Martial Peak

Chapter 781 - Death Arena

Chapter 781, Death Arena

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The Death Arena was the biggest feature of Sand City, many great characters from all corners of the Demon Land would raise fighters or captured slaves and arrange them to fight life or death battles in the Death Arena.

There were no rules or restrictions. As long they were a member of the Demon Race, they were eligible to enter and participate.

Regarding the naturally cruel and bloodthirsty Demon Race, this was undoubtedly very attractive. They could enjoy these blood-stained battles while also gambling and earning Crystal Stones, so the Death Arena’s was always quite popular, and for this reason, Sand City was able to gather a great amount of wealth and supplies all year round.

Among the four Demon Generals, Xue Li was undoubtedly the wealthiest.

Yu Mo gave a simple explanation about the Death Arena to Yang Kai and then left.

With nothing to do overnight, Yang Kai simply adjusted himself to his peak condition.

The next day, at noon, Yu Mo came again and led Yang Kai out.

Leaving the giant palace, Yu Mo flew towards a certain position in Sand City where a huge ring-shaped arena had been set up.

The venue’s setup was not poor and at its centre was a giant stage surrounded by a variety of sturdy barriers. Around this stage were a massive number of seats. Currently, these seats were filled with Demon Race spectators who were watching a battle between two cultivators on the centre stage.

The strength of these two cultivators wasn’t very high, but the fight was quite fierce, both of them covered in bloody scars, each of them glaring hatefully towards the other. The two repeatedly used their artifacts and Martial Skills to hack, pierce, and slash at their opponent, dying the surroundings dark red.

When the battle finally came to an end, the crowds in the stands cheered raucously.

Yang Kai watched the whole situation calmly with an expression of indifference.

Yu Mo turned to him and sneered, “When your turn comes, you’ll fight an opponent with a similar cultivation, but unlike you, he’ll be able to use his full strength. Right now you can probably only use half your strength, so you best be careful. Although I don’t care whether you live or die, Mistress hopes you can bring her some wealth, so you best not disappoint her.”

“I know!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

When the two of them arrived here, from the highest point in the stands, a cold look shot towards them. Yang Kai looked back and saw Xue Li sitting there, with An Ling’er standing by her side.

When their four eyes met, An Ling’er couldn’t help wanting to call out to Yang Kai, but Xue Li immediately gave her a stern look.

Receiving this silent warning, An Ling’er didn’t dare to say anything, and Yang Kai also shook his head, indicating to her that she shouldn’t act rashly.

Having arrived at the Death Arena, Yu Mo led Yang Kai to a poorly lit underground tunnel and walked inside.

After arriving at the end of the tunnel, a faint light shone from up ahead, and a ramp leading to the interior of the Death Arena appeared.

A group of Xue Li’s subordinates were waiting here and when Yu Mo arrived, they all respectfully greeted him.

“Sir Yu Mo, is this the little human brat that’s fighting this time?” Asked a man with a sallow complexion.

“Good, the announcements have been made and the odds are set,” Yu Mo nodded lightly.

The yellow-faced man snickered as he swept his eyes over Yang Kai, snickering under his breath, “Boy, best stay alert, your opponent isn’t one to be taken lightly, he’s won three times already, most cultivators in the same realm as him can’t even last as long as it would take an incense stick to burn. Well, try not to die too pitifully out there.”

“We’ll talk about it again if he’s able to last an incense stick worth of time,” Yang Kai replied indifferently, not showing the slightest bit of panic.

“Ho…” The yellow-faced man was surprised for a moment before he sneered again, “Where did this little brat come from, acting so arrogant. Hah, grandpa here would like to see just how you plan to kill your opponent within an incense worth of time!”

Yu Mo also glanced over at Yang Kai and coldly snorted, obviously feeling like Yang Kai was boasting shamelessly. Although he had personally tested Yang Kai’s strength and knew this human boy wasn’t ordinary, now that the latter could only use half his full strength, even being able to survive would be questionable. As for such big talk, Yu Mo thought Yang Kai was simply overreaching himself.

Yang Kai no longer said anything and just waited quietly.

Inside the Death Arena, the battle between the two cultivators had already reached a conclusion. One person had been dismembered, the other had been crippled. Some people immediately came out and cleaned up the stage. The winner was now a disabled waste, so after quickly consulting with the Death Stage’s administrators, the cleanup crew, obviously used to dealing with such situations, directly killed him before disposing of his corpse.

As blood stained the ground once more, cheers erupted from the stands again.

After waiting for the cleanup to finish, Yu Mo turned to Yang Kai and nodded, “It’s your turn, remember what Mistress said yesterday!”

Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent, simply accepting the mask Yu Mo had prepared for him, covering his face, and stepping forward.

From the ramp on the opposite side of the stage, another man slowly walked out as well. This man was bare chested and had huge, rippling muscles, his entire physique seemingly containing a kind of explosive power. In comparison, Yang Kai, who was a head shorter, appeared somewhat scrawny.

As this competitor approached, a murderous intent rose from him like a fierce storm, seemingly wanting to tear Yang Kai limb from limb with just his aura alone.

However, Yang Kai remained unmoved, like a ten thousand year old reef. When the murderous intent struck him, it was as if it took the initiative to separate and flow past him.

High up in the stands, many people showed an interested look, thinking this life or death battle should be very exciting. An Ling’er, who was standing next to Xue Li, also silently gripped her fists and watched nervously.

A moment later, the fighters came to a stop less than ten meters apart and stared down one another.

The burly man opposite Yang Kai also seemed to be a human who had the misfortune of being captured by the Demon Race. According to Yu Mo, most of the cultivators that entered the Death Arena were prisoners like Yang Kai. In order to save their own lives, they chose to fight here. Others had taken the initiative to hire themselves to wealthy Demon Race masters specifically to participate in the Death Arena, using it as an opportunity to gain benefits and status. Still others were specially trained by certain powerhouses for the explicit purpose of fighting here.

No matter what reason they had for entering the Death Arena though, there was ultimately only one objective – killing the enemy!

“Boy, cowering behind a mask, are you too ashamed to show others your true face? Hah, if you kneel down to give I, your grandpa, three kowtows, I’ll give you a painless death!” The brawny man shouted, his voice like booming thunder, causing Yang Kai’s ears to ring.

The burly man’s outburst wasn’t just meant to intimidate Yang Kai though; it also contained a subtle Divine Sense attack. If Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea defences were lax and this Divine Sense attack managed to affect his Soul, he would instantly lose all will to fight and would end up being suppressed by his opponent, unable to even resist.

However, such a low-level trick obviously wouldn’t work against Yang Kai, his aura not even rippling as he simply stared back at the burly man indifferently, slowly examining his body while circulating his True Qi.

Thanks to Yu Mo, Yang Kai’s current True Qi circulating speed was greatly reduced, and his own reaction speed had become much slower. Without lifting the seals placed on him, it would be impossible for Yang Kai to bring out his peak strength.

But Yang Kai still felt it wouldn’t be too difficult to handle this loud man.

“Boy, are you deaf?” The brawny man cried out once more.

Just as he shouted though, the burly man saw Yang Kai’s figure flicker and a pointed murderous intent rapidly approach him from the side. The big man’s eyes flashed a cold light as his mouth curled into a provocative grin but didn’t make any attempt to dodge.


A dull thud resounded as Yang Kai’s punch hit his opponent’s ribs, but the burly man actually remained in place, his body as hard as an iron plate. In fact, it was Yang Kai who felt pain from the rebound of his fist hitting the other side!

The strength of this burly man was quite good! Yang Kai immediately realized why his opponent was able to win three games in the Death Arena. The combat experience and ability of this brawny man was obviously far beyond what an ordinary cultivator possessed. If it weren’t, he would have died long ago in this forsaken place.

His initial strike having no effect, there wasn’t even time for Yang Kai to withdraw before the big man smirked and responded. At some unknown point, the burly man had lifted his hand up high, condensed his entire body’s True Qi into it, and swung it down mercilessly.

As his hand chopped down, the mass of True Qi burst out, transforming this knife-hand into the equivalent of a great hammer strike.

This attack has not even arrived yet the entire Death Arena’s stage sunk from the pressure, showing just how horrifying the power of this strike was.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed and he responded somewhat clumsily, unable to withdraw his fist in time.

The next moment, the burly man’s knife-hand chopped directly onto Yang Kai’s arm.

With a crisp sound, Yang Kai’s arm broke and limply fell to his side. It was only then that Yang Kai managed to retreat and open up some distance between him and his opponent.

From the stands, hisses of shock could be heard.

These Demon Race masters who were spectating the mask wearing Yang Kai’s match had noted his calm appearance at the start and thought he possessed some kind of special skill, but now seeing his arm broken so easily, they were obviously disappointed.


An Ling’er screamed as a look of worry flashed across her pretty face.

Xue Li’s gaze sharpened as she stared at Yang Kai down below, grinning slightly.

Atop the Death Arena’s stage, Yang Kai, who had his arm broken just now, had only just regained his footing when the burly man rushed in front of him, two black arcs of lightning swirling around his arms, giving him a fierce appearance.

From his sturdy body, a bloody and brutal aura burst forth as a cold light concentrated in the palm of his hands.

Immediately, on the burly man’s palms, two black lightning-like balls of energy the size of washbasins appeared, emitting a thick murderous aura.

Both his palms struck towards Yang Kai.

Surges of lighting erupted!

The burly man clearly wanted to kill Yang Kai with this one strike!

Yang Kai didn’t have any ability to resist and under the pressure of the black lightning which came at him from both left and right, he couldn’t even dodge. In the blink of an eye, his whole body had been struck by countless palms, turning into a scared and bloody mess, making him look quite miserable.

The boos from the stands grew even louder.

What the crowd wanted to see was a bloody battle, not a one-sided slaughter.

The performance of Yang Kai really made one want to curse, and the unlucky Demon Race masters who had placed bets on him made no attempt to hide their dissatisfaction.

Even Xue Li’s brow wrinkled slightly, her expression growing colder by the moment.

She suddenly thought that Yang Kai’s earlier performance was nothing but a freak accident and that his real ability wasn’t that good. If that wasn’t the case, how could he be so pathetic in front of a cultivator in the same realm?

If he continued to take this assault like this, he wouldn’t survive long!

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