they ran into something unexpected,” Yang Kai whispered.

Shen Tu took another look and sure enough, there were only two blue lights approaching.

A moment later, two figures appeared beside the Starship.

“Only Senior Bi Ya and Senior Liu Shan returned, Senior Liu Sha isn’t with them!” The voice of a concerned cultivator exclaimed, “And it seems Senior Bi Ya and Senior Liu Shan have been injured.”

“What’s happened?” Ke Meng walked out from the shadows and asked with a stern face.

“I don’t know, my subordinates are asking,” The first man said, pouring his Divine Sense into the compass-like artifact in his hand, seemingly communicating with someone.

Outside of Starship, Liu Shan also took out a similar artifact.

Yang Kai suddenly understood that this artifact should be used for long-distance communication. The last time he was brought back by Liu Shan and the others, he had seen Liu Shan do the same.

Looking out the window of the power room, Yang Kai saw that Liu Shan and Bi Ya had many scars on their bodies and their clothes were stained in blood. It appeared they had barely managed to escape with their lives. Bi Ya’s beauty was completely ruined as she now appeared haggard and dishevelled, her once pretty face filled with fear and alarm, from time to time glancing over her shoulder, as if someone was chasing after them.

“Ha! It’s really as you guessed,” Shen Tu wore a smug smile, taking great pleasure in this pair’s misfortune, “They got what they deserved, daring to rush into the Chaotic Abyss only to suffer a big loss.”

“They seem to have been injured in a fight with other cultivators, the situation doesn’t seem to be as simple as you think,” Yang Kai said thoughtfully.


“Those sisters I met only had a Second Order and Third Order Saint Realm cultivation, they certainly wouldn’t be Liu Shan’s group’s opponent, but now this side is the one that was forced to escape with dead and wounded…”

“There are others inside the Chaotic Abyss?” Shen Tu immediately understood, “Moreover there’s definitely at least one master at the Saint King Realm!”

“The Sword Union’s people!” Yang Kai stated.

“Haha, then we’re in for a good show. Since the Sword Union has also sent forces to the Chaotic Abyss, there will definitely be a big fight. When that happens, we’ll have a chance to escape,” Shen Tu’s eyes flashed brilliantly.

“We’ll soon find out,” Yang Kai was also secretly looking forward to this. If something big didn’t happen soon to disrupt the situation, he would have to once again deal with Bi Ya.

Yang Kai really didn’t want to die beneath such a woman.

As such, he couldn’t wait for the situation to become as chaotic as possible.

“It’s Sword Union, Sword Union’s Starship is here too!” The cultivator that had been communicating with Liu Shan shouted, confirming Yang Kai and Shen Tu’s suspicions.

“What?” Ke Meng’s expression changed, “Their courage is big!”

As soon as he spoke, he realized that another Starship had been detected nearby, causing his look to sink.

During this time, the cultivator that had been speaking with Liu Shan opened the door to the Starship and let him and Bi Ya inside.

“Where are the Sword Union forces?” Shen Tu stretched out his neck and scanned their surroundings, but upon finding nothing at all, he was inevitably disappointed.

“If I were Sword Union, I would immediately leave the Chaotic Abyss after picking up those two sisters instead of chasing after this Purple Star Starship!” Yang Kai said calmly.

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