Martial Peak

Chapter 777 - Demon General Xue Li

Chapter 777, Demon General Xue Li

Unfortunately, at this moment, the woman’s pair of beautiful eyes were filled with murderous intent and a dangerous aura pulsed from her body, causing everyone around to shiver unconsciously.

Yang Kai eyes narrowed, secretly cursing Gou Che, wondering why, of all people, he had to annoy such a dangerous woman.

When he arrived here, Yang Kai didn’t dare use his Divine Sense to examine the area, lest he annoy unnecessary trouble, so it was only after this woman attacked that he realized Gou Che had provoked a true master.

The other side clearly knew that someone had been peeking at her and had immediately took action upon leaving the lake.

Gou Che, who didn’t seem to know the meaning of fear, shouted out as he held his swollen face, “Damn woman, you dare hit me again?”

“So what if I hit you?” The woman glanced over at Gou Che coldly, “If you dare spew another disrespectful word from your mouth I’ll kill you!”

“Oh?” Gou Che snickered, “I’d like to see if you have the courage to lay one finger on me again!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a sharp blade of energy rushed towards Gou Che’s and instantly pierced his shoulder.

Blood gushed out from the wound like a fountain and Gou Che’s face went pale, staring dumbfounded at the woman in front of him.

He hadn’t expected this woman would really attack him the moment he spoke, the sharp pain coming from his shoulder finally causing him some panic.

Although he was a womanizer and a delinquent, Gou Che wasn’t a fool. From the methods this woman had shown so far, he knew that even if he was in peak condition, he wouldn’t be her match. With a bloody hole in his shoulder, Gou Chen became much more obedient, though the look of anger on his face didn’t fade, he at least stopped talking and simply glared at the woman instead.

“Humans?” The woman curiously sized up Yang Ling and An Ling’er, her brow furrowing slightly, “Since when did my Demon Race begin associating with humans? Interesting!”

Yang Kai’s expression darkened as he moved An Ling’er behind him and condensed his True Qi, preparing to act at a moment’s notice.

“Hmph!” The woman snorted disdainfully, stepping forward lightly as she flicked her wet hair, glancing over at Gou Che and the other Demon Race man, “Your Demonic Qi and Spiritual Energy seemed to be sealed, was it these human brats who did that to you?”

Gou Che said nothing but the other Demon Race man shook his head slowly and explained, “It was not them. We accidentally fell into a Mysterious Small World some time ago and were captured by the natives. It was thanks to this human boy that we were able to escape.”

“Wastes!” The woman’s expression immediately became cold, “Members of my Demon Race actually needing to rely on the pity of humans to live on dishonourably? Do you think you still have the qualifications to live in this world!?”

Saying so, the woman lifted her slender finger and shot out a number of energy spikes.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

Instantly, the Demon Race man had a few bloody holes opened on his body, a pitiful grunt leaking from his lips as he sunk to the ground, gasping for breath, his eyes filled with shock and horror.

The woman did not intend to kill him, she was just dissatisfied with him relying on Yang Kai to survive and decided to give him some punishment.

“So, what kind of skill do you possess?” The woman turned her attention to Yang Kai, her Divine sense quickly sweeping him like a frigid gust of wind, examining him from head to toe.

“Another waste!” The woman lost interest immediately after she probed Yang Kai and learned what his current cultivation was.

A moment later, the woman sneered and declared, “Your courage isn’t small, daring to be impolite to me. For that I should teach you what the true meaning of suffering is, but today I am in a good mood, so I won’t immediately kill you. Come with me!”

Saying so, she waved her jade hand and a carriage-like artifact with a giant bed shrouded in a translucent pink canopy appeared out of thin air, a distinctly feminine fragrance wafting from it.

The woman gracefully stepped over to the carriage, parted the curtains, and stepped inside, casually releasing two bursts of energy towards Gou Che and the other Demon Race man as she did.

The next instant, the two of them felt all the seals in their bodies shatter, causing both of them to smile unconsciously.

“Little human girl, you also come up!” The woman reclined on the fragrant bed, her graceful curves on full display, putting on a relaxed and lazy appeared as she beckoned to An Ling’er.

An Ling’er was extremely wary and turned to Yang Kai to silently ask what she should do.

Yang Kai nodded lightly to her, so An Ling’er cautiously boarded the carriage and stood beside the bed nervously.

“You three carrying the carriage, don’t tell me you need me to teach you how to do even something so simple?” The woman said lazily in a voice extremely pleasant to the ear.

Yang Kai couldn’t help wrinkling his brow.

Gou Che roared angrily, “What thing are you? You actually want father here to be your carriage bearer? Do you have any idea who I am?”

“Why should I care who you are? If you don’t want to die, move your feet. If you don’t hurry I don’t mind finishing you off right now!” The woman’s beautiful eyes flashed a cold light, her Demonic Qi rumbling ominously, as if she really would execute him if Gou Che dared to refuse.

Gou Che ground his teeth but he had no choice but to act obediently in the face of absolute power, shutting his mouth, stepping forward, and hoisting the carriage onto his shoulders.

Yang Kai and the other Demon Race man shot each other a quick glance before also walking over helplessly.

After receiving directions from the woman, the three new coolies flew up into the sky at an extremely fast speed.

Atop the large bed, An Ling’er sat, her back as straight as a board, observing the surrounding environment as she followed the woman’s instructions to massage her shoulders.

The woman apparently had no intention to communicate further, simply lying there with her eyes closed, enjoying the service.

As the delicate fragrance wafted past his nose, Yang Kai grumbled in annoyance. Originally, he had wanted to safely leave the Demon Land with the help of Gou Che, but now it seemed like there was no chance of that, it wasn’t even certain this bastard would be able to protect himself. Yang Kai would have to figure out something on his own.

Half a day later, a huge city wall appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. This city was located quite near the desert and its walls were comprised entirely of stones harvested from there, giving the entire city a yellowish colour.

Inside the city, countless demons came and went.

When the city came into sight, Gou Che’s eyes suddenly bulged as he cried out in a hoarse voice, “Sand City? Then you are…”

“Shut your mouth!” The woman didn’t even open her eyes as she shouted lightly.

Gou Che’s hurriedly shrunk his neck, now seemingly terrified, all of his previous arrogance instantly vanishing without a trace.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s expression also changed.

Soon, the carriage arrived in the sky above Sand City. Following the woman’s instructions, the carriage quickly came to a huge palace at the centre of the city.

The palace was built in a very unique architectural style, as if it was a mountain range all on its own, the highest peaks reaching several hundred meters into the sky.

Flying to the front of the palace and standing before its highest point, looking down, it was possible to overlook the entire city, giving one a wondrous feeling.

However, the palace seemed somewhat out of place in this city. Its walls and grounds were all constructed of white jade stone and ornate carvings of dragons and phoenixes adorned its great pillars and halls.

Precious crystals were inlaid wherever one looked.

When the carriage arrived, a tyrannical looking Demon Race man quickly came over and respectfully said, “Mistress, you’ve returned?”

The woman nodded lightly and stepped down from the carriage.

“These people are…” The man glanced over at Yang Kai and others with a puzzled expression, only when his eyes landed on Gou Che did a glimmer of suspicion appear on his brow, staring at the latter that seemed somewhat familiar.

“Send someone to pass Gou Qiong a message, tell him if he wants to see is precious son in one piece, he needs to prepare enough ransom to exchange for him!” The woman glanced over at Gou Che before continuing, “En, also tell him that there are three others accompanying his son, whether he redeems them as well is up to him.”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed. This conversation clearly indicated that this woman had long ago seen through Gou Che’s identity. But even though she knew who he was, she still dared treat Gou Che like that, and from the way she so casually spoke Gou Qiong’s name, it was easy to infer just what this woman’s identity was!

Gou Qiong was one of the four Demon Generals, the only ones who dared not put Gou Qiong in their eyes were the other Demon Generals!

Amongst the four Demon Generals, there was only one female: Xue Li!

She bore a feminine name and was a charming lady. However, even her elegance could not overshadow her ruthless and cruel personality.

The woman who they accidentally met was actually a Demon General! And Gou Che, not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, actually dared try to peek at her naked body!

Yang Kai couldn’t wait to beat Gou Che to a pulp in order to vent the rage in his heart.

“Mistress, I doubt that Gou Qiong will care about the lives of these three,” Xue Li’s subordinate smiled grimly, as if taking pleasure in others’ misfortune as he stared at Yang Kai and the other.

“Just pass the message to him anyways. Right, tell Gou Qiong that this little human brat is his son’s saviour,” Xue Li stressed, “I’d like to see how Gou Qiong will treat this matter.”

“Oh? How surprising, a Demon General’s heir actually owing his life to a human, interesting… Subordinate will go and deliver this message personally.”

“Go!” Xue Li waved her hand.

“Senior Xue, Senior Xue…” Gou Che called out hastily.

“What?” Xue Li gave him a faint look.

“Is it possible to discuss this matter? If you want a ransom, I can collect it on my own, there’s no need to bother my father over such trivial matters,” Gou Che pleaded with an awkward look upon his face, apparently afraid Gou Qiong would blame and punish him.

“This matter is beyond your ability to control,” Xue Li coldly snorted, no longer paying any attention to him, turning around and walking into the palace.

Immediately after, a group of Demon Race guards came over and escorted Yang Kai’s group of four into the palace.

The three men were brought to rooms in one wing of the palace while An Ling’er accommodations were arranged next to Xue Li.

Unlike back in the Sun Clan, no restrictions or seals were placed on them. Xue Li seemed quite confident that none of them could escape. Not only did she not limit their freedom in any way, she even had meals delivered to them three times a day, treating each of them more like guests than prisoners.

Although there wasn’t anyone guarding them, Yang Kai still behaved honestly, not making any attempt to escape.

In the presence of Xue Li, Yang Kai knew he wouldn’t be able to escape even if he tried; what’s more, he had been separated from An Ling’er. Yang Kai had no intention of abandoning An Ling’er here and escaping by himself.

Gou Che seemed to be aware of his blunder this time and was now behaving very docile, as if completely exhausted by the situation, no longer showing any hint of his former arrogance.

Xue Li had sent a messenger to Gou Qiong, not selling her fellow Demon General the slightest bit face and directly asking for a large ransom amount in exchange for his son. Yang Kai figured Gou Qiong wouldn’t care about his or An Ling’er’s death and at most would redeem Gou Che and the other Demon Race man.

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