Martial Peak

Chapter 784 - Di Xiao

Chapter 784, Di Xiao

As Yang Kai was observing his opponent, his opponent was also observing him, his eyes focused intently as if they were trying to see through all this masked youth’s secrets.

Although the man couldn’t see Yang Kai’s face, he could feel the murderous intent pulsing from the latter’s body. This aura was extraordinarily rich and not the slightest attempt to conceal it was being made. Even facing an opponent whose realm far exceeded his own, the eyes of this masked youth only showed a burning desire to fight.

This was no ordinary opponent!

This man only observed Yang Kai for a moment before coming to this conclusion, a hint of caution flashing across the depths of his eyes.

With such a massive gap in cultivation yet still being so eager to battle meant only one of two things, either this youth was absurdly arrogant or he had complete confidence in his ability!

Someone who could win more than a dozen fights in the Death Arena could not possibly be the first. If that was the case, he would have died long ago, but did that mean this little human brat thought he could actually put up a fight against a Third Order master with his puny First Order Transcendent cultivation?

The man suddenly felt that things had become interesting.

When Yang Kai’s opponent appeared, chatter erupted throughout the Death Arena’s stands. Many Demon Race cultivators pointing towards Yang Kai were pointing towards Yang Kai’s challenger with suspicion and excitement, many of them obviously recognizing the other’s identity.

“Isn’t that Sir Gou Qiong’s subordinate Di Xiao?”

“It’s him. When I visited Qing Liao City before, I saw him once. It really is Di Xiao!”

“Why would he appear in the Death Arena?”

“It’s said that he is Sir Gou Qiong’s strongest fighter below the Saint Realm and that he is only one step away from breaking through and becoming a Saint.”

“This human boy versus Di Xiao, I’m afraid the outcome is set! Di Xiao’s strength isn’t comparable to an ordinary Third Order Transcendent. As Sir Gou Qiong’s vanguard, he has made many great achievements in battle and is said to even be able to hold his ground against a Saint Realm master for a short time.”

“En, what a pity. After today, I’m afraid we’ll never get to see this masked kid fight on the Death Arena’s stage again.”

“A trivial human boy, who cares if he dies? I hope Di Xiao kills him quickly, this little brat has acted arrogantly for long enough. Does he think no one in my Demon Race is his equal?”

“Good, good, although I enjoy watching him fight, he is, after all, a human.”

The whispering voices came from all over and reached Yang Kai’s ears, causing him to wrinkle his brow slightly. He hadn’t expected his opponent today to be so famous amongst the Demon Race.

Gou Qiong sending such a master to deal with him, it was obvious what kind of importance the former placed on this matter.

Di Xiao suddenly grinned and said, “Friend, although we come from different races, I heard that you have defeated more than a dozen Second Order Transcendent opponents, each time narrowly escaping death. I admire you quite a bit. If possible, I’d like to become friends with you, but since I was ordered by Sir Gou Qiong, this time I must take your life, when the time comes, please don’t blame me.”

Yang Kai’s brow moved slightly but didn’t speak, choosing to remain silent as always.

“Then… let’s get started!” Di Xiao cupped his fists as he said these words and then, in an instant, vanished like a ghost.

Yang Kai’s expression changed dramatically.

Quickly retreating from where he was standing, Yang Kai fell back a couple dozen meters, clenched his fist, condensed his True Qi, and then struck the ground with an earth shaking force.


The entire Death Arena stage trembled violently, the rippling waves only stopping once they reached the ring’s surrounding barriers.

A giant pit with a depth of several meters appeared in an instant.

From the pit, a flash of cold light shot out, as if it was tearing space, ignoring all obstacles and distance and arriving in front of Yang Kai’s chest in the next instant.


Like a blossoming red flower, blood splashed out as Yang Kai coughed, staggering back a few steps as he directed a dignified stare in front of himself.

On his chest, there was a longan sized wound which was leaking fresh blood even now, dying his robes a dull red.

Exclamations came from all directions as many eyes among the spectators flashed with surprise, shocked by Di Xiao’s tyrannical strength.

Everything happened too quickly. Di Xiao had used some kind of profound movement skill, vanished from in front of everyone’s eyes, snuck underground, then sent out a lightning fast attack that could pierce through any kind of defence and wounded Yang Kai before the latter had time to react.

Since his debut on the Death Arena stage, Yang Kai had fought more than a dozen times, and although each time he escaped from death he would become bruised and bloody, there was never a time as dangerous as just now. The match had only just begun yet he had already been injured by his opponent.

On top of that, this injury was not light, his face going slightly pale as he panted for breath, only able to steady himself some time later.

Di Xiao stood not far away, a smile upon his face, staring at Yang Kai as if he hadn’t ever moved; however, if one looked closely, they would notice a trace of dissatisfaction between his brows.

Di Xiao thought that even if his attack wasn’t able to kill Yang Kai, the latter would at least be wounded to the point where he would lose all ability to fight back; he hadn’t expected this human boy to actually only receive a light injury.

[This little brat… was somewhat strange! His physique seemed to be quite tenacious and had invisibly resolved most of the power of my strike.] Di Xiao evaluated

“Fierce!” Di Xiao expressed sincere admiration, “I never imagined someone like you existed among the Human Race!”

“You’re not too bad yourself!”

“Let’s try this again!” Di Xiao snorted, not giving Yang Kai any time to recover, a number of tornadoes suddenly appearing around him. These tornadoes were massive and extended all the way up into the sky, throwing the entire Death Arenas stage into chaos.

The loose gravel on the ground was swept up in this whirling wind, making the tornadoes even more dangerous.

Next, an incredibly potent Demonic Qi burst from Di Xiao’s body and dyed the tornados pitch black.

At some unknown point, dark clouds appeared in the sky over the Death Arena, obscuring the sky and creating an especially dignified atmosphere.

Countless incomparably sharp wind blades appeared at the edges of the tornados, whirling about at incredible speed, slicing through everything they touched with ease.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

In an instant, the wind blade had completely wrapped up Yang Kai, leaving him no path to Heaven, nor road to Hell.

Yang Kai let out a low roar and the earth beneath his feet abruptly collapsed. Next, at his fingertip, he condensed a drop of Yang Liquid and transformed it into the shield which he then placed atop his head.

The wind blades struck in the next moment, bombarding Yang Kai from all directions, causing his True Yang Yuan Qi’s shield to deform greatly. It was like Yang Kai was adrift the midst of a great storm, his boat constantly in danger of being destroyed, yet through this onslaught, Yang Kai remained unharmed, successfully resisting the innumerable wind blades.

All the Demon Race spectators up in the stands cried out in shock.

Yang Kai only had a First Order Transcendent Realm cultivation, yet he had actually been able to resist the powerful attack of Di Xiao, a genuine Third Order Transcendent powerhouse, without even suffering the slightest injury. This development made the audience quite uncomfortable.

Di Xiao was no ordinary Demon Race cultivator; he was one of Demon General Gou Qiong’s most trusted subordinates and could almost be considered the first person in the entire Demon Race below the Saint Realm.

The number of masters who had died at Di Xiao’s hands were countless; moreover, he was a talent Gou Qiong had personally taken an interest in, raising the former to become one of his future elites. As such, Di Xiao’s strength was not comparable to an ordinary Third Order Transcendent.

Even from up in the stands, the Demon Race cultivators could feel just how horrifying Di Xiao’s power was, yet such power couldn’t even break the True Qi shield Yang Kai had hastily condensed, obviously this was an unexpected development.

“Mistress, he really does possess astonishing potential!” Yu Mo called out, “In all the matches he fought up to now, he never displayed such means.”

Xue Li’s beautiful eyes flashed a cold light, “Only using his True Qi, he was able to withstand that attack, it’s obvious the purity and density of his True Qi is no weaker than Di Xiao’s. Good, very good!”

The cultivators around Xue Li were also paying close attention to this match now, unable to hide their shock.

Only An Ling’er wore an anxious look upon her face. Although Xue Li had just been praising Yang Kai, An Ling’er did not miss the coldness in this Demon General’s tone.

The more outstanding Yang Kai’s performance was, the more determined Xue Li would be to kill him!

However, if Yang Kai lost to Di Xiao, he would still die.

In either case, Yang Kai’s situation right now could only be described as perilous. An Ling’er thoughts were in chaos, not knowing what she should do.

“Interesting!” Di Xiao stared at Yang Kai as the latter continued to resist his attack.

Originally, when Gou Qiong sent him here to kill a little human brat, Di Xiao had thought it was a severe case of overkill and couldn’t work up any motivation. It was only after arriving in Sand City and hearing about Yang Kai’s various achievements that Di Xiao thought such a person was worthy of him executing.

However, that was all, he hadn’t really put Yang Kai in his eyes.

But now, after discovering that this human boy actually had enough strength to fight back against him, Di Xiao felt genuine excited.

Di Xiao was the kind of person who enjoyed fighting and was always eager to bathe in blood. On top of that, his favourite thing was to watch his opponent tenaciously resist yet ultimately fail and succumb to their demise.

At that moment, Di Xiao’s mentality underwent a subtle change and he began to regard Yang Kai as a real opponent.

The Demonic Qi which spewed out from Di Xiao’s body instantly increased a lot.

The tornados which were swirling around him like dark dragons also merged together and formed one giant mass, engulfing the entire Death Arena stage.

The surrounding barriers creaked under the impact of this wanton storm and ripples visible to the naked eye began to appear.

However, these barriers were all personally erected by Xue Li and obviously Di Xiao wouldn’t be able to destroy them so the Demon Race spectators in the stands weren’t worried, all of them still focusing all their attention on the match before them.

At this point, Yang Kai had been completely covered by wind blades and tornados.

The wind blade swept over him like a plague of locusts descending upon a field, overwhelming in number, their sharp auras constantly trying to tear him apart, the aura of death lingering about them.

There was nowhere to escape, and it was impossible to avoid them!

Yang Kai was cornered.


The shield he had condensed from his Yang Liquid was unable to withstand this persistent bombardment and directly collapsed.

In the next moment, Yang Kai’s body was impacted by countless wind blades, his clothes shredded as blood splashed out. In less than a breath of time, Yang Kai’s skin was filled with innumerable wounds and his robes were broken and tattered.

Di Xiao grinned as he stared mercilessly at Yang Kai, as if he was looking at a dead man.

The next moment though, Di Xiao’s smile went stiff.

Yang Kai, who should have been killed, slowly straightened himself up while slightly lowering his head, staring back at Di Xiao with a gloomy and sinister expression, a burst of strange and creepy laughter leaked from his lips.

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