Martial Peak

Chapter 919 - Mysterious Small World

Chapter 919: Mysterious Small World

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Yang Kai and Li Rong returned together, but seeing his state of concentration, Li Rong said nothing for fear of disturbing him and only followed behind him silently.

A short time later, the pair returned to the nine peaks.

Upon arriving though, Li Rong suddenly whispered, “Master, there seems to be something going on down below with the people who have come to request Alchemy services.”

“Hm?” Yang Kai woke up from his contemplation and looked down, quickly noticing the commotion that was taking place. Many of the cultivators who came to request Alchemy were gathering together in groups, whispering to each other while some others even left the line entirely and flew away from the nine peaks.

Seeing them leave in such a hurry, it seemed like they had just discovered something important.

Because the Holy Land had announced that they would not be accepting any Alchemy requests for ten days, many of the masters waiting outside the nine peaks had become a bit bored; however, none of them had ever left, yet now, for some reason, many people were giving up their spots in the queue and flying off.

What’s more, the number of cultivators leaving was actually quite high.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed, unable to understand why this was taking place, quickly changing direction and flying over to the stone pavilion just outside the nine peaks.

Inside the stone pavilion, Meng Tian Fei and Luo Sheng, two Holy Land Elders who were currently responsible for maintaining the order of this place, were also directing curious looks towards the crowd, also seemingly at a loss to explain why this was happening.

A moment later, Yang Kai appeared in front of them along with Li Rong.

The two Elders quickly stood up and saluted.

“What happened here?” Yang Kai gestured to them to relax and asked quietly.

“This subordinate does not know. A short time ago, a lone cultivator came to join the lineup but after he quietly whispered something to some of the others nearby, many people began leaving,” Luo Sheng answered.

“Where is that person now?” Yang Kai asked.

“At the end of the queue,” Luo Sheng pointed the person out. Yang Kai looked around and soon found that standing at the end of the line was a Transcendent Realm middle-aged man with a shrewd look on his face, his eyes flashing with a crafty light as he saw more and more cultivators leave the lineup, slowly stepping forward each time with a smug smile on his lips.

“Do you want us to go investigate the situation?” Luo Sheng asked.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded.

Luo Sheng immediately set out.

A short time later, Luo Sheng returned with a strange look on his face and reported, “Holy Master, that man said he coincidentally discovered the entrance to a Mysterious Small World on his way here; the ones who are leaving are apparently going to explore that Mysterious Small World.”

“The entrance to a Mysterious Small World?” Yang Kai muttered.

“En, the words he said are reliable, it’s unlike he is lying.”

“Since he found the entrance to a Mysterious Small World, why not go in and explore it himself instead of coming here and spreading the news. If others go in, would they take away all the benefits inside?” Meng Tian Fei put on a suspicious look, “Is that fellow plotting something?”

“He said that his strength is low and that he is alone so he dared not enter rashly,” Luo Sheng shrugged his shoulders.

Yang Kai wore a dignified expression as he sank into contemplation for a moment, occasionally glancing over at the man in question, a moment later asking, “Did he state clearly where the entrance to that Mysterious Small World was?”

“Two thousand kilometres east of here!” Luo Sheng pointed east.

“Li Rong, let’s go have a look,” Yang Kai stood up immediately.

“Holy Master, do you want me to inform Great Elder and let him go with you too?” Luo Sheng asked.

“No need, we’re just going to have a look, and if my guess is right, there should be nothing valuable inside that Mysterious Small World,” Yang Kai said confidently before leaving together with Li Rong again.

Arriving in an isolated spot, Yang Kai summoned the Flying Heavens Shuttle, hopped on board, and then took off like a streak of blue lightning, disappearing across the horizon in an instant.

Onboard the Flying Heavens Shuttle, Li Rong asked, “Master, do you believe what that man was saying? The entrances to Mysterious Small Worlds have always been hidden and are generally quite difficult to discover, there are many issues with his story.”

In this world, there were many hidden, isolated spaces, some of which were large while others were small, collectively they were known as Mysterious Small Worlds. Some Mysterious Small Worlds were barren; containing nothing at all inside, others though were home living creatures, some Mysterious Small Worlds even contained ancient ruins and relics. In short, there was always a chance that one of these isolate spaces would contain shocking wealth, allowing the one who found it to instantly become rich, never having to worry about food or resources for the rest of their life.

So, in Tong Xuan Realm, there were some cultivators who dedicated their lives to seeking out Mysterious Small World, braving the various dangers they discovered inside and obtaining treasures from them.

However, over time, the undiscovered Mysterious Small Worlds were becoming few and fewer, with all of the easy-to-find entrances having already been sought out by various cultivators while the rest were extremely well hidden or difficult to enter.

The cultivator who came to seek Alchemy services said that he just happened to find an entrance to a Mysterious Small World. Naturally, it was suspicious.

But in this world where people constantly risked their lives for even meager benefits, it was inevitable that some would be captivated by this man’s story and rush to the position he indicated to investigate.

If an undiscovered Mysterious Small World really existed, as long as they could enter and search it, they might be able to find something of value. Even if there was nothing inside though, they’d only have lost a little time.

“I know, but this time I’m pretty sure he was being at least somewhat earnest. That man’s strength wasn’t very high, yet he still dared to spread such a rumour, if those people go there and discover nothing, they’ll all come back looking for compensation. How could he possibly dig his own grave like that when he’s constantly wearing that shrewd look?”

Listening to Yang Kai, Li Rong felt his analysis was reasonable and nodded, “So, he really found a hidden entrance? His luck is quite good.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “It has nothing to do with him at all, the entrance to that Mysterious Small World probably showed up all on its own, he just happened to pass by and discover it.”

“Opened on its own?” Li Rong covered her mouth and called out in alarm, “Does Master mean it’s the same as the entrance to the Holy Tomb and the door to the Starry Sky?”

“It’s just my guess, therefore I need to see it for myself,” Yang Kai nodded.

“I wonder if there is anything good inside,” Li Rong couldn’t help feeling a bit more enthusiastic.

“There should be nothing inside,” Yang Kai laughed, “That man surely took a look inside or there were others who had taken the lead to investigate it already rather than the excuse he gave about his strength being too low that he didn’t dare to explore it. It was because he somehow determined that there was nothing valuable inside that he decided to spread the word of it so that the cultivators who were ahead of him in the line would leave, reducing the time he would need to wait to request Alchemy services from the Holy Land.”

“Master is quite observant,” Li Rong looked at Yang Kai with a tinge of admiration.

“It was mainly because whenever that guy saw someone leave the queue in front of him his eyes would light up and a smirk would form on his lips,” Yang Kai smiled faintly, “His thoughts were all but written on his face, it would be difficult not to see what he was up to; the cultivators who left were just blinded by greed and failed to notice this point.”

Soon after, the Flying Heavens Shuttle arrived two thousand kilometres to the east of the nine peaks.

The azure bolt of light came to an abrupt stop midair and Yang Kai and Li Rong spread out their Divine Senses to explore their surroundings.

After a moment, Yang Kai smiled and flew the Flying Heavens Shuttle off in a certain direction.

Ten breaths later or so, the two of them appeared in front of the entrance to a Void Corridor.

Just as Yang Kai had expected, this place had already been occupied by others and there was a number of cultivators gathered around the entrance, watching the surroundings with vigilance, silently circulating their Qi in preparation to respond to anyone who approached.

Yang Kai secretly observed this group and quickly discovered that their strength wasn’t very high, all of them only at the Immortal Ascension Boundary without even a single Transcendent among them. Sensing this, he no longer bothered hiding and simply walked over together with Li Rong.

“Stop! Who goes there?” As soon as the pair revealed themselves, the cultivators guarding the entrance immediately went on high alert as one of them shouted out, “This is my Chen Family’s restricted area, no outsiders are permitted to enter, if Your Excellency does not turn back, we will have to act impolitely.”

“Master, how do you…” Li Rong asked.

“Be gentle,” Yang Kai waved his hand lightly.

An invisible pulse of Spiritual Energy burst from Li Rong’s Knowledge Sea and in the next instant the eyes of all the cultivators gathered around the entrance became dim, all of them standing in place as if they were in a daze, not even trying to hinder Yang Kai and Li Rong anymore, allowing them to pass by them and enter the Void Corridor behind them.

With Li Rong’s means, dealing with these Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators was a trifling matter, causing them to blank out for a moment was as simple as breathing for her, it was only because Yang Kai did not order her to kill them directly that Li Rong showed mercy.

Only after the two of them had disappeared into the Void Corridor’s entrance that the surrounding cultivators suddenly woke up looked around and found that young man and a woman who had been walking towards them a moment ago had suddenly disappeared. These guards immediately realized the incredible strength of the other party and felt a cold sweat trickled down their foreheads.

Yang Kai and Li Rong leisurely appeared inside the Mysterious Small World.

Spreading out their Divine Senses, the pair quickly found a number of cultivators spread out across the isolated world, apparently searching for something.

Yang Kai once again summoned the Flying Heavens Shuttle and together with Li Rong shot off in a blue flash of light.

After half an hour, the pair returned to the entrance.

There were indeed some ruins inside this Mysterious Small World, but there were no signs of anyone having lived here for many, many years. The cultivators currently inside should have just recently entered and were combing the ruins for treasure.

This Mysterious Small World was also not large, about one-third the size of Demon God Citadel.

However, the Chen Family should have gained quite a harvest this time. This family did not have any true masters with a few weaker Transcendents being the strongest among them, a force quite similar to the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families in strength. As such, the scattered artifacts they found among the ruins would become a big boost to such a small force.

“Let’s go, there’s nothing to look at here,” Yang Kai took a soft breath before stepping through the entrance with Li Rong.

When the cultivators outside saw this man and woman reappear, all of them stared with wide eyes but none of them dared act in an imposing manner again, all of them too scared to even speak.

The other party’s means were absolutely overwhelming, something they had already experienced once.

The only thing that made these guards feel relieved was that this man and woman did not seem interested in embarrassing them; after walking out of Mysterious Small World, the pair just kept walking off casually.

“Right, there are a lot of Transcendent and Saint Realm masters coming here, they’ll arrive in at most half a day, you should inform your family’s leaders and quickly withdraw from this Mysterious Small World, otherwise you won’t be able to afford the consequences,” Yang Kai suddenly turned back and kindly remind them before leaving together with Li Rong.

Only after the backs of this mysterious pair had vanished from their sights did the cultivator who first called out to them breathe a sigh of relief and wipe the cold sweat from his brow. After collecting himself, he hurriedly entered the Mysterious Small World; obviously, he was going to inform his family’s Elders about Yang Kai’s warning and allow his Patriarch and the others to decide what to do.

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