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Chapter 94 – Seal

Chapter 94 - Seal

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Following Xia Ning Chang’s strange movements, the entire valley’s dense Yin Qi began to react. If one were to look down at the valley, the scene would be quite similar to that of a pot of boiling water; it was like the Yin Qi was alive, repeatedly rolling around and around, intimidating to the extreme.

“Not good!” Wen Fei Chen shouted. Although he wasn’t too sure what Xia Ning Chang was doing, but as a powerhouse of the true element fifth boundary, he could more or less understand that it wouldn’t be good for them.

This female probably set up some sort of formation within this valley earlier and was rushing to activate it now.

If she truly activated this formation, then this situation might be turned around.

“Put some effort in! Quickly help me break this light screen!” Wen Fei Chen bellowed out. He wanted to capture Xia Ning Chang before she successfully activated that mysterious formation or there would be no end to this matter.

“You guys come over too, otherwise I will kill you right now!” Wen Fei Chen threatened those Storm House disciples who were just standing off to the side.

Nu Lang and others, how could they dare hesitate. Afterall, for a battle such as this, they knew their limits and were completely unable to contribute. This had caused them to watch from the sidelines. But once Wen Fei Chen’s order came, they quickly jumped in to assist him.

Although their skills were weak, if combined, it could still whittle away at the light screen’s defense.

The twelve people present all squeezed out all of their power, attacking the barrier with all their might.

Although waves rippled across its surface making it appear like it was about to break, it still held firm.

Inside the barrier, Kai Yang’s heart palpitated rapidly. He wanted to help, but his cultivation was far too low to do anything. He could only stand next to Xia Ning Chang so that if the barrier fell, he could used what little strength he possessed to protect her.

Xia Ning Chang’s hand movements gradually became faster and faster, until after images were formed. This caused the Yin Qi to blow more fiercely and shrilly, it sounded like the howls of wolves and the wailing of ghosts, causing hearts to shudder.

While Wen Fei Chen’s face revealed his greed; he had underestimated the grade of the defensive artifact. It should at least be a heaven grade upper level defensive artifact, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to hold up for such a long period of time without breaking.

Heaven grade upper level ah. This thing was able to block attacks from cultivators at the upper boundaries of the immortal ascension boundary. So if he possessed this treasure, it would be equivalent to gaining an extra life.

After the time it took to burn a stick of incense, a tiny crack appeared on the light barrier.

With the appearance of the crack, Xia Ning Chang’s face also turned white! In order to use this defensive artifact, Xia Ning Chang had used up a good portion of her World Qi. Furthermore, in order to complete this formation that she was doing, she need to utilize waves of her World Qi further depleting her World Qi.

Seeing this ray of hope, Wen Fei Chen urged the others to attack more furiously, while increasing his killing intent. Although it looked ordinary and harmless, he urged his World Qi to rise up from his body and push forwards.

Throwing a powerful palm strike on the surface, the entire barrier shook, along with Xia Ning Chang’s petite body. With this strike, her face became even more white.

Crack, crack, crack…….finally, cracks had started to streak across the barrier like a spiderweb.

“Ha ha ha!” He laughed out loudly. Wen Fei Chen had faith that as long as he let out another full powered strike, he would be able to fully breakthrough.

But before he could release this final palm strike, the Yin Qi within the valley suddenly settled down. The howling and wailing that he could hear, also disappeared.

Xia Ning Chang’s clear and pure as star eyes glittered and she called out in her lovable voice: “Seal!”

At that moment, Xia Ning Chang’s preparations were complete!

Crash, crash…….from the sky, chains suddenly appeared along with the sound of locks locking.

Looking up in confusion, they could see ten foot long chains, that were coarse and black, floating in the sky. These black chains excluded a dense Yin Qi and a chill that froze the heart.

These black Yin Qi chains, floated around the heads of the Blood Group and Storm House. In the next instant, as if they had a mind of their own, they flew towards the people.

His face contorting, Wen Fei Chen knew that he was step too late. Hurrying, he hastily sent another palm strike towards the barrier.

At the same time, Xia Ning Chang’s body flashed as she once again activated her defensive artifact.

But that palm strike pushed on unobstructed towards Xia Ning Chang.

At that instant, the vigilant Kai Yang finally found an opportunity to move. Just as the palm was about to arrived, he quickly pulled Xia Ning Chang to the side, but he was still a bit too slow, as the palm grazed her body. When that strike grazed her, Xia Ning Chang’s adorable face shivered. Without any hesitation, Kai Yang pushed her head into his chest and rapidly dashed away with her.

The enemy had far too many people and their cultivations were far too high. He wasn’t so stupid as to face them head on.

As Kai Yang carried Xia Ning Chang away to escape, those Yin Qi chains finally trapped the experts from the Blood Group.

There were eight of these chains in total. With Wen Fei Chen’s special attention to Xia Ning Chang, three of these chains sped straight towards him. The remaining five chains made their way towards the separation and reunion boundary and qi transforming staged experts of the Blood Group.

Those who were being captured by these chains thought their lives were going to end. But just as they thought this, the eight chains seemed to disappear into their bodies and out of sight.

Wen Fei Chen immediately felt that his true element boundary cultivation had been suppressed. Releasing a groan, he then spat out a mouthful of blood.

Those three experts at the separation and reunion boundary, as well as the qi transforming staged disciple were in the same predicament. Their faces had all turned quite pale and they all vomited out blood.

Meanwhile the remaining qi transforming disciple directly stopped breathing and fell to the ground dead!

“What is happening?” Long Hui shouted out vigorously, for he had watched all that had happened. Just as he realised the opponent possessed a heaven grade defensive artifact and was thinking about how to defile Xia Ning Chang’s body, it had all changed. In an instant, someone from his side had died, while five were seriously injured; even Wen Fei Chen was in a sorry state!

How could Long Hui not be angry? The duck that was at his lips, suddenly flew away!

“Please calm down young master Long.” Gritting his teeth against the pain, Wen Fei Chen managed to call out and began to use his World Qi to forcibly suppress and expel the chill in his body. His voice extremely weak, he began to explain: “I’m afraid that, that female had set up some things here before hand. Borrowing the environment, she was able to activate some mysterious skills and gain the upper hand. Due to a moment of negligence, I allowed her to succeed.”

“Trash, a group of trash!” Long Hui stamped his foot in fury, before continuing loudly: “So many people to deal with just two people and you still lost.”

A hint of anger appeared on Wen Fei Chen’s face, but he suppressed his anger and said: “Although we suffered a loss, that female definitely isn’t in a much better condition. I’m afraid that she doesn’t have any more World Qi left. So if we are able to find them now, they would be pigs on the chopping board!”

Itching to get this plan underway, Long Hui ordered: “Then what are you waiting for, hurry up and chase after them!”

Turning his gaze towards the Storm House disciples, he commanded: “I’ll give you a chance to save yourselves. If you are able to capture that female and bring her back to me, then I, Wen Fei Chen promise to bring you out of here safely!”

Just then, Xia Ning Chang’s eight chains had all targeted powerhouses from the Blood Group, so it was the Storm House’s people that had suffered no major injuries. Of the five that had entered the valley, none had died and their conditions were much better than the Blood Group’s.

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