Martial Peak

Chapter 922 - Seek

Chapter 922, Seek

Time flew by and soon a month had passed. The Holy Land disciples sent out by Xu Hui to inquire about recent events had returned and after listening to their reports, the Great Elder also vaguely realized that the world seemed to have undergone a subtle change and immediately rushed to the Holy Master Court to see Yang Kai.

Yang Kai had been long anticipating this report so he did not even go to the pill room today.

Inside the main hall, Xu Hui wore a solemn expression and said, “Holy Master, the disciple sent out travelled around for a month, taking note of various events they encountered along the road and found a very strange phenomenon.”


“Throughout the entire world, many entrances to different Mysterious Small Worlds had appeared!”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as his expression tightened.

After seeing the Holy Tomb, the door to the Starry Sky, and the entrance to the Mysterious Small World which appeared two thousand kilometers away from the nine peaks all open on their own, Yang Kai had a bad premonition so ordered Xu Hui to send out disciples to explore the situation.

The results of this investigation were basically the in line with his assumptions, only deepening his unease.

Xu Hui continued, “The disciples’ investigations found that the entrances to these Mysterious Small Worlds seemed to all opened on their own, and at the exact same time. Currently, all the world’s cultivators are caught up in a fever of Mysterious Small World treasure hunting, with countless people rushing in and out of different Mysterious Small Worlds. The disciples reported that most of these Mysterious Small Worlds were empty, without any signs of even the most basic life, only occasionally did one of them contain some Ancient Ruins and treasures.”

“Were they able to determine exactly when these entrances opened?”

Xu Hui nodded, “It seems to have occurred a month and a half ago.”

One and a half months ago… Hearing this, Yang Kai’s suspicions were all but confirmed as that was exactly around the time when he rescued Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang.

[Was that strange space and Great Demon God’s Soul Clone really related somehow to these Mysterious Small Worlds suddenly opening up?]

Great Demon God had said that those eight stone pillars were the keystone to the entire world and if it was destroyed, there would be unimaginable consequences.

Was the current situation related to these words?

Was it because the keystone of Tong Xuan Realm was destroyed that all the hidden Mysterious Small Worlds around the world reappeared? However, if that was the case, it wasn’t exactly a bad thing, so why did Great Demon God’s Soul Clone issue such a dire warning?

From the tone of his speech at the time, it was like a catastrophe would occur once the stone pillars were destroyed, causing Yang Kai a great deal of concern.

Seeing Yang Kai’s fluctuating expression, Xu Hui did not dare to speak and simply stood by and waited for further instructions.

After a long silence, Great Elder tentatively asked, “Holy Master, do you want to send out teams from the Holy Land to explore these Mysterious Small Worlds? Perhaps there will be some unexpected gains. Recently, all the disciples have been spending their time in secluded cultivation so going out and moving about will do them some good.”

Yang Kai raised his head and hesitated for only a moment before suddenly nodding, “Good, allow the Holy Land’s disciples to go out and explore these Mysterious Small Worlds, but let them pay attention to one thing in particular.”

“Holy Master, please advise us!”

“If they come across or hear about a Mysterious Small World that contains places called ‘Central Capital’, ‘Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’, or ‘Tian Lang Dynasty’, they must report back to the Holy Land immediately!”

“Yes!” Xu Hui didn’t ask what these names meant but from the look on Yang Kai’s face along he could tell that they were definitely important to him.

“In addition, send a message to Wu Jie. Tell him I have something to ask of him!” Yang Kai also said.

Great Elder nodded and respectfully retired.

Sitting on a chair in the main hall, Yang Kai heart raced.

Although this incident was quite unexpected, it may also provide him with an opportunity to return to the Central Capital.

Yang Kai had always been concerned about his friends and relatives back in the Central Capital, but he had so far not been able to find his way back there. When he first came to Tong Xuan Realm, he had been a wanderer with low strength, but now he had settled down and was the master of a giant force; naturally, he wanted to bring his loved ones here so that they could enjoy a better cultivation environment.

The entrances to all the Mysterious Small World which had been hidden throughout the world had opened by themselves, so one of them definitely lead to the world he was seeking.

Because, strictly speaking, the world Yang Kai originated from was a Mysterious Small World.

But unlike other Mysterious Small Worlds, the world containing the Central Capital was much bigger.

If a Saint Realm powerhouse with malicious intentions found their way to the Central Capital, the Eight Great Families would be unable to put up any resistance.

As such, he had to find his way home as soon as possible lest someone beat him there and cause harm to his friends or family.

An hour later, Wu Jie arrived.

Yang Kai asked him to let the disciples of Netherworld Sect seek out any news about the Central Capital. Wu Jie immediately agreed and left to make arrangements.

Since aligning himself with Yang Kai, Wu Jie’s Netherworld Sect had experienced great growth, so he would not refuse Yang Kai’s request.

After doing this, Yang Kai said a few words to Xia Ning Chang before summoning the Flying Heavens Shuttle and flying off alone in a blue streak of light.

One day later, Yang Kai appeared in Soaring Heaven Sect.

Atop Serene Resplendent Peak, he found Fei Yu and asked her to use the power of Soaring Heaven Sect to help him pay attention to any new as well.

Without delay, Yang Kai left again.

Two days later, inside Dragon Phoenix Palace.

Inside the Dragon Pavilion, Sun Yu, the Dragon Emperor, sat cross-legged and cultivated the most precious Martial Skills and Secret Arts available in Dragon Phoenix Palace.

Since Sun Yu successfully entered the Dragon Valley a few years ago and obtained the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance, he became the most eye-catching existence in the entire Dragon Phoenix Palace.

Palace Master Chen Zhou and all the Elders also regarded him as the greatest hope for revitalizing their Sect, providing him with the best possible environment and cultivation resources.

It had been a year and a half since he safely emerged from Dragon Valley and during this time, Sun Yu had made some progress in his cultivation, but not enough to satisfy himself.

When Sun Yu entered Dragon Valley in the past, he spent just two years to grow from the True Element Boundary Seventh Stage to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage, crossing an entire Great Realm.

But now, after a year and a half in the outside world, he had only managed to cultivate to the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary. A somewhat slow and disappointing rate of progress.

However, because of his identity as Dragon Emperor, the Palace Master and Elders did not say anything and simply waited patiently for the day he would one day soar.

Only Sun Yu knew the truth though, he was not the real Dragon Emperor.

The reason his strength increased so rapidly those two years inside Dragon Valley was all thanks to that Senior’s guidance. After that Senior left though, during this past year and a half, Sun Yu’s diligent cultivation was only able to guarantee that his strength grew faster than ordinary people.

However, even this rate of growth certainly left Palace Master Chen and the other Elders somewhat disappointed.

On top of that, Palace Master Chen had been constantly trying to help him choose a Phoenix Empress, forcing Sun Yu to constantly declare he needed to enter secluded retreat in order to avoid the issue.

Thanks to Sun Yu entering seclusion, the search for a Phoenix Empress finally came to an impasse.

While sitting in meditation, Sun Yu’s heart suddenly clenched as he felt as if someone was staring at him and the aura surrounding his room change subtly.

His eyes shooting open, Sun Yu shouted, “Who goes there?”

Standing right in front of Sun Yu was a young man who was staring at him with a friendly smile as he applauded, “Your senses have become quite sharp. It seems your growth has not been small.”

Hearing the voice of this person and then looking at his appearance, Sun Yu was overjoyed, quickly got up, and shouted, “Senior Yang?”

Yang Kai gently nodded.

“How did you come here? When did you arrive?” Sun Yu asked excitedly as he rushed over to Yang Kai.

“I just got here,” Yang Kai replied casually, “Speak softly; there are two Transcendents outside guarding this place.”

“En,” Sun Yu glanced outside and couldn’t help but shrink his neck, lowering his voice before retrieving a nearby chair, “Senior Yang, please have a seat.”

After waiting for Yang Kai to sit down, Sun Yu respectfully poured him a glass of water and then stood straight nearby, a big smile upon his face, as if he was welcoming his closest family member.

Sweeping Sun Yu with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai gently nodded, “Your cultivation has progressed well; you’ve been practising hard.”

Sun Yu wore a bitter expression and shook his head, “Senior Yang, please don’t make fun of me; although this kind of progress may be better than an average person, compared to the expectations of Palace Master Chen and Master, it’s actually quite disappointing. Even I’m not satisfied with myself.”

“There’s no need to rush, growing steadily is always for the best.”

“Senior Yang, when can you explain everything to Palace Master? the pressure I’ve been under all this time has been quite difficult to bear,” Sun Yu asked helplessly.

“I understand how you feel,” Yang Kai replied, “But now is not the time.”

In the beginning, after transforming from an ordinary disciple to the hope of the entire Sect, Sun Yu quite enjoyed the attention and praise, but after truly coming to understand the burden that had been placed on his shoulder, he began to realize just how difficult being in such a position was.

Enormous pressure and expectations were now part of everyday life for him.

“Wait a little longer,” Yang Kai comforted. He was planning on waiting to first reunite with Su Yan and bring her here to accept the Phoenix Empress’ inheritance from the Phoenix Nest before revealing the truth to Dragon Phoenix Palace. With the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress appearing before them, presumably, they would happily accept.

“Then did Senior Yang come here this time because he needs something from me?”

“En, I do have something I’d like your help with,” Yang Kai’s expression became serious as he made the same request to Sun Yu as he did to Wu Jie and Fei Yu.

Sun Yu naturally did not decline.

Half a day later, many elites from Dragon Phoenix Palace were dispatched in all directions under the command of Palace Master Chen Zhou.

Yang Kai said goodbye to Sun Yu and left Dragon Phoenix Palace, standing atop the Flying Heavens Shuttle as he released his Divine Sense into his surroundings, observing the area all around him as he flew forward.

He had used all of his personal relationships in order to seek out news about Central Capital as soon as possible.

Originally, he also planned on paying a visit to Water Spirit Temple as well, but after thinking about it, Shui Ling knew about his origins so if Water Spirit Temple really found a Void Corridor leading to his previous world, Shui Ling would definitely send word to Nine Heavens Holy Land about it.

As he rapidly flew through the sky, Yang Kai constantly scanned the ground below and as soon as he noticed any trace of Void Energy fluctuations nearby, he would immediately investigate. If it turned out to be the entrance to a Mysterious Small World, he would directly enter it in order to check if it led home.

Unfortunately, each time Yang Kai was met with disappointment, causing him to feel a sense of anxiety and impatience.

The Central Capital’s Eight Great Families were second to none in his old world, but compared to the forces of Tong Xuan Realm, they weren’t even worth mentioning. If they were discovered by some powerful force from this world, things would turn bad very quickly.

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