Martial Peak

Chapter 911 - How Much Strength Do You Have Left

Chapter 911: How Much Strength Do You Have Left

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Saying so, the Soul Clone of Great Demon God reached out and waved his hand, opening up a Void Corridor entrance a short distance away, one large enough to accommodate several people.

“Use your Demonic Qi to free yourself from the bonds of the Tong Xuan Pillars and then leave this place,” Great Demon God decreed as if giving an order.

Li Rong turned her eyes to Yang Kai, seemingly waiting for him to make a decision.

Yang Kai just stared at Great Demon God’s Soul Clone silently, his eyes filled with profound light.

“You haven’t left yet?” Seeing Yang Kai now moving, Great Demon God’s Soul Clone snorted, his voice thundering in Yang Kai’s mind like a sledgehammer, causing his blood to boil and his face to turn red.

However, Yang Kai quickly regained his composure and shook his head, “I have to take them with me.”

Great Demon God coldly snorted, “Don’t act so presumptuous, I have given you a chance, if refuse to grasp it, then you can just remain here forever! Even though you are the successor of my main body’s skeleton, you must pay the price for intruding upon this place!”

Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged though, sweeping his eyes across his surroundings once before asking, “You just called these eight stone pillars the Tong Xuan Pillars. We also encountered another stone pillar on our way here, it was much larger than these eight though and was even engraved with the words Tong Xuan Pillar, what does that one have to do with these eight?”

Even trapped as he was, Yang Kai not only did not display any signs of anxiety but instead was leisurely chatting with Great Demon God’s Soul Clone, causing Great Demon God to feel quite surprised; even Li Rong was looking at Yang Kai curiously, not comprehending what he was trying to do.

“There are many Tong Xuan Pillars in this place, but these eight are the cornerstones… Why do you ask this?” Great Demon God replied faintly.

“No reason,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and grinned, “I just thought that since this array was set up by Great Demon God, it should have nothing to do with you. You’re nothing but a guard who was left behind by your main body to watch over this place.”

The eyes of Great Demon God’s Soul Clone flashed as he stared deeply at Yang Kai, nodding lightly a moment later, “Your mind is quite sharp.”

“Just a casual guess, heh heh,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Along our way here, we came across a green sea filled with countless Soul-Spirit Bodies as well as a strange, deadly blood sea. If I’m right, those were all barriers arranged by Great Demon God to prevent anyone from getting too close to these eight pillars, right?”

“What of it?” Great Demon God nodded in acknowledgement, Yang Kai speaking with such confidence had suddenly made him feel a bit interested.

“Nothing!” Yang Kai’s smile suddenly became treacherous, “I just found it a bit strange that with a powerhouse like you here, who can instantly incapacitate and capture any master, regardless of their cultivation, who arrives at this place, why would Great Demon God go through all the trouble of setting up so many barriers to stop people from approaching? Doesn’t that seem a bit unnecessary?”

“What are you trying to say?” Great Demon God’s Soul Clone narrowed his eyes, and a sense of unease slowly creeping into his heart.

“I just want to say… although you appear incomparably formidable; in truth, you don’t have much power at all! The eight pillars that are binding us here are simply another method arranged by Great Demon God; they have no relationship to you at all!” Yang Kai declared in a low, forceful tone.

Listening to him, Li Rong was quite startled as she turned a look of suspicion towards Great Demon God’s Soul Clone, trying to use her Divine Sense to examine him but quickly discovering that the stone pillar she was bound to was sealing her Spiritual Energy.

“What makes you so sure?” Great Demon God’s Soul Clone stared at Yang Kai coldly. His biggest secret had just been revealed, so he could not help his expression from flickering slightly, but his eyes still remained a piercing as ever.

“You trying so hard to get Li Rong and me to leave here as quickly as possible is because you don’t want to leave two uncontrollable variables here. I think, when Great Demon God set up the barriers of this place, he had left a kind of back door to them, allowing anyone who can use the Demon God Transformation to remain unharmed. Unfortunately for you, Li Rong and I both fulfil this condition, correct?”

Great Demon God suddenly burst into laughter, “An interesting thought, but in the end, all of that is just your own speculations.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “After death, one’s Soul cannot remain in the world for a long time and will soon dissipate. Even if you are Great Demon God’s Soul Clone, this is a fate you can’t avoid. You have no physical vessel to sustain yourself and are probably dependant on these eight pillars to maintain your existence, but after so many thousands of years trapped here, how much strength do you have left?”

“How much strength I possess, you can verify for yourself,” the Soul Clone of Great Demon God snorted.

“Of course I have to verify it for myself, because you simply don’t have the ability to drive these eight pillars. Therefore, you have no way to free them either!” Yang Kai shouted, “Since that’s the case, then I can only destroy the eight pillars by myself!”

“Boy, you dare?!” Great Demon God’s Soul Clone’s expression finally changed, filling with a mix of anger and anxiety.

“Just stand there and see for yourself if I dare!” Yang Kai laughed, pushing his strength to its maximum, his Demonic Qi and Blood Qi skyrocketing in intensity.

The whole world suddenly seemed to tremble as the vision before everyone’s eyes began to distort. This wild and violent surge of power astonished the Monster Race Great Seniors.

Neither of them could figure out how a mere Transcendent Realm cultivator like Yang Kai could suddenly unleash such power.


As if something kind of chain had been broken, Yang Kai fell down from the pillar that he was bound to, shaking his hands and feet as he cracked his joints.

“Li Rong, come down and help!” Yang Kai called out.

Li Rong looked at Yang Kai, then looked at Great Demon God’s Soul Clone, uncertain of what to do.

Great Demon God held an irreplaceable position in the heart of every member of the Demon Race, a sense of worship which had been engrained into her very bones made it impossible for Li Rong to oppose Great Demon God.

However, Yang Kai was her Ancient Demon Clan’s master, any order Yang Kai issued she had to obey.

Suddenly she found herself in a difficult position.

“He is not Great Demon God, the true Great Demon God fell many years ago, you don’t need to feel any psychological burden.”

“B… but…” Li Rong hesitated.

“Nevermind, it’s alright, just stay there,” Yang Kai no longer forced her, instead turning his attention to Great Demon God’s Soul Clone, “I’m going to start destroying these pillars now. If you have some way to stop me, I suggest you use it now.”

Great Demon God’s Soul Clone just stared at him solemnly, not showing any intention of stopping him, only speaking after a long silence, “Do you really want to destroy this place?”

“Does it look like I’m cracking a joke?”

“Do you know what consequences there will be if you destroy this place?”

“I only know that if I don’t destroy these pillars, my friends and Elder will die. However, you should understand the mysteries of this place. Can you explain those things to me now? I heard you say a moment ago that this place is the keystone to the entire world.”

“What would the point in that be?” Great Demon God’s Soul Clone smiled faintly, “When you destroy this place, you will naturally learn what its true purpose is; I just hope you can afford the price.”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, muttering under his breath, “Trying to be mysterious.”

No matter why Great Demon God set up so many barriers here or how important this place was to Tong Xuan Realm, since Meng Wu Ya was being trapped here by these stone pillars, Yang Kai had to free him, regardless of the consequences.

Having finished talking, Yang Kai condensed his Demonic Qi onto his right fist, transforming it into a deep black abyss that gave off a frightening energy fluctuation.


Yang Kai’s fist hit the stone pillar that had trapped him before, causing it to tremble.

Immediately after, a cracking sound rang out and the entire stone pillar began to fill with hundreds of spider-web like lines, as if it was on the verge of shattering.

Yang Kai was somewhat startled, not having expected this stone pillar to be so easily destroyed. Originally he had been preparing for a long and difficult fight.

Seeing Yang Kai really take action, Great Demon God’s Soul Clone not only didn’t seem anxious but instead let out a hearty laugh, nodding firmly, “An unyielding will not inferior to this Senior’s main body, no wonder you were able to inherit his bones.”

“You’re not going to try to stop me?” Yang Kai didn’t look back at him and simply waved his fist, “The next strike will certainly break this stone pillar.”

Great Demon God’s Soul Clone shrugged his shoulders, “You yourself said that I have no power to stop you, so why should I even try? En, this world has indeed been sealed for too long, it should be time for it to step into the light again. Little boy, if you have time, you should take a trip to the Demon Capital. If you go there, you will naturally be able to understand the mysteries of this place.”

“Why can’t you just explain clearly?” Yang Kai frowned.

Great Demon God’s Soul Clone simply laughed and said nothing more; wearing an inscrutable expression as his body gradually faded and eventually disappeared.

Regardless of how Yang Kai called out to him, he didn’t appear again.

“Kid, hurry up and get us out of here, we shouldn’t remain here any longer…” Thunder Dragon Great Senior turned a gloomy look towards Yang Kai, his gaze revealing deep powerlessness.

Nodding, Yang Kai no longer delayed and sent another punch onto the stone pillar.

The stone pillar shattered into a million fragments that all flew out with great force while the huge energy which had been sealed inside of it also burst out in a violent explosion.

Yang Kai didn’t panic, quickly summoning his Silver Leaf artifact and transforming it into a light halo that surrounded him.

At the same time, he condensed several Grand Heavenly Shields around himself, somehow blocking the damage from this energy explosion.

After the first pillar was destroyed, the remaining seven began to crack open like a chain reaction and the force that was binding the others instantly disappeared.

Everyone else fell to the ground.


The seven remaining stone pillars all made cracking sounds, appearing as if they were all about to explode, the energy sealed within each of them showing signs of destabilizing.

“Hurry!” Yang Kai shouted. He had barely been able to resist the energy explosion from the collapse of a single stone pillar. If the remaining seven were to all explode at the same time, it was likely no one here would be able to survive.

Li Rong wrapped Meng Wu Ya and the four Monster Race masters in her Demonic Qi and without any hesitation flew towards the nearby Void Corridor entrance which had been opened by Great Demon God’s Soul Clone.

Yang Kai’s figure flashed, appearing next to Xia Ning Chang in an instant, picked her up and hastily followed after Li Rong and the others.

Just after entering the black corridor, a tremendous explosion resounded behind Yang Kai, causing him to glance backwards for a moment, his face draining of all colour at what he saw.

The Mysterious Small World behind him seemed to be completely disintegrating, its fracturing space rapidly spreading towards the Void Corridor.

In the original position of the eight stone pillars, Great Demon God’s Soul Clone once again revealed himself and quietly stared in the direction Yang Kai and the others left for a moment before he too, was swallowed by the shattering space.

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