Martial Peak

Chapter 90 – Destination

Chapter 90 - Destination

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The mountain in front of of them was very big, while the valley around it was at least a several tens of li. Furthermore, the valley was perfectly circular.

From where Kai Yang was standing, when he lowered his head to look down he discovered that the depth of valley from their current position was about three hundred feet. The valley below was green and lush, there was nothing to distinguish it from the outside jungle, the scenery in the valley was very beautiful.

Verdant hills and limpid waters, the landscape wasn’t bad.

Xia Ning Chang looked down at her bracelet carefully. After some time, she jumped joyfully: “Our luck is very good. There aren’t any formidable demonic beasts down there.”

While she spoke, she couldn’t help but start to relax, because on the way here she was able to avoid high levelled demonic beasts blocking their path. But if there were dangerous demonic beasts in the valley, they could only fight them. After all, their destination was precisely this place.

“It looks very ordinary.” Kai Yang said frowning.

“Don’t worry. It’s just not time yet.” Xia Ning Chang showed a faint smile: “If not for passing through this place accidentally with master, then perhaps we wouldn’t be able to discover this mysterious place. It was also at that time, that master conceived the idea of refining the Nine Yin Dew Crystals.”

“But why did he go back at such a critical time? Also, you haven’t told me how I am going to help you obtain them.”

For the past few days they had been rushing the journey, and Kai Yang was not eager to know the reason why. Now that they had arrived at the destination, he could not help but ask, what if when the time comes, when the Nine Yin Dew Crystals actually appear, he didn’t know how to capture them, wouldn’t he being ruining important plans.

Therefore some preparation needed to be made before hand.

“When the time comes I will tell you.” Xia Ning Chang still didn’t explain.

Kai Yang was still doubtful but did not continue to ask. Afterall this matter was quite mysterious. Treasurer Meng’s temper before was still causing Kai Yang some confusion. But since he had promised to help them, he would have to help them with everything he’s got when the time comes.

“Come.” Xia Ning Chang beckoned to Kai Yang.

Kai Yang looked at her curiously, “Where?”

“I’m going to carry you down.” Xia Ning Chang replied while blinking her big eyes, “We are at quite a high altitude.”

“I can go myself.” said Kai Yang while refusing her offer. In a joking manner, he said, “I am a man how can I let a woman carry me down. What would it look like?”

After saying that he proceeded to jump down, Xia Ning Chang screamed, as Kai Yang was falling like a meteorite towards the ground , scattering leaves and plants everywhere.

Xia Ning Chang was quite frightened, Kai Yang’s strength was not that high after all, but after jumping from such a height would he be able to live to see tomorrow? At that moment she followed him down, preparing to help him at the critical moment.

The speed of their fall was increasing steadily, and when they were seven feet from ground Kai Yang’s legs struck the mountain wall and rebounded him off the wall, Kai Yang did several somersaults, gradually breaking the speed of his fall before finally landing with a big bang. Kai Yang’s legs formed a curved pit in the ground with dust flying upwards.

Xia Ning Chang then fells gently at his side. Between the two of them, one was like a fairy returning to earth and the other was like a human rock falling to the ground, there were no similarities between them. No matter what, they still kept calm and steady after the jump.

Kai Yang’s skin had some scratches and there were some twigs on his clothes, and both of his legs were slightly trembling.

Xia Ning Chang pursed her lips, while suppressing a smile. With her ability to judge, she could just see it. But her good junior brother had already suffered some losses.

Thirty feet ah. With his initial element third stage strength, jumping down with just this strength, even with an extra jump, it would be considered a miracle if he landed on the ground safely.

Xia Ning Chang pretended to look around and then said, “Today is the fifth day and after two days it will be the seventh, I’m going to need to arrange something in this mountain valley. Junior brother wait for me here, since there is no danger in this area anyways..”

Kai Yang’s expression was solemn as he silently nodded in response.

Xia Ning Chang started walking, but after taking a few steps she turned around again to reassure him and said, “The arrangement will take quite some time so do not run all over the place, otherwise I may not be able to find you.”

Kai Yang nodded his head once again slightly, looking grim; as his handsome face was slowly turning sour.

Waiting for Xia Ning Chang’s shadow to disappear from his line of sight, Kai Yang finally sat on the ground, rubbing his painful and sore legs with his two hands.

Although he was able to reduce the speed of his fall while he was falling, the fall was still quite painful.

After quite a while, the numbness in his legs faded away, Kai Yang didn’t stay still for long, and he started searching around. Although Xia Ning Chang had told him this place was safe it was always good to be careful.

After checking the mountain valley, he wasn’t able to discover any dangers nearby.

Kai Yang had to wait until the afternoon of the following day before Xia Ning Chang finally returned back to the mountain valley.

Even though he didn’t know what she had arranged around the valley, he was able to tell that this arrangement had consumed quite a bit of her world Qi, judging by her pale complexion.

“I am going to go rest first, tonight between 11pm and 1am the Nine Yin Dew Crystals will gather together and open, they will remain open until sunrise. We must find the Nine Yin Dew Crystals, then obtain them, if we are unable to succeed within that time, they will go into hiding once more.” Xia Ning Chang said anxiously, before putting several grains of compounding drugs in her mouth and forcing herself to close her mouth.

She then sat down to meditate.

Kai Yang stood next to her, protecting her while following the Buddhist law, motionless like a sculpture.

Somewhere nearby the mountain valley, several miles away, them members of the Blood Group and Storm House were distressed.

Following Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang they penetrated the interior of Black Wind mountain, but they suffered a great loss doing so.

There were originally 17 people, and now only 13 people remained, the others had lost their lives due to the constant demonic beast attacks.

In the Blood Group they still had seven people left; but they had once again lost a separation and reunion boundary master. Now there were only three separation and reunion boundary masters remaining. Many of them had wounds on their bodies, Wei Fei Chen’s chest had bloodstains, the two remaining qi transforming stage disciples were utterly exhausted.

In the Storm House group there were only six people remaining, apart for Nu Lang who was in the qi transforming first stage, there were four disciples at the initial element stage. The final member, his luck was too good, the only blow he had received was to his head, leaving him mentally disabled.

Out of the all the people present the only one still in perfect condition was Long Hui.

His status was special, even during the most difficult fights he was protected and kept on the inside, thus naturally he was impossible to kill or injure.

After pursuing Kai Yang for several days, Long Hui had finally lost his patience, “Hallmaster Wen, do we still need to pursue? Pursuing further will only lead to more losses, and when the time comes for Grandfather to investigate, who will take responsibility for this?”

Wen Fei Chen was thoroughly angered that Long Hui wanted him to carry this burden. If not because I wanted to please you, I wouldn’t have made such a decision and if I had known earlier that this trip was going to be this dangerous would I have had the guts to follow? If so, I would have already killed Kai Yang in that small village.

Although in his heart he was thinking this, Wen Fei Chen only said, “There is no need to pursue any further, evidently they have already arrived at their destination, it seems that the mountain valley ahead was their goal.”

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