Martial Peak

Chapter 965 - One Old One Young

Chapter 965, One Old One Young

Thunder Dragon Great Senior’s tone was bitter, and when Yang Kai glanced over at him he and immediately understood that he somewhat dreaded this enchantress, quickly composing himself with a cough and saying, “Let’s get down to business.”

The expressions of the three Great Seniors also became serious.

“Words alone aren’t enough to describe the situation, it would be best if three Seniors see for themselves!” Yang Kai quickly said.

“See for ourselves?” Thunder Dragon’s brows rose slightly, not quite understanding what it was Yang Kai wanted them to see.

“If three Seniors trust me, please lower your Knowledge Sea defences,” Yang Kai said as he gathered a shimmering ball of white light at his fingertips. This ball of light was composed of Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy and carried the same fluctuations as his Soul; obviously it was a copy of some of his memories.

The three Monster Race Great Seniors exchanged a glance before all nodding.

Yang Kai pointed his finger towards their foreheads and transferred the Spiritual Energy wisp that carried his memories into their Knowledge Seas.

The three Great Senior’s bodies shook slightly and they quickly closed their eyes to carefully examine the information Yang Kai had delivered them.

What Yang Kai transmitted to them was not only everything he saw in the Demon Capital, but also the events he had witnessed in Water Spirit Temple.

After a long time, the three Monster Race Great Seniors slowly opened their eyes, their expression even more dignified than before.

They now deeply understood how difficult the Bone Race was to deal with.

“I didn’t expect that this matter was actually related to Great Demon God himself.” Thunder Dragon muttered to himself.

“On top of that, my Monster Race’s Seniors also fought with those Starry Sky invaders!” Yu’er’s brow furrowed deeply, “Why have I never heard anything about this? With so many of my Monster Race’s Seniors dying in battle, it should have been a glorious event passed down for many generations.”

“Above the Saint Realm is the Saint King Realm? Since ancient times, only Great Demon God has reached such a level?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox called out, “Truly inconceivable!”

“What do you want us to do?” Thunder Dragon looked towards Yang Kai.

“Help me!” Yang Kai said concisely, “According to my observations, the Bone Race doesn’t have a Saint King powerhouse, the strongest of them are only Third-Order Saints, but there are several of them. The biggest difficulty regarding them is their ability to create new clansmen!”

“They may seem incredibly powerful and nigh invincible, but that is not the case. If the Human, Monster, and Demon Races can join forces and rally together all the world’s masters, destroying them shouldn’t be impossible.”

Thunder Dragon nodded, “If we are going to do this, the sooner the better. The longer we wait, the worse the situation will be for us.”

“I think so as well.”

“Old Ox, Yu’er, what do you think?” Thunder Dragon turned his attention to the other two Great Seniors, “This matter affects our entire Monster Race, this King is unable to make a decision all on his own.”

“I’ll follow your lead!” Yu’er gave the decision to Thunder Dragon while Earth Splitting Divine Ox just shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t care either way.

Thunder Dragon grinned, “Even that Zhang Yuan plans on getting involved, how could my Monster Race possibly stay out? If the word were to spread to that effect, wouldn’t the world’s common people laugh at our Monster Race’s cowardice? You can count us in!”

Yang Kai’s spirit rose as he nodded repeatedly, “Good, I knew Thunder Dragon Great Senior was an upright man.”

Thunder Dragon shook his head and said, “This is not about me helping you, but about my Monster Race seeking a path to survival! Tong Xuan Realm is not those Bone Race bastards’ site, it’s ours.”

After the three Great Seniors agreed to participate, they immediately dispersed to begin mustering their forces.

The Beast Sea Jungle was not far from Nine Heavens Holy Lands, so once they called up their subordinates, they would soon be able to join up with Yang Kai; at least they would be faster than the Demon Race.

Both the Demon and Monster Race had taken a stand, indicating they would use their full strength to intervene in this matter, causing Yang Kai to feel a bit disappointed that the powerhouses of the Human Race had actually not made their position clear.

Besides the forces which had close ties with Nine Heavens Holy Land or Yang Kai personally, most Human forces were maintaining a wait-and-see attitude.

They had all assumed that the situation was not too serious and that even if this plague spread out, it would not affect them greatly.

The ambiguous attitude of these forces caused Great Elder Xu Hui so much frustration that he couldn’t stop himself from cursing vehemently, but in the end, he was helpless to change the situation.

One day, a pair of men, one old, one young, arrived outside Nine Heavens Holy Land. The old man had a head of messy white hair but exuded a sage-like poise while the youth had extremely pretty features, so much so that many women would secretly be jealous of him.

“Master, we’ve arrived,” The pretty young man looked towards the nine peaks and took a deep breath, “That guy is living quite well now, actually occupying such a big paradise.”

The old man just lightly stroked his beard and smiled, “You don’t need to envy others, we Master and Disciple have freely travelled the world and gained much as well.”

“En, what Master said is true,” The young man nodded respectfully, “That being the case, why did Master suddenly decide to come here?”

The old man chuckled, “I heard that there is an Alchemy Grandmaster here, naturally I wish to greet him.”

“How could there be an Alchemy Grandmaster comparable to Master?” The young man laughed, obviously not taking his Master’s words seriously, his expression suddenly become dignified as he seemingly thought out loud, “Could it be Master does not want the Human Race to embarrass themselves?”

“If you already know, why bother asking?” The old man sighed slightly, “The world’s situation is worrying, but he is young. How many people can he really gather? The Demon Race and Monster Race have already begun to take action while my Human Race actually feigns ignorance and cannot coalesce. This old master has hidden himself for a long time, but now is the time I should appear.”

“I knew that this was Master’s true intentions!” The youth laughed happily, already having understood the old man’s plan.

“Good, there are some disciples over there standing guard, go inform them of our arrival,” The old man waved his hand and the young man quickly stepped forward, arriving in front of the Holy Land disciples and speaking a few words.

The disciple on guard duty listened carefully and quickly said, “Please wait a moment, I will go to inform Great Elder!”

Inside the Pill Room located in the Holy Master Court, Yang Kai was refining pills together with Little Senior Sister and the five Grandmasters when he suddenly heard footsteps outside the door.

His brow wrinkling, Yang Kai put down what he was working on and quietly left the room.

Outside the door, Xu Hui was waiting.

“What is it?” Yang Kai asked.

“There is a guest outside the nine peaks requesting to meet Holy Master.”

“Who is its?”

“According to the disciple’s report, the one who asked to see Holy Master called himself Di Yao!”

“Di Yao?” Yang Kai’s body shook as he hurriedly asked, “Did he come alone or was he together with an old man?”

Xu Hui was startled, not understanding why Yang Kai suddenly seemed so excited but quickly replying, “He really is accompanied by an old man.”

Before Xu Hui could even finish speaking, Yang Kai had rushed out towards the entrance to the nine peaks.

Xu Hui scratched his head in confusion.

He had never seen Yang Kai so urgently leave to welcome any guest; with Nine Heavens Holy Land’s current status, very few guests were even qualified to be received personally by the Holy Master.

Just what kind of identity did this Di Yao possess that let the Holy Master hold him in such high regard?

As he was wondering about this, Yang Kai actually rushed back again.

Xu Hui was stunned and called out, “Holy Master, you…”

Once again, before he could finish his words, Yang Kai rushed past him and dove into the Pill Room. A moment later, the angry shouts of the five Grandmasters rang out, “Boy, wasting my furnace’s pill, if you don’t give me a reasonable explanation, I must go all out with you!”

“My pill was also ruined! It’s such a waste of these precious Saint Grade herbs!”

“Heavens, what are you doing kid? Squandering the gifts of Heaven!”

“Stop trying to pull me, I must remain here to perform Alchemy, I refuse to leave!”

“See someone? This old master refuses!”

“En en, what person is possibly more important than our Alchemy?”

“Just try saying that again, what qualifications does this person have to make us old masters go out to greet him? I refuse, tell him to go away!”

The five Grandmasters shouted chaotically, obviously very discontented that Yang Kai had interrupted their Alchemy.

Xu Hui then vaguely heard Yang Kai whisper something.

Suddenly, the five Grandmaster stopped shouting, falling completely silent as if they had all become mutes.

Xu Hui then heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming from the room.

Immediately, the five Grandmasters rushed out and dashed down the hall, each of them wearing a frantic look as they did their best to pull away from the others.

Even the rotund Chang Bao refused to fall behind, his roll of fat undulating fiercely as he ran faster than a rabbit, actually relying on his immense figure to knock the other Grandmasters out of his way and take the lead.

Xu Hui stared dumbfounded at this scene.

When had he ever seen these world famous Grandmasters so completely lose their composure before?

“Several Grandmasters, please wait a moment!” Xu Hui only had time to shout out briefly before the five people disappeared.

Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang also hurriedly flew past him.

“What is going on?” Xu Hui muttered out loud as he was lost in confusion.

Outside the nine peaks, when Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang arrived, they saw the five Grandmasters gathered around a white-haired old man. The Grandmasters’ faces were all filled with looks of worship as they cautiously and haltingly spoke to this old man.

Chang Bao wiped the sweat from his forehead while wearing a huge smile. It seems he had received some praise from the old man causing his face to blush brightly with excitement.

“Brother Yang!” The youth standing next to the old man called out to greet Yang Kai.

“Brother Di!” Yang Kai warmly returned the greetings, “It has been many years.”

“Indeed, the events of Floating Cloud City were nearly ten years ago. Oh…” Di Yao was saying when he suddenly caught sight of Xia Ning Chang and exclaimed, “Aren’t you the girl from that time. Why are you here?”

“This is my Senior Sister, Xia Ning Chang!”

“Senior Sister…” Di Yao’s expression froze up but quickly remembered, “So you finally found her? Congratulations!”

“Many thanks, Brother Di,” Yang Kai smiled before walking over to the old man and respectfully saluting, “Junior Yang Kai, greets Old Man Li!”

Xia Ning Chang also performed an elegant greeting.

“Little Friend Yang does not need to be so polite,” Old Man Li smiled and nodded, “This old master has arrived unannounced, I hope Little Friend Yang won’t take offence?”

“Old Man Li must be joking, Old Man Li patronizing my Holy Land with Brother Di is this Junior’s honour, how could I possibly take offence? Please come inside!” Yang Kai opened the way and gesturing towards the nine peaks.

Old Man Li smiled and nodded, and while being escorted by the five Grandmasters, strolled into Nine Heavens Holy Land.

The disciples on guard duty who saw this scene almost had their eyes pop out of their sockets, wondering just what kind of status this old and young pair possessed that garnered such respect from the five Grandmasters and their Holy Master.

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