Martial Peak

Chapter 742 - Saintess

 Chapter 742, Saintess

“Rest assured, I can pay you for your troubles,” Yang Kai quickly added.

The cultivators who stood on the deck all looked like they had heard some kind of joke and couldn’t help laughing, all of them turning interested and dismissive looks towards Yang Kai.

Even the Transcendent Realm master couldn’t help grinning, nodding as he asked, “Brat, what kind of compensation can you pay?”

“Is ten Crystal Stones good? That’s all I can afford right now,” Yang Kai cocked his head to the side, perfectly portraying the look of a countryside hick who knew nothing of the world. He had already noticed that whoever owned this ship was fabulously wealthy and naturally wouldn’t care about any reward he could pay them.

Seeing this, the people on the deck laughed even harder.

The Transcendent Realm cultivator nodded lightly at this, “Who would have thought, a brat like you actually has some spare cash on him. However, you should keep those ten Crystal Stones for your own use.”

Saying so, he turned to a nearby cultivator and said, “Give him a boat and make him get the hell out!”

Yang Kai’s previous answers to his questions had made him feel wary. Although Yang Kai’s strength wasn’t high, he was not prepared to have the latter remain onboard; the safest thing to do was to send him away as quickly as possible.

“That’s also fine,” Yang Kai didn’t make a fuss, “Can you also give me some directions then, it doesn’t matter where to, as long as you point me in the direction of land it’d be fine.”

“What use is there in giving you directions?” The other side quipped, “With your cultivation, there’s no way you can reach land, you should just pray to the sea for mercy. In fact, you should already be thanking your luck that you met my Nine Heavens Holy Land, if it had been a vessel from some other force, I’m afraid you’d already be fish food.”

“Nine Heavens Holy Land?” Yang Kai expression became slightly dignified.

Daring to use the words ‘Holy Land’, this force was obviously no small matter. Since coming to Tong Xuan Realm, Yang Kai had seen a variety of forces, large and small, such as Bold Independent Union, Water Spirit Temple, Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, Soaring Heaven Sect, etc.

Among them, Bold Independent Union and Bright Thunder Spirit Religion could be considered weak, Water Spirit Temple’s strength ranked somewhere in the middle, and Soaring Heaven Sect was the strongest; however, Yang Kai estimated that this Nine Heavens Holy Land was even stronger than Soaring Heaven Sect!

As these thoughts flashed across his mind, a few cultivators carrying a small boat came over and began lowering it over the side of the big ship, one of them calling out, “Uncle Qian, the boat is ready.”

The Transcendent Realm cultivator, apparently called Uncle Qian, was just about to nod when his brow suddenly wrinkled, quickly turning around and immediately bowed, “Young Lady, why have you come out?”

The other cultivators standing on the deck also hurriedly bowed, each of them displaying a completely respectful attitude.

Yang Kai also turned around to see who they were looking at, his eyes flashing in the next instant.

From the ship’s cabin, a woman dressed in a pale blue dress had emerged. This woman was quite young and incredibly beautiful. Her skin was like fine white jade and her black brows curled at just the right angle. Her eyes were filled with a nimble light and her figure was nothing less than exquisite. She carried herself with an uncommon gracefulness that contrasted greatly with her well alluring figure, instantly causing anyone who saw her to have a pleasant yet reserved impression.

Seemingly aware of Yang Kai’s fixed gaze which was very different from the others around her, the woman couldn’t help frowning slightly towards him.

Noticing this, Uncle Qian turned back and roared angrily at Yang Kai, a thick flavour of warning apparent in his tone.

Yang Kai, of course, ignored him.

“I was a little bored and heard some noise from outside, so I came to see what the matter was,” The woman replied lightly, her voice crisp and sweet, glancing around the deck as she asked, “What happened here?”

Uncle Qian quickly reported what had just transpired, concealing nothing from this young woman.

After hearing the explanation, the young woman turned to look at Yang Kai and nodded lightly, indicating she understood.

“I didn’t expect this little thing to disturb the Young Lady, it is really my grave sin!” Uncle Qian said quite forcefully.

“Uncle Qian is too serious,” The woman slowly shook her head before staring deeply towards Yang Kai, a moment later smiling slightly as she confidently stated, “However, his story really is a lie!”

Yang Kai stared back at this young woman curiously, wondering why she was so confident in her analysis.

“En, he is far too suspicious, so I thought it best to send him away,” Uncle Qian shot a bad look towards Yang Kai.

“There’s no need to drive him away. With his Immortal Ascension cultivation, if we force him to leave, he won’t survive. Although he lied about his origins, he doesn’t have any malicious intent towards us, his circumstances are probably just difficult to talk about. In any case, let him stay with us until we reach our next port before making him leave!”

“Since Young Lady commands so, subordinate will obey!” Uncle Qian replied respectfully.

“I’ll go back first, carry on,” The young woman issued her commands and then turned around and left.

After the young woman left, Uncle Qian turned to Yang Kai and said coldly, “Young Lady is very compassionate, not ordering me to chase you out, so you’d best behave. If you dare try to pull anything, I’ll let you know the meaning of regret!”

Yang Kai grinned sheepishly and nodded, “Rest assured, I won’t make a fuss, I only want to return to land.”

“You’d better!” Uncle Qian nodded firmly before signaling to a nearby Peak Immortal Ascension cultivation, “Cheng Fei, take care of him, don’t let him stir up any trouble!”

“Yes!” A big burly man quickly responded.

After issuing this command, Uncle Qian went back to his own business.

The man called Cheng Fei walked over to Yang Kai and looked him over once, his eyes filled with disdain.

Yang Kai was currently only revealing an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivation, and unless a Saint Realm master came and intentionally probed him, no one could see through his real strength.

Such a cultivation at such an age was incredibly common in Tong Xuan Realm and wouldn’t arouse any suspicions.

This Cheng Fei had a Peak Immortal Ascension cultivation so he naturally felt superior.

“Little brat, this Sir doesn’t have time to waste looking after you, so you better not cause any problems or Grandpa Cheng here will break your legs!”

“Yes, yes, I’ll behave,” Yang Kai nodded repeated.

Every one of these Nine Heavens Holy Land cultivators had a sense of arrogance that had seeped into their very bones, probably as a result of their Sect’s supreme status among Tong Xuan Realm’s forces.

It was similar to that other side, where the disciples of the Eight Great Families would feel a sense of superiority, as if no one in the world was worthy to be mentioned in the same sentence as them.

Yang Kai had seen more than his fair share of this and didn’t pay it any mind.

“Come with me, I’ll arrange a place for you to live!” Cheng Fei smiled deviously as he waved to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai quickly followed after him, asking as they walked, “Friend, who was that girl just now? How come all of you seemed so respectful towards her?”

“Little brat, your curiosity is somewhat heavy!” Cheng Fei sneered towards Yang Kai, coldly snorting as he asked, “Why do you want to know?”

“No reason, I just thought she was quite beautiful,” Yang Kai revealed a gentlemanly expression as he offered some words of praise.

“Heh, our Nine Heavens’ Saintess is naturally beautiful,” Cheng Fei said, a hint of fanaticism on his face, obviously quite infatuated with this ‘Saintess’, quickly recovering in the next instant and angrily snorting, “Brat, if you dare to look upon Her Highness the Saintess with such impure eyes again, this Sir will dig out your eyes! You think a mere toad can eat goose meat? You really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth! Saintess is so pure and gentle, someone who deserves to be joined with her has simply not been born yet! Her sparing you a single glance is already the result of all the blessings your ancestors left behind for you!”

This big man continued to berate Yang Kai about this subject for a while, seemingly never running out of insults he could levy.

Yang Kai simply rolled his eyes continuously, thinking that although he couldn’t match Di Yao, that little gigolo, his appearance was also extraordinary and heroic. How could he be described as such a wretched person?

(Silavin: Shameless much?)

However, he had no interest in arguing here so he simply lowered his head and followed behind Cheng Fei.

But that young woman actually being the Saintess of Nine Heavens Holy Land made Yang Kai feel quite surprised.

From what little he knew, a Saintess was supposed to be a noble and sacred existence that under normal circumstances, would never appear in public, so why would Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Saintess be aboard a ship roaming the seas?

Soon, Cheng Fei brought Yang Kai in front of a room at the bottom of the ship.

With a somewhat mocking grin he said, “Get inside. Before we arrive at our destination, you’ll stay here and you’re not to leave without permission. Naturally, meals will be sent to you three times a day. If you dare go out without our explicit consent, we’ll toss you overboard then and there!”

Looking at the small space cramped up beside the ship’s hull, Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown.

However, he didn’t intend to stir up trouble here and simply went inside without saying a word. Seeing Yang Kai’s obedient and docile attitude, Cheng Fei was very content, immediately closing the door after the former had gone in and walking away.

This room wasn’t a room at all; it was probably just a small storage space a few meters across that was filled with a slightly strange smell.

Helpless, Yang Kai could only put up with these conditions. Since there was no furniture in the room to speak of, he simply sat down cross legged and opened the small window behind him, allowing the crisp sea breeze to blow in.

This at least cleaned up the musty air.

The big ship continued sailing on steadily and Yang Kai did not look for trouble. He didn’t even spy on the movements of the people on the ship, instead just sitting in meditation and cultivating in his cabin all day long, waiting for this Nine Heavens Holy Land ship to finally reach land.

During this period, Cheng Fei sent three meals a day to him, all of which were casually made from some kind of fish. Yang Kai ate it but had only one comment. [It is impressive how one can make a fish taste like nothing.]

The Transcendent Realm Uncle Qian occasionally inquired about Yang Kai as well, and seeing Yang Kai honestly remain in his assigned room he was quite satisfied.

Occasionally, some sea beasts stirred up trouble but the masters aboard the ship would always quickly dispatch them.

After spectating several battles, Yang Kai was secretly surprised by the heritage of Nine Heavens Holy Land.

From what he could tell, there were at least six Transcendent Realm masters aboard this ship, two of which were Third Order, Uncle Qian being one of them, and the remaining four were all Second Order.

However, what made Yang Kai slightly confused was that there really was no Saint Realm master aboard. The status of the so called Saintess should be very important, so it would be reasonable for a Saint to be accompanying her when she set out to sea in case something unexpected occurred.

Unable to understand this point, Yang Kai didn’t think too deeply about it.

Inside a giant room, the Saintess of Nine Heavens Holy Land gently rested her head on her hand as she stared out the window, lost in thought.

This room was hundreds of times better than the one Yang Kai was staying in. It was well laid out, illuminated, and filled with a pleasant fragrance, giving it a sense of warmth as well as a kind of noble quality.

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