Martial Peak

Chapter 809 - Proof

Chapter 809, Proof

At the same time as the voice called out, a dangerous aura flared up, causing all the hair on Yang Kai’s neck to stand on end. It was only after he furiously circulated his True Qi that he was able to resist this invisible pressure.

The other party was a woman, a young and very beautiful woman.

She wore a clean, moon-white dress that lightly wrapped around her enchanting figure and was embroidered with floral patterns, giving her a dainty and petite look, but the momentum pulsing from her small body was anything but cute.

Moreover, behind her was a pair of seven coloured wings. The wings were very different from Yang Kai’s Wind and Thunder Wings; they were thin and nearly transparent, almost like the wings of a butterfly. They were spread wide but seemed incredibly flexible and gave of a light, intoxicating fragrance.

This pair of wings looked sleek and fragile, but had obviously been cultivated by this woman into an artifact-like existence, their edges giving off a sharp, cold light. Yang Kai had no doubt that this pair of wings was comparable to the sharpest of blades, capable of easily slicing through stone or metal.

As soon as this woman appeared, the Monster Race masters who had been casually observing Yang Kai all turned and bowed to her respectfully.

Saint Realm! Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he immediately judged the cultivation of this petite woman with her pair of seven coloured wings. On top of that, she was no ordinary Saint.

The tremendous pressure Yang Kai felt from her indicated that this woman’s strength was at least comparable to a Second Order Saint.

“That’s not right! Senior Cai Die, please let me explain!” Kuang Shi, who had been knocked into the ground, leaped up and shouted anxiously, his face beaten black and blue yet not daring to show the slightest hint of dissatisfaction.

“What is there to explain?” Cai Die shifted her eyes to Kuang Shi and coldly spoke, an invisible strength suddenly emerging from her hand and drawing out the artifact and pills in Kuang Shi’s pockets.

“After receiving a bribe from this human you then brought him to Thunder Tree Palace? Kuang Shi, your courage is not small!” Cai Die shouted menacingly, her wings beating slight faster as a cold murderous intent flashed across her eyes.

Kuang Shi’s face went pale as he waved his arms frantically, “It’s not like that, it’s… well, it is like that… this human did give this Kuang Shi some things in exchange for bringing him here, but… but there’s a deeper reason for this!”

“I don’t care what your ‘deeper reason’ is, since you dare to break the rules set by Great Senior, you will die today!” Cai Die coldly snorted, staring towards Kuang Shi like he was a dead man.

Yang Kai quickly tried to step forward, but the moment his foot left the ground, it seemed to touch the nerves of many of the gathered Monster Race masters, their countless pairs of eyes fixed on him in the next moment as they exerted a great pressure towards him from all sides.

Yang Kai’s physique squirmed slightly but quickly shrugged off this pressure, which would ordinarily be enough to paralyze someone of his cultivation, and gently took a step forward.

The Monster Race masters who saw this showed startled looks, as if they hadn’t expected Yang Kai to be able to achieve such a feat.

“Senior Cai Die, is it?” Yang Kai cupped his fists, showing neither fear nor nervousness, “This Junior is Nine Heavens Holy Land’s new Holy Master, Yang Kai. I requested Brother Kuang here to lead me to Thunder Tree Palace in order to meet your Great Senior and discuss some business with him.”

“Nine Heavens Holy Land’s new Holy Master?” Cai Die’s brow furrowed deeply, seemingly skeptical.

“Yes, yes! Senior Cai Die, it was because he is from Nine Heavens Holy Land that I agreed to bring him here. If that was not the cause, I would never have done so. Please understand, Senior Cai Die!” Kuang Shi bobbed his head; cold sweat pouring dripping down his forehead, thinking to himself he had really made a mistake this time. If he had known Senior Cai Die would be so angry he wouldn’t have dared bring Yang Kai to Thunder Tree Palace.

“If you say you are, you are?” Cai Die shouted coldly, “What proof do you have?”

“The Holy Master Spirit Ring is the best proof,” Yang Kai raised his hand and showed the ring to her.

The Monster Race masters all stared at him for a moment before bursting out into laughter.

Cai Die coldly snorted, “How can a ring prove your identity? That ring was indeed worn by the person who used to come to my Thunder Tree Palace, but how do I know where you obtained it from?”

“Then how does Senior Cai Die want me to prove my identity?” Yang Kai stared back at her calmly.

Cai Die curled her lips fiercely as she flapped her wings gently and floated up to a nearby branch, sitting down beside the young cat eared girl before faintly replying, “There’s no need for you to prove anything. Since you dared to come here, you must die! Kuang Shi, you brought him here, so he is your responsibility, understand?”

Kuang Shi shot a complicated look over towards Yang Kai before nodding lightly, “I understand.”

“Kuang Shi, do it right, don’t lose to this human.”

“Come on, dig out his heart, the heart of the human cultivators is amazing.”

“If you lose, we’ll all look down on you.”

Up in the branches, the several Monster Race masters who had assembled began shouting excitedly, all of them sitting down and preparing to watch the show.

Kuang Shi grumbled silently to himself for a moment. Although he was some reluctance, since Cai Die had ordered him to, he had no choice in the matter. Helplessly, he turning to Yang Kai and saying, “Boy, I apologize in advance, if you die here, don’t blame this Kuang Shi for being too ruthless.”

“Please act freely, Brother Kuang,” Yang Kai smiled as he shot a glance over towards Cai Die before continuing, “I’m also quite interested to see how the Monster Race fights.”

“Big Sister, this guy is quite interesting, it’s like he’s not afraid at all,” The cat eared young girl stared at Yang Kai with great interest.

“Hmph, human men like him most like acting mysterious. Just wait, he’ll show you his pathetic side soon enough,” Cai Die coldly muttered, as if she had a very good understanding of humans.

“En, en, Kuang Shi will definitely tear him to pieces!” The cat eared young girl also nodded.

Down below, a great roar suddenly rang out and Kuang Shi charged forward straight towards Yang Kai.

Although he did not use any profound movement skill or any kind of special ability, the mere force behind his charge was enough to shake a mountain.

In this initial clash, Yang Kai wanted to test the other party’s strength, so he intentionally did not dodge and instead tightened his muscles and stretched out his arms to meet Kuang Shi head on.


A violent explosion burst out and Yang Kai felt an irresistible force smash into him, sending his body flying out uncontrollably.

From this brief exchange, Yang Kai realized he had greatly underestimated the raw strength of Kuang Shi.

This brute force alone was enough to make Kuang Shi a difficult opponent for any ordinary cultivator in the same realm.

Flipping mid-air, Yang Kai quickly stabilized himself and landing on the ground, retreating a few steps before finally coming to a stop.

“So weak…” The cat eared young girl spat disdainfully, feeling a little disappointed in this outcome. On the other hand, Cai Die’s eyes narrowed slightly, a look of surprise briefly appearing on her face.

Originally, she had thought Yang Kai wasn’t very strong; the energy fluctuations coming from his body allowed her to instantly grasp his true cultivation which was obviously lower than Kuang Shi’s.

But after this initial clash, Cai Die discovered that although this human wasn’t able to withstand Kuang Shi’s blow, he had also not suffered any trace of injury.

She had estimated that Yang Kai would have at least ended up with a pair of broken arms.

[Interesting, this boy seems to have some skill,] Cai Die thought to herself, suddenly paying more attention to the fight.

Although he had sent Yang Kai flying, Kuang Shi seemed quiet dissatisfied with this result. Not giving Yang Kai any time to breath, Kuang Shi once again roared and charged forward, his Monster Qi bursting out and a bloodthirsty aura pulsing from his body.

“Brother Kuang, defend yourself!” Yang Kai’s gaze became cold as he lifted his hand towards the sky, gripped something invisible, and swung it down.

In that instant, a huge sword of golden light appeared, carrying with it a terrifying might as it slashed towards Kuang Shi.

This giant sword had an unstoppable momentum, seemingly cutting space apart as it fell.

Seeing this, Kuang Shi’s complexion changed greatly, immediately halting his charge, planting his feet, and crossing both his arms in front of his body to defend himself just as the giant sword was about to strike him.


The Profound Heavenly Sword landed on Kuang Shi’s arms, sending out a grating sound as if it had struck a wall of iron, its golden body shattering as it sent its target tumbling through the air, leaving behind a shallow wound that oozed red blood.

“Hm?” Yang Kai raised his brow as he stared at this result.

Kuang Shi had actually blocked a strike from his Profound Heavenly Sword with just his bare arms, showing that his physique was at least as strong as a high-grade artifact.

The Monster Race’s methods were quite impressive!

Kuang Shi completely ignored the injuries to his arms and immediately went back on the attack. After the Profound Heavenly Sword shattered, Kuang Shi’s burly body flickered and, taking advantage of Yang Kai’s moment of confusion, managed to arrive behind him. Monster Qi condensing in his hand, Kuang Shi claw towards Yang Kai’s seemingly unguarded back.

In one swipe, Yang Kai’s body was split in two.

Kuang Shi was stunned and felt that something was wrong because when he struck Yang Kai, it was as if he hit thin air and there was no trace of blood anywhere.

“Kuang Shi, behind you!” The cat eared young girl anxiously shouted.

Just as she shouted, Yang Kai re-appeared wearing a light smile upon his face and threw out a golden spear towards Kuang Shi before the latter could even turn around.

Heaven Punishing Spear!

Kuang Shi’s reaction though was still extremely quick. As soon as he heard the cat eared young girl’s warning, he immediately leapt up into the air, flipping over as he used him Monster Qi to seal off the area around Yang Kai, blocking any path of retreat.

However, just as Kuang Shi did so, a giant golden palm appeared before his eyes, flying towards him and rapidly enlarging until it was the only thing he could see.

Heaven Covering Hand!


Kuang Shi was struck head on and tumbled through the air more than a dozen times before pounding into the ground.

Up on the giant ancient tree’s branches, the Monster Race powerhouses all stared in amazement at this development.

Each of their strengths and insights were quite refined, so they were all clear that Yang Kai’s true cultivation realm was lower than Kuang Shi’s, but in this fight, it was actually Kuang Shi who was being suppressed, and quite badly at that. There was essentially no opportunity for him to even counterattack.

This reality was somewhat difficult for them to accept.

As they were lost in thought, Kuang Shi climbed up from the ground and roared angrily, as if he had finally become enraged. At this moment, the Monster Qi in his body began pulsing rapidly as his eyes became blood red, as if he wouldn’t rest until he tore Yang Kai limb from limb.

Yang Kai wasn’t intimidated though, and instead was quite relaxed, using one Nine Heavens Divine Skill after another to suppress the enemy before him.

From beginning to the end, Yang Kai did not use his full strength, diverting a part of his attention towards the pair of eyes that were staring down at him from above as he fought with Kuang Shi.

If Yang Kai wasn’t mistaken, the owner of this gaze was the Monster Race’s Great Senior which ruled over this place.

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