Martial Peak

Chapter 915 - Really Pleasant To The Ear

Chapter 915, Really Pleasant To The Ear

Seeing his dignified expression, Yang Kai quickly asked, “Treasurer Meng, what is the meaning behind those words? What did he mean when he called this place a sealed world?”

“This old master doesn’t know,” Meng Wu Ya slowly shook his head, “But don’t tell others about this for now, give me some time to think about it.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, recalling the words of Great Demon God’s Soul Clone and remembering he had also said that by visiting the Demon Capital, he would naturally understand all of these hidden mysteries.

However, the Demon Capital wasn’t exactly a place he could freely enter.

Soaring forward, the Flying Heavens Shuttle maintained a lightning fast pace.

Meng Wu Ya was continuously amazed at the speed of this artifact.

Yang Kai sat with Little Senior Sister at the back of the Flying Heavens Shuttle, gently breathing in her delicate fragrance while feeling the softness and warmth of her body, relaxing his mind and body.

As time passed, his embrace grew tighter.

The tender body of Little Senior Sister trembled as her long eyelashes fluttered constantly, the heat from her body ever increase as a red blush spread across her jade white skin.

Being held by Yang Kai, their two bodies pressing against one another, feeling each other’s heat and pounding heart, for the incredibly pure and innocent Little Senior Sister, it was undoubtedly incredibly stimulating.

Yang Kai didn’t wake her, simply enjoying this rare moment of peace as he stared at her face, softly whispering, “Little Senior Sister, you’re really beautiful!”

Meng Wu Ya, who was sitting in front of him, clenched his fists as he called out indignantly, “Such shamelessness!”

The explicit words of love that seeped into his ears made him feel an unbearable rage.

Li Rong’s eyes remained clear and bright as she licked her red lips gently and moved a little further forward, giving Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang some more space while speaking to Meng Wu Ya, “Old sir, since we have time, could you tell me about Master’s past? Unfortunately my knowledge of Master is still quite shallow.”

“You want to know about his past?” Meng Wu Ya brow rose up, an evil grin appearing on his face, “This old master knows a great many things about that, come, come, this old master will carefully let you know just how brazen, impudent, and shameless this Master of yours truly is! This little bastard is nothing more than a reckless delinquent and an incorrigible womanizer, stirring up trouble wherever he goes.”

Li Rong pursed her lips and giggled, not interrupting, only listening attentively.

Meng Wu Ya immediately launched into a tirade, but as if fearing Yang Kai would overhear all the malicious remarks he was making, he quickly waved his hand a wrapped himself and Li Rong in a sound proof barrier.

Yang Kai turned a blind eye to this and began acting even bolder.

Holding Little Senior Sister’s soft, seemingly boneless little hand while lovingly caressing her face and gently blowing in her ear, “These past ten years, there hasn’t been a single day I didn’t wish to see you, and when I finally achieved this cherished wish, it was actually under such a situation. Little Senior Sister, do you think this is fate? Could it be the Heavens secretly arranged for me to appear in that place so I could rescue the most important woman in my life?”

Little Senior Sister’s eyelashes were fluttering even more rapidly now, seemingly moved by Yang Kai’s words, the blush on her slender neck deepening even more, filling her white skin with a seductive luster.

“Thinking back now, Junior Brother feels very fortunate, if I hadn’t insisted on traveling together with Li Rong at that time, I’m afraid I would never have been able to see you again,” Yang Kai said with a hint of fear apparent in his tone.

The two Monster Race Great Seniors had mainly been interested in inviting Li Rong to go to that place, Yang Kai had simply been tagging along, yet that actually allowed him to meet Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang there.

It was all a bit too coincidental.

“En, after the past ten years, I have met a variety of women here, many of them quite beautiful in their own right, but none of them had anywhere near the impact you and Su Yan had on me, making me never able to forget them while engraving themselves on my heart, leaving a mark that could never be erased. You being here, being well, nothing makes Junior Brother more satisfied…”

These sweet nothings flowed out from Yang Kai’s mouth like a gentle stream, conveying his tender affections straight to Xia Ning Chang’s heart, causing her to take the initiative to tightly embrace him, pouring all her strength into her two arms, as if she wished she the two of them could merge together and never separate.

Yang Kai raised his head slightly and looked at Little Senior Sister, seeing her beautiful limpid eyes and faintly blushing cheeks, her delicate neck that seemed aglow with shyness as she let out fragrant breath.

As they stared into each other’s eyes, Little Senior Sister put aside her vision timidly as she ever so softly whispered, “Your words are really pleasant to the ear… can you say a few more…”

After putting forward her request, she quickly closed his eyes and buried her head in Yang Kai’s chest, not daring to meet his eyes again.

“Of course,” Yang Kai naturally could not disappoint her, racking his brain to find as many words of sentiment as possible, gently whispering them like a spell that infiltrated Xia Ning Chang’s heart, making it tremble as her tender body shivered in delight.

Feeling the warmth of Yang Kai’s body and listening to his voice, Xia Ning Chang felt incredibly satisfied, thinking that even if she were to die right now, she would die happy.

“That… little… bastards….” Meng Wu Ya ground his teeth as his eyes filled with an ominous light.

Li Rong laughed lightly, “Old sir does not need to worry so much, with Master’s aptitude and temperament, he can definitely make that girl happy.”

“Haa…” Treasurer Meng sighed heavily, “The little girl has become a woman, I can’t shelter her forever, and this old master might as well settle down in Nine Heavens Holy Land and enjoy the treatment of an elder.”

“How can old sir say such words? You are still hale and hearty; Master even said he will need to depend on your help in the future.”

Meng Wu Ya let out a wry laugh before turning his eyes back to Li Rong, “You are very loyal to that boy, with you by his side, this old master can feel relieved. But you have to be careful not to be deceived by his wiles and end up like this old master’s treasured apprentice, losing your very soul to him. He may look like a young man but in truth he’s no more than a beast.”

Li Rong’s face blushed red, “Old sir must be joking, my Ancient Demon Clan is the sharp blade of Master, the shield which guards his life, none of us dare hope to become anything more.”

“There’s no need for you to call me old sir, you and I are both Third Order Saints, we should interact as peers,” Meng Wu Ya smiled lightly.

“That will not do, you are the Senior of Master, naturally that makes you my Senior too,” Li Rong quickly waved her hands.

Seeing her appearance, Meng Wu Ya suddenly felt exasperated and immediately closed his eyes to mediate.

Behind him, the whispers of Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang continued, the two of them seemingly very happy.

Just two days later, the nine peaks came into sight.

The Flying Heavens Shuttle’s flight speed was simply astonishing.

A blue light streaked across the sky and rushed straight into the nine peaks.

Realizing the appearance of this streak and the powerhouses that accompanied it, the various Saints around the Holy Land emerged one after another and flew over.

Meng Wu Ya’s brow furrowed slightly as he spread out his Divine Sense, asking suspiciously, “Little Yang Kai, why are there so many people outside your Nine Heavens Holy Land? What are they doing here?”

“They’ve come to request Alchemy services,” Yang Kai grinned.

“Ask for Alchemy?” Meng Wu Ya brow rose slightly, snorting disdainfully, “Your Nine Heavens Holy Land has some kind of Alchemy Grandmaster?”

“Master is actually a Saint Grade Alchemist!” Li Rong quickly explained, “The people who came here were attracted by his reputation but outsiders do not know the true identity of the Alchemy Grandmaster.”

“Oh? You also studied Alchemy?” Meng Wu Ya stared at Yang Kai in surprise.

“I learned a little, nothing compared to Little Senior Sister,” Yang Kai glanced over at Xia Ning Chang, who was standing next to him.

“Hmph, seems you still have a little self-awareness!” Meng Wu Ya nodded.

Li Rong delicate brow rose as she directed a stunned look towards Xia Ning Chang, a trace of doubt surfacing on her face.

She, more than anyone else perhaps, understood how great Yang Kai’s Alchemy aptitude and proficiency was, yet if she had not misunderstood his words, he actually considered himself inferior to his Little Senior Sister in the Alchemic Way.

Was that even possible?

As the few of them chatted, many Saint Realm masters, the Elders of Nine Heavens Holy Land and the leaders of the Ancient Demon Clan, all flew over.

After seeing that Yang Kai had returned, all of them were overjoyed. Xu Hui and the others quickly stepped forward and hastily saluted, the heavy expressions on their faces faded somewhat, as if they had just been freed from a great burden, “Holy Master, it is good that you have returned, if you had remained out for much longer, this old master’s heart might have given out.”

“What happened? Has there been an accident in the Holy Land?” Yang Kai asked hurriedly.

“Although it is nothing so dire, it is still a serious matter. The Grandmasters have been inquiring about your whereabouts all day, hoping you can soon come back. Moreover, you have been gone for three months, during that time, the Grandmasters have quickly become exhausted from constantly performing Alchemy. Whenever they wanted to complain, even if I wanted to hide, I could not.”

“Ah…” Yang Kai went silent.

He had almost forgotten about Du Wan and the others.

Xu Hui saying this reminded him that after he had left, the Holy Land’s Alchemy services had been handed over to the five Grandmasters. Over the past three months, they had no doubt become exhausted.

The Grandmasters were all respected Seniors but now they had actually been reduced to free labour for the Holy Land.

Yang Kai’s heart immediately filled with guilt.

“Quickly announce that the Holy Land will not be providing Alchemy services for the next ten days, let the Grandmasters take a break!” Yang Kai declared.

“But there are more and more people coming to request Alchemy services every day. If we suddenly stop, won’t that provoke a wave of public anger?” Xu Hui showed a worried look; it was precisely because of this concern that after Yang Kai left they had never dared stop.

“Just say that my Holy Land’s Grandmaster has taken ill and needs some time to recover. Since they are here to request pills, they need to have enough patience. If they can’t wait, they’re welcome to leave. We’re not saying they won’t be able to request Alchemy services, they just need to wait ten more days. I doubt any of them would dare raise a fuss.”

Moreover, if anyone did leave here and tried to request Alchemy services somewhere else, they would definitely have to wait many times longer.

“Yes,” Receiving this command, Xu Hui quickly arranged for some nearby disciples to pass the message along to the Elders who were currently on duty outside.

After he finished arranging everything, Xu Hui finally turned to look at Meng Wu Ya and couldn’t help calling out in shock, “Isn’t this the friend of the old Holy Master?”

When Meng Wu Ya came here last with Xia Ning Chang, he only spoke openly with the old Holy Master. Although he had been a guest in the Holy Land for a few days, Xu Hui and the others never learned of his identity or origins, so naturally they didn’t know his name and only had a faint impression of his appearance.

“Allow me to introduce you all, this is a Senior from my Sect, Meng Wu Ya.” Yang Kai said.

“Welcome, welcome!” Xu Hui cupped his fists and greeted politely. Feeling the great strength of the man in front of him, Xu Hui didn’t dare act disrespectful, he could also tell that this person was much stronger than the last time he had visited the Holy Land.

However, the name of this person… Xu Hui felt as if he had heard this name somewhere before, but he could not recall where. After spending moments thinking about it yet not coming up with anything, he just slowly shook his head.

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