Martial Peak

Chapter 786 - Epiphany

Chapter 786, Epiphany

When masters fought, it was not only a contest of their skills but also a battle of their wills.

As soon as Di Xiao’s state of mind became disturbed, the stalemate was broken and his momentum collapsed, allowing Yang Kai to completely suppress him.

The Demon Race spectators up in the stands also quickly discovered that the situation had taken a turn for the worse. Originally, the gold and black auras in the Death Arena stage were equal in intensity to one another, but suddenly the dark Demonic Qi belonging to Di Xiao weakened while the annoying golden aura shone brilliantly.

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t sit still.

“Impossible! Can this boy even defeat Di Xiao?”

“How can this be? Di Xiao is a Third Order Transcendent, two full levels higher than him.”

“If Di Xiao is defeated, my Demon Race will lose all face!”

“Is… is that guy really real? A First Order Transcendent being able to defeat a Third Order, if he were to becomes a Saint…”

Even Feng Biao, who had been sent by Gou Qiong to oversee this task, had a gloomy look upon his face as his brow furrowed deeply, his hands crushing the arms of his chair unconsciously.

Xue Li was also leaning forward now, her powerful Divine Sense penetrating the Death Arena’s barriers as she carefully observed the changes in the battle.

No one in the audience had a clearer idea of what was happening than her because she was the one who had constructed the barriers around the Death Arena stage in the first place. Her original intention was to make it so that the cultivators who fought would not receive any interference from the gamblers on the outside, so even if they were top-level masters, if they tried to peep through these barriers, all they’d be able to discover was some vague details.

Xue Li was different though, her beautiful eyes easily able to track Yang Kai and Di Xiao’s movements.

The battle turning out like this was truly beyond Xue Li’s expectations, even if she managed to glean some clues from An Ling’er’s behaviour, inferring the possibility that Yang Kai might win, it was still difficult to believe what she was seeing.

This fight was also far more exciting than she anticipated!

Also, as Xue Li spectated the match, the murderous intent that originally filled her eyes slowly faded and was instead replaced with a thick sense of confusion.

With a thunderous explosion, the gold and black energies which had been entangled with each other this whole time suddenly separated and two silhouettes retreated backwards, coming to a stop a dozen meters or so apart.

Dust blew about and the battlefield lay in ruins, everyone up in the stands held their breath, the entire Death Arena falling silent as all eyes stared towards the stage down below, wondering who had come out on top.

Gradually, the dust settled and the two fighters’ figures appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Sharp breaths were drawn as the Demon Race spectators couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Di Xiao was bathed in blood, with almost no part of his body still intact. All over his scarred skin there were clearly visible palm print, fist marks, etc…

Gou Qiong’s elite subordinate seemed to be exhausted, his laboured breathing clearly ringing in everyone’s ears, illustrating just how weak he currently was.

Yang Kai was also covered in blood that, under the strong rays of the sun, seemed to glow a faint golden colour, giving him a strange appearance. There were many scars and wounds all over his strong body, numbering no less than the ones on Di Xiao’s.

The only difference between the two was the look in their eyes; Di Xiao’s originally confident gaze was now dull while Yang Kai’s was filled with strength.

Di Xiao had been defeated!

As long as one wasn’t blind, they would be able to see this.

“I’ve underestimated you… you’re truly strong!” Di Xiao coughed a few times, spitting out some blood and viscera from his mouth.

“Anyone who looks down on me has to pay the price!” Yang Kai grinned and took a deep breath before lifting his foot and slowly walking forward, his True Qi surging once more, his eyes filling with murderous intent.

It was clear he planned to kill the person in front of him and bring this deathmatch to a close!

Seeing his intentions, Feng Biao, who had been in something of a daze in the stands, came to his senses and stood up, shouting in an angered voice, “Little brat, you dare!”

As he shouted, his figure flickered, disappearing from where he stood and shooting towards the Death Arena stage like a bolt of lightning.

Despite Di Xiao disappointing Sir Gou Qiong’s expectations, actually losing to a little human brat, he was still one of Gou Qiong’s most elite warriors. Yang Kai couldn’t be allowed to simply kill him here.

Feng Biao couldn’t just sit idly by and watch, he had to take this opportunity to finish off Yang Kai!

“Yu Mo!” On the other side of the arena, Xue Li suddenly shouted.

Yu Mo nodded lightly and also shot out.

A moment later, Yu Mo appeared in front of Feng Biao, blocking his way.

“Make way!” Feng Biao shouted furiously, not having any scruples about this being Xue Li’s site, sending out a palm towards Yu Mo as the latter responded in kind.

The two First Order Saints instantly engaged in an astonishing fight over the Death Arena, each move they made shaking the Heavens, causing the hearts of all the spectators down below to clench.

All the Demon Race spectators present were dumbfounded. They hadn’t expected to see such a wonderful battle between peak Transcendent Realm cultivators today and now they were even being shown a rare fight between Saint Realm masters. This unexpected development immediately invigorated them, drawing their full attention.

“Yu Mo, what’s the meaning of this?!” Feng Biao couldn’t get rid of Yu Mo’s entanglement and immediately interrogated him, “You know who Di Xiao is. If he dies here, can you withstand Sir Gou Qiong’s anger?”

“Idiot! Whether Gou Qiong is angry or not has nothing to do with me!” Yu Mo sneered, “This is Sand City, my Mistress’ site, or did you forget even something so basic?”

“Are you trying to force Sir Gou Qiong and Xue Li into a war!”

“I have no such intent; however, the Death Arena has the rules of the Death Arena. Two people enter, only one may leave alive, this rule may not be broken!”

“You…” Feng Biao ground his teeth as he continued the fight with Yu Mo. Still managing to focus on the ground, Feng Biao saw Yang Kai arrive in front of Di Xiao and condensed his True Yang Yuan Qi into his fingertip and calmly pointed it towards the limp, Di Xiao.

Di Xiao was thoroughly exhausted and didn’t even have the strength to stand properly much less put up any kind of resistance. At this moment, he was simply looking to the sky helplessly.

Feng Biao quickly shouted, “Little brat, if you dare do this, you’re dead!”

Just as he said these words though, the True Qi gathered at Yang Kai’s fingertips transformed into a sharp blade and stabbed into Di Xiao’s chest.

Di Xiao’s body shook, and the blood gushed from his chest like a fountain, his eyes opening wide as he fell backwards.


A puff of dust flew up.

“That little brat…”

“He really killed Di Xiao.”

“Interesting! I don’t think even Miss Xue Li can protect him now!”

“If Miss Xue Li doesn’t protect him, he’ll definitely die!”

In midair, seeing with their own eyes that Di Xiao had died, Feng Biao and Yu Mo also stopped fighting, the former’s face becoming extremely gloomy, his eyes staring hatefully towards Yang Kai, seemingly want to tear off the latter’s stupid mask to see just what kind of bastard was beneath it.

Yu Mo’s eyes also flashed as he was secretly shocked by Yang Kai’s boldness, quickly returning to Xue Li’s side without saying a word.

Next to Di Xiao’s body, Yang Kai stood quietly, his back straight and motionless.

Under the influence of the Demon Eye of Annihilation, an undetectable Soul remnant poured into Yang Kai’s mind and was absorbed.

Gradually, the atmosphere and aura in the surroundings became strange and the fluctuations pulsing from Yang Kai’s body underwent a subtle change.

The deep rage and hatred in Feng Bao’s eyes which were staring at Yang Kai were suddenly replaced with a thick shock and jealousy.

“Mistress…” Yu Mo also exclaimed, his eyes narrowing as he stared towards Yang Kai.

Xue Li’s complexion also changed again upon feeling the energy fluctuations coming from Yang Kai, a look of genuine surprise filling her face.

“Mistress, could it be…” Yu Mo’s voice trembled as he hesitantly spoke.

“En, it’s an epiphany, this boy…” Xue Li’s beautiful eyes flashed a strange brilliance, “A few months fighting life or death battles here have probably allowed him to comprehend many things and today’s battle allowed all of that to sublimate, resulting in sudden enlightenment.”

“Inconceivable!” Yu Mo cried out in amazement, “Does he want to break through here? Isn’t he acting a bit too supercilious?”

Di Xiao had just been killed by him and Feng Biao couldn’t wait to put him to death, the Demon Race spectators in the stand also were filled with indignation and many were clamouring for Yang Kai’s life. This was quite likely the worst possible time for a breakthrough.

If the situation wasn’t handled well, it might turn into a riot where the angry crowd directly swarmed him.

“Mistress, in this situation, do we just sit back and watch?” Yu Mo turned to Xue Li and asked.

As long as Xue Li didn’t speak, Yang Kai would definitely die today, no Demon Race cultivator wanted to let such a monstrous human boy continue breathing. Although Yang Kai had brought them a lot of excitement and entertainment, the situation was different now.

Everyone here was no well aware of how terrifying this boy’s potential was!

“Nonsense, of course we’re not going to just sit back and watch. Relay my command, anyone who dares to enter the Death Arena stage before he finished breaking through is to be killed without mercy!” Xue Li’s beautiful face filled with an inexplicable excitement.

“…ah?” Yu Mo let out a gaff; dumbfounded by the order he had just been given.

Just before, Xue Li had clearly decided to kill Yang Kai today regardless of whether he won or lost the fight, so this sudden and drastic change in attitude greatly confused Yu Mo.

If they really wanted to kill this human brat, they didn’t even need to act. Feng Biao and the other Demon Race spectators would happily murder Yang Kai while he was breaking through.

Earlier, Yu Mo had only blocked Feng Biao to suppress Gou Qiong and maintain the rules of the Death Arena.

Was this little brat’s performance so impressive that Xue Li was reluctant to kill him? Yu Mo secretly speculated but still couldn’t understand.

However, he didn’t ask anything and simply carried out his orders, spreading out his Divine Sense in the next instant to relay Xue Li’s command.

The next moment, from outside the Death Arena, a large number of powerful Demon Race masters appeared, taking up defensive positions around the broken stage.

Seeing this scene, everyone understood that Xue Li intended to shelter Yang Kai and immediately dismissed all thoughts attacking, contenting themselves to just holler and scream angrily.

Yang Kai, standing atop the Death Arena’s stage, seemed completely unaware of all this.

But, in truth, he was also paying close attention to his surroundings, so the behaviour of Xue Li’s subordinates also caused him to feel a bit confused. However, since this woman didn’t seem to want to immediately kill him, Yang Kai focused his attention back onto breaking through safely, clearing his mind of all distractions and entering a state of enlightenment.

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