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Chapter 984 - You’re Also Lost?

Chapter 984: You’re Also Lost?

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In Tong Xuan Realm, Universe Bags were the common type of storage artifacts.

Only the Great Commanders of the Ancient Demon Clan possessed Space Rings which were refined by Great Demon God from some three leftover pieces of soulstone.

The value of these three rings was many times greater than that of a Universe Bag.

However, the first person Yang Kai had met out in the Star Field actually had a bracelet type storage artifact, and without a doubt the value of this bracelet was no less than the rings of the Ancient Demon Clan, perhaps even greater.

Could it be that in this vast Star Field, storage artifacts were common just like Star Shuttles?

Yang Kai quietly examined the little beauty’s wrist but didn’t discover a similar bracelet; instead, on her figure, he found a ring which gave off the same energy fluctuations as the big beauty’s bracelet.

Sure enough, she too had a higher grade storage artifact than a Universe Bag.

However, what puzzled Yang Kai was the material these storage artifacts were refined from was not soul stone, but some other unknown ore.

“What are you staring at? Acting all sneaky is really quite hateful,” He Miao noticed Yang Kai’s eyes staring and mistakenly thought he was harbouring improper thoughts, causing her to call him out on it.

“Sorry,” Yang Kai took back his gaze and shook his head, “I really don’t know what a Star Chart is, I’ve never heard of it before.”

“Never heard of it?” This time even the big beauty showed a look of distrust, a hint of anger even appearing on her pretty face.

“Elder Sister, don’t talk nonsense with him, if we linger here too long our whereabouts might be exposed. Just snatch his Star Chart quickly so we can leave here. He’s just a First Order Saint, he’s not our opponent.”

The look on the big beauty’s face began to waver, but she did not immediately take action, seemingly still hesitant.

She was obviously not someone who easily resorted to violence.

“Wait!” Yang Kai raised his hand and said, “Shouldn’t you at least explain to me what a Star Chart is? I really haven’t heard of it.”

Seeing the serious look on Yang Kai’s face, the big beauty couldn’t help grumbling under her breath.

Although Yang Kai’s words were too unbelievable, going this far for such a ridiculous lie was simply unthinkable; on top of that, she didn’t notice any unusual Soul fluctuations while he was speaking just now.

“Where are you from?” The big beauty asked hesitantly.

“Can I not say?” Yang Kai frowned, he had come to the Star Field alone to first find Su Yan and second to find a way forward for Tong Xuan Realm.

Compared with the vast Star Field, Tong Xuan Realm was too underdeveloped, if its location was exposed, it may very well draw the covetous eyes of some powerful master.

Therefore, Yang Kai didn’t want to mention Tong Xuan Realm’s name if possible.

“I can only say I am from a very small and remote place,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

“A lower world?” The big beauty’s delicate brow rose slightly, somewhat believing Yang Kai’s words. Only those from lower worlds wouldn’t know what a Star Chart was.

“En,” Yang Kai took advantage of her words.

“If you don’t mind, can you let me see your Star Shuttle?” The big beauty asked.

“Sure, why not?” Yang Kai smiled, using his Divine Sense to send the Star Shuttle under his feet over to the big beauty.

Yang Kai remained standing where he was.

Although their contact was very short and only a few words had been exchanged, making it impossible for Yang Kai to completely grasp the nature of these two women, he believed they weren’t unreasonable people. If they were, with the outward disparity in their cultivations, they wouldn’t have bothered talking to him and simply attacked straight away.

From their perspective, there wouldn’t have been a need for words.

The big beauty gently lifted her hand and received the Star Shuttle, the two sisters observing Yang Kai’s flight type artifact for only a moment before their eyes widened with shock.

Both pairs of beautiful eyes shifted to Yang Kai and flashed an amazed light.

Yang Kai looked himself over but didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, not understanding why these two young women were staring at him so awkwardly.

“Elder Sister, this person doesn’t have the protection of a Star Shuttle and didn’t even summon a defensive artifact, so why is he fine under the pressure from the Starry Sky? Isn’t he just a First Order Saint?” He Miao whispered her doubts.

“He also isn’t circulating his Saint Qi…” The big beauty was also quite shocked, “Is his physique simply that powerful?”

“Could he be hiding his cultivation? Is he actually a Saint King Realm master or higher?” He Miao thought of a possibility, her pretty face going pale as she spoke them out.

“It doesn’t seem like it…”

The two sisters whispered back and forth, concealing their voices from Yang Kai, who after a while couldn’t bear it anymore and called out, “Are you finished yet?”

The big beauty was startled and only then remembered that she was holding onto Yang Kai’s Star Shuttle. Quickly releasing her Divine Sense, she began to inspect the inside of the Star Shuttle but soon after shook her head with a look of disappointment.

After returning the Star Shuttle to Yang Kai, the big beauty wore a confused look and asked, “How did you manage to arrive here without a Star Chart?”

“In a nearby Asteroid Sea I discovered some traces of life and after following them, I ended up here,” Yang Kai explained.

“Your courage is quite big!” The big beauty couldn’t help expressing some admiration, “Your luck is also quite good, to think you actually managed to travel all the way out here with a damaged Star Shuttle.”

“Damaged?” Yang Kai was stunned, “It’s quite easy to use, how is it damaged?”

“You don’t know about Star Charts, so I can’t really explain it to you,” The big beauty faintly sighed.

“En,” Yang Kai didn’t force the issue and just let out a chuckle, “It seems you’re willing to believe me. En, even though I wasn’t able to assist you, I suppose it’s my turn to ask you for help.”

The big beauty however just shook her head, “If you want us to give you directions, I’m afraid we’ll have to disappoint you, we can’t help you.”

She seemed to understand what Yang Kai wanted help with and spoke in advance.

Yang Kai’s expression sank.

“Because we’ve been lost here for a long time,” The big beauty said slightly awkwardly.

“That’s why we asked you for your Star Chart,” The little beauty, He Miao, interjected, “With a proper Star Chart, we would be able to leave this place. How could we have known that inside your Star Shuttle there was no Star Chart at all.”

“You’re also lost?” Yang Kai suddenly wanted to laugh. He had gone through untold hardships to arrive here from Tong Xuan Realm, and when he finally met two living people and felt his luck had finally turned for the better, it turned out that the two of them were actually no different from him.

However, listening to these two’s words, Yang Kai was still able to obtain some useful information.

A Star Chart was probably a kind of map cultivators used to navigate the Starry Sky or the Star Field, and the storage location for these Star Charts was definitely inside one’s Star Shuttle.

Yang Kai suddenly recalled that when he was refining the Star Shuttle, he had seen a vast Starry Sky inside the Star Shuttle, as if it had been reduced countless times over and placed inside it.

“En, we also became lost, what’s so funny about it?” The big beauty saw the corners of Yang Kai’s lips curl upwards and became somewhat angry out of shame.

Yang Kai quickly adjusted his expression and asked, “How did you become lost?”

“The Star Chart in our Star Shuttle was damaged, so we can’t find the appropriate direction to go. This is a fatal problem for any cultivator flying through the Star Field. If our Star Chart had become damaged somewhere else, we might still be able to find our way back, but in this place, it’s different.”

“Why is it different here?”

“Looking at your ignorant expression, you really don’t know anything about the Star Field,” The big beauty muttered somewhat impatiently, apparently not prepared to explain any further to Yang Kai, instead just stretching out her jade finger, condensing a wisp of white light and sending it over to him.

“Look over it yourself, I’ve included some basic common sense things in it. I hope you find a way out, so goodbye.” Saying so, she activated her Star Shuttle and flew away.

He Miao, who stood behind her Elder Sister, made a face towards Yang Kai just before the two sisters disappeared into the distance.

Yang Kai shook his head wryly but didn’t try to stop them.

Since they were also lost, there wasn’t any point in asking them for directions.

Absorbing the white light he received from the big beauty into his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai began examining it.

This wisp of light was a package of Spiritual Energy which carried some information inside it, but there wasn’t much.

However, to the current Yang Kai, this little bit of information was still extremely precious.

Among this information were details about the role of Star Charts. As Yang Kai had guessed, a Star Chart was indeed a road map to guide cultivators flying through the Starry Sky.

When a cultivator wanted to fly from one world to another, crossing an incredibly vast distance, they would purchase an appropriate Star Chart. Each Star Chart was different as they were manufactured from the Spiritual Energy of experts in this field.

These purchased Star Charts could be stored inside one’s Star Shuttle, and a cultivator only needed to circulate their Qi and Spiritual Energy to activate it, allowing their Star Shuttle to safely follow the route depicted in the Star Chart, avoiding many potential dangers. With a proper Star Chart, there wasn’t even any need for a cultivator to manual change steer their Star Shuttle, as it would simply move forward automatically according to the laid out route.

The Star Chart inside a Star Shuttle could be replaced, and erased.

These were just some of the wondrous uses a Star Chart had.

Yang Kai immediately realized the importance of Star Charts and understood why the two sisters had wanted to copy his.

However, Yang Kai had only inadvertently obtained his Star Shuttle and it was unknown how long it had been drifting through the Starry Sky. Even if it had a Star Chart at one point, it had long ago disappeared.

The miniaturized version of the Star Field stored inside his Star Shuttle was also quite badly damaged, so it was likely impossible for it to store a new Star Chart.

This was why the two sisters had said that his Star Shuttle was damaged.

In addition to the information the big beauty had passed him about Star Charts and Star Shuttles, she also explained to him his current location.

The Chaotic Abyss!

This piece of information greatly stunned Yang Kai. This incredibly beautiful stretch of the Starry Sky, where Yang Kai had even seriously thought about entering retreat to cultivate, was one of the Star Fields most dangerous restricted areas, the Chaotic Abyss!

The massive, beautiful stars in this region not only exuded massive amounts of energy, they also created a twisted and chaotic domain that confused one’s senses, causing cultivators to easily become lost. Worse off, it was extremely difficult to leave this chaotic field, causing many who inadvertently entered to become trapped inside forever.

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