Martial Peak

Chapter 859 - Persistent Pursuit

Chapter 859, Persistent Pursuit

In the skies above the endless Snow Mountain Range, Xue Li’s face remained tranquil as she stood, unmoving.

Yu Mo stood nearby, silently waiting.

Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and the other masters had all caught up, all of them standing around as well.

“Brother Zhang, that woman has been standing in that exact spot for so long already, could it be that little brat has already escaped?” Cao Guan whispered in a slight uneasy tone.

Zhang Ao’s expression was also quite gloomy, his Divine Sense constantly scanning the surrounding area as he muttered back, “I don’t know. I can’t find any trace of that little bastard’s aura… but that woman much stronger than me, perhaps she has found some kind of clue and is currently tracing it.”

“The growth of that little brat is too terrifying, the last time we were chasing him it took him months to throw us off, yet this time he immediately managed to evade our sensation, and… his cultivation has actually reached the Third Order Transcendent Realm!”

Zhang Ao let out a soft breath, “Allowing him to remain will only lead to disaster! This time, no matter what, we must kill him, otherwise when he really matures he will certainly exact his revenge.”

“It is exactly as Brother Zhang says… I just hope that woman isn’t just a pretty face.”

The voices of the two men were extremely light so naturally they weren’t worried Xue Li would hear them, otherwise they wouldn’t dare speak so casually about a Demon General.

After a while, Xue Li’s beautiful eyes suddenly shot open, a look of confusion appearing on her face.

Her cultivation was deep and profound so although she didn’t understand what kind of method Yang Kai had used to move hundreds of kilometers in a flash and completely hide his own aura from her senses, she was still able to use her incredibly sharp senses to find some traces of him.

However, what surprised her was that Yang Kai didn’t seem to be in this world, but rather some kind of separate space. On top of that, the space he was in was filled with a strange energy that even caused her to feel somewhat uneasy, so she didn’t dare to recklessly probe it with her Divine Sense.

She felt like she could see Yang Kai standing in the distance, but his figure was blurry and ethereal.

Sneering, she muttered, “You think this Queen has no way to reach you in that strange place?”

Saying so, her hair danced and a large number of them fell from her head, each of them filled with a rich amount of Demonic Qi. A moment later, these fallen hairs transformed into terrifying vipers that quickly shot forward, seemingly baring their fangs towards the empty sky.

Seeing Xue Li suddenly take action, Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and the others immediately took note and focused their attention.

A strange scene then took place right before their eyes.

The space in front of Xue Li seemed to distort and ripple, like it was a calm lake that had been disturbed by a falling stone. The vipers then shot into the centre of those ripples and disappeared.

No one knew where it was going or what it was trying to accomplish.

Even Xue Li wore a pensive look. The Divine Ability she had just used had a superior homing effect. Of course, the premise was that she could grasp some traces of Yang Kai’s location.

Normally, she was unwilling to use this ability; after all, in order to display it she had shed a large number of her beautiful hairs. Although Xue Li was a Demon General, she was also a woman, losing so many hairs all at once was naturally a distressing matter for her, and if she were to use this ability too often, it was possible she would become bald.

How could Xue Li accept such an appearance?

But this time, in order to force Yang Kai out from his hiding place, Xue Li had decided to make this sacrifice.

Even with this Divine Ability though, Xue Li couldn’t accurately determine where Yang Kai was; fortunately, both her Spiritual Energy and Demonic Qi were attached to her hairs, so the attack would be able to find Yang Kai autonomously with no need for her to personally direct it.

Clenching her teeth as she grimaced, her heart filled with bitterness, Xue Li swore that once she forced Yang Kai out, she would teach him a lesson he’d never forget.

Inside The Void, Wu Jie was still restoring himself. Unlike Yang Kai, he didn’t carry with him a massive amount of high grade resources so naturally it took him longer to recover.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was observing the surrounding space, trying to uncover more of its hidden mysteries.

Suddenly, a feeling of uneasiness hit Yang Kai, causing all of his hairs to stand on end, as if great danger was quietly approaching him.

Yang Kai’s face changed as he quickly released his Divine Sense around himself.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

With a sharp tearing sound, a spot in the distance tore open and hundreds of black serpents appeared and swam towards their position.

Yang Kai was shocked because from these serpents, he detected Xue Li’s aura!

Every one of these snakes contained a substantial amount of power and with hundreds of them swarming towards him, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a sense of impending death.

Also detecting something was wrong, Wu Jie’s eyes shot open as he urgently asked, “What happened?”

Just as he uttered these words though, he saw the approaching snakes and shivered in fright.

“Sect Master Wu, we need to leave!” Yang Kai’s expression was incredibly ugly; he really couldn’t understand how Xue Li’s attack had penetrated The Void and found them. The means of a Third Order Saint were really unpredictable.

However, from this scene Yang Kai judged that Xue Li wasn’t able to personally come here so he relaxed quite a bit.

Waving his hand, Yang Kai opened a new space crack and hurried out.

“Wait for me!” Wu Jie called out and immediately followed.

Immediately after leaving the chaotic void, Yang Kai couldn’t help cursing, “Smelly whore!”

The instant he left The Void, Xue Li’s Divine Sense had firmly locked onto him.

About a hundred kilometers away, Xue Li grinned fiercely, her pretty face distorting with greed as she faced towards Yang Kai’s direction and shouted through her grit teeth, “This Queen thought you’d never show up!”

Her tender body flickered and shot off.

Yu Mo quickly kept up.

Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and the others all exchanged helpless glances before also activating their movement skills and following after them.

Currently, they all felt like puppets on strings, incapable of acting independently or even making their own choices, only able to chase after Yang Kai’s ass while coughing on his dust.

“Is that woman chasing after us still?” Wu Jie saw Yang Kai’s bitter expression and quickly asked.

Yang Kai gave him a faint glance and nodded lightly.

“Then it seems we’re at a dead end!” Wu Jie smiled bitterly.

“Sect Master Wu, there should still be enough time for you to save yourself,” Yang Kai frowned at him.

“Save myself?” Wu Jie asked in confusion.

“Draw a line with me and pledge allegiance to that woman just like Zhang Ao and Cao Guan.”

“Sir Holy Master must be joking, although this Wu admits he is a sinister villain, pledging allegiance to that woman is no different than feeding myself to a tiger. Zhang Ao and Cao Guan are destined to be abandoned by her, why should I try to hire myself to her knowing she’ll just kill me in the end?”

“Oh? Sect Master Wu is really far thinking,” Yang Kai was genuinely surprised.

“This Wu already told Sir Holy Master a few years ago, I have no other strengths other than knowing what must be done…” Wu Jie grinned.

“Good! Then currently you have two options.”

Wu Jie looked confused for a moment but quickly cupped his fists, “This Wu hopes Sir Holy Master will enlighten him.”

“Separate from me, and escape by yourself! Xue Li’s currently goal is me, so she probably won’t care whether you live or die, before she catches me, you may be able to escape!”

Wu Jie knit his brow and didn’t immediately make a decision, instead asking, “What about the second option?”

“Stick with me!”

“I’ll follow you!” Wu Jie said without a moment’s hesitation.

Yang Kai couldn’t help staring at him blankly, to which Wu Jie smiled and said, “Sir Holy Master currently looks annoyed and angry, but in no way panicked, so this Wu figures Sir Holy Master has some way to escape. Although I might be able to escape by separating from you, if Sir Holy Master is indeed caught, I know I won’t be spared. Xue Li may not kill me, but Zhang Ao and Cao Guan definitely will… so I’m still safer with you. Besides, this Wu was just saved by Sir Holy Master, if I abandon you now, wouldn’t that be paying a life saving grace with betrayal?”

Yang Kai stared at him deeply before wearing a grin, “Sect Master Wu is quite clever.”

“Sir Holy Master is too polite.”

“Good, let’s go!” Yang Kai said, waving his hand and tearing space once again, leaping back into The Void along with Wu Jie.

Back in The Void, Yang Kai felt Xue Li’s viper attack lock onto his aura once again.

Not paying any attention to this homing attack, Yang Kai quickly found his bearings before tearing space once more and exiting The Void.

A moment later, Yang Kai and Wu Jie appeared atop the Snow Mountain Range. Without a pause, Yang Kai tore space again.

After tearing space a total of three times within a short ten breath span, Yang Kai and Wu Jie were nearly a thousand kilometers away from where they stared.

Wu Jie couldn’t help but revealing a look of shock; he found that every time they exited The Void, the surrounding environment would become colder. It seemed as if the two were consistently traveling deeper into the Snow Mountain Range.

Thinking about it for a moment, Wu Jie called out in shock, “Can Sir Holy Master navigate accurately from within The Void?”

“More or less!” Yang Kai replied while taking out a pill and restoring his Spiritual Energy consumption.

Wu Jie’s expression became strained; he found that the more he contacted this young Holy Master, the more he couldn’t see through him.

The method to tear space was something he had taught Yang Kai only two or three years ago, yet after such a brief period, not only had he comprehended plenty of The Void’s mysteries, he was also able to find his way within it and even determine where he would emerge from it.

Wu Jie simply couldn’t imagine how he managed to accomplish this.

In order to simply use this Divine Ability, Wu Jie had spent more than ten years of hard effort, and even though he was able to comprehend some things, he still didn’t dare use it at will.

In fact, counting a moment ago, Wu Jie had only used this Divine Ability three times in his entire life.

“Where are we going?” Wu Jie quickly gathered his wits and no longer thought about such things, quickly focusing on the situation at hand.

“You’ll know when we get there,” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, scanning the surroundings to find his way amidst all the snow and ice.

At the same time, Xue Li, who was now nearly a thousand kilometers away, was also rushing forward, her entire body pulsing with powerful Demonic Qi, flying across the snowy terrain at an incredible speed, constantly drawing closer to Yang Kai.

For the Demon God Golden Blood in Yang Kai’s veins, or the inheritance, there was nothing she wouldn’t do!

As long as she could obtain Yang Kai’s Demon God Golden Blood, Xue Li was confident she could even compete with the current Demon Commander.

If she was very lucky, she might even be able to uncover some hidden secrets about the Great Demon God from Yang Kai.

With such a rare opportunity right in front of her, how could Xue Li bare to let it go?

For this matter, she had concealed herself and dove deep into Human territory, bringing along only Yu Mo, leaving Sand City unattended for several years.

From what she could sense, Yang Kai was constantly moving deeper into the Snow Mountain Range, seemingly moving toward some kind of goals, making her even more excited.

Xue Li didn’t know why, but she instinctually felt that wherever Yang Kai was headed, it was somehow related to Great Demon God!

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