Martial Peak

Chapter 871 - Chat

Chapter 871, Chat

After half an hour, Yang Kai took back the Blood Essence Stone and said to the Ancient Demon clansman, “See if there’s anything out of place.”

The clansman quickly clenched his fist and swung his arm around, soon bursting into a joyful shout as his face filled with excitement, “It’s really connected!”

Li Rong and the others all looked on in shock, somewhat unable to believe their eyes.

The severed arm had been reconnected, something that should have been impossible had just happened right before their eyes, making all of them realize just how extraordinary the Blood Essence Stone was.

“The flesh has been fully connected, but your bones will need some time to mend, don’t use too much force in the near future and rest up so you can heal,” Yang Kai ordered.

The Ancient Demon clansman nodded firmly, his face filled with extreme gratitude, “Many thanks Master, many thanks!”

Although he didn’t care much about losing his arm originally, but seeing his body become complete again, naturally he was happy.

“En, go,” Yang Kai smiled and dismissed him.

The man respectfully bowed before excitedly running off.

Yang Kai inspected the Blood Essence Stone in his hand and was keenly aware that the energy contained within it had been noticeably consumed.

This was an amazing treasure, it seemed able to transform ordinary blood into this wondrous energy which had incredible healing and enhancing effects.

The products of the Starry Sky were really extraordinary.

After observing it for a moment, Yang Kai tossed the Blood Essence Stone to Li Rong and said, “See if any of the clansmen need treatment. There’s still a lot of blood energy left inside it so there’s no need to be stingy.”

“Yes,” Li Rong replied quickly before rushing off with the other Great Commanders.

There were only a thousand or so Ancient Demon Clan clansmen, so each one that died was one less, Li Rong, therefore, attached great importance to each and every one of them.

After they left, Wu Jie slowly swept his eyes over the Ancient Demon clansmen and muttered, “They are a very powerful clan.”

Yang Kai glanced at him and nodded gently.

“Sir Holy Master, do you really intend to take them with you?”


Wu Jie frowned slightly, “Is it that Sir Holy Master is unwilling to give up such power?”

“Why should I give it up?”

“Taking them with you will lead to much trouble, unless Sir Holy Master brings them to the Demon Land or the neutral territory.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said bluntly, “I will bring them back with me to Nine Heavens Holy Land!”

Wu Jie couldn’t help feeling complicated when he thought about Nine Heavens Holy Land and this group of Demons coexisting.

Also, if they really went to Nine Heavens Holy Land, they would become his Netherworld Sect’s neighbours.

“To be honest, this Wu would rather not get involved in any of this, Sir Holy Master,” Wu Jie said with a forced smile.

Yang Kai glanced at him and said leisurely, “I won’t force anyone to be involved with me. You coming forward to reconcile with me has nothing to do with this situation, you are free to make your own decisions. Of course, I also won’t hold this against you, and your Netherworld Sect has no need to worry about itself.”

Wu Jie nodded, suddenly grinning meaningfully as he whispered, “In light of all this, this Wu really should stay far away from Sir Holy Master, but… This Wu’s instincts are telling him that Sir Holy Master won’t fall so easily and instead will become an important figure in the future. I very much want to see what kind of height you will grow to in the future; will it be glory or destruction!”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, “If I am destroyed, you probably won’t be able to escape either, but if I can reach the peak of this world, Sect Master Wu will also obtain great benefits.”

“This Wu only asks for his Sect to survive!”

“That much I can promise you.”

The two looked at each other and grinned.

“Sir Holy Master should get some rest, there’s still time until dawn when you planned to set out. Nine Heavens Holy Land is not a short distance from here, so there will likely be much trouble for you on the road.”

Saying so, Wu Jie took his leave.


A few thousand meters up, a black cloud could be seen flying forward. Inside this black cloud were figures, about a thousand in total.

These were all the Ancient Demon clansmen.

Leaving the Snow Mountain Range while heading for Nine Heavens Holy Land, they had to pass through the territory of many Human forces; such a large group of Demon Race masters naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Yang Kai didn’t want to have any conflicts with these people and neither did Li Rong, so they could only choose to fly high up in the sky while trying to avoid the sight of outsiders.

In front of the black cloud, Wu Jie scouted the road with the people from Netherworld Sect, searching for uninhabited places to traverse.

In Soaring Heaven Sect, atop Serene Resplendent Peak, Cang Yan and the others gazed towards the rolling black cloud as it flew past, each of them unable to stop themselves from chuckling.

“That little brat…” Cang Yan shook his head slowly.

“I hope his journey is safe,” Fei Yu said worriedly.

“There are so many powerful masters among that group of Demons, how could he possibly be harmed?” Li Wan laughed, “I think the ones we should be worried about are the people who try to get in his way. Little Martial Nephew’s temper isn’t very good, if someone tries to pick a fight with him, they might just end up dead.”

Once he killed anyone though, Yang Kai’s position would become even more difficult.

“Worrying about it is useless. Since Martial Nephew made this choice, he naturally has a plan to handle it. It’s really interesting, as the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, actually leading such a powerful group of Demon Race cultivators… just what is Little Martial Nephew planning on doing?”

The few of them all guessed what Yang Kai was thinking but eventually gave up, shaking their heads helplessly as they watched the black cloud quickly depart.

Inside the dark cloud, Li Rong showed a look of surprise when she learned what their destination was, “So we are heading to Nine Heavens Holy Land and Master is actually the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land? Amazing.”

“Oh? Despite being trapped in that Mysterious Small World you actually know about Nine Heavens Holy Land?” Yang Kai glanced over at her curiously.

“I read about it in the clan’s ancient records,” Li Rong smiled, “It was said to have been a very powerful Sect. In the era when Great Demon God was still alive, Nine Heavens Holy Land was one of the strongest forces in this world and the Holy Master of that time seemed to have also fought with Great Demon God once. The records say that man ultimately lost but he still managed to wound Great Demon God. It was one of the few times Great Demon God had suffered serious injuries in battle.”

Yang Kai expression changed as he nodded slightly.

Li Rong had read about this from the Ancient Demon Clan’s ancient books, but Yang Kai had actually seen some scattered fragments of that earth-shaking battle when he refined the drop of Demon God Golden Blood back in the Holy Tomb.

The thousand or so Ancient Demon clansmen were all quite excited; although they didn’t know where they were headed, for them, simply being able to leave that Mysterious Small World and see the vast world outside was the greatest gift.

As such, each of them was constantly looking around, trying to take in their surroundings.

For a dozen or so days everything went smoothly.

Wu Jie exploring the road ahead saved Yang Kai a great deal of trouble.

After a dozen days though, Li Rong suddenly frowned as she stared down at a spot below.

At the same time, Yang Kai also noticed something. A group of people down below had noticed them and several Transcendents were now following them, seemingly examining them.

“Master, do you want to send someone to deal with them?” Li Rong asked.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before and nodding slightly, “Don’t kill them, just make them stop following us.”

“En, Yin Ya!” Li Rong called out.

Great Commander Yin Ya quickly separated from the group and flew down.

A moment later, a brief battle took place.

Soon, Yin Ya caught up with them and reported, “They aren’t injured but they also won’t be moving around for the next three to five days.”

Li Rong nodded, “En, well done, our clan has just re-entered the world so we should avoid provoking trouble.”

And so the group continued forward.

However, as time passed and the distance they travelled grew, the aura released by the Ancient Demon clansmen alarmed more and more people.

Each time someone got too close, Yin Ya or Xue Ji would go down and handle the situation, making it so these pursuers would be unable to continue following them in short order.

Although they always held back and never hurt much less killed anyone, word of such a large number of Demon Race people passing through the Human Territory still rapidly spread out.

This caused the road ahead of Yang Kai’s group to constantly be filled with waiting parties.

Most of these people were Transcendents who wisely kept their distance. Upon realizing how many powerful masters were among the Ancient Demon Clan, few dared to approach them, most simply following from a distance while observing them.

Of course, there were the occasional few with eyes above the top of their heads who openly intercepted them while shouting impertinent remarks, forcing the masters from the Ancient Demon Clan to shut their mouths.

These people were like flies to honey though and by the time they expelled one batch another had shown up.

Although Yang Kai was quite annoyed by all this, he was powerless to do anything about it.

The hatred between the Human and Demon Races could not be resolved overnight so it was inevitable that some people would show up to monitor the Ancient Demon Clan. It was impossible to simply kill them for doing this as it would only lead to them becoming enemies of the entire Human Race.

After two months, the group arrived just outside Nine Heavens Holy Land’s territory.

By now, the number of pursuers behind them had reached the hundreds, almost all of them Transcendents with more than a dozen of Saints.

This kind of force was not something Yang Kai could simply ignore.

The time had come to have a chat with them.

Instead of rushing forward with the Ancient Demon Clan to Nine Heavens Holy Land, Yang Kai had them settle down at the base of a nearby mountain and set up a temporary camp while he took Li Rong with him and flew over to the place where their pursuers had gathered.

A dozen or so kilometres away, after discovering that the Ancient Demon Clan had stopped moving, this group of human masters also came to a halt, all of them releasing their Divine Senses to monitor the other side’s movements.

The face of each of these masters was extremely solemn.

“Old Chu, there seems to be someone coming over from that side…” Someone suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone else nodded as they detected the auras of Yang Kai and Li Rong approaching.

“A Third Order Transcendent and a Second-Order Saint, neither of them trying to conceal their movements… do they want to talk to us?” Someone guessed.

If not, how could only two of them come here?

“Like we can talk to some Demon Race bastards! As soon as they get here we should kill them directly!” An old man shouted, his face filled with hostility.

“En, this would be a perfect opportunity to ambush them.”

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