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Chapter 908, - It’s Not For Sale

Chapter 908, It’s Not For Sale

Enveloped by the blood sea, the group of six fully displayed their skills to fight back against the blood people as they pushed their way forward, trying their best to escape from this dangerous place.

However, no matter how they fled, the blood sea remained as thick as ever.

It was as if this blood sea was endless, or perhaps was following them, denying them any chance of escape.

Gradually, Thunder Dragon Great Senior had to stop and exert his full strength to resist the attacks of the blood people.

In the surrounding thousand meters, streams of lightning flew about in an attempt to destroy the blockade of the blood sea and find a way out.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior’s true form was a Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon. He was proficient in both Fire Attribute and Thunder Attribute attacks and possessed phenomenal strength, but even he was beginning to feel helpless in this situation.

Brown light halos emerged one after another from Earth Splitting Divine Ox, but each of them only managed to expand for a short time before growing dull under the erosion of the blood sea and flickering out.

The piercing yellow Qi from Jin Ni’s body also gradually began to dim.

Cai Die’s seven coloured light and Li Rong’s pitch black Demonic Qi all surged into the blood sea, but as if it was a bottomless pit, the blood sea simply devoured all of their power, making them unable to see any hope of escape.

The blood people who were formed from the blood sea were not individually strong and their bodies were actually quite frail, each of the Saint Realm masters present only needed to use the most basic of attacks to reduce a number of them to puddles of blood.

However, even if they smashed these blood people apart, a few breaths later they would reconstitute, stand up, and continue to attack.

At the same time, the blood fog which had seeped past their defence barriers was constantly sapping their strength.

This barrier that was arranged here by Great Demon God possessed a terrifying resilience and destructive power.

Yang Kai’s strength was the lowest among this group of people and it was precisely because of this that he was currently being surrounded by the five Saints, temporarily allowing him to not have to worry about his safety.

As the five Saints were struggling to resist this onslaught, Yang Kai was carefully observing the energy fluctuations of the blood people and blood sea.

While using his Divine Sense to probe the surrounding, he suddenly pushed his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy towards a blood person who was approaching Li Rong.

A scalding hot burning energy erupted, creating a kind of domain that could incinerate everything it touched.

Everyone was currently feeling a cold chill gripping them, but after sensing this domain they all suddenly felt as if their skin had been lit on fire, causing the four Monster Race masters to freeze up for a moment and stare at Yang Kai with amazement.

At the same time the saw the blood person who had rushed Li Rong boil up.

The blood person was composed entirely of blood, it had no bones or flesh to speak of so as it boiled, bubbles of gas appeared all over its body and quickly evaporated, leaving nothing behind.

Seeing this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

“Nice one kid!” Earth Splitting Divine Ox shouted.

This was the first time any of them had managed to completely destroy one of the blood people since they became trapped in this blood sea.

“Great Senior, use fire!” Yang Kai quickly turned to Thunder Dragon.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior didn’t need Yang Kai’s reminder and had already begun to act, taking back all of his Thunder Attribute attacks and in their place unleashing a stream of hot flames from his body.

The blood men’s offensive instantly came to a halt, it seemed they were quite wary of the burning flames. Their figures continued to boil even at a distance and their fuzzy facial features seemed to almost reveal a look of pain.

Thunder Dragon let out a great roar and summoned forth a giant Fire Dragon-like attack that he smashed into the blood sea. Yang Kai immediately cooperated, pushing his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy to its limits, engulfing the nearby blood people, eliminating many while pushing the rest back, opening up some breathing room for their group of six.

“This isn’t a long-term strategy, we need to take this opportunity to think of a way out of this!” Thunder Dragon Great Senior shouted.

Even after sending out their Divine Senses, no one in their group could determine the extent of the blood sea; meanwhile, the blood fog that continued to linger around them was still draining their strength and it was obvious they were rapidly growing weaker. At this rate, they would all definitely die before they could evaporate the entire blood sea.

“Can you and the kid charge forward and burn a path out?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox suggested.

“Impossible, this blood sea is very strange, it seems to be following us as we move, we won’t be able to escape, or rather, it won’t let us escape,” Thunder Dragon slowly shook his head, pushing his Fire Attribute Qi to the extreme, evaporating a large amount of the blood sea together with Yang Kai.

Hearing him say this, everyone was also at a loss and began to feel desperate.

“That’s right!” Yang Kai suddenly thought of something and shouted excitedly.

Seeing his expression, Thunder Dragon immediately shouted, “Kid, did you find a way to escape? If you thought of something, don’t hesitate, doing anything right now is better than waiting here to die!”

“I do have an idea,” Yang Kai nodded, quickly turning to Li Rong and asking, “Do you still have that Blood Essence Stone?”

Li Rong was stunned but soon her beautiful eyes lit up, quickly understanding what Yang Kai was thinking.

Taking the Blood Essence Stone out, she quickly handed it over to him.

This piece of Blood Essence Stone was a product from the Starry Sky and had the power to extract fresh blood and transform it into Blood Qi that anyone was capable of using.

It had originally belonged to Shattering Mystical Palace’s Zhang Ao, but after the incident in the Snow Mountain Range, where Zhang Ao was killed, the Blood Essence Stone had ended up in Yang Kai’s hands.

Last time, Yang Kai had used the Blood Essence Stone to absorb a great deal of blood which he then used to treat the heavily injured Ancient Demon clansmen. Afterwards, he had left it with Li Rong.

It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai suddenly remember about it.

“Blood Essence Stone?” Thunder Dragon shouted, “You mean the Blood Essence Stone from the Starry Sky?”

Yang Kai grinned, “Great Senior is quite knowledgeable.”

“You even have one of those?” Thunder Dragon’s mood quickly lifted as he let out a great laugh, “It seems we can be saved then.”

“It’s worth a try at least,” Yang Kai didn’t delay and began pouring his True Qi into the Blood Essence Stone. The strange object from the Starry Sky immediately let out a brilliant light and began emitting a powerful suction force. The blood people who were caught up in this invisible force let out a terrified roar as they desperately tried to flee into the blood sea.

However, it was too late, the Blood Essence Stone’s ability to attract blood was not something these blood people could resist.

One blood man that was relatively close to the group melted into a stream of blood and shot towards the Blood Essence Stone.

The Blood Essence Stone drew in this stream of blood, not letting off a single drop.

Within a single breath, a ten meter radius around the group of six had been drained of all blood, all of it having been completely absorbed by the Blood Essence Stone.

But this was only the beginning as the huge attractive force was still drawing in both the blood people and surrounding blood sea.

Seeing this scene, all of them who had been on edge couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief.

They knew that they had survived this crisis.

As time passed, the bloody glow coming from the Blood Essence Stone grew stronger and stronger as the stone only the size of a fist continued to suck up the surrounding blood, eventually turning a deep crimson colour that garner both awe and fear from the surrounding audience.

The amount of Blood Qi contained inside the Blood Essence Stone now was simply unimaginable.

Yang Kai, who was holding it in his hand, could even feel a rhythmic pulse coming from the Blood Essence Stone, like he was holding an actual beating heart!

After an hour, everyone’s field of vision gradually began to clear up as the blood sea that had engulfed them became noticeably thinner.

Another hour later the blood sea had completely disappeared.

At that moment, the Blood Qi emanating from the Blood Essence Stone was strong enough to shock even the two Monster Race Great Seniors.

Even if they were to burn through their blood essence, it was unlikely they would be able to display such strong Blood Qi.

“This is an amazing treasure, where did it get it from?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox inquired, seeming quite interested in the Blood Essence Stone.

Thunder Dragon laughed and shook his head, “Don’t even bother, this thing is a product of the Starry Sky, it can only be obtained through chance. This King had only heard of it before, today was my first time actually seeing it.”

Saying so, he directed a thoughtfully look towards Yang Kai, “Kid, your luck is really astonishing, you even managed to obtain this Blood Essence Stone.”

“It’s nothing much,” Yang Kai chuckled, playing with the Blood Essence Stone in his hand, thinking more and more that it resembled a real heart, even possessing its own powerful heartbeat.

“How about selling it to me? This King can offer you a satisfactory price,” Thunder Dragon asked.

Yang Kai quickly stored the Blood Essence Stone into the Black Book space as he shook his head decisively.

Thunder Dragon rolled his eyes at Yang Kai’s behaviour, “If you don’t want to sell it, just say so, what are you acting so wary for? You think This King will try to snatch it from you?”

“Thunder Dragon, why would you want to buy that thing?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox asked, not understanding the purpose of the Blood Essence Stone.

“What do you know?!” Thunder Dragon spat disdainfully, “This thing absorbs fresh blood and transforms it into the purest kind of Blood Qi. That Blood Qi can then be used to heal almost any kind of wound, cultivate any kind of Blood Qi technique, or eve to supplement your vitality in the middle of a fight to boost your strength. On top of that, it has absolutely no side effects or drawbacks.”

“Is it so amazing?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox couldn’t help but widen his eyes as he turned to stare at Yang Kai with some enthusiasm.

“Don’t look at me like that, no matter what kind of price you put up, this Blood Essence Stone isn’t for sale,” Yang Kai swung his head like a rattle, “The thing this Holy Master does not lack the most is money.”

Saying so, he promptly ignored the two Great Seniors and once again took out the Heavenly Palace from the Black Book space, feeling the direction it tried to fly before beckoning to the group, “This way.”

“This little brat…” Thunder Dragon was speechless, shaking his head wryly before taking out some Qi restoring pills and swallowing them down.

As time passed, the light pulsing from the Heavenly Palace grew even stronger.

Yang Kai was also growing more and more excited as he became convinced that Meng Wu Ya was here in person.

If Treasurer Meng had simply left behind some kind of aura mark here, the Heavenly Palace would not continue showing changes as it approached.

The Heavenly Palace’s current reaction was the best proof that Meng Wu Ya was really here!

Yang Kai’s heart filled with expectation and he couldn’t help increasing his pace as a result.

A few hours later, the glow from the Heavenly Palace became nearly blindingly bright and suddenly escaped from Yang Kai’s grasp, transforming into a stream of light and shooting off, disappearing into the distance a moment later.

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