Martial Peak

Chapter 738 - Colossal Momentum

Chapter 738, Colossal Momentum

The Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art’s dual cultivation methods not only allowed a man and woman’s True Qis to blend together, thus purifying and enhancing one another, it even allowed their Divine Senses to do so as well.

Su Yan felt a rush of Spiritual Energy and profound enlightenment flood her Soul as she entangled with Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s thoughts and insights into the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao were being shared with her.

Su Yan didn’t dare to resist, open her heart and mind to accept all of it, imprinting these valuable treasures onto her very Soul.

Yang Kai’s Soul also benefited greatly in this process. Although Su Yan’s sentiments and insights weren’t of much use to him, as the two of them continued to dual cultivate, he could clearly feel his Soul becoming stronger and his purity of his Spiritual Energy increase.

Inside the ice room, the pair’s Souls blended as the True Qi inside their bodies burst out involuntarily, harmonizing with one another, flowing together as they circulated their Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art.

With each cycle the pair completed, their True Qi would become all the more pure.

The benefits Su Yang and Yang Kai gained from this time’s dual cultivation were simply unimaginable.

Suddenly, behind Yang Kai, the phantom image of a dragon appeared while simultaneously a phoenix phantom similarly emerged from Su Yan’s body.

The two phantoms absorbed the True Qi the pair were releasing and rapidly grew in size, a moment later filling the entire ice room.

A resounding dragon’s roar rang out along with a piercing phoenix cry. The two sounds echoed throughout the ice mountains, causing the entire glacial region to tremble as snow and ice were blasted out.

With a great bang, two completely opposite energies shot out of one of the ice mountains and rushed into the sky.

Everyone in Ice Sect, from Sect Master Qing Ya down to the Common Disciples, were greatly alarmed by this sudden development, all of them rushing out of their secluded rooms to see just what had happened.

Qian Yue was also shocked. She had been quietly meditating in her own private ice cave when she all of a sudden felt the two unusual energy fluctuations. Naturally, she rushed outside to investigate the situation.

Glancing around, she quickly discovered the other three Elders of Ice Sect standing mid-air, staring up into the sky with dignified expressions.

Even Sect Master Qing Ya’s pretty face wore a solemn look.

“Sect Master!” Qian Yue hurriedly approached them and shouted but did not receive any response. Turning her gaze in the direction they were looking for, Qian Yue’s beautiful eyes shot open.

Floating high up in the sky was a dragon more than a hundred meters in length, a flaming aura pulsing from its body as it swayed back and forth, a magnificent and bizarre scene to behold. In addition to the dragon, there was a similarly enormous Ice Phoenix, seemingly cared from the most beautiful crystal, flapping its wings gently as if flew out.

The dragon and phoenix chased after one another playfully, both of them releasing a colossal momentum that weighed heavy on all who saw them.

From the dragon and the phoenix, everyone felt a blistering heat and a profound chill respectively; these two extreme auras couldn’t be ignored by anyone present.

What shocked Qing Ya and the others the most though was that the two auras pulsing from the Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix were familiar to them.

Naturally they were the auras of Yang Kai and Su Yan!

As all of them stood there in shock, the dragon and phoenix who were chasing one another around suddenly came to a halt, turned around, and flew straight towards Qing Ya and the Ice Sect Elders.

The several Saint Realm Elders all trembled slightly and silently began condensing their True Qi.

The Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix flew to within a few meters of these five Saints before coming to a stop, the dragon in front with the phoenix one step behind, the two of them leaning towards one another intimately, just like a couple.

The Golden Dragon’s two giant eyes then turned to stare at Qing Ya and the other Saints fixedly, a distinctly human light flashing across them. Being stared at like this made each of the Ice Sect Elders somewhat nervous; for some inexplicable reason, this gaze made them feel small and weak, as if they were at the opposite party’s mercy.

Especially Qian Yue, she felt that the Golden Dragon’s gaze contained a thick meaning of warning when it landed on her.

Qing Ya frowned and quickly circulated her True Qi to resist the oppression emanating from the dragon and phoenix before hesitantly asking, “Yang Kai?”

The eyes of the Golden Dragon flickered slightly before turning away, soaring off into the distance together with the Ice Phoenix.

With another great dragon roar and phoenix cry, the Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix flew away and quickly disappeared across the horizon.

It wasn’t until after they confirmed the two giant phantoms had left that the members of Ice Sect finally breathed a sigh of relief, each of them only then aware of the cold sweat drenching their backs.

Staring off in the direction the dragon and phoenix disappeared, Qing Ya pondered thoughtfully.

She indistinctly felt that they weren’t really leaving but instead were simply going out to play amongst the glacial world.

Sure enough, a moment later, she heard a gentle rumbling off in the distance; apparently that dragon and the phoenix pair were frolicking somewhere nearby.

Shaking her head somewhat helplessly, Qing Ya turned to the other Ice Sect Elders, waved and smiled gently, “Everything is alright, go back.”

“Sect Master, was… was the Golden Dragon that little brat?” Qian Hao frowned and asked indefinitely. The dragon and phoenix had originally appeared in the sky above the ice mountain where Yang Kai and Su Yan were located, but how could two Juniors create such a huge momentum?

“Most likely,” Qing Ya smiled, “They’ll come back soon.”

“They’re coming back?” Qian Hao’s expression stiffened slightly.

“Didn’t you notice? The Souls and consciousness of those two children were blended together with that dragon and phoenix while their True Qi was what comprised those giant bodies, which means their true bodies are still here in Ice Sect. How can they not come back?”

“Does that mean, he managed to awaken Su Yan?” Qian Yue asked hurriedly, a hint of joy in her voice.

“I don’t know, we’ll have to wait until they come back to ask,” Qing Ya smiled gently.

“That rotten brat, he’s too much! Making such a fuss, was he trying to warn me and Ice Sect to not mistreat Su Yan?” Qian Yue ground her teeth as she thought back on the meaningful glare the Golden Dragon had directed specifically towards her.

“But Sect Master, with the cultivation of those two, how could they possess enough True Qi to create such grand and dense phantoms?” Qian Hao ask with a puzzled expression. If what Qing Ya said was true, then the giant dragon and phoenix avatars had been forged from Yang Kai and Su Yan’s True Qi. But how could two First Order Transcendents possibly store enough True Qi in their bodies to create phantom forms that could even cause Saint Realm masters like them to feel pressure?

Su Yan cultivated a profound Ice Attribute Secret Art, so if there wasn’t enough True Qi in her body, she could probably use the ambient Ice Attribute energy to supplement her consumption.

But how did Yang Kai do it?

Unable to understand, Qian Hao could only shake his head.

Off in the distance, the dragon and phoenix phantoms continued their game of tag while Yang Kai and Su Yan’s consciousnesses constantly communicated.

Before now, when they dual cultivated, there would often be times when the dragon and phoenix tattoos on their bodies would come alive and swim across their skin, but Yang Kai and Su Yan had never imagined that their Souls could actually assume the form of a dragon and phoenix.

But this time, because the two of them advanced to the point where their Souls blended together, they managed to achieve this feat.

Also, because of this phenomenon, the two of them made an unintentional discovery. At the moment their Souls assumed this form, Yang Kai and Su Yan realized that the dragon and phoenix tattoos on their backs weren’t just tattoos, but were separate entities that contained a massive amount of energy, far more than they themselves actually possessed and could even allow them to transform into their current, extremely powerful Soul Skill form.

Yang Kai deliberately making a display in front of Ice Sect’s Elders was indeed for the reason Qian Yue had guessed, he wanted to warn Ice Sect not to meddle in Su Yan’s affairs in the future, lest they bring about consequences they couldn’t afford.

Regarding this, Su Yan seemed to be somewhat unwilling, and even softly rebuked Yang Kai, saying he shouldn’t act like that.

While the two flew across the snowy landscape, they continued communicating with one another.

In their current dragon and the phoenix incarnations, the entire world appeared quite different. It was as if they were two sovereigns reigning over this world, a mysterious feeling that allowed their states of mind to undergo a kind of profound sublimation.

Some time later, Yang Kai suddenly came to a stop above one of the many icebergs. He felt that there was something inside this iceberg that contained a great amount of energy.

Under normal circumstances, even with his greatly strengthened Divine Sense, it would have been impossible for Yang Kai to have discovered this, but right now, with his Soul blended together with the Golden Dragon, his senses had become particularly sharp.

Su Yan had apparently also noticed this anomaly and had stopped next to Yang Kai, communicating to him with her Soul, “I heard that these ancient icebergs can sometimes produce Ice Attribute Precious Treasures. Sect Master and Elders Qian Hao and Qian Yue have found some such treasures in the past. Perhaps this iceberg contains one such Precious Treasure?”

“What do you think it is?” Yang Kai asked.

“Frozen Ice Jade Crystal, a Saint Grade material, it is of great use to anyone who cultivates an Ice Attribute Secret Art.”

Yang Kai’s spirit was roused hearing this, “We’ll find out once we obtain it.”

As he spoke, a golden light shot out from his Golden Dragon avatar towards the iceberg, emitting a scorching heat that seemed capable of melting anything in its path.


The iceberg shook violently and the incredibly ancient ice which it was comprised of cracked, soon appearing like a great spider web which spread across the entire surface.

Although the iceberg was damaged, the ice it was comprised of had withstood thousands of years of time and was much stronger than Yang Kai had imagined, not collapsing.

Su Yan said nothing and simply stood beside Yang Kai, their four eyes meeting briefly, the two of them immediately understanding the intentions of the other.

In the next moment, the two of them took action together, the Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix both shooting forward like bolts of lightning.

The two of them acting as one unleashed a destructive force several times greater than what Yang Kai alone had just produced.

Without so much as a single sound, Yang Kai and Su Yan passed through the iceberg and emerged on the other side.

After a brief moment of silence, a great rumbling rang out and the giant iceberg collapsed.

At the same time the iceberg was broken, the energy fluctuations that Yang Kai felt before became much clearer.

However, before he could look for it, he felt the scene before his eyes sway and a deep sense of exhaustion overcame his Soul.

Not only did Yang Kai experience this sense of fatigue, Su Yan did too, their Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix forms fading significantly, as if they were on the verge of collapse.

“Junior Brother, I’m quite tired!”

“Let’s go back first,” Yang Kai said hurriedly. This was the first time the two of them had merged their Souls into these dragon and phoenix bodies, so it was inevitable they could not remain in this form for long. At this time, they had to hurry to return to their real bodies and recuperate so as to avoid damaging their Souls.

Hearing this, Su Yan nodded gently and together with Yang Kai quickly returned the way they came.

After only a brief moment of peace, Ice Sect once again welcomed a great commotion as the two huge energy fluctuations which had just left approached once more. Soon after, the giant Golden Dragon Ice Phoenix appeared in the sky above Ice Sect briefly before disappearing into one of the ice mountains.

Looking at where the pair disappeared, Qing Ya shook her head and smiled bitterly, “It really was those two children… Qian Yue, come with me, let’s go see them.”

“En,” Qian Yue quickly nodded.

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