Martial Peak

Chapter 857 - The Same Power

Chapter 857, The Same Power

Having surrounded him, and with Xue Li herself being present, she felt that it would be impossible for Yang Kai to flee, so she wasn’t in any hurry to act and was instead looking forward to watching a good show, pitting the Humans she despised against each other.

Yu Mo, who was standing beside her, seemed to also be acting quite casually, but in fact, he had locked onto Yang Kai with his Divine Sense and would immediately block him if he tried to escape.

This whole situation made Wu Jie, who was standing next to Yang Kai, uncomfortable. He felt as if a sword was being held to his neck.

“Sir Holy Master, this time, this Wu won’t be able to help you. Although I won’t work for that woman, if I remain here, I will definitely die in vain… so when the time comes, this Wu will immediately take his leave,” Wu Jie whispered.

“Good, you don’t need to care about me,” Yang Kai gently nodded, increasing his evaluation of Wu Jie once again after seeing his attitude. In the first place, he wasn’t counting on Wu Jie to help him, as long as he didn’t side with Zhang Ao against him it would be enough.

On top of that, if Yang Kai wanted to leave here, as long as he tore space, it should be possible for him to escape even from a master like Xue Li.

However, whether he could escape successfully or not was still up to chance.

With Wu Jie’s current strength, tearing space would come with huge risks, and once he failed, only death without burial would remain.

On the contrary, Yang Kai, who had grasped the true meaning of tearing space, was actually in a much better situation than Wu Jie.

“Mistress, should we begin?” Yu Mo was evidently becoming somewhat impatient as he quietly asked Xue Li.

“There’s no rush! I still have some things I wish to discuss with him,” Xue Li giggled before calling out to Yang Kai, “Boy, it would be in your best interest to obediently follow this Queen back to Sand City. Do so and I promise not to harm your life,” Saying so, her eyes flashed a cold light, “But if you dare to resist, then you’ll have to suffer a bit. Breaking your arms and legs will be the lightest of punishments while crippling your cultivation is entirely possible!”

“Senior must not underestimate this boy, he is as slippery as a snake, if he finds an opportunity to escape, it will be very difficult to corner him again…” Zhang Ao anxiously called out.

“Yes, Senior, the last time we chased him we were unable to catch up even after a few months. This little brat is the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land and has mastered their Nine Heavens Divine Skills, once we capture him, the method to cultivate the Nine Heavens Divine Skills, as well as their core inheritance, will be ours for the taking,” Cao Guan vigorously added, trying to tempt Xue Li into acting.

The last time they attacked Nine Heavens Holy Land, it was because they didn’t seize the opportunity when it presented itself that Yang Kai had humiliated them and then escaped unscathed.

“Shut up! How Mistress chooses to act is none of your business!” Yu Mo stared at Zhang Ao and coldly reprimanded.

Zhang Ao immediately felt awkward and resentful, his cultivation was higher than Yu Mo’s, but right now he had no choice but to choke down his anger.

“You think this Queen came here for the Nine Heavens Divine Skills and inheritance?” Xue Li glanced over at them with a sneer, “What do those count for?”

Both Zhang Ao and Cao Guan were stunned.

If it wasn’t for the Nine Heavens Hold Land’s inheritance, what did this woman travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres from the Demon Land for?

Yang Kai’s brows also rose as he said, “Senior Xue Li, I don’t believe I’ve done anything to offend you so. Although I can’t say our relationship was pleasant, back in Sand City, I did earn you a great deal of money, so why are you now trying too hard to oppress me?”

This was what Yang Kai most couldn’t understand. If there weren’t enough benefits to doing so, it was impossible for a character like Xue Li to leave the Demon Land so easily, what did he possess that was so attractive to her?

“You want to know why?” Xue Li smiled softly.

Yang Kai wore a serious expression and nodded.

“Good, in any case, since I’ve already found you and you have nowhere to flee, I might as well let you understand,” Xue Li suddenly became talkative, seemingly alright with solving Yang Kai’s confusion, causing everyone else to perk up their ears as well.

But in the next instant, Xue Li waved her hand and used her True Qi to isolate them from the outside, leaving on Yang Kai, Yu Mo, and herself to talk in private.

Yang Kai’s expression also changed as he quickly glanced around but soon discovered that he was unable to see or perceive anything beyond the cyan barrier which had appeared around him; even Wu Jie, who was practically standing shoulder to shoulder with him, had somehow disappeared.

This woman’s means… they were really unfathomable! Yang Kai thought to himself with a hint of dread.

On the other hand, Xue Li’s beautiful face filled with excitement as she waved her jade finger and sent a blade of True Qi towards Yang Kai without the slightest murderous intent.

Yang Kai frowned but did not evade, allowing the light blade to gently brush past his arm.

*Chi…* A light splashing sound rang out.

From his arm, Yang Kai felt a tiny prick after which his dark red blood mixed with a hint of golden radiance began leaking out before his powerful flesh healed itself in the next instant.

“Sure enough!” Xue Li’s eyes filled with a near-fanatical lus,tre as she stared at Yang Kai’s wound.

Yu Mo, who was still standing next to her, furrowed his brow, still not comprehending what was happening.

“Are you curious as to why a great Demon General like myself would personally chase after you for so long?” Xue Li asked.

Yang Kai nodded.

“Hehe…” Xue Li smiled tenderly, “Naturally it’s because you and I have the same power flowing through our blood!”

Saying so, Xue Li suddenly reached out and cut her own jade arm, a trace of blood soon flowing out across her pure white skin.

“Mistress…” Yu Mo exclaimed, but in the next moment freezing in place.

Because the blood trickling down Xue Li’s arm had a faint golden radiance to it as well, though noticeably weaker compared to the one Yang Kai possessed.

Her wound also healed at a visible rate under the influence of some strange force, but it actually closed much slower than the one she inflicted on Yang Kai, there was simply no comparison between the two.

“Demon God Golden Blood!?” Yang Kai called out in alarm.

“You really know!” Xue Li could barely contain her own excitement, her pretty face warping in desire.

“How come you have Demon God Golden Blood?” Yang Kai stared at Xue Li in disbelief.

“I could ask you the same thing!” Xue Li took a step forward, a crushing pressure suddenly descending upon Yang Kai, nearly causing him to collapse as his breathing became laboured.

“Demon God Golden Blood?” Yu Mo’s look also changed greatly, “The blood of the legendary Great Demon God? How can this little brat possess it!? Isn’t the golden hue in his blood because of the Yang Attribute True Qi he cultivates? Does this mean he is a member of our Demon Race?”

Saying so, he stared towards Yang Kai in shock, many subtle changes occurring in his mentality at that moment.

“No, he’s Human,” Xue Li slowly shook her head, “As for where he acquired his Demon God Golden Blood, I’ll have to ask him. The Demon God Golden Blood is truly similar in colour to his Yang Attribute True Qi which is why this Queen was fooled at first; in fact, if I hadn’t watched his last fight in the Death Arena, even I would not have suspected anything!”

“Is that why Mistress suddenly decided against killing him at that time?” Yu Mo suddenly realized.

Back in Sand City, Xue Li truly planned on killing Yang Kai, but after watching his last battle in the Death Arena, Xue Li had suddenly changed her mind and instead ordered Yu Mo to capture and bring Yang Kai back.

Yu Mo had never been able to figure out why Xue Li’s attitude had changed so dramatically at that time; that is, until now.

“Since Mistress has Demon God Golden Blood, does that mean she is a descendent of Great Demon God?” Yu Mo asked excitedly, turning a reverent gaze towards Xue Li.

The Great Demon God was the object of worship for the entire Demon Race. Even if he had passed away countless years ago, his majesty and influence had in no way diminished.

Each new Demon Commander wanted to reproduce the glory of the Great Demon God in this world, but none had ever succeeded.

There was also a legend amongst the Demon Race that although the Great Demon God had passed on, his inheritance still existed, but no one had been able to find it.

Now that Xue Li had Demon God Golden Blood flowing through her veins, it was reasonable to assume she was a descendant of Great Demon God and thus his legitimate successor.

Yu Mo was overjoyed because this meant, in time, Xue Li would at the very least one day become Demon Commander, the supreme ruler of the Demon Race.

Unfortunately, Xue Li slowly shook her head and denied, “This Queen is not a descendant of Great Demon God, I only inadvertently obtained a drop of Demon God Golden Blood many years ago and managed to refine it. It was thanks to that drop of Demon God Golden Blood that this Queen has her current achievements!”

Suddenly gritting her teeth, she continued, “But this little bastard’s body seems to have even richer Demon God Golden Blood than this Queen, and he clearly knows some secrets about Great Demon God. I suspect he even knows where Great Demon God’s inheritance is hidden.”

Yu Mo’s eyes lit up as he turned a fiery gaze towards Yang Kai.

If this was true, and as Xue Li said they were able to obtain the inheritance of Great Demon God from this brat, it was not necessarily impossible to return the Demon Race to the height of its former glory.

Just imaging such a future caused Yu Mo’s heart to pound and his blood to boil.

“Boy, don’t you think it’s about time you should come clean to me?” Xue Li smiled towards Yang Kai, “In front of this Queen, petty tricks won’t be enough to save you, since I have finally found you, you no longer have any hope of escaping.”

“What does Senior wish to know?” Yang Kai still didn’t show any signs of panic and asked indifferently.

“Where did you obtain your Demon God Golden Blood?”

“And if I refuse to say?” Yang Kai sneered.

Xue Li was slightly startled by his defiant attitude but soon gently nodded, “Then you’ll have to suffer a bit, even if I cripple and waste you, you’ll still be able to speak. Moreover… Demon God Golden Blood is a wondrous treasure, even if you don’t cooperate, I can just kill you and then extract the Demon God Golden Blood from your corpse.”

“I’m afraid you don’t have such skill!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. Now he understood that Xue Li had come for the blood in his body while Zhang Ao and Cao Guan wanted to obtain the secrets of the Coffin Carrying Man. Because of this, Xue Li was able to subdue and use Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and the others. Ironically, Xue Li was unaware that the Coffin Carrying Man which was being eyed by Zhang Ao was actually the key to what she most wanted to obtain.

“Bold!” Yu Mo shouted, his aura becoming dangerous, “Last time I let you escape, but this time you shouldn’t even dream of fleeing!”

As he spoke, his Demonic Qi flared up and his entire figure transformed into a thick black mist and pounced towards Yang Kai, like a ferocious black spectre.

Yang Kai’s eyes became sharp as he summoned his Silver Leaf Saint Grade Top-Rank artifact, transforming it into a silver barrier that blocked the black mist.

In the next moment, a wave of silver light burst forth from the black mist and proceeded to tear a hole right through the cyan coloured barrier Xue Li had erected.

Like a Great Peng, Yang Kai spread his wings and soared up into the sky.

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