Martial Peak

Chapter 815 - Saying Anything More Is Useless

Chapter 815: Saying Anything More Is Useless

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Beyond the Nine Peaks Barrier, a large crowd had assembled.

At the very least there were several thousand people gathered here; it seemed like the three forces had won over a lot of helpers during this time.

Yang Kai swept his eyes and Divine Sense over this crowd indifferently and soon noticed that among these thousands of people, there were three particularly large teams, immediately understanding that they were the cultivators from Shattering Mystical Palace, War Spirit Temple and Netherworld Sect.

In addition to these three large teams, there were many other forces mixed in, each of them clustered together as they occupied different positions and coldly stared towards the nine peaks.

After Xu Hui and the other Elders appeared, the cultivators who were attacking the barrier quickly leapt back while various others in the crowd showed looks of fear.

An injured tiger was still a tiger. Although Nine Heavens Holy Land had suffered a sharp decline in strength, it was still a powerful force that had survived for countless years, whether it was in terms of history or heritage, none of the forces present could compare.

An inherent deterrence still remained.

All of the masters gathered understood that if they couldn’t completely wipe out Nine Heavens Holy Land today, once it recovered and sought revenge, none of them would be able to escape.

Every Holy Master of the Holy Land had become a Peak Third Order Saint, this was a legendary feat. Throughout the entire Tong Xuan Realm, only a select few forces could guarantee that one of their Sect’s disciples could achieve such cultivation.

Each and every one of these forces was one to be feared and respected.

Under the probing of Yang Kai’s powerful Divine Sense, the number of enemy Saint Realm masters was clear at a glance.

There were fifteen in total!

Two of them were Second Order Saint while the rest were First Order.

Nine Heavens Holy Land was at an absolute disadvantage in terms of quantity and cultivation.

“Xu Hui, you and I have known each other for nearly a hundred years, but it wasn’t until today that this old master discovered that you’re such a turtle. What’s wrong? Do you really think that as long as you hide behind your Nine Peaks Barrier you’ll be safe? Do you think you can just pretend the atrocities your previous generation Saintess committed have nothing to do with you?” The leader of one of the three big teams suddenly shouted.

As soon as this voice called out, a number of others began yelling and cursing as well.

Xu Hui’s expression remained indifferent as he coldly replied, “Zhang Ao, why must you do this?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai expression changed as he couldn’t help staring towards this old man.

Zhang Ao, Shattering Mystical Palace’s Sect Master, a Second Order Saint and the one Xu Hui said a few days ago was the only man from the three forces they had to be concerned about. All the other masters from the three nearby sects weren’t strong enough to enter Xu Hui’s eyes, but this Zhang Ao had the same cultivation as him, so if they were to fight, it was impossible to tell who would win and who would lose.

“Why must I do this?” Zhang Ao coldly snorted, “This old master simply led these numerous friends to Nine Heavens Holy Land today to seek justice for our many dead relatives and friends!”

“Justice?” Xu Hui stared at Zhang Ao with eyes full of contempt and disdain, “A despicable villain like you dares talk about justice?”

“Whether or not this old master is a despicable villain is not for you to judge,” Zhang Ao snorted, “Your previous generation’s Saintess murdered countless people from outside yet your Nine Heavens Holy Land hid here behind your precious barrier and did nothing. Did any of the dead ever provoke your Nine Heavens Holy Land? What wrong did they ever commit towards you that you had to go so far as to slaughter them? Did any of them even know you at all?!”

“That’s right, you allowing the previous generation Saintess to wantonly torment the world’s common people, you must answer for this!”

“If you can’t present the corpse of the previous generation Saintess to us, today we will trample flat your Nine Heavens Holy Land!”

“I say they’re all in this together! Perhaps they were the ones who sent the previous generation Saintess to murder our friends and family!”


Many people among this group of people were angry and as soon one of them began shouting, others joined in, and although their words were course, many of them were actually fact, so when Xu Hui and the others heard all of this, although they were angry, they were also unable to refute them.

They didn’t intend to ignore the actions of Saintess Nan, it was simply that they didn’t have enough strength to deal with her.

The old Holy Master died, and the only remaining Saintess and the future Holy Master had only been recently brought back from the Demon Land by them. Where did they have time to seek out Saintess Nan? What’s more, Saintess Nan was proficient in the Nine Heavens Divine Skills, Xu Hui and the other Elders were not her opponent at all, even if they found her, they would only bring disgrace upon themselves if they fought.

When Saintess Nan had previously attacked the Holy Land, it took them a lot of effort simply to repel her, resulting in the Holy Land suffering massive damage and casualties.

Seeing the frustrated expressions of Xu Hui and the other Holy Land Elders, Zhang Ao smiled smugly and continued to pour fuel onto the fire, loudly calling for Xu Hui and Nine Heavens Holy Land to bring out Saintess Nan and execute her in front of everyone to comfort the souls of the innocents she had mercilessly killed.

Even if Xu Hui wanted to argue back, there was nothing he could say.

The Saintesses were not to kill a single soul throughout their lifetime, yet after death, they would slaughtering a million corpses. This was a secret deeply hidden by the Holy Land, even if they tried to explain now, no one would believe them.

“Zhang Ao, are you really so vicious? When the old Holy Master was alive, he provided no small favour to your Shattering Mystical Palace!” Xu Hui shouted indignantly, “Cao Guan, Wu Jie, must you two also act like this?”

Of the two people Xu Hui named, Cao Guan was the head of War Spirit Temple, and Wu Jie was the master of Netherworld Sect, the two of them were First Order Saint.

Cao Guan shouted firmly, “What is Great Elder talking about, this Cao Guan has always been righteous and only ever stands on the side of justice!”

Wu Jie was a man with a thin build and pale face. He had a sinister and vicious look and had obviously cultivated some kind of Evil Secret Art. His body and the green and black robes he wore gave off an eerie aura which made no one dare stand within a dozen meters of him. Hearing Xu Hui’s words, he cackled evilly and said, “My Netherworld Sect is only causing trouble in order to seek compensation. Great Elder should understand the concept of paying money to dispel disaster. In fact, if you can afford the price, it’s not impossible for this Wu Jie to help you out now.”

“Wu Jie!” Zhang Ao glanced over at him gloomily, “Don’t speak such tasteless jokes.”

Wu Jie just grinned and shrugged his shoulders, not saying any more.

Seeing this, Zhang Ao sneered, “Xu Hui, you just said your old Holy Master provided us no small favour, yes? Then how do you explain why every year our three forces had to give your Nine Heavens Holy Land tribute in the form of cultivate materials yet seven years ago, when this old master wanted to enter your nine peaks’ Four Spirit Cave to cultivate I was flatly rejected? Is this the so called favour we were given?”

Xu Hui slowly shook his head, “You presenting us tribute was not fake, but have you ever thought about what would happen if you didn’t have the shelter of my old Holy Master? Could your three forces have developed so calmly and safely? Without my old Holy Master, the Great Senior of the Beast Sea Jungle would have already wiped your three Sects out!”

“Don’t try to raise that Great Senior with me,” Zhang Ao shouted angrily, a vicious light flashing across his eyes, “Don’t think I don’t know your old Holy Master and that Monster Race Great Senior were on good terms in private and that he even often went to the Beast Sea Jungle to trade with him! You dare do such despicable deeds, consorting with our Human Race’s mortal enemy, betraying the world’s common people; do you not fear the Heavens’ retribution? Every year, many of our three Sects’ disciples mysteriously go missing, are you going to stand there and tell me they weren’t caught and eaten by those Monster Race bastards?”

Hearing this accusation, many of the gathered masters wore stunned and horrified looks.

All of them turned questioning glances towards Zhang Ao.

Zhang Ao sneered and continued, “It’s true, the old Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land frequently interacted with that Monster Race Great Senior. This old master witnessed him come and go from the Beast Sea Jungle several times. This old master even caught some Monster Beasts and searched their memories to confirm the truth of this matter; this is by no means some unfounded slander!”

Receiving this response, the masters who were still acting somewhat hesitant suddenly became determined.

The hatred between difference races ran very deep so hearing what Nine Heavens Holy Land was guilty of immediately caused these masters a great deal of revulsion. On top of that, Zhang Ao making such a bold claim yet Xu Hui not trying to refute him obviously meant it was true.

In an instant, all the gathered masters outside the Nine Peaks Barrier glared towards Xu Hui and the other Holy Land Elders with hatred.

“Xu Hui, why didn’t you go and ask that Monster Race Great Senior to help your Nine Heavens Holy Land?” Zhang Ao stared down at Xu Hui triumphantly, his voice laced with sarcasm, “That Monster Race Great Senior has the strength of a Peak Third Order Saint, as long as he makes a move, we would have no choice but to retreat. Your old Holy Master was good friends with him, wasn’t he? Could it be those Monster Race bastards believe that after death, nothing remains (not ties or soul to reincarnate)?”

Xu Hui’s face went from red to white, obviously completely enraged but unable to argue back, his blood boiling up.

“Saying anything more is useless,” Yang Kai suddenly said, “You don’t need to waste your breath, the more you speak, the more disadvantageous it will be for the Holy Land. After all, the incident with Saintess Nan is indeed the responsibility of the Holy Land.”

“En,” Xu Hui nodded low spiritedly.

In front of everyone’s eyes , Yang Kai took a step forward and stood in front of o Xu Hui and the other Holy Land Elders.

Thousands of pairs of eyes fixed on Yang Kai, most of them revealing looks of confusion, not knowing what this young man was thinking standing up at this time.

In fact, when the representatives of Nine Heavens Holy Land first appeared, many people had eyed Yang Kai suspiciously.

Xu Hui and the other Saint Realm masters from Nine Heavens Holy Land appearing was a matter of course and An Ling’er was a Saintess of Nine Heavens Holy Land, but only Yang Kai was unfamiliar to them, this youth’s origins and identity a complete mystery to them.

Such a young man standing side by side with Xu Hui and the other Holy Land Elders was more than just strange, and from what they could see, Xu Hui was actually quite polite and respectful towards this youth.

Even Zhang Ao was a bit confused and even after pouring over his memory he couldn’t recall a young man like Yang Kai holding any sort of position of importance in Nine Heavens Holy Land.

“Guests,” Yang Kai called out, “The incident regarding Saintess Nan is truly the responsibility of the Holy Land, but Holy Land is also helpless to do anything about it now. Saintess Nan is already dead, now she is just a walking corpse, so the Holy Land cannot order her to do anything. Moreover, she also holds great killing intent towards the Holy Land; I believe many of you know that Saintess Nan attacked the Holy Land a few days ago. En, the Holy Land, just like all of you, has suffered losses at Saintess Nan’s hands, and we too wish we could swiftly deal with her, so I will ask you here to give the Holy Land some time to allow Great Elder to provide a satisfactory answer to all of you and remove the scourge of Saintess Nan.”

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, the masters who had been persuaded by the three Sects to crusade again Nine Heavens Hold Land frowned deeply.

None of them were fools and each was capable of making rational judgements. Looking back now, they found that Yang Kai’s words had some truth to them. When they had encountered Saintess Nan, not only had they not felt any vitality from her, but they had also sensed a touch of Death Qi instead.

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