Martial Peak

Chapter 84 – Holy Spirit Pill Body

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Chapter 84 - Holy Spirit Pill Body

I’m afraid even those renowned pill masters wouldn’t even come close to possessing an ability like Xia Ning Chang’s.

“What special body do you have senior sister?” Kai Yang asked.

”Meng Wu Ya replied: “Holy Spirit Pill Body!”

“Used for pill making?”

“Not bad.” Meng Wu Ya nodded his head, “These physiques are extremely unique. For those people who possess a Holy Spirit Pill Body, they can make pills without any sort of side-effects or backlashes. You should know that all medicines contain one third poison, and although they can increase a practitioner’s strength, the benefit they can provide is limited. But for pills made utilizing the Holy Spirit Pill Body, the body is able to refine the poison away. Up until now, your senior sister has only cultivated for five years, today she is at the separation and reunion boundary and if I hadn’t deliberately suppressed her ability, then I’m certain that she would have reached the true element boundary already.

Kai Yang was astonished, in a period of five years, she had already cultivated to the separation and reunion boundary. Xie Hong Chen was also only that this stage, but how many years had it taken him? It should have been around ten years. Not to mention senior sister had done this under suppression, so if she wasn’t suppressed, then wouldn’t she be more powerful than Su Yan?

Kai Yang was embarrassed to death, for his aptitude paled in comparison to the person in front of him. I was simply something on the ground, gazing up at something in the sky.

This person was the number one genius in the entire Sky Tower!

But for Xia Ning Chang to have such rapid growth, you couldn’t forget the large amount of assistance she had received from cultivation pills.

Meng Wu Ya continued to speak: “Not only are there advantages to the Holy Spirit Pill Body, if you cultivate it with a suitable skill, then, as long as they had energy,, one would be able to refine anything under the sky. Take the qi in the air for example, as long as my disciple is willing, she would also be able to refine it into pills.”

As long as it had energy, anything under the sky was refinable into pills! Since the energy in the earth and heavens were refinable, then you didn’t need to talk about the Three Sun’s Fruit.

Kai Yang could see that in the future, this Senior Xia will be the best alchemist master in the entire world. Born with this type of body, nobody would be able to match her prowess.

“This time, in order for her to breakthrough into the next boundary, she needs to refine and form something within her body. As for this thing, she is unable to do it herself.”

“So that’s why you need my help?” Kai Yang asked.

Meng Wu Ya nodded his head.

“What type of thing?”

“Nine Yin Dew Crystals. These things are extremely helpful to those in the true element boundary. So if she were able to refine and form this thing, then it would help to prevent anything from hindering her cultivation.”

To go from the separation and reunion boundary into the true element boundary, one must change their World Qi into True Qi, which is far more pure and powerful. This was also a process that all practitioners needed to undertake, and if this process was accompanied by some precious treasure, then the transformed True Qi would more powerful than normal.

This Nine Yin Dew Crystals, were clearly such a precious treasure and were definitely one of the best treasures.

“The Nine Yin Dew Crystals are naturally a spirit essence, and obtaining them is extremely hard. And if it were used by people who were not suitable, then it would immediately melt and disappear. Only those who cultivated Yang Qi, would be able to control them. Not to mention that the purity of their Yang World Qi must reach a certain degree. That is also the reason why we need your help.”

“What the exact things do I need to do?” Kai Yang questioned.

Suddenly Meng Wu Ya became really impatient: “Why are you asking so much, you will know when the time comes.”

Kai Yang pinched the bridge of his nose, and wondered why old man Meng would be this angry.

“Where is this thing? When are we leaving to retrieve it?”

“It’s in Black Wind Mountain. Over there, some Nine Yins have gathered. And only on the 7th of July, will the Nine Yin Qi truly gather, and only then would you be able to retrieve its Yin Qi.”

“Then there isn’t much time left.” Kai Yang pondered as he calculated; there was only ten days until 7th of July. If you needed to enter Black Wind Mountains, then journeying in would also take some time.

“So if you don’t have anything to do, then I would like to hurry over now. Otherwise, we would have to wait another year for it.” Meng Wu Ya spoke solemnly.

“I can depart anytime.” Kai Yang smiled.

“Then come to the Contribution Hall to find me in two days, because I still need to prepare some things.” Meng Wu Ya warmly replied.

“Okay, then we’ll meet in two days time.”

With the date set, both parties met two days later in the Contribution Hall and departed.

Looking at his receding back, Meng Wu Ya let out a small sigh, his expression oddly queer. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking, and only after a good while did he speak: “My disciple, are you certain that you want to do this?”

Xia Ning Chang’s clothes fluttered as she nodded her head: “En.”

Meng Wu Ya continued: “If you truly aren’t able to refine the Nine Yin Dew Crystals, you are still able to breakthrough, it’s just that your future power would be slightly weaker.”

Xia Ning Chang lightly laughed: “But, if I want to help master, then wouldn’t it be better with purer True Qi? Master you saved me and raised me, disciple also wants to help you.”

“But……….ai, why don’t you think over it again?”

The reason for the two days of delay, was because Meng Wu Ya wanted Xia Ning Chang to think it over again.

Blushing, Xia Ning Chang replied: “It’s nothing, I really don’t hate him.”

Meng Wu Ya sighed out knowingly: “We took advantage of the kid.”

Thinking about Kai Yang’s indifferent manner, Meng Wu Ya became so hateful that his tooth started to itch. You only know that you are here to help with a favour, but you don’t know how much you will be taken advantage of.

By all means, sparks must not be created or fly! In the end, this little place isn’t something where his disciple will settle, Meng Wu Ya worried anxiously, he intestines tied in a knot.

Kai Yang didn’t return to Su Yan’s wooden house, but instead returned to his secluded wooden hut, which he hadn’t visited in many days. Although it had been quite some while since he had last been here, it was still as clean and tidy as before. Not even a speck of dust could be seen. He wondered who it could have been, that had been tidying his hut.

Although Treasurer Meng had been very vague, Kai Yang still knew the brief details on where he was going and what he needed to do.

Since it was the place that the Nine Yin gathered, then the Yin Qi would be extremely dense. And his Yang Qi is the perfect bane of the Yin Qi, so there wasn’t much to worry about. It was just that his current cultivation was far too low, so he needed to stockpile some Yang Liquid, so he wouldn’t suffer too much in a drawn out battle.

It was just by chance that his Senior Xia had refined all of his Three Sun’s Fruits into pills, which was a good replenishment for his Yang Liquid Drops.

Four Three Sun’s Fruit Trees, each tree grew three fruits, totalling twelve bright red pills. And each pill allowed him to form three drops of Yang Liquid, so he had condensed a total of thirty-six Yang Drops.

These drops, whether or not they were used in battle or used to defend against the Yin Qi, they would be extremely helpful. These were the things he would rely on to survive.

By taking an entire day, Kai Yang finally managed to refine all twelve pills and condense out the Yang Liquid Drops.

When he had condensed them, not only had he condensed thirty-six drops, but an extra 4 drops as well for a total of forty drops. If you added the drops he already possessed within his diantian, then he had quite a haul.

This time round, he finally had some advantage.

When he had condensed and refined all the Yang Liquid Drops and pills, Kai Yang found out he had broken through into the initial element fourth stage.

This breakthrough was truly too sudden, without any forewarning, but the breakthrough had been extremely fluid, like water; without him feeling anything in particular.

Thinking it over, Kai Yang came to the conclusion that it was probably due to the large amounts of cultivation pills he had eaten these past few days, followed by twelve Yang pills. The convergence of this large amount of energy, enabling him to breakthrough isn’t something inconceivable.

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